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    I totally understand the busyness. I've been away from the forum for weeks, I think, as well. It's horrible, but I still come to check if you've updated. So take your time, but know that I'm waiting!
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    I'm really sorry I'm so slow with this update! I might not be able to post an update within this week, because on Tuersday I'm going to a concert which means six hours on a train to get there. I will stay there for a couple days and then I'm back.

    I'm almost halfway through the chapter, and there will be about three more chapters to go.

    Thanks for waiting :)
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    Chapter 8 – Barafundle Bay, part 1

    Dear diary. This might be my last entry, but I’m certain this diary will live on after my death. Maybe will it inspire people to live their life to its full potential, or just make their life a happy one. Just ask yourself this question; if the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

    I am certain this road trip will help others as well as it did to me. Just make yourself this idea to make sure the next time you march into the dark, the only thing glowing will be the soft glow of an idea you strongly believe in.
    Barafundle Bay is within reach. It’s so close now I can almost smell the sand and hear the waves roar. My destination is within reach…I cannot believe it.

    Maybe some things really do come true?


    I’m paralyzed as I’m trying to digest the surroundings around me. The sound of the waves roar next to me and the beautiful color green makes a smile to my face. The fresh air and the sand beneath my feet make a shiver run down my spine. I can feel myself laughing but I can’t hear the sound of my voice. Whether or not I’m actually laughing, I have to kneel down as it turns into a fit.

    “We made it!” the guys are laughing in joy, in total delight that we have finally reached Barafundle bay. All the weeks of pain and joy had been worth it. The guys surrender me on their knees too, locking their arms around me and ruffle my hair saying how proud they are of me that I made it. Word cannot describe the moment between the guys and myself. I have never felt such a joy for an accomplishment than I do at this very moment, and I realize this is the last accomplishment I will ever experience. This has turned into being the most meaningful thing I’d done in my entire life, and I don’t regret it for a second. Looking at the guys I can see the difference in their eyes. Being on this trip with a dying best friend had changed them all as people and at this very second I knew they would all be okay, because I had been there and made a difference.

    I had to thank gray as well if he was here. He led us here before he turned to another road on his search for a new best friend, and I wonder if he’s succeed. I find myself smiling as I think about his enormous attitude and free spirit. I wish him all my best and I hope he finds what he’s looking for, because I have.

    I think I shed a tear not even noticing. The beauty of the surroundings around me was overwhelming. It was just as I’d seen on the pictures, only better. It feels like I’m in paradise, or even better, heaven!

    Against all odds I did make it. I’ve made it. I’ve made it. We made it.


    Then a few hours later, as the universe slowly grows dark and the stars appear, starlight makes its way through the open sky. For a second the whole sky light up and I realize this is the most beautiful starlight I have ever seen. I follow the sparks with my eyes until it slowly, but surely find its way down the sky, heading for the earth.

    “Make a wish, Frankie.” I smile and take his hand, twisting our fingers together. Frank closes his eyes and squeezes my hand tighter before he re-opens them and his pupils dilate for a second. I could still see the colour of his eyes in the dark, because it was like they were glowing all the time.

    “What did you wish for?” I ask, still looking into his eyes. He laughs softly, “I can’t tell you that, or else it won’t matter.” I make a chuckle.

    I change position to lie down on the sand, arms resting my head. Frank does the same. The guys are off the beach, trying to make some kind of camping spot from what little equipment we had left. I’m glad though, because I wanted some alone time with Frank before I was going to talk to everybody about why we were here. I hadn’t told anyone, and now that we had reached or destination it was time.

    “I’ve been wondering a lot…when is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just go ahead and do what I know is right?” Frank speaks, rolling over to his left to face me. “I feel like it’s time to do something about my life, but I’m fucking devastated knowing you won’t be a part of it.”

    “Frank…” I start, mimicking his position. “Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?” Frank looks at me with a frown. “I guess… I want to make new memories.”

