My Chem dreams.

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  1. ummm mikey donsn't hav an inhaler, he isn't asthmatic..but still gahhh.

    anyway my dream was a long time ago but i refuse to for get it.
    In my dream my school was a rain forest (I wish it was real) and there was a big dip thing like a vally but smaller (still deep enuf to break an arm falling in. Theier were these really thin poles going along and people were riding there bikes across. There were all these ppl on the other side hanging out coz it was lunch. I sum how got to the other side and as I was looking 4 a place to sit there was the My Chem boys sitting on a log eating lunch. I sat next to Gerard and talked to him! I was shocked no I else was shocked they were just sitting there, Anyway I think I made a fool of myself talking to Gerard coz i hav bad conversation skills and I was in awe of him.
  2. imnotokaykid

    imnotokaykid New Member

    I had a really weird dream that Bob was chasing a chicken through a field with Toro's guitar, I have no idea what caused that dream, but it's better than my usual nightmares
  3. Kate.

    Kate. Guest

    I had two MCR related dreams last night.
    The first was really weird and I met Gerard in like this art class and we were in different groups designing comic books but I had to go in the front of the class and I was utterly shy then afterward he came up to me and kissed me several times! xD there where some details in this too but I feel are waaaay to weird to add xD

    the next dream I was best friends with MCR and they where playing at my college in front of my class and that was about it xD I get dreams like these alot, which are pretty pointless but goood xD
  4. IeroKid86

    IeroKid86 Guest

    Okay, So it was just Gerard and Frank, and they had made this sort of mansion place and filled it with hidden ammo, secret doors, passages, and random fortified places. And then they released a whole ton of zombies in there like a little zombie apocalypse. They invited me there with them, and one of them would have the maps and junk for the places in the walls while (it was mostly me and Frank, with Gerard having the maps) the others would try to survive the zombies. It was going pretty fun, and then Gerard got bitten, but he didn't turn into a zombie yet. So Frank was with me and then we tried to hide in a secret passageway but HE got bitten too on the way in, and then the zombies were trying to open the door.

    Then it was weird cause Frank was like, "well, we're gonna die anyways, let's get laid" and I was kind of o_O "Frank I have a boyfriend... And you have Jamia" so he apologized and agreed with me, and sometime after that him and Gerard became Zombies.... now THAT was freaky. They were smart zombies and they could somehow remember all the secret places and everything even though they were zombies. So I was screwed Hahah...

    And somehow Pokemion came into the last 5 minutes and then I woke up. Hahah
  5. Randi*Ranae

    Randi*Ranae New Member

    i had a dream that Mikey Frank and Gerard came to my house and my cousin Angie was there. It was weird I tried to ask why they were there and all they wanted to do was party with me and my cousin, but they didn't want us to call anyone else. Then Mikey told me that he wanted to take me shopping and I was like what, why me? He told the others we would be back in a little while and not to wait up, but then Gerard threw a fit and wanted to come with us. My head was spinning and I didn't know what to do. We all went shopping and came home with a lot of different things. Gerard fell asleep on the couch Frank and Mikey zonked out on the bed I went outside to get some fresh air. I walked out onto the balcony (which i don't have) and looke out at the stars. Angie walked out next to me. We talked about today and could't believe that they were actually here. She told me why Mikey wanted to get me alone, then told me why Gerard didn't want me alone with this brother. I told her she was lying, and I told her that.

    "What in the hell would he want me for?" I asked

    "Shut-up!" she said hitting me on the shoulder.

    "I'm serious, I'm no good for him, he needs someone like Daisy or Bella." i said

    "Dude, you're an idiot!" she said

    "Sure kick me when I'm down!" I said

    "Shut up. Why can't you just see that both of them like you?" she said

    "No I don't deserve them, either of them." I said Mikey tapped on the glass. I swirled around and he stepped outside.

    That was it, I woke up after that. I never again had that dream. Sad really I wanted to know what happened. oh well.
  6. Kate.

    Kate. Guest

    ^ Awww
  7. Niamh

    Niamh New Member

    They were playing in my school hall, and I was running to school at six in the morning trying to get to front of the non-existent queue. ^_^
  8. HorrorShow.

    HorrorShow. New Member

    I had a dream that Gerard was getting married to this one lady while still married to Lindsey. Then he said that he was 'really into polygamy.' It was weird. But also, he like, just abandoned Lindsey and Bandit, but he was still married to them.
  9. Lydia-Rose

    Lydia-Rose New Member

    I dreamt I was sat fishing with Frank. Um... I've never been fishing in my life. But y'know, can't complain.
  10. I dreamed my friend gave me tickets to a concert I woke up before I got to go. I had anotherdream That I was AT a concert waiting for them to start playing. I woke up before they started. Grr.

