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    My Heart Beats For You.

    Chapter 001 - Page 001
    Chapter 002 - Page 001
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    Chapter 005 - Page 001

    Paring: Frank and Gerard
    Rating: NC-17 (Later on.)
    Characters: To many to list.
    Disclaimer: Yes, I do own Vampire Gerard, and all of my chemical romance, that is why I like to post these stories, even though I own the real deal. *sarcasim* :D
    Note: Thought I'd post this here too since its a ferard :D
    This is also on my livejournal account lol :D

    Chapter One.
    Gerard peered out from the top of a local store building, at the boy walking past. He'd been resisting doing what he was thinking now, but now he couldn't control himself, especially since there was a human strolling into a dark alley with no one around, fresh, hot blood pumping through his veins. He was totally asking for it.. Right?

    Gerard watched as the boy stumbled over his feet in the dark. 'Human's' He chuckled under his breath. He leaped gracefully off of the roof, landing in front of the boy. 'Your out late, aren't you?' He smirked.

    He nodded, starring at the stranger with piercing red eyes, standing in front of him. He knew he should have ignored him, and walked past him, or maybe even ran if it was necessary but he felt intrigued by him. He shook his head, he knew he shouldn't stay here just because of that reason.

    'Is something wrong..' The stranger asked, shifting under the flickering streetlight.

    'F-frank. my names Frank' He managed to choke out. He couldn't believe how beautiful this guy was.

    'Frank.. As in Frank Iero?' Gerard choked out. He couldnt beleive it. He knew this kid.

    Frank nodded, 'You know my n-name? I mean, m-my last name' he stuttered. Now he was officially frightened.

    'Dont be scared' Gerard said, stepping closer to him, trying with all his will to not an lung for his neck. Frank stepped back, getting ready to run. 'Please, it's just me. Is Gerard, Gerard Way. Im Mikey's brother.' He brushed his hair out out his face. Frank stared wide-eyed at him.

    'Your.. Your his brother' He gulped, 'You look so different'

    He watched as Gerard tilted his head curiously, 'You do too.'

    'Where have you been' Gerard turned around, watching Quinn walk over to him. 'I've been looking for you! I tried following you scent I even-' Quinn looked over Gerard's shoulder seeing the human, his eyes widened, 'I thought that you weren't-'

    'It's not like that!' Gerard interrupted, 'I'm not a monster' He glared at Quinn, even though he knew that he might have broke down and killed Frank if Quinn hadn't showed up. He knew that he was weak.. very weak.

    Quinn looked back to the human, and back to gerard and shrugged, 'You know there going to be pissed, you've been gone for three days'

    'I dont care. Why are you even bringing them up?' Gerard glared.

    Quinn stared at him blankly, 'Jeez Gerard, calm your hormones, what is it? your time of the month?' He looked back at the human, watching him as he stood there confused. 'By the way, your human looks confused'

    Frank tilted his head, trying to make out what they were talking about, why were they calling me 'the human'? He watched as Gerard turned around looking in his direction. He didn't look as mad as he did when he was talking to that guy, he looked scared.

    Gerard had totally forgotten that Frank was there. He sighed, giving Frank once last smile 'Keep in touch' and then they were gone.

    Frank spun around, looking in all directions, realizing they'd disappeared. He shook his head 'That's the last time I walk alone at night'

    Chapter Two.
    Frank didn't pay attention to much all morning in class. Even when the teacher caught Pete reading a porno magazine.. again. Usually he did laugh, usually he would ask him why he still tried to hide the magazine with his textbook. But today wasn't a usual day, today Frank had a lot on his mind. He was almost completely out of it all morning, Pete had to drag him from class to class.

    Frank slapped Pete's hands away from him 'Stop poking me!' Pete laughed, turning his attention back to his 'textbook'.

    'Dude, you've been like a zombie all morning, what's up with you?' Pete asked, turning to a different page. Pete was only half paying attention to Frank.

    'Nothing.. I've just been .. thinking' Frank sighed, poking at his lunch, once again his mom made him a turkey sandwich. It's like his parents didn't even know him at all. But he couldn't blame them, they almost never even realized they even had a kid.

    'About what?' Frank looked up, watching Mikey and his friends walking past. He quickly through his lunch back into the brown paper bag.