    “Then that’s it. Do what you want to do, let the world know you’re alive, and if you remember me know that you made the rest of my life a happy one.” I smile and wipe away an unexpected tear rolling down my cheek. “The first time I met you we said nothing to each other, and yet I walked away feeling like I just had the best conversation ever.”

    Frank smile softly but doesn’t say a word. He looks at the tears rolling down my cheeks as more tears appear without me even knowing it. I’m not sure why I’m crying because I’m not sad. I don’t understand the emotions building up inside me, nor do I understand my reactions. My body is changing and I feel it just as I know my life is slipping away.

    “I think I love you.” Frank suddenly speaks, no more than a whisper. But I heard him loud and clearly and my pupils dilate of shock. I open my mouth but no words come out. Instead I lean over and kiss his lips with force. Our mouths lock together and words were no longer necessary. The two of us surely did have some of the best conversations ever, while not even talking to each other. It was like our bodies communicated with touch, and that was more than enough for us.

    Love is kind of like an elevator. Ever pushed the button more than once, because you thought it would go faster? Well it don’t, and it never does. Fast has never been the answer between me and Frank and that’s exactly what have made us care so much about each other. I tried for a long time to resist those feelings but at one point I realized I should not be afraid of loving someone even if I’m going to die. My life is complete and it’s all because of Frank. This adventure has turned into the best thing I’ve done in my entire life. I’ve never felt so alive in my entire life, and now I want to end it.

    Our kiss then turns into a passionate roller coaster. I plant my lips to his smooth, almost porcelain looking neck, and follow his scorpion tattoo. The taste of his skin makes my tongue dance and I close my eyes. His breath turns heavier and I’m aware of the pleasure I’m giving him as I dug my nails into his back carefully. Our bodies collide together and the heat becomes almost intolerable. I remove my shirt and Frank does the same immediately, following my tracks. I can see the lust in his eyes as I climb on top of his body, and control every movement we do. I can almost not hear the waves building up from behind us, as I realize we’re so close to the water we can get hit. The waves roar and within seconds we’re soaking wet. I see the surprised look in Frank’s eyes as the water trail down our bodies, before he chuckle softly and find it joyfully. I lick the water off my lips and stroke away some hair on Frank’s forehead, before I tangle our hands together and close my eyes. I want to keep this moment a memory until the day I die. I will appreciate and remember this exact second for as long as I am alive. This is the second I’ve been waiting for my entire life. Here I am, living it.

    My pants slowly find its way off of my body and ends up thrown somewhere in the sand. It doesn’t take long before we’re both naked as the day we were born. Our bodies are tangled together in some kind of passionate love affair. It couldn’t be better. I moan until my voice is hoarse, all the way through enjoying the pleasure Frank gives me. Soon we moan together, and I swear I must have seen another starlight as my face pointed to the sky.


    The fire was already burning as Frank and I sat down around the camp. It was a special kind of feeling. I felt nervous because I had something to share with the guys, a proposal so to speak. They were all enjoying each other’s company and I could see it in their eyes and the smiles across their faces. Slowly I start to speak with all eyes on me;

    “Tomorrow I’m going to swim out into the bay and I’m not coming back. I know the enormity of this but I’m asking you to let me swim…”



    Against all odds I got the time to write this chapter finished before the concert after all. Tell me what you think, because now it's only two more chapter left!! I've added a picture of beautiful Barafundle Bay at the end of the page. Take a look because it's absolutely amazing, and I am definitely going there some time!

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    That chapter was beautiful. I'm glad they finally found the courage to admit their feelings.

    I'm curious about Gerard now though. I'm not sure I like what he's saying.

