My Chem dreams.

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by MorbidVampFaery, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. MorbidVampFaery

    MorbidVampFaery New Member

    You may talk about your MCR dreams here.

    Please keep it clean or your post will be removed.
    We all have our fantasies, that's fine. :]
    Just don't get too carried away.
  2. HeyKids

    HeyKids New Member

    Oh. oops. I just sent a PM to Vega all like "Why'd you close the thread? We didn't do anything wrong."

    ..,now I feel like an ass. :oops:

    Oh well.

    I had another one once where Ray was sick, and I had to play guitar for them, and I magically learned everything in a second, and played with them, and then we went out for pizza.

    ...I'm so sad...
  3. xxUnLeashTheBatz

    xxUnLeashTheBatz Oh So Squeamish

    I had a dream once that I was with my 2 friends in Geography class and then all three of us got called down to the office. When we got into the commons area [which is right by the office] MCR WAS PERFORMING!!!!!!!!!
    I was like AAHHH YESS!!
    And then afterwards Gee signed my converse shoe and said something nice to me but I can't remember :(
    He was the sweetest.
    I loved it so much.
    OH and I got a hug too...AAHHH SO SWEET!
  4. can we talk about MCR nightmares too?
  5. HeyKids

    HeyKids New Member

    Of course.. it counts as a dream, but it's just...a not so good one. :D
  6. okay, well then..

    the other night i had this nightmare where i was at a funeral and i couldn't figure out who it was.i just stood in the back crying. and after they had buried the person and everything i went up to the headstone and read it.
    it said..

    Bob Bryar.
    Beloved husband & father.

    then i felt someone pulling on my dress and i looked down it was a little kid and he was saying mommy over and over again. then i looked at my ring finger and noticed a wedding ring on it and realized that he was my husband and the little kid was my son.

    i swear that was the most weirdest nightmarish dream id ever had.
  7. MorbidVampFaery

    MorbidVampFaery New Member

    OMG. I thought my nightmares were nothing, especially after Josh helped me out with the meaning of 'death' in dreams.
    It's worked and I haven't had a band fream since.

    HOWEVER, I've had THREE dreams where Bob passed away. It took place at a cemetery - it was a funeral.
    The gates were large, the grass was greener than ever. It was a very beautiful cemetery. I remember how it looked - the flower arrangement.

    In my dream, there was a little kid too. She knew Bob somehow or whatever and she wanted me to stay but I had to get back to England. I guess I was doing a volunteer thing down there at a palace with a Parade. Weird.

    Your post almost made me cry but now other people are having simular dreams! -_-;;
  8. bleh, it scared the crap out of me.

    i was like, oh great! what if bob dies now?!
  9. MorbidVampFaery

    MorbidVampFaery New Member

    I had two others.

    I can't remember what the second one was because, I don't know. I just don't. I know it was pretty upsetting, though.

    The third one was really weird.

    I was inside this house. I am not sure where I was, or anything. But it was like an older house with some steps. First one was - if Bob was okay and the band would make it in the UK then the girl would be able to go all the way up the stairs. She was successful. Next, it was my turn. Same thing but in the US. I went up two sets, it got dim. A little more, I woke up. :[ It felt like someone was behind me, watching me. It was freaky.
  10. whoa, i wouldn't be able to sleep for a week if i had a dream like that.

    i used to have this book that interprets dreams but i lost it and im pissed about it because i hate not knowing what my dreams are about.
  11. HeyKids

    HeyKids New Member

    Aw, I've nver had a dream where Bobby boy was in danger, or dead.

    In the other dream I had though, the one where I took a bath with Ray, and a hobo named Nick in a bath of blood (please take note to the closed dreams thread for reference to this dream) I got abhug from Bob when I got out of the tub of blood, and he got all messy, but didn't say anything.
  12. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    it was soo sad..k so i was partying with mcr (ok not the sad part ;D) and we were having so much fun and i don't know i kinda felt like i was watching over them or something, but then i noticed the band started drinking..INCLUDING gerard! and i was like guys!! do something and they are like ooooh its ok nothing bad will happen and i was crying then later i lost them then i was looking for them cuz i was worried soo much ..i felt like soo much love in this dream it was like they were my children (i know weird im 15 lol, i don't have kids ha) but i saw them in an alley and there was this homless guy in the background but that doesn't really matter, i guess he was wondering wat mcr was doing in is home (hee) but they were all passed out! the whole band! i went to gerad and i was like OMGOMG GERARD! IM SO SORRY! and i was like crying and i woke up and i freaked and i was depressed the whole day ;(
  13. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    i swear a tear just ran down my face!!!!
  14. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    creepy its like that other girls dream!!!! ohhman i don't want bob to die *prays*
  15. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    ooooooooooooooo i had this other dream when i was a freshman.. it was school and the halls were crowded like usual and there were bands playing! one was all american rejects and the other MCR! right in the middle of the hall, so i brushed up against them on "accident" then i had to go to science which i dreaded so during the class i was hiding cuz i hate the teacher then i told my friends i was gonna leave to go see mcr! so i left and 2 of my friends came and met me but they bailed when they thought the principle was coming then i juust sat outside a classroom door to act like i was introuble but there was a sub for the vice principle for some odd reason so i was good, then i walked in the main hall and all the lights went out except for a couple to create an earie scene, and gates closed the other halls! and i looked down and gereard was just standing there staring at me! and then i looked and i was in the helena dress doing a dance towards gerad..then i woke up ;(
  16. MorbidVampFaery

    MorbidVampFaery New Member

    LMAO! That's a weird dream.

    I am sure I've had MANY dreams about the guys. I just don't remember them - not right now. :[ Except the Bob ones, of course. Mehh.

    Oh! I remember this other Bob dream I had. Why do I only remember the Bob dreams? lmao.

    So, I guess I was on tour with them. Bob was a very shy person in my dream, I would have never pictured him as shy but according to some people, he really is. So it's weird that I dreampt that, then. Basically he liked me and he would hide from me and when I went to go find him, or get him, he'd run for me. It was adorable. Strange, but adorable. =P Um, I am sure other side events happened but I don't remember them.
  17. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    aww i've had some... but i cant remember them now

    i hate when that happens!!! lol
  18. MorbidVampFaery

    MorbidVampFaery New Member

  19. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    ohhh i just remembered one of them!! it was sooo wierd
    happened ages ago but it just came back to me

    i was with a bunch of my friends
    and we went into this big building that is really a leisure center in real life, but it was some sort of zoo
    but all the walls were concrete
    and it was bands in the enclosures
    and it was just little concrete pits in the ground
    and there was a big queue going round the whole building
    then we got to one bit
    and it was my chem!
    and they were all up at the edge of their bit signing things that were passed down to them
    except mikey
    who was sitting at the other end on the floor

    then all i remember is going up an escalator :S
  20. CheshireCat

    CheshireCat New Member

    oh man one time i had a dream that i was in a church, and all the sudden all these boy scouts came in and Gerard was the boy scout leader lol. and he looked at me and i was like :O

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