    'Nothing. just never mind' Frank got up from there usual lunch table 'See you in gym'

    Frank ran over to Mikey, tossing his lunch into the garbage as he passed by. 'Mikey' He called, stopping by there lockers. Mikey turned around looking at Frank confused.

    He put his hand on his hip glaring 'Why are you talking to me?' He asked harshly. William and Patrick closed there lockers turning to look at Frank. Patrick smiled, nudging William. They both missed Frank terribly, but Mikey couldn't stand him, and they didn't know why either. All they knew was that Mikey broke up with Frank, for some unknown reason.

    'I just thought we hadn't talk for a while, thought I'd say Hi' Frank smiled, making William blush. William had a 'thing' for him, ever since he met him.

    'Oh my god, you should hang out with us tonight!' Patrick jumped up and down, smiling at his brilliant plan.

    'You should come over to Mikey's around six.. If you want' William stuttered. He was nervous. ' I mean.. We were just going to hang out and stuff, maybe watch some movies-' Mikey stomped on Williams foot, cursing under his breath, 'What was that for?' William whispered confused.

    'You interested?' Patrick asked, crossing his fingers.

    'Sure, that sounds great' Frank smiled at Mikey, and the others. William clapped his hands, ignoring Mikeys angry glare.

    'See you then!' Patrick smiled, hugging Frank.

    'Frank! Were going to be late, come on!' Pete yelled from the end of the hallway.
    'Sorry, I have to go' Frank pulled away from Patrick, shrugging. He turned around running after Pete, 'Wait for me you asshole'

    William smiled, watching him catch up with his friend. He could still feel butterflies in his stomach after he was gone.

    'This is going to be great!' Patrick sang, as they all headed for there next class.
    Mikey hit Patrick with his binder when Frank was out of sight. 'What the hell! why'd you invite him?' He growled.

    'Its not like he's done anything wrong. He's a great guy! Please, just try to be nice, for us' Patrick pleaded, giving him puppy dog eyes.

    He sighed, nodding. 'Fine.' even though my brother's going to be eyeing him all night. He knew he was just going to have to suffer through the night. He sighed again as they walked into class, his friends waving him over to there usual table. He had a terrible secret, that no one would ever know. Not even his brother. No, scratch that, especially his brother!

    - x -

    William and Patrick informed Hayley that Frank was coming over tonight, pleading her to help them clean up Mikey's room. She agreed right away, knowing how important it was for William. She knew he like Frank.. A lot

    'I should call Zac over!' Hayley smiled 'He'd be glad to help!'

    'It's all ready clean, you asshole's!' Mikey yelled, tossing his pillow at them, trying to shut them up.

    'But Frank's coming over, it has to be perfect!' William explained, picking up the pillow and putting back on Mikey's bed, smoothing it out.

    'Leave my room alone, or else you wont be able to live to see Frank walk through that door!' Mikey glared, messing his pillows up, just to annoy him.

    'Uh.. Why don't we all hang out downstairs? Or in the basement!' Hayley suggested, sitting up from Mikey's bean chair. 'Come on Mikey.. Please. For me?' She giggled, pulling him up off his bed.

    'Hayles. I don't want to see Frank' He groaned, sitting back down. She sighed in defeat following the others down to the living room, without him. At least he knew that Gerard was out again. He wouldn't know that Frank was here, which eased the pain a little bit.

    He moped around in his room for an hour or so when there was a knock at the door. He sighed, leaving his room. He's promised that he would be there tonight, and be nice to Frank. He hated that his friends had such power over him. 'I'll get it!' He yelled, running down the stairs. He hesitated before opening the door, freezing instantly. He moved out of the way, letting his brother and his friend's by. Why was he here tonight of all nights?

    Gerard looked around, realizing how many humans there were, making his throat burn.' I feel like we've just crashed a party' Brandon laughed, placing his hand on Gerard's shoulder.
    'No I'm not having a party actually, I'm just having a few.. Friends over..' Mikey trailed off, realizing three strangers sitting in the living room.

    'Oh this is Jeremy Davis, Zac Farro, and Josh Farro.' Hayley giggled, 'I invited them, I hope you don't mind-' Gerard looked at Mikey suspicious when another knock appeared at the door. 'Are you sure your not having a party?'

    Mikey sighed realizing Frank was finally here.

