My Chemical Romance: The Return

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  1. It has been 6 years since the break up, now My Chemical Romance is back for a single reunion concert in Los Angeles on December 20th at the Shrine Expo Hall.
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    I don't know how others feel, but for as much as I'm excited about the Return, I'm just as concerned for the guys. My Chem nearly destroyed them before. I feel conflicted because I so desperately want new music and an entire tour, but I don't want a repeat of history. Plus, I've really enjoyed getting to know them as individual artists. I hope they can balance whatever they have planned for the Return with what they've been doing, both artistically and personally (health-wise). I've always been a Gerard girl, but Frank and his solo albums are really giving Gerard a run for his money! Barriers is as good (if not better) than any My Chem album.

    But, given all the growth and progress made by all of them over the past six years, I'm excited to see what they might give us. If we get new music, I really don't think it'll be the same band we've known. But then, that's almost a given considering they've reinvented themselves for every album. And I pray they don't get the reaction to Danger Days again this go 'round.

    It really pisses me off that DD is largely disregarded. It's a fantastic album with so many layers despite its more stripped-down sound (in comparison to the overwhelming grandiosity of TBP). There's the concept of the Killjoys story at the surface. Under that is a message of hope and courage and a call to arms to fight monotony and corporate brainwashing and to be who we are fearlessly and without apology. Plus, Gerard has said it's about "four guys being pissed about being famous", which I can totally hear. Add the comics, and I can drone on about the brilliance of that entire concept for weeks!

    But people dismiss it because it was so different from anything they'd ever done before. It supposedly lacked the angst and dark imagery of previous albums. No, Killjoys has angst and dark imagery in spades. I think Killjoys just scared people because the Killjoys weren't the heroes people wanted them to be. The Killjoys were closer to antiheroes, almost villians. Almost. People didn't like the hard truth Gerard gave them. (And to back me up, Gerard has also said people weren't ready for that album.)

    I have spent the past six years following, supporting, and loving each of the guys individually. I've been lucky enough to meet both Gerard and Frank since the break-up. I never moved on; I kept My Chem alive inside of me, because I believe Gerard was right: it isn't a band, it is an idea. It's how I want to live my life. With love, hope, courage, and danger. With creativity, positivity, grand gestures, and subtle nuances.

    And no matter what the Return brings, I'll still be here, carrying on.

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