My Supernatural Romance

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    My Supernatural Romance
    Rating: 15

    Main Characters: MCR, Jasmine Price (OFC), Jezebel 'Jez' Colton (OFC)
    Summary: What would you do if you were able to speak to a ghost? And what if you found yourself drawn to him like a magnet… After meeting Gerard in St Paul’s Cathedral, Jasmine realises that her mysterious new bracelet can somehow help her see ghosts. She can see Gerard, she can talk to him and she can fall head-over-heels in love with him… However Gerard is trapped in limbo with no hope of escape. Who is Mikey? What is he trying to tell Jasmine about Gerard, and about the secrets that he is keeping from her?
    Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
    Chapter Index:
    Chapter 1 Page 1: Amulet
    Chapter 2 Page 1: Reflections
    Chapter 3 Page 1: Expectation
    Chapter 4 Page 2: Temptation
    Chspter 5 Page 2: Caution

    Hope you enjoy it, I got the idea of this fic from a series of books by S.C Ransom check her out she's an amazing author. Any how feedback appreciated tell me what you think =)
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    The names Jasmine or Jazz as my friends and family call me, welcome to my world stay a while as I tell you the story of the crazy events of the past few months. Let me take you back to late June where our story begins...


    "C'mon Jazz, were gonna be late." Jez called back to me.

    "Hang on a sec, I wont be long." My converse clad feet led me to the thick wire which stuck out of the Thames mud. The swans and geese scattered, making hissing sounds as they did so I dropped to a crouch beside the wire and studied it for a second, the poor birds, it was sharp enough to seriously hurt an animal I had to get it out or bend it at least.
    I put all my strength into pulling it out of the ground soon realizing it was hopeless this wire was stuck fast, I guess it's plan B then. I grabbed the nearest rock and hit the wire repeatedly until I was sure it wouldn't cause any harm to any of the animals that called the embankment their home.

    I stood up brushing the muddy sand that somehow managed to find it's self on my jeans when something caught my eye. At first I thought it was a shard of glass but at a closer look I knew it couldn't be, it looked to me like some sort of blue stone. My curious side became the better of me, I crouched again to get a better look at this stone. I tried puling it out of the sand but something stopped it, I dug around the stone removing the muck and filth which surrounded it, everything became more obvious that this stone was part of some sort of bracelet or amulet.

    Someone clearly didn't want this thing found because it was attached to a rock, I pulled the rock from the ground and looked closely at the amulet, It was shaped into a C but the question which circled my mind was who would want to get rid of something as beautiful as this? The intricate craftsmanship gave the amulet the WOW factor but that stone cadged in the silver ropes made it breath taking. Gold and pink flecks danced beneath the smooth surface. The rock it was attached to looked fairly old so it must of been either thrown or buried here quite a while.

    "Jazz, do me a favor and please hurry the fuck up." Jez moaned from behind me.

    "Look at this, do you think it's worth anything?" I handed the amulet over to Jez, she flipped the amulet over in her hands.

    "I can't see a hallmark, but with all this filth on here I couldn't tell anyway." Jez said truthfully handing the amulet back to me. She helped me off the ground, we decided to clean the amulet and hand it in at the local police station.
    It was late afternoon so the local had a few punters socializing over a drink, Jez ordered 2 lemonades and grabbed us a table while I went to the toilets to try and clean the amulet the best I could.

    I scrubbed hard at the Thames grime and muck reveling more of the intricate silver ropes, I stopped suddenly, a dark shadow went across the surface of the stone, I dropped the amulet in surprise making a loud sound as it hit the basin of the sink. I shuck my head and rubbed my eyes. What the hell was that?

    'Trick of the light dipshit' I muttered to myself, retrieving the amulet from the sink I resumed scrubbing it until it was as clean as I could get it, I glanced at my reflection in the grubby mirror and gasped when I realized that I wasn't alone...

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    me likey me wanna read more
  4. Has anyone told you you have quite the gift for writing? I'm very intrigued into seeing where you're going with this.