    'Sorry, I'm a bit late..' Frank trailed off realizing about a million sets of eyes on him. He gulped, closing the door behind him.

    'Might as well introduce everyone, Frank, this is, Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, Zac Farro, Josh Farro, William Beckett, Patrick Stump, and of course you know my brother Gerard Way, but I couldn't tell you his friends name's..'

    'Brandon Flowers, Billy Corgan, Bob Bryer, Quinn Allman, Ray Toro, and Bert McCracken, This is my dear brother Mikey Way, and his friend-' Mikey rolled his eyes '- Frank Iero.'

    Everyone stood in silence for a few minutes, looking each other over. Gerard coughed, adjusting his sunglasses. He didnt want anyone to see his eyes, which explained sunglasses at night.

    Patrick started getting annoyed of the awkward silence 'Uh, if you want, you and your friends could join us, we were just about to watch-' He stopped, looking at Hayley. She smiled holding up the breakfast club. '- The Breakfast club..?'

    Chapter Three.
    'Well actually, were on our way to-'

    'Sure, I'd be glad to.' Gerard interrupted, gazing at Frank. It's a good thing he had sunglasses on, he'd probably freak the kid out.

    Billy shook his head disappointedly, turning for the door.
    'It would a pleasure' Brandon added. Billy stopped, sighing. So much potential, flushed down the drain.

    Brandon followed Gerard into the living room, he knew he had to stay with Gerard, at any moment Gerard could snap, and he'd hate himself forever. Especially if he hurt that short kid he takes such a liking for. What was his name.. Frank?

    Gerard realized Mikey hadn't followed, he looked up at his brother. He was staring at the wall with his arms crossed. He looked.. Disappointed

    'Mind if I join you?' Mikey asked, not breaking eye contact with the wall.

    Gerard almost jumped up and yelled at his brother for even thinking of hangout with his friends. But he knew Billy would never let him.

    A smiled broke across Billy's face, 'We would be honored'

    Gerard fought back a growl. What the hell was Billy thinking?

    Mikey smiled, following them out of the house, He'd rather be with people he didn't even know then be in a room with Gerard drooling over someone.

    Gerard hesitated, looking at Brandon for reassurance.

    Brandon smiled 'Billy wouldn't do anything'

    - x -

    They walked into the main room with Mikey lying limply over Bob's shoulder, stopping in the doorway, waiting to be allowed inside.

    The twins hadn't moved from were they sat since the last time they'd been there, only Alecia had. Now she was sitting at the white piano in the corner, playing soft meaningless songs. The guys watched amazed as her white long fingers nails managed not to get in the way.

    The whole room was white, with some black trimming, the same with the curtains. White with black trimming.

    In the middle of the room, from the door way to the three chairs was a long black carpet, which was where the guys were waiting, at the doorway. No one would ever be stupid enough to walk in without permission, except maybe if it were a human, but that wouldn't happen, they were usually frozen speechless from the sight of Alecia, Bill, and Tom.

    The boy on the one of the three chairs, on the right, was wearing a white leather jacket, and a black shirt with random designs on it. Humans would describe his hair like a lions, It was black, with some white streaks. His make up looked amazing as well. He wore similar black pants as his brothers, except that his were tighter. His name was Bill.

    The boy on the other end, on the left, was wearing a black sweater, with random designs. He wore two shirts underneath, One was black, and the other was white. His clothes looked obviously to big on him, yet it looked good anyways. He had black baggy jeans, with random white pair of shoes. His hair was much different from his brothers, dirty blond dreadlocks. His hair was down, not put up in any style like his brothers. His name was Tom.

    Alecia, who usually sat in the middle, was wearing a type of beige or white top, with black bow/lace where the buttons would be. She had a long white shirt that trailed on the ground, really flurry. On her wrists were black cuff type wristbands. They were about 4 cm long. She had short white hair and pure black eyes, like the others. They all had dull black eyes. The kind that humans would stare in for hours curiously.

    Alecia stopped playing when she sensed another presence, all three of them turning to look. 'Please, come in.' She smiled, getting to her feet, walking gracefully to her seat.

    Bob was glad that Mikey wasn't so heavy, as they walked to the end of the carpet. Not that it would bother him, He was very strong. It would just annoy the crap out of him.

    They reached the end of the carpet, bowing.