    Brilliant chapter, Kriss. :)
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    Oh my god, that was amazing :')
    I will admit, that when Gerard said that last line... I cried, you write beautifully!
    This whole story is fantastic, I love it.
    Update whenever you feel like it? Xxx
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    Thank you guys!! Right now I'm on the train, been driving for 4 hours and 3 more to go... But totally worth it because my friend and I met Billy Talent before the concert! I'm so happy! And therefor I'll hurry wirh an update!
  7. I am so very sorry for taking so long to comment. I didn't have any access to internet for a couple of days as there's some kind of building going on in my house, and I have been working like crazy, and I try to have a social life, and... Yeah.

    '“Tomorrow I’m going to swim out into the bay and I’m not coming back. I know the enormity of this but I’m asking you to let me swim…”


    Fuck you! Fuck you very much, Kriss! I did not expect that! How can you do this to me? asdfghfjkolöähhfdgsd

    This was really happy and positive, with this slight dark idea of death. I am happy for Gerard and I am happy for Frank. Seems like Frank has given a thought on what he's going to do when Gerard's gone & that's good. I really want him to move on quickly and not get depressed about it all.

    Swimming away like that must be the most awesome, dragic and disturbing thing.. ever. I am very very much afraid of drowning and I find it the most unpleasant way to die there is. Lets face it, Gerard's going to drown. There's no way his body is going to fade away before water hits his lungs. I'm not sure how I feel about reading that chapter.

    I also think that you just managed to write the most romantic, fluffy and in general very well-written sex scene. Like really, that was awesome. Usually they make me uncomfortable to read, but that was different and I was busy with the rainbows and unicorns and stars they were seeing to actually think about the act. Hahaha. No, but it was actually good, for real. : D

    I cannot believe there is only 2 chapters 'till the grand final. It's been such a wonderful journey with you and the characters. Almost brings tears to my eyes to have it over so fast. : ( I hope you will write us the lovely one-shot, and I also hope there will be another great story after this. I've really fallen in love with your writing and this is basically one of the only stories I really, really follow on the site.

    On the edge of my seat for more,
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    ^I've missed you, feels like I haven't seen you online for ages! <3
    Hahahha, I know I'm bad leaving you a cliffhanger like that, but I felt I needed a cliffhanger towards the ending. I'm halfway through the next part, which feels weird...It feels weird letting go of my characters because they've really grown on me and I envy their way of thinking, so much.
    Thank you very much!! Update soon =)
    I think the cliffhanger was a really good idea in the end, like this. Even though I am more than curious what Frank thinks about this situation... I bet he imagined Gerard die in his arms like in Romeo & Juliet. Haha.

    More when you can!
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    Chapter 9 – Barafundle Bay, part 2

    “Tomorrow I’m going to swim out into the bay and I’m not coming back. I know the enormity of this but I’m asking you to let me swim…” My voice is fainted but the intensity of the words makes it into the statement I was aiming for.

    “No!” Mikey is the first person to protest. I was expecting this, but I was not done explaining and I was almost convinced I could make him change his mind. “We won’t let you!” Mikey continues, looking at the guys in desperation, “right!?”

    I take a deep breath before anyone else has time to react and pop the question; “You can, the question is will you?”

    I turn my eyes to Frank who looks rather pale. “Has this been your plan all along?” he asks, looking at me stone cold.

    “Yes…” My voice is fainted again, and I almost dread my answer, but I don’t take it back because that would be lying.

    “I thought you wanted to live. Why?” Frank challenges. He seemed angry, hurt even. Whether it was because I didn’t include him in my plans or because I was leaving sooner than he had expected I didn’t know.

    “Because of the pain, what did you expect?” I groan, “Because of the drugs I take for the pain and because of the drugs I take for the side effects of the other drugs. You’ve seen it, it’s only gonna get worse.” I take a short breath before I continue, “My life is all about staying here for a little longer now really. I’m slipping further and further into feeling nothing but pain, and is that really worth living for?”

    “I don’t know what the pain is like,” Ray shoots in, trying to gain control in the situation, “But surely we can – “

    “What?” I interrupt.

    “I don’t know.” He seemed slightly drawn back. “I just can’t – “

    “You can.” I finish.