    Also, because Jez says 'Fuck' it may breach the 12 rating you have, do in order to keep everyone happy I recommend thinking about upgrading the rating. You can find the ratings guide as a sticky note in the FF thread (I think?).

    Other than that I'm very interested in this
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    Oh my god thank you, your coment made me smile =) I will change the rateing now I'm really glad you enjoyed the first chapter!!

    ~Lu lu xoxo
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    I stood froze in front of the mirror, a dude stood behind my left shoulder he looked around my age although his looks said other wise, his raven black hair framed his face as it just touched his shoulders, his hazel eyes had a glimmer of sadness his ghostly pale completion made his face look white, I dropped the amulet again in surprise just as quickly as he had appeared he disappeared.

    "I'm going insane." By the time I came out of the bathroom the amulet was mostly clean but I would need polish to total clean it.

    "That took you a while, what the fuck were you doing?" Jez asked rolling her eyes.

    "You try cleaning decades of sand and muck of this thing!" I sat opposite her deciding not to tell Jez about the reflection she would think I was crazy. "Can you check it again see if it's worth taking to the police."
    Jez examined the amulet closely, muttering to herself something I couldn't quite here. I took a quick sip of my lemonade before Jez shook her head and handed the amulet back to me.

    "I really don't think it's worth taking anywhere never mind the cops, I don't think it's worth anything sorry." I sighed in disappointment, I took another long look at the amulet it's beauty captivated me I tore my eyes away from the blue stone as I noticed Jez was talking.

    "Are you even listening to me?" Jez waved her hand in front of my face " We need to go soon otherwise we'll be late for the train" I popped the amulet in my bag and finished the lemonade.

    "To the train station!"

    "Hang on a sec, you aren't going in that lady, we need to get you something new to ware even if its new jeans and shoes, we have time to spare." It was my turn to moan and complain.

    "Seriously? This is fine."

    "No it's not now come on, quick pop to the shops that's all." Jez smiled, uh oh what did she have planned?..

    Sorry It's short, the next chapter should be longer. Tell me what you think! =)

    ~Lu lu xoxo
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    A/N: First off sorry for the double post I just really wanted to ge this update out there also there are a few more characters that are introduced in this chapter so you don't get confused I'll tell you guys them now so your not reading the chapter and thinking 'who's that?'
    So we've got Andy, Ashley, Jinxx and Jake all from Black Veil Brides There is mention of CC but he comes into it more later. We also have Ronnie and Ryan from Falling In Reverse. And The other 4 characters are audition people. Okay A/N over enjoy the chapter R&R! =)~Lu lu xoxo


    "Why did I agree to this?" I sighed to myself as Jez held up a range of dresses, jeans and tops making wired looking faces and sucking noises through her teeth. "I could keep these on you know that mud will easily come off" Jez gave me a 'just drop it' look, admitting defeat I shut up and let Jez carry on.

    "Me thinks I have it!" In her hands Jez held a red and black striped tank top some black skinny jeans and a pair of black and white checkerboard vans. I smiled, Jez went and paid for the items and gathered the all the bags together. We quickly made our way out of the shop and down the high street to the train station.

    In the toilets at the train station, Jez stood outside the door so no one could come in whilst I changed, the station was fairly small and it wasn't busy either so I didn't really think anyone would walk in on me. I peered at my self in the grubby mirror admiring my outfit, it was actually nicer than I thought. I was about to leave when I remembered the amulet, it would look perfect with the outfit. I slipped it onto my wrist and exited the bathroom with a smile on my face.

    "Ready to go? No pun interned." I giggled slightly "And I'm sure Ashley will appreciate the effort you've put in for tonight." Jez nudged my arm winking, I rolled my eyes at her choosing not to say anything although I did really appreciate what she did for me. We approached the platform just as the train thundered into the station. We gathered the bags together and sat down. We talked about what could happen tonight, I couldn't wait we had finished our last exam today and there were only a few weeks left of the term before the long summer break.