    'Bob, Quinn, Billy, Bert, Ray.' She nodded, as they stood up. 'What brings you here?' She asked, placing her leg over the other.

    'Well, actually, we transformed this younger boy-' Bob laid Mikey in front of them '- He is Gerard's brother. I think he may have as much potential as Gerard has. Or even more' Billy explained.

    'Hmm' She murmured as Bill and tom stood up. They walked over to Mikey, examining him. They could tell when someone was special, and when they weren't.

    '-very.' Tom added. They looked at each other smiling.

    Most humans legs went limp to there German accent.

    They both returned to there seats as soon as they confirmed that Mikey was indeed very special.


    Benji and Joel appeared in front of them, waiting for instructions. Humans would refer to them as slaves.

    'We trust that you will take this boy-'

    '- Safe and sound-'

    '- Up to one of our best-'

    '- the very best-'

    '- room that we have. If we hear that anything-'

    '- and we mean anything-'

    '- goes wrong, then be sure that you will be punished.'

    'That goes for you too.' Tom added, pointing at Joel.

    They both nodded, taking Mikey away.

    'You may leave now-'

    '- we are very busy-'

    '- but please, come again-'

    '- we enjoy your visits.'

    'Very much so.' Alecia added. Everyone turned to look at her confused. 'What?' She asked innocently. 'I felt the need to add something too' She blushed. She hated when the twins got to do all the talking. She liked to have the last word.

    They bowed again, before turning to leave.

    If you hadnt noticed, Alecia is Pink's real name :)
    In this chapter I tried to describe her the way she looked
    in her new video 'Sober' when shes wearing all white.
    I tried my best xD