    “But then what would we tell your mom and dad?” Ray continues, rubbing his temples in despair.

    “This is insane!” Mikey interrupts shouting, “I can’t believe you’re talking about it normally!”

    “The same thing as you tell the police – “ I continue as if Mikey’s words were unheard, “You woke up in the morning and I was gone. You searched the bay and then you saw something floating in the sea. You went to get me but by then it was too late.”

    “No, God no.” Frank shook his head. Despair was written all over his face. “I can’t even think of a proper goodbye, leaving you to die alone would haunt me forever.”

    “But that’s just it. There won’t be a better goodbye than what we just had.” I say, reaching for Frank’s hand and fold our fingers together.

    “There will, at some point. But it isn’t time yet.” Frank looks at me, squeezing my hand.

    “You don’t understand!” I shout in despair, “I’ve never been so alive and now I want to end it. I want to finally…finish something!” I let go of Frank’s hand.

    “Why don’t you just go home and take an overdose like normal people?” Bob asks harshly, finally speaking out aloud. I snicker to the question as I turn my head to the sky, laugh and shake my head. “It would be painless. You’ll just fall asleep.” Bob continue.

    “That would be giving in!” I explain, “If I swim out and the sea takes me it’s different. I would be making the choice. I want to be conscious until I’m gone. I want to feel something, even if it’s the pain of salt water in my lungs. I want to feel the fight as something huge and…and terrifying.”

    “I promised mom I’d bring you back.” Mikey responds weakly, eyes glued to the ground. “I can’t.”

    Bob shakes his head. “Sorry Gerard, I can’t either.” Everyone else follows and shook their heads. They had decided no, they would not let me die before it was time. “I-it was too much to ask…” I admit as tears start dwelling in my eyes. I can’t hold back the tears anymore and I start crying, not caring about the fact that everyone had their eyes on me. It didn’t matter anymore, and frankly nothing did. I found myself in this impossible situation and all I could do was cry. I was so tired, fucking exhausted of all the pain it cost me to stay yet another day alive. I was seeking it now…death. All the beauty in the world could not save me. I was accepting my faith and I was waiting for it…the ending. The only question now was how it would happen.


    About two hours later I wake up to the most intense pain imaginable. At first it feels like my entire body is burning, the flames eating through my skin and leaving me sore to the bones. My mind was spinning so fast I actually thought I was melting, but then I realize the pain is coming from the inside of my body, and I’m not in flames. Wherever the pain is coming from there’s no way escaping it.

    I feel a hand to my head, lifting it. I gasp in pain and grab onto whatever my fingers can find. I cry out loudly as I desperately hold onto Mikey’s shirt and heave for my breath, trying to get up. A pair of hands then pushes me back down. I don’t understand what is happening around me, because my sight is failing me.

    The people around me are only dancing shadows in front of my eyes, and the landslide is dark. I hear blabbering but I can’t make out words at this point. The pain is crushing me down and destroying me, bit by bit.

    Then something hard against my face makes my eyes wide open. Another slap against my cheek makes me realize it’s Mikey leaning over my face and yelling to me; “Your medicine, where is it?!” He is head over heels now, sounding desperate.

    “Backpack…” I manage to squeeze out behind gasps, as my body starts trembling and I have no control at all. “F-Fuck…do s-something!” I pant, tightening my grip around Mikey’s shirt.

    “Gerard…they’re gone!” Mikey explains, his eyes tear up as his pupils dilate, “there’s a hole in the backpack. They must have slipped out.” He continues and grabs my wrist. The shocking information hits me quickly and I’m on the edge of shock. I needed the pills…without my pills I would be inside a cage of pain for however long I had left, and the morphine was empty already days ago. I was screwed and I knew it.

    “We’ll find it,” Frank says determined, his voice sounding more in control than it ever had, if you looked away from his trembling hands. “We’ll go back the same way as yesterday. They have got to be there!”