    The plan for the night was to see the new Batman film as Andy had some crazy obsession with Batman and then try and see if we could sneak into one of Richmond's only clubs if not we did have the other option of pizza. We made it to the cinema just in time although not early enough for Kathryn however.

    "Oh your finally here, let's go some of us want to actually see the film." Sarcasm dripped in her tone, her 4 close friends Rosie, Nicola, Alex and Tyler followed closely behind her. Ashley and Jake rolled their eyes.

    "You guys coming?" Andy asked holding the door open for Jinxx and Ronnie.

    "Yeah c'mon guys." Jake led Jez into the screening room after Andy I was about to follow but was stopped by someone putting their hand on my shoulder, it was Ashley.

    "You look great tonight." He murmured even though there was no one around, a shiver went down my spine as his fingers traced a line down my neck. To be honest with you I was enjoying my time alone with Ashley, he was one of the hottest boys in school and I had always dreamed of him kissing me on a moment like this.

    "Oh really its nothing." I breathed, his fingers dropped to my shoulders and down my arm. "We should probably go in there before they send a search party out for us!" He smiled and laced his fingers with mine, I felt a slight spark as he touched me. The film had already started and we hadn't missed much, We sat next to Jez and Jake.

    The film was great, at one point during the film Ashley slung his arm around me pulling me closer to him, I wasn't complaining. By the time the movie had finished we were all pretty hungry, we ditched the idea of the club and pilled into the local pizza joint.
    Being such a big group the staff had to move the tables around so we could sit together. Ashley was quick to make sure me and him sat together I noticed Jake did the same with Jez, she smiled at me as he put his arm around her.
    We quickly ordered and their was a lively vibe around our table. Ronnie, Ryan and I had a few rounds of Rock, Paper, scissors being the big kids that we were. Part-way through our 3rd round the pizzas arrived and everyone went quiet tucking into our favorites. I suddenly became aware of the image of the boy I saw in the bathroom, it was like it had been projected in my head.

    I tried to ignore it by joining in the conversation between Ashley and Andy. The 2 of them had been best friends for as long as I could recall they were in a band along with Jake who I believe was lead guitar and Jinxx who was another guitarist and another one of their friends Christian or CC as I've heard them call him I think he's on drums. Ashley played bass and he was amazing at it, Andy's voice was amazing too.
    They were talking about a new song they were working on this didn't distract me from the image of the boy in my head.

    "Get out of my head!" I muttered angrily to my self.

    "Sorry?" Ashley's brown eyes showed confusion and slight hint of worry.

    "Oh nothing, excuse me." I got up and went to the toilet, behind my reflection was the image of the boy. "Who are you? What do you want?" The boy took a step closer to me in the reflection but didn't respond "Who are you?" I asked again getting frustrated "Get out of my head damn it!" I left the bathroom and sat back down next to Ashley.

    "You okay?" He asked.

    "Yeah sorry about that." I smiled shyly, I looked down at my watch. "Jez we need to get going other wise we'll miss the train." I called down the table where she was listening to Jake and Ryan's convocation, it looked like I pulled her out of some sort of trance.

    "Err, yeah okay with you." I grabbed some money out of my purse to pay for my part of the bill, Jez doing the same.

    "Shame you can't stay longer." Ashley whispered in my ear making me shiver.

    "I wish I could." I smiled, he closed the gap kissing me lightly on the lips.

    "Goodnight Jaz." He stroked my cheek, I wished I could stay but unfortunately I had an art trip tomorrow which I had to get up early for. Me and Jez gathered our stuff together and rushed out of the door making a dash for the station.
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    Kool I liked it
  9. Just a few things I picked up on:

    Conversation, not convocation. Also I think the last few sentences of that chapter need fixing up as its a little confusing. Other than that I'm very interested. I know nothing about BvB so this should be interesting for me
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    Thanks! I'm an awful speller my dad thinks i have dyslexia or something =/ and BVB are like my favourite band apart from My Chem, well worth checking out =)

    Glad you liked it

    ~Lu lu xoxo
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    Me and Jez only just caught the train and spent the whole journey talking about the evenings events. Jez was so happy, she had always fancied Jake and had been waiting for him to notice her for years and now she had it in the bag.