    I have the next chapter typed up aswell, I suppose I will post it tommorow ;D
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    Bill Beckett! I had a massive Fan Girl Freak when I saw his name.
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    Chapter Four
    I vaguely remembered how I got in this room, or how I got here. I sat up, trying to adjust my eyes. Everything looked so different, so vivid and detailed. Almost as if I was blind all my life, up until now.
    I got out of bed, tossing any object that was in sight. Someone had hurt me. Not physically, though. I remembered a name. Gerard. I suddenly remembered the feeling that pierced through me when I watched him look at Frank. I hated Frank. I hated that Gerard loved him. A growl escaped my mouth, while I tossed a lamp at the window. Gerard was my brother, that was the closeness I remembered in my mind. But I knew that I’d long pasted that little fact. I loved him anyways. I didn’t care. Despite all the broken glass still remaining, I approached the window, and pulled out a sharp jagged piece of glass, squeezing it tightly in between my finger‘s, curiously. The glass hand no effect on my palm, even though I knew it should have. Without thinking, I leaped out the window. I knew In this back of my mind that I wouldn’t get hurt even though it was a long fall. I looked up at the huge house, before taking the familiar path that I knew would take me to Frank. My fists shook as I got closer and closer. I was going to get revenge. I was going to kill Frank. I knew once Gerard seen his sl*t’s lifeless body in my arm’s, he’d put me out of my misery.
    My eye’s lingered on the women about to pass by me, she was shivering, and hugging herself. She was cold, I realized. I kept staring at her, curiously, then she stopped in front of me. She looked dazed as I stared deeply into her eyes, confused. She collapsed into my arm’s, embracing me. She trusted me. I looked down at her bare neck, hearing her strong heart beat. I licked my lip’s, before I pierced my teeth into her neck. She shuddered, but other than that, stayed silent and still. Soon her body became lip in my arm’s, and I couldn’t hear that same heartbeat. It was silent. I dropped her, watching her hit the cement. “Oh god” I whimpered. What did I just do? I wiped the remaining blood away from my chin, staring at her. She was dead. I realized that the burning feeling in my throat was almost gone. Whatever I just did, made me feel.. Powerful.
    “Don’t be stupid, Mikey” I dropped my gaze from the women, to the person who was standing a few feet away from me. Ray. “You have to dispose of her.” He flicked something and tossed it into the dumpster, setting it on fire. “Like burn her” He picked her up with one of his arm’s and lazily tossed her in. “Next time, clean up your own mess’s.” He smirked, turning away. I watched the fire burn for a few minutes, before hearing sirens of cop’s. Someone most likely reported the fire. I turned away, running, I almost forgot about my mission.
    I knocked impatiently, waiting for an answer. The door finally opened after what seemed like hour’s, I was expecting Frank to be there, but I stepped back, shocked to see Gerard standing in the doorway. I suddenly felt like I was punched in the stomach, when I seen the hate in his eyes. He looked me up and down, frowning, looking up to met my gaze, again. I stood there, dazed, noticing he looked more beautiful in person other then just memories. He brushed past me, growling, as I stared after him heartbroken. Did I really ruin his good time? Did he hate me that much? I gulped down all my feeling’s, by habit, and walked inside. All the pain left my body once I seen Frank, replacing with hatred. He looked lost, as if he were looking for someone. He was looking for Gerard of course, but despite that fact, his face lit up when he seen me. I felt disgusted when he made his over to me, but forced a comforting smile anyways. I needed to get him alone, which meant I had to trick him. I suddenly realized by the way he looked at me that he still had some feelings for me. “Mikey” He smiled, hesitating before hugging me. I heard the increase of his breath, before he pulled away. I looked over his shoulder seeing William and Patrick giving me a thumbs up. But William looked.. Jealous?
    “They look pleased” I muttered, nodding in there direction. He glanced before turning to me blushing. “Do you want to hang out in my room? I don’t think we are going to get much privacy with everyone practically staring at us” I suggested, turning for the stairs.
    “I was actually waiting for..” He trailed of when I looked back at him. I wasn’t used to rejection, I realized. Except Gerard, a voice sang in the back of my head. His eyes glazed over, and then he was suddenly stuttering like he forgot something. “..uh.. Sure” He scratched the back of his head, concentrating on something. I turned away, heading up the stair’s. I could hear him trying to catch his breath while we entered my room. I removed my jacket realizing I was hot, and placed it on my bed. When I turned around, Frank was checking me out. He looked back up to me, gulping. I ignored that, and sat down, inviting him to sit as well. I looked back down at him, watching as he looked at me dazed. I realized whenever someone was near me, they acted weird. I remembered how the lady I killed earlier, fell into my arm’s willingly, and realized that Frank had the same look on his face. Frank breathed in my scent, and without realizing we were both only inches away from each other. If I wanted I could take his life this minute, but I had to stall. I knew Gerard would be back any minute, I could sense him within a few minutes away from the house. I wanted him to see me kill him. I realized the only way to stall was to-
    He leaned in the rest of the way, locking our lip’s. I almost wanted to push him away, but I knew I had to stall, just for a few minutes. I pretended I was kissing someone I really had feelings for. Gerard. I pushed him back onto the bed, sitting on his waist, continuing to kiss him, more intensely. He moaned as I began sucking on his bottom lip, and sliding my hands under his shirt. I listened closely as I heard Gerard’s familiar foot step’s come up the stairs. I trailed kisses down to his neck, nipping softly, before biting down when the door opened.

    I gasped when I walked through his door. Mikey was sitting on Frank’s waist, with his lip’s attached to Frank’s throat. Frank’s eyes were shut tightly, and his mouth was parted slightly. I pushed away a thought that told me the scene was rather arousing, knowing that he wasn’t kissing him. I growled, pouncing onto Mikey. Once I got him off of Frank’s neck, he hissed at me. “I had him” he murmured over and over again. I shook him violently, trying to get him back to reality. “What the fuck” I growled.
    “I had him” He stated, looking deep into my eye’s. I almost forgot what had just happened, but quickly realized it was only Mikey’s new power’s. He probably didn’t even know he had them yet. He grabbed onto my shoulder’s tossing me to the ground. I looked up at him, dazed, realizing how strong he was. He already drank human blood, I realized. He killed someone. I jumped up stopping him before he got back to Frank, throwing him across the room. I pounced onto him, lunging for his neck. I stopped inches away, realizing I was about to kill my brother. My Mikey.
    “Do it, brother” He growled, acidly. I felt hurt, knowing he didn’t even want to say my name, because he hated me so much. I sat up properly, still pinning Mikey down tightly. “Put me out of my misery” His eye’s drifted away from my eye’s while he gave me better access to his neck. I let go of his arm’s, grabbing his chin, making him look at me.
    “Mikey, you’re my brother. I’d never hurt you. I love you” He stared up at me coldly, trying to look away again. “Please, look at me” I begged. He finally met my gaze, once again, coldly.
    “You hate me. Don’t kid yourself, brother. I may not be a genius, but I’m not stupid. Just get it over with.” He growled, hitting my hands away from his chin, and pulled me close to his neck. “Do it” He hissed, I closed my eye‘s tightly, before shaking my head. He pulled on my hair harder “Do it!” He yelled.
    “No” I sobbed, trying to loosen his grip on my hair. I only grew my damn hair because Mikey liked it, and now all I wanted was to have it short again.
    “Please… please… Do it” He begged. I tried to calm my uneven breathing, and wiped away my dripping tear’s. “Put me out of my misery. I need this” Defeated, I bit down, feeling Mikey shudder underneath me. His arm’s became weak, and when he let go of his hold on my hair, I pulled away, covering my mouth to muffle the sounds of my sobbing. The tear’s streamed from my face as I looked at his pale, motionless face.