    “Quick!” Mikey yells to Frank as I cry out in pain, desperately trying to keep breathing as I find it more and more uncomfortable to take another breath between the studs.

    Frank, Ray and Bob then start running, disappearing out of eyesight. The footsteps are quick and I can hear them clear as a day as their feet hit the mud. The splashing sound lasted for a minute, at least. Splash, splash, splash… Until the only sound to be heard was my own painful screams.

    I don’t know for how long I lay in Mikey’s arms waiting. Each second seemed to last for hours and I was almost certain death was calling for me at this point. Each movement was a struggle and the cries even harder. When the guys came back my eyes were closed. I could hear them though, and the conversation wasn’t very pleased.

    No medication. It was gone…They didn’t find it. It was too dark, besides it was impossible to find out where exactly they fell out. They didn’t find it….they didn’t find it. I fall into a nightmare of terror.


    At sunrise I lay in Frank’s arms on the beach, listening to the quiet waves and looking at the sea. I’m a wreck now really. Any movement triggers the pain and I feel almost paralyzed as I silently keep my head on Frank’s lap. My eyes are lazy and my pulse is uncomfortably slow, making only my chest move carefully to each breath.

    It took about half an hour later before the guys walked over to us. I could immediately see something was up. They looked unsteady and they were hesitating. The next words that flew out of Mikey’s mouth were shocking to me. I had not expected to hear this after our conversation last night;

    The horrible experience during last night had made them realize how my life would be like from now on; a life with pain that with time would only get worse. Medication or no medication, I would still be trapped in a cage until I’d fall dead. They wanted me to be free from all this, and in order to make that happen they had decided they would let me swim out in the bay. They had finally understood why I asked them this question last night.


    My shaky legs carefully take another step until I reach the water. The temperature is warm, and the sand tickles my naked feet. I turn around to face my best friends for the last time, as Mikey reach out his hand for me. I squeeze his hand and tears start rolling down his cheeks. Frank pulls his arm around Mikey, while Ray and Bob stay silently watching as all eyes tear up.

    I then turn back around, and I keep walking until the water reaches me to my chest. I take a deep breath and swallow all fears, before I start swimming.

    The waves hit me multiple times, pushing me down under and then back up. It was much more of a struggle than I’d thought and I find myself slightly scared I wasn’t going to make it.

    Then as if my prayers were answered, I hear someone yelling, and I turn around to see Frank running until he’s so far out he’s actually swimming towards me.

    “F-Frank!” I yell as another wave pushes me down under and back up. I cough up water gasp for my breath, desperate to touch him for the one last time.

    “Take my hand!” Frank yells back and grabs my hand until we face each other. His pupils dilate and he coughs water as he tries to keep his head over the waves. He holds onto my hand firmly, refusing to let go of me. I then close my eyes and let myself fall under water with Frank joining me. He wasn’t going to let me die alone.

    At first the water sound loudly in my ears, but it quickly turns into a silent kind of howl. Looking at Frank I can see he’s struggling to keep his breath and I open my eyes to welcome the salt water to my lungs. It takes about five seconds before I’m starting to choke and going into spasms. Frank is silently fading away from me, and as I reach for his hand he’s already gone. Now I’m facing nothing but the dark blue water as I dizziness hits me and I feel myself slowly, but surely fading…vanishing…dying.



    Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. Let me know your thoughts about this! There will be one last chapter, only one!
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    This chapter made me cry. Your writing is so beautiful and powerful, I really get how they felt about letting Gerard swim.

    Thank you for writing this. I really enjoyed reading it, as sad as it was.
    I'm sad to see it end but I look forward to anything else you may post.

    Again, thank you.
  12. I was supposed to go back to writing a chapter, which doesn't want to thrive, when I saw your update and my brain yelled "Woooop!" because then I had another reason to ignore the mandate of finishing it before midnight.


    I'M CRYING LIKE A BABY! This was so horrible. Oh my God, Kriss. Why?!?!?!? /Sniff.


