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  1. My Chemical Super Heroes (FreRard)

    Title: My Chemical Super Heroes

    Summery: Frank Iero, known as 'The Tattoo Guy' from the tattoo parlar to the people New Jersey, but to the papers, he is - Skull Blaze! Part of a group of super heroes who save NJ. But Frank he finds him self in a speck of trouble when he begins to have feelings for the lead hero- Epic Boy

    Main Characters: Frank Iero (Skull Blaze), Gerard Way (Epic Boy), Mikey Way (The Green Scream), Ray Toro (Taurus), OC

    Genre: Romance

    Rating: 12 (But this may change!)

    Disclaimer: I don't own or know My Chemical Romance or any bad members. The whole story is fully from my imagination. I just like to say that I know the Super Hero names suck big time, but I just needed them quick for the story. Hope you enjoy!

    Chapter 1 ------------------- Page 1
    Chapter 2 ------------------- Page 1

    Chapter 1: The Wake
    "Blaze! Blaze, please! wake up!"
    I forced my heavy eyelids to lift. My vision was foggy, but I made out Epic Boy perfectly, but everything behind him was like merging paint. Red, orange, blue and grey whizzed around behind my masked friend, who looked down worryingly.
    "Skull Blaze! Thank god your alright!" Breathed Epic Boy, his red and black hair flowing in the wind. "Get up! We have to run! Now!" He ordered, grabbing my gloved hand.
    I tried to force my self to stand, but my body felt so heavy, as if I was lifting a ton of bricks. My body gave in on trying to pull my self up, and became limp. Epic Boy groaned, before pulling my weak body across his manly shoulders. I felt my eye lids begin to close again.
    "It's going to be okay , Blazey" whispered Epic Boy, more for his own sake then mine .

    Then everything went black.
    I winced as The Professor delicately applied pressure on to my wounded stomach.
    "Nothing to worry about! Just a few badly bruised bones and muscles. You'll will have made a full recovery in about 6 to 8 weeks. But you'll be able to work again soon." The Professor said, a smile spread across his red face. My face was smeared with a look of pain and anger. Why does that bloody doctor have to make everything sound so simple?
    Epic Boy gave me a worried look behind his mask. I gave him a small, weak smile.
    "Hey, erm, Epic mate. Thanks for, erm, saving my ass and all..." I mumbled, scratching the back of my head.
    "No problem. Super Heroes stick together." Epic smiled back at me, his brown eyes sparking.
    Well, there is a very short chapter 1 for you all. Chapter 2 and maybe 3 tomorrow x
  2. Oh I love when people make them superheroes XD
  3. super geeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol, i want moreeeeeee
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    This looks interesting! More soon?
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    Wow, another story? You're really going to have your hands full lol.

    So yeah, you're missing some info in your first post, including the title, rating, summary, and chapter index. Please remember to put them in this format:

    *Main Characters

    Also, you need to make sure you capitalize the letter I and the first word in a sentence. This stuff needs to be fixed within the next twenty-four hours or I'll have to lock this story.
  6. I've got through the whole story and fixed this. I need to finish editing the info, which I will after work. Same does for my other works x
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    I love it when My Chem are superheroes! Update? :)
  8. Chapter 2: Work

    Chapter 2: Work

    "Frank Iero to head office, please!" Called the speaker.
    "Excuse me one moment" I said to my client "I won't be a second"
    I stuck my head round the door and yelled "Oi! Jackie! Tell head office I'll come and see him in a fucking minute! I've working here!" Then slammed my door.
    "Sorry, Jord. Anyway, lets get this on ya arm!" I said picking up his picture and beginning to trace it on his arm with the gun.
    "Nah, mate, it's fine. I'm not in any hurry. Just as long as this tat' is on by 3, I'm not bothered" Laughed Jordan as the gun began to do it's work.
    "Got something special at 3? Date or something?" I asked, focussing hard on his arm.
    "Nah. I'm married! But the wife and kid went to Dallas last week to see some family. I've got to be at the airport by 3 to pick them up." He replied, sighing a little. I laughed in reply, trying not jog the gun as I did so.
    "In the 2 years I've known you, I never knew you were married!"
    "Well, I love them and all, but I don't really know how to talk about that kind of stuff! I sound like a right soppy bitch if spent an hour talking about how my son had finally learnt to colour inbetween the lines!" Giggles Jordan.
    "True. So how old is your son, then?"
    "Ah, he's heading for 6 now. Grow up fast, kids do. If you ever have some of your own, you'll understand..."
    "Yeah... Depends if I end with a dude or chick really, though doesn't it? I've got the pick the world at my feet" I sighed, smiling slightly.
    "Not really, Frank. My brother is bi and in a relationship with this awesome dude called Shane. They adopted a kid a few years ago. She's a work of art I can tell you that!"
    "I'm not sure if that is really my kind of thing!" I laughed "The whole family scene just doesn't seem to fit into my world..."
    "Frank, he really is insisting you go seem him..." Jackie stuck her red curls round my door. "Look, I'll finish your client, while you go see him. Just keep him happy, babe!"
    She walked in the door and took the guns of me. I sighed deeply, and headed to see my dad.
    "You know why you're here, don't you?" Mumbled my dad, working on his papers.
    I stood infront of his desk feeling like a pathetic freak, capable or nothing. Or course I no why he had ordered me here...
    "Because I was late...?"
    "Because you were late. Again! Not to mention you just keep excusing your self from work without telling anyone, and I don't even apologise when reappear! As if you're trying to fool us all into believing you had never left the parlar!" Yelled my dad, standing up from his seat and leaning over his desk. I could feel his hot breath punching my cheeks as he breathed "Girls shouldn't mess with your work, Frankie-boy..."
    "W-what?" I said, almost laughing.
    "That's it isn't it? Some girl. That's why your late and leaving work. So you can have a nice kissing session with your girlfriend!"
    "No dad, it's nothing like that!"
    "That would you be kind enough to tell me why one of my best tattooists is skipping his work?"
    How could I tell him? What was I suppose to say?! 'Sorry dad! I've been turning my self into a blue-fire-covered skeleton and staggering around town with three men catching criminals! Oh yes! Dad will totally believe I'm Skull Blaze...
    "Well..." He said impatiently, sitting back in his seat and tapping his wrinkly finders on the desk.
    "I can't tell you" I mumbled, staring at the ground.
    "Look, dad, have a very good reason why I have to keep leaving and coming in early. But I can't tell you. Not yet. Right now, I just need you to trust me. Please?" I gave him a look as if i was begging my mercy.
    My dad stared at me. Eyes big, jaw hanging slightly. For a moment, I thought I'd saved my ass..
    "What a load of crap! Get out! And start doing your work or I'll fire you!" He bellowed, pointing at the door.
    "FINE!" I yelled, slamming the huge wooden door behind me. I was glad to be away from the awkward bastered...

    I've got a short and slow beginning going on here! But if i get a comment, I should be able to post chapter 3 on tonight, or just in a few hours!
  9. me!!!! i ll comment
    more soon
    how old are all of them?????
  10. I haven't thought about that much... Until now!
    Frankie: 19
    Gerard: 24
    Mikey: 21
    Ray: 24
    Either of those ages. Frankie's birthday will happen a few more chapters, and that'll make the ages totally correct to their birthday dates :drool: x
    Chapter up later tonight!!! :w00t:
  11. YAY
    ugh i ate to many pixi stix
    ive only seen one other story where they are super heros on this website and i really like them as super heros i dont really know why
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    Yay! I will also comment! When will we find out their awesome powers? =)

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