    Sorry for the long wait.
    I didnt have the internet for a long time -.-"
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    Chapter five

    Gerard fixed the last touches up of my costume, before smiling “There”. I felt goose bump’s form all over my body when he pulled me by my hand and lead the way downstairs. “Your going to be late.” He complained. “So when is your boyfriend going to be here?“ He teased, “Frank, is it?“ He let go of my hand when he heard a knock at the door. “That must be him” He laughed.
    “Oh.” I watched as he looked Frank up and down, managing to choke out “Hi”. He blushed when Frank smiled at him. I looked at him oddly as Frank walked inside. He smiled at me, running up to my and kissing me intensely. “You make a sexy vampire” He commented when he pulled away. I smiled at him, but kept my eye‘s on Gerard. He was watching Frank closely. He suddenly realized I was looking at him, and averted his eyes. I felt jealous of Frank, knowing that Gerard had never looked at anyone like that before. I realized how much I hated that he never looked at me like that either. I decided to test my theory out. I looked back at Frank, pulling him closer to me, and running my hands down his back, making him blush. I could feel Frank’s hot breath on my face, before he finally locked his lips to mine. I kissed him more passionately, before looking back to where Gerard stood. He was biting on his nail, watching me, envious. I closed my eye’s, deciding to push the thought away, and just enjoy this moment. But I knew that I felt stronger for Gerard then I ever could possibly feel for Frank. We both pulled away, flushed, and gasping for breath. He giggled, while I playfully bit on his bottom lip. He gasped, pulling away “Where going to be late” He suddenly realized. “Your so bad Mikey, you almost made me forgot about the party.”
    “Wait, oh Gerard, I almost forgot you were there.” I lied “This is Frank. Obviously” I blushed.
    “Good, because for a second there, I was scared that you were making out with some random dude” He said in a sarcastic tone.
    “Sorry about that” Frank blushed. “I guess we got caught up in the moment.”

    I felt my fingers twitch, as I tried to get up. I felt so exhausted, and I couldn’t even open my eyes. I tried to move, before another memory would come. But soon enough another started up.
    I gasped for air, dropping the scissors onto the ground. I grabbed the cloth next to me, placing it onto my wrist. I squeezed my eyes shut savoring this new pain. It made me forgot the pain that I suffered through every living second. I bit my bottom lip, looking down at the now blood soaked cloth.
    “Mikey?” Gerard called from the other side of the door. “Hurry up“
    I panicked, wiping up all the blood, and hiding the cloth and scissor‘s. “Hold on“ I called. I ran the water, placing my blood soaked arm underneath the faucet. I winced feeling the cool water in my cut‘s, but ignored it. I wiped myself up, pulling down my sleeves. I approached the door, taking a deep breath. Act normal, I reminded myself. I opened the door slowly, avoiding eye contact. If I looked at him now, I‘d break into tear‘s. “Frank is here“ He informed me. I could still feel his eyes on me as I attempted to walk away. He stopped me, pointing to the blood on my pant‘s “What is…?” He trailed off.
    “I got a nose bleed“ I muttered, pushing past him