    This was the best and most amazing chapter through the whole story. From a scale of one to ten, it was at least 100. Every characterization and description was seriously breathtaking. I am not going to even bring them out because there really was too many of them. It was so beautiful and emotional - sadness, anger, happiness, fear etc etc. This was just WOW.

    “Has this been your plan all along?” he asks, looking at me stone cold. - I felt him there because that's how I feel about you right now. I have no idea how betrayed he must have actually felt.

    “Why don’t you just go home and take an overdose like normal people?” Bob asks harshly. - This! This all the way!! I fucking love Bob.

    It was very selfish for the guys to just decide 'no' at first. Yeah, they see the Gerard that manages through pills and different medication.. But hey! That's no way to live. I am happy there was the hole in the backpack, which made the lads realize how bad the situation with Gerard really was.

    It was beautiful how Frank didn't let him die alone. I do not know how I feel if he actually killed himself.. (to die with the love of his life /Angels singing.) But it was still a very brave and grievous thing to do.

    He finally got his wish. /Sniff. He made it. He was in control of his death and ended it the way he wanted, where he wanted. There is something romantic to it, but it's mostly just very dragic.

    I'm not even lying when I say this is one of my most favourite stories ever. It has been so beautiful and pure through the whole journey. The amazing plot fills the bill with the shamefully marvellous writing. It has given me a lot to think and wander about. Thanks to this story I have given a longer thought on the idea of dying and it has made me reconsider. A lot of hidden emotions have floated to the surface. (This saying makes me want to cry some more right now.)

    I have no idea what the last chapter is going to be like.

    I felt the taste of death on my tongue at the end of the chapter. It tasted like salt-water.

    With all the love and respect,
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    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    I need to thank you guys so much for following this story! Your amazing comments makes me so happy. Thank you so much both of you!

    XOLauzzCHEM: It made me all happy that you cried reading this, because that one emotion means everything. Crying can be such a powerful thing and it tells more than words. I'm happy you've enjoyed reading this.

    Ursula:Ahh thank you so much, I also thought this was the best chapter through the whole story, because this kind of summed up everything and brought it to an end.
    And Frank did not kill himself. He just wanted to be with Gerard until he died. Frank has learned too much about life thanks to Gerard, so he wouldn't do it. He kind of realized he should be with Gerard until he got the courage to actually go through it.
    And awwh I'm so happy this is one of your favourit stories! And that you now think a little different about death and is reconsidering makes me heart grow bigger! That was exactly what I was hoping for writing this! Thank you so much, love <3

    It might take a little while to write the last chapter. I know excatly how it's gonna be like, I just have to decide properly how it should be written.
  14. You saved Frank! Thank God!
    I read the last paragraph about five times because I was so freaked out.

    I still dislike dying by drowning... : [
  15. You had me in tears. I am lost for words. Honestly nothing has moved me that much in years and I think that was a beautiful chapter. Sorry my comments arent very good but WOW this story just amazes me and it will be sad to end. Keep up the awesome writing.
    -Bec xx
  16. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    ^Awwwh thank you! I'm glad you're moved by this story! I'm also sad this is ending, but it's something about picking the right time to finish it. A story should always finish at its best :)
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    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    Chapter 10 – My life without me

    The sky is blue as the ocean green. The smell of summer flies through every corner in New York, making waves of heat and flowers bloom like there’s no tomorrow. It was the perfect beginning of a new, better day.

    Hundreds of people were gathered in the Park around the stage. You could almost smell hope in the air as youths smiled and held hands. They looked all so hopeful as they waited for this small, but inspirational man to step up on the stage and speak. This man had released the most inspirational book of the year and also started a fond to raise money for cancer. It was interesting to see this man, because he hadn’t always lived this life. Only a year ago he worked at an office, hated his life and had a midlife crisis at the age of twenty seven.