    "He's so sweet the way his hair falls over his hazel eyes..." I shook my head amused at Jez I laughed slightly which caught her attention. "Hey! You've room to talk what about you and Ashley ay?" She winked.

    "Ha! Nothing's 'going on."

    "It didn't look that way when he kissed you." Jez's voice went up several octaves. What was in that pizza she had?
    As silence enveloped us both I thought about earlier in the week I was thinking if Ashley was the one for me, I just couldn't understand why he was interested in me: His long black hair, dark brown eyes could win any girl over, he was popular...and single, and was interested in me, Jasmine! I smiled to myself watching the London skyline zoom past my window. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I nearly missed the announcement telling us we were nearly at our stop.

    As we walked out of the station our conversation went from Ashley to Kathryn, I had known Kathryn for ever. We went to the same schools as each other, but we never spent allot of time together. We weren't the best of friends but the little snippets of something that could've been friendship I would never forget. But now that she knew I fancied Ashley that small friendship had crumbled. You see, the past 3 years both me and her had our sights set on Ashley and that could only lead to conflict.

    We finally crept into the house trying not to disturb my brother or parents. Because of the Art trip we had in the morning to St. Paul's cathedral we had to be up early to be on school in time. shame we could've sat and talked all night. We finally reached my room tripping over a couple times cursing under our breath a couple times.
    I flopped down on my bed as Jez went to the bathroom to change, I was in the middle of changing my self when my phone buzzed, I would've ignored it if it was any other phone but with it being a blackberry there was a mini light at the top of the handset which flashed red and that annoyed me. Going into my messages I saw a message from, Ashley? Yeah me and him text sometimes but I wasn't expecting a text off him now.

    Hi, summer's round the corner my parents have a place in Cornwall that they could rent out to me fancy joining me? Ash x

    I re-read the text again making sure I was reading it right, I mean it was a lovely idea I'd never been to Cornwall before but was I ready to go away alone?

    Sounds cool, but I don't know when mom and dad are booking our holiday yet
    Jaz x

    "What is it Jaz? You look like you've seen a ghost." Jez suddenly appeared behind me making me jump slightly.

    "What would you say if I told you that Ashley had a place to stay in Cornwall and he wanted me to come with him?" I spoke in a hushed tone after all it was like 12 am.

    "Why?" She asked suspiciously.

    "Because he has." My phone buzzed again. "Speak of the devil."

    Oh okay, If you want you can bring Jez. Jake, CC, Andy and Jinxx are coming too, Ash x

    "What did he say?" Jez tried to peer at my phone but I held it close to my chest.

    "That Jake Andy CC and Jinxx are going to and if I were to go you could come too." Jez though for a moment before speaking again.

    "I wouldn't mind but only if your going."

    "I don't know, I'll sleep on it." I quickly text him back telling him I'd think about it before switching my phone off.

    "Time for sleeps me thinks." Jez yawned, I shut my eyes and smiled as the days events replayed in my mind.

    A/N:Sorry it's short, its like 12 am here and I'm tired, Feedback please =)
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    Working on the next update now everybody look out for it!

    ~Lu lu xoxo
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    The next morning I realised I was still wearing the amulet it was so comfortable I didn't realise. I ventured downstairs to get a coffee for me and Jez, I ran my fingertips over the intricate design of the amulet as I waited for the kettle to boil. There it was again, the shadow for a couple of seconds it was there again, I blinked my eyes but nothing "Wired" I whispered to myself.

    Just like always there was a last minute rush to get ready, me and Jez grabbed a cookie in place of breakfast and ran to the bus stop. Once the bus arrived we sat in our usual seats at the back of the coach. Andy was a lot more hyper the usual that morning.