    I struggled to open my eyes, wondering why I wasn’t dead. I wanted to feel the nothing. I wanted the pain to be gone. I could feel that someone was watching me. I finally managed to open my eye’s, looking at Gerard.
    “I always knew that it wasn’t a nose bleed” he murmured. I looked down realizing he had my bare arm in his hands. I managed to pull my arm away from him. “Why?” He asked, turning to me.
    I ignored his question, looking around. “Why didn’t you kill me?” I asked, gulping down the lump in my throat. “Couldn’t you do me one thing? Couldn’t you finally not let me suffer? Do you enjoy my pain?” I asked, tangling my finger’s in my hair.
    He looked at me appalled. “I would never hurt you Mikey, don’t you understand that?”
    I used my arms to help me set up, looking at him coldly. “You already have. Many times. Couldn’t you just get it over with and finally stop hurting me and end this?”
    “I’m sorry for biting you, but it was the only way to calm you down, but it couldn’t have hurt that bad, I’m so sorry if it did hurt-”
    “That’s nothing compared to the pain you inflicted on me, Gerard.” I struggled to stand up, but managed to anyways. I grabbed my coat, turning back to the confused boy. “I loved you Gerard. More than a brother should. It hurt enough to know how wrong it was to feel that way about you, knowing that you’d never, ever feel the same way, but It hurt so much more to see you look at Frank like that. It felt like you stabbed my in the heart several times. Please just leave me alone. Next time, if I’m still alive when you next see me, do me a solid, and kill me.” I turned around and left him sitting confused and alone. “Thanks for nothing” I called, while running down the stairs. I slowed, passing by several family pictures, knowing this would be the only goodbye I’d be able to give to my mom and dad. I finally got to the door, leaving for the last time. I felt suddenly relieved that I didn’t have to go back. Didn’t have to see his face again. Didn’t have to feel as much pain.

    When dawn broke, Gerard was exhausted. All in one night Mikey accused Gerard of hating him, confessed his love to Gerard, tried to make Gerard kill him, and left no choice for Gerard but to erase Franks memory of the nights events.
    When he finally made it home, his parents were just getting up. He walked upstairs, and without realizing it, climbed into Mikeys bed. He closed his eyes. Not for sleep, but for sanity. For quite. Somewhere to finally break down in misery. He felt tears run down his cheeks and couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t know he could cry anymore, since he, well.. Lets face it, died. He opened his eyes, and wiped his tears to look at them. Of course. Blood tears. Typical. He must have missed that before

    The next evening Gerard woke up, with a blood soaked t-shirt. He climbed out of Mikeys bed, thankful that there wasn’t any blood on the bed. He took off his shirt, and tossed into the dirty laundry. He ran downstairs in search for a clean shirt, when the doorbell rang. Gerard raced to the door, and swung it open. It was only Frank. His stomach sank, in disappointment.
    “Wow.” Frank commented. Gerard rolled his eyes, leaving the door open. He walked over to a pile of clean laundry, and slipped on a fresh shirt. He heard the door close, and Frank take of his jacket. “Is Mikey here?” Frank asked casually.
    Gerards face hardened, the last thing he wanted Frank to see was blood leaking from his eyes, the last time he checked, that wasn’t normal. Frank sat on the couch in front of him, smiling up at him.
    “You could have told me you know” Gerard decided to change the subject. He felt like he wanted to let loss all this anger.
    “Let you know what?” Frank asked innocently,
    “That you want to fuck my brother” Gerard turned away from Frank and walked up the stairs. He could hear frank gasp, and follow close behind.
    “What are you-? Where did you hear-? What?” Frank was lost for words. Frank slammed the door behind him and Gerard.
    “I’m not stupid, Frankie” Gerard sat on his bed, looking up at Frank. “I see the way you look at him, its completely inappropriate. You practically giving him head with your eyes.”
    “What?! You cant do that with your eyes… Gerard your being ridicules.”
    "Why wont you admit it? It's no big deal."
    Frank dropped his eyes to the floor, and blushed. "It's complicated.."
    "I’m listening." Gerard looked up at him, and crossed his arms, trying to look very serious. He might as well try and have fun with this, it was taking his mind of the drama of his brother. He swallowed the lump in his throat. He really did love his brother, why couldn’t he just admit it? It felt like he was trying to hold on, and the only one keeping him from going under was Frank, only he knew this was only temporarily.
    "I have feelings for both of you." Frank bit his lip, and looked at the ground.
    And with that, Frank just pushed him under, and hopped in with him. Fuck my life.


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