    As his name is shouted from the stage Frank hugs Mikey, Ray and Bob who smiles at him letting him know they’re just as excited as he is to honor Gerard. He walks onto the stage as the crowd’s cheering. He’s gazing at the crowd before he steps behind the microphone.

    When the cheering fades, he takes a deep breath before he starts speaking. “I want to thank you all for coming today.” His voice echoing through the speakers, sounding slightly nervous at first, but he quickly gain more confidence as he continues; “I’m here today because I’m keeping a promise.” He looks at the crowd in front of him. They were quiet; listening to him like their life depended on it.

    “We’ve already raised half a million dollars for cancer research and still counting!” He shouts, a smile appearing to his face. The crowd goes cheering again. “But most of all…” he continues, “…I’m here to promote a book written by the man who did all this possible. This is for Gerard Way!” He raises his arm to the air, and as he does he looks up in the air and secretly wishes Gerard sees all this. And maybe, just maybe he was right.

    “This diary, My life without me, will change your life.” Frank speaks, revealing the truth that helped him through the process of losing Gerard and starting a new life. “Some die young, and don’t let that be you.” Frank finishes before he walks off the stage, followed by cheering. Once he got off stage he was met by Mikey who led him into a hug, followed by a whisper into his ear saying thank you for honor my brother.

    Frank was certain Gerard was smiling, wherever he was. He’d held his promise to Gerard, not letting his death be for nothing. He felt good, for once in his life he was following a dream for the better. He’d quit his job at the office the day after he came home from the road trip. Gerard had changed his life.

    Gerard, you did all this possible.


    That's the end of this trip. I want to thank you all for following this story. I hope you found this somehow inspiring or maybe you just enjoied it. I hope to see you when I post a new story. Thank you!
  18. Dear Mrs. Most Wonderful Writer

    This little smile creeped on my face when I finished. I'm writing this through blurry eyes and the smile is still there.

    This was an amazing story. Completely inspiring and emotional. I hope it complied all your wishes of getting some emotions out of people, because well, it gave me a lot more than I was counting on at first.

    I will now find the movie and watch it & maybe I'll come back and write you some more about what feelings these two added together gave me.

    It is very sad to see this end, but at the same time I feel content. It ended in a good, restful way - the way a good book has to end. You get this feeling of comfort and warmth after you turn the last page and flip the cover shut. I get that and I'm happy you finished this in the most beautiful and natural way ever possible. I feel that many people, myself included, end their stories with some horrid event that leaves up a lot of questions. I, personally, do those endings because I hate the Happy Endings. But I think this might be the best happy ending I've seen in a long time. Most of all it was beautiful and I am not sure how I feel about myself finding beauty in death. It is slightly disturbing.

    I am glad Frank did this for Gerard and for himself. He was a very good character in the story and I think he deserved living a better life and going for something that made him happy. I am also happy he got all that respect in the end. He was a very selfless character. I can't think of anything selfish he did during the whole story.

    God, Kriss, it was really beautiful.

    You might kind of owe us all a fluffy one-shot, now. Because frankly, you made me cry. I don't cry over stuff I read. Second, yeah, you made me cry. But even though I cried, it wasn't as depressing as I thought it was going to be. I was surprisingly okay with him drowning. I sound horrible.

    You have me as a reader on every new story from now on.
    With all the sincere love,
  19. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    Yeah you should totally see them movie! I hope I did a good story out of writing it and do some changes, but mainly it's focused on the movie and you'll see that. The movie is midblowing and I tried to do that by writing it. The last chapter doesn't exist in the movie, neither does the diary and all that. I felt it should be in it because it suited the story.

    And thank you so much!! I will mish your wonderful comments now that this is done. It's weird to finish a story because I hardly ever do. I usually start a story and then I come up with a nother idea and just start another one. But this one was so much fun writing. And I get you feeling okay with him drowning. It was something magical about it, even if it was sad. It was somehow peaceful.

    Thank you dear <3
  20. You really have to start a new one soon. Like for real, Kriss. :D

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