Music Is A Man's Business

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    I really don't know if anyone reads fan fictions anymore, but i remember back in the day it was one of my favourite things to do..Read and write fan fics..Ive been working on this one for quite a while..So i thought id try my hand! :)

    Music Is A Man's Business

    Rating: 18+ Language, sex etc!

    Summary: Now an ageing Rockstar, Gerard looks back fondly at how he met his wife, had kids and joined the quiet life.

    Genre: Romance/Drama

    Characters: My Chemical Romance, Gerards Wife Lindsey, Bandit, HIM, etc! :)

    Disclaimer: This story is a work of my own wicked mind..None of it is true :)

    Introduction - Page 1

    Introduction Bandit's POV

    I watched on, their cringe worthy show of affection. But in a way i admired my mom and dad for finding the time to be so in to each other when their lives hadn't always been so simple. Always on the road, touring and away from each other months at a time! I looked up at the old Victorian fireplace that took over our living room, how it was adorned with photo's. My eyes slowly admiring each picture, mom and dad as kids, a Wedding photo..Mom looked beautiful with her perfectly teased dark hair and white veil billowing around her shoulders in the Autumn wind, and how handsome dad seemed to look in a dark tuxedo with his arm possessively around her waist, of course no fireplace would be complete without the quintessential embarrassing kid photos!, im sure these things we're standard in each house!.

    "Bandit?" Mom broke my train of thought, it caused me to startle in my seat. I took her in, years of touring had not been the kindest to mom, but her dark eyes seemed to hold the love she felt for her family perfectly..

    "What?" I said startled, dad giggled..He must of caught me eyeing the photos, he smiled sweetly

    "I think we should tell her the story..It has been 20 years and she's not asked us once!" Dad reasoned, mom looked at him cautiously, as if to say Lets leave out the graphic bits.

    "A story? Im pretty sure now how you guys fucked and here I am, Im 20, not 2." I mocked, smirking at the two of them, i knew how much they disapproved of me using bad language in the house.

    "Bandit Lee Way!" Mom and dad chorused in horror, staring at each other. Was almost like watching them work out who taught me the bad word, it was like being 2 again!

    "Sorry, i couldn't resist" I apologised lowering my head with a childish smirk on my face, while hiding behind my brightly dyed red hair.

    "It's a really long story, but we did say one day that we'd share it with you if we had children!" Mom mused, it was almost like reliving the past for her..

    "I must start by saying..I wasn't always into your mother.." Dad trailed off, causing mom to throw the cushion at him in a playful anger..

    "And I thought your father was the biggest twat going!" Mum retorted, part of her Scottish accent returning which caused dad to laugh hysterically while still receiving a rather full on cushion beating from mom!

    "Okay guys..I just want to hear the story.." I sighed raising my hands in a mock horror!

    20 Years Earlier.. Gerards POV

    "Come on Gerard, the band needs to support fresh meat..Just remember, you we're new once yourselves!" Urged our manager, i sighed picking up the newspaper once again to look at the new band.

    "Mindless what now?" I asked sarcastically, i took in their picture..A woman with dark hair and eyes! We really didn't need anymore Emo weirdness, we we're filling that Niche perfectly fine!

    "Mindless Self Indulgence.." Corrected Mikey taking the paper from me for a closer look, i raised my eyebrow at the enthusiasm that surrounded me, the guys had never listened to anyone elses music and gave a rave review, apart from Frank who'd listened to HIM and met Ville Valo, and had communicated great love for them!

    "Look at them!, their just too weird!, i refuse to share a stage with a Morticia Addams look a like!" I said snatching the paper off Mikey and throwing it across the long table at which we we're all sat around, sending it sailing down towards our tour manager.

    "Well, thats a shame Gee'. Miss Lindsey Ballato had nothing but great praise and kindness for you!" Sighed the manager taking off his glasses to rub his temples.

    "Look, we're getting nowhere! Why don't we just meet them, jam with them and then if they seem down, decent people then we'll support them?" Ray asked scratching his fingers through his Afro, he did have a point the band murmured in agreement amongst themselves before staring at me. I sighed taking a long breath in.

    "Right, here's what we're gonna' do!..We'll meet them, but im definitely not signing anything for definite just yet, if they play crap music..Im going to rest easy at night knowing my reputations not at stake!" I said tapping the test with my nail, my manager smiled widely like the Cheshire cat, while the band high fived each other.

    "Well, ill just get Miss Ballato on the phone and organise a Jam session, and we'll go from there.." Our manager said punching in a few numbers in his cell phone before setting it down on the table on loud speaker, i turned to Frank.

    "I just hope you know what you're doing..If it goes wrong this is on your ass!" I scorned in a low whisper, Frank was taken aback by this and just reassured by giving my shoulder a brief tap and taking his place beside Mikey.

    "Ahh, Miss Ballato, This is My Chemical Romance's manage calling you. I hope you are well?..Im currently sat in my office with the band around me and their lead singer, Mr Way would like to know if you would be up for a jam session before anything is definite for next years tour?" The manager trailed off before taking a rather large breath in after reeling off such a large sentence..And then came her voice, it was almost sweet like chocolate that had melted into a huge puddle of sticky mess, it almost made up for her looking a little like morticia Addams.

    "Ohh please, call me Lindsey! Miss Ballato sounds like you're talking to my mother! Well, has this Jam session got the Okay with the rest of the band?" Came her voice so sweet, it was almost sickly. The band laughed at her mother remark!

    "Yes, Miss..Ball'..I mean Lindsey, the band are happy with the idea of a jam session..We can you fly over to New Jersey? I understand you're touring your hometown of Scotland, England at the moment?" Asked the manager, you know..I thought i recognised her accent..A real Scottish maiden!

    "Aye..I mean yes!..Sorry, Scottish routes are taking over again! Well, we can schedule a flight for next week at the earliest!..Would that be any use to you at all?" She asked, the Scottish now even more obvious after her first outburst, the band gathered further around the phone whilst our manager threw paper in all directions before stopping at the one he needed..A blank schedule..In the 12 years we'd toured there was a blank schedule looking back at us, it has to be one of the most surreal feelings!

    "Yes, Lindsey..That would be perfect!, I will send Gerard Way to pick you up from the airport..I lost my license for drink driving you see.." The manager cringed with shame, Lindsey chuckled. I cringed! Great, Jersey was a good few hours away from where we we're currently, and now im going to have to entertain this crazy woman on my drive over here too? What next?

    "Thank you, i look forward to working with you all in the near future..Goodbye now!" Lindsey trailed off.

    "Goodbye Lindsey!" The band echoed in unison before the dialing tone was heard, my face at this point had moulded itself into a rather large scowl!

    "Over my dead body am i picked her up, can't you send Frank? He clearly loves Scottish, weird women!" I protested standing from my seat, the band facepalmed.

    "Sorry Gee', my cars in the autoshop for the week..Im having some bitching modifications added to it!..She's gonna' fly!" Frank chuckled seeing my face turning more into a grimace!

    This was going to be one of the painfullest weeks in the whole of M.C.R!

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