    "Heard Ash asked you to come to Cornwall with him." He was literally bouncing in his seat.

    "He's asked you too dip shit!"

    "So you coming?" He ignored my last remark moving the conversation on.

    "I'm not sure, I don't know when I'm going away." I didn't want to tell him I didn't think I was ready to go away on my own, I mean I'd never been away without my parents before.

    "Fair enough, I'm going its going to be an amazing weekend...What Ronnie!?" I turned back around in my seat, did I really want to go?

    The trip to St. Paul's had been organized for those that were in the schools art club, the membership of the club allowed us to have a bit of fun the project for this term was art in public buildings hence going to St Paul's.

    We were driven into the hustle and bustle of the London city by one of the schools art teachers, Mrs. Limerick. After a very stressful drive into the city we finally made it to St Paul's. The white stone walls held many secrets and had seen so much since its construction.

    I loved coming to St Paul's. As a kid me and my brother, Taylor, had come here regularly. From the top looking in the east you could see the tower of London and Tower Bridge and if the weather was good enough you could see Richmond Park in the south-west.
    To my disappointment there was too much to do on the project so there was no going up the top for me. We made our way through the turnstiles. Me and Jez fished for our notebooks and pencils and went off to find the monuments we needed to sketch.

    After sketching a few monuments and statues and taking notes me and Jez made our way to the central part of the cathedral under the dome. It was a stunning sight, We watched the people above in the Whispering gallery trying out the famous acoustics. You were support to be able to sit around the edge of the gallery and whisper against the wall then someone on the far side of the gallery could here what you whispered. I sat on one of the seats and took in m surroundings, there were tones of tourists and school groups visiting the cathedral.

    Jez went off to do some more sketching saying she would be back in about 5 minutes, I wandered slowly forward still amazed by the sights. I stopped directly underneath the dome, it was beautiful. I carried on my walk across the checkbord floor when a cloaked figure blocked my way.

    "Oh, sorry I wasn't..." I noticed it was the boy in the reflection. "Who are you?" I asked again, he looked like he wanted to speak but something stopped him His eyes were full of sorrow and sadness. I was about to ask him again who he was but a group of Japanese tourists walked straight through him. I noticed him smile a bit at my general re action, People couldn't walk through other people, I mean a solid cant walk through a solid.

    "The fuck?" My eyebrows knitted together in confusion, he smiled at my re-action "Who the hell are you?" I stepped closer to him going to touch the cloak but my hand went straight through him, I retrieved my hand. I looked up at him in confusion, he looked me in the eye then down at my wrist where my amulet was.

    "Jaz! You okay? You've been standing here talking to yourself for the past 5 minutes." Jez clicked her fingers in my face.

    "But don't you see him?" I turned away form the boy and looked at Jez, why couldn't she see him too?

    "See who? Jaz do you need to sit down, I'll go get Mrs..."

    "No Jez don't, I'm fine seriously." She looked at me with a skeptical eye I thought that she would go to Mrs anyway but she nodded.

    "C'mon we have things to sketch." Jez pulled me over the staircase in the middle of the room. Today was going to be a long day.


    ~Lu lu xoxo
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    sounds good, more soon
  15. I'm really interested in where this was going but you should know you need to to keep the mods happy and I don't think they're going to be, you need to go back and fix your spelling as well as your capitalisation and your commas and full stops. The mods will also not be impressed with the double and triple posting. I'd hate to see this get locked so fix those things up and it should all be fine.
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    Okai do try I promise. To avoid anymore hassle with spelling and grammar and what not would you like to be my beta? If you don't then thats fine. I'm in the prosses of a new update now so it should be up soon =)

    ~Lu lu xoxo
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    No more double or triple posting, please. Your fic will be locked if you do.
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    Oh hai!! I have read this before! I didn't realise I had! On your ficwad or something? Yeah... I kinda read all your fics on there... They're awesome! :D and if it makes it easier, want me to be your Beta? :)
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