    So yeah. I have never been to a rock concert in my LIFE so thats why I kept waking up I guess.
  11. Xxmad_hatterxX

    Xxmad_hatterxX Active Member

    I dreamt the guys were in some sort of restaurant and I was trying to get in but I had to wait in this humongous liune, and usually I have alot of patience but in the dream I was freaking out after 5 minutes. Then when I finally got in I got all of them to sign my fan art. Frank was like mean to me and kind of ignored me and Bob was the nicest one and I had a really long conversation with him....then I woke up

    I had this dream a really long time ago, but it's stuck with me.
  12. WhySoSerious?

    WhySoSerious? Active Member

    well i was watching this movie (in the movie) and at the end everyone started ice skating. so i was like "i wanna ice skate now" and then all of a sudden my living room turned into an ice skating rink and i started skating. all of a sudden frank comes out of no where and says "happy birthday love" and kisses me. oh and he was british. so after the kiss we skated for some hours and then we each went to either side of the rink and skated full force at eachother. when we collided i woke up. it was nice
  13. Gerard was being interviewed about fanfictions, and went off on a rant about anal sex and cunnilingus (sp?).
    I need help.
  14. Crash Queen

    Crash Queen New Member

    I had a dream that I was at an MCR concert and Gerard stops in the middle of the song and says, "Sorry guys. I'm just too sick. I can't continue." The crowd goes, 'AWW!!' and G says, "But, I'll pay you all back with my own money." and we all yell no so I yell, "Give us all hugs!" Everyone went up to get hugs and when I went up I fell on one knee and Gerard kissed my hand all damsel in distress like lol. 'Twas awesome :).
  15. Live4LyricsCM

    Live4LyricsCM New Member

    I had ne the other night that they were preforming in my backyard, but when I went out there I tried to talk to Gerard and Ray, but I was so happy to be meeting them that I started crying and then they were creeped out and left.

    Lol xD
  16. Black Fog

    Black Fog New Member

    I had a dream of them that i was at one of their concerts. Then when they came out the first thing i saw that frank had cut all his hair off. Then i woke up and was like what! Then i went to school and my friend was like frank cut all his hair and it was so shocking because i dreamed it a night before. It was crazy!:blink:
  17. AdrenolineAnarchist

    AdrenolineAnarchist New Member

    Once I had a dream that MCR and me were all trapped in this huge like children's science museum craphole and apparently we were too old to be there (Gerard, Ray, and I were 13, which is not a child technically) so then robot security @$$holes started chasing after us. For some reason, they had a pool on the top floor and I woke up because Gerard and I jumped into it...
  18. BlackWays

    BlackWays New Member

    I dreamed that Frank and Gerard were giving an interview and the guy who was asking the questions was looking at them with a weird look and then they started making out and the camera was getting closer and closer to them and other stuff but i don't really remember:D
  19. MyStarsShineDarkly

    MyStarsShineDarkly New Member

    I had a dream a few months ago, where all the guys from MCR (including Bob </3) were at my house playing video games, and I walked in and asked what the hell were there doing here, and they said I won a chance to spend a day with them, so I played video games with them (Frank won, we kept cheating xD) , then somehow got to hug them all, and said Gerard gave the best hugs, second best was Ray.
    When I woke up, I thought it was real, and then a minute later I realized I was in my PJ's, in bed, and was all 'Dang.' xD
  20. -melovesMCRXx-

    -melovesMCRXx- New Member

    I had a dream a few weeks ago...

    At my school me and 3 other friends all got detention. But none of us did anything wrong, so we were all "WTF?" Anyway, when we got there after school no one else was there. It was just us four... Which was strange.

    We were all sat there bored and silent then my French teacher (Who's italian and has an Italian accent) came on the stage and ripped our curtain thingys away. She said "I bet you four are wondering why you're here?" we all nodded. She just said hhmmmmmm and walked off. We were so confused. About 2 minutes later I Heard the intro to Look Alive Sunshine and MCR were at my fricken school performing an entire set just for us 4.
    It was amazing ;']

    My parents bought all my CD's and merch to school (they knew about it) and I got it all signed and had hugs and Gee even kissed all our cheeks. It was so cute x'D
    But I woke up and was bummed out D:

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