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  1. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    ok im sure there was already a thread for this band, but i cant find it at all so here we go...

    they are amazing

    i saw them for the second time last night and they were mindblowing!!!! they had giant confetti filled floating balloons during 'Bliss' wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

    balloons!!!!!! :D



    Matt Bellamy... x3!!!!
  2. Josh

    Josh New Member

    Muse are fucking fantastic.
  3. Aimeee

    Aimeee New Member

    MUSE were the support act for my big bro's band in college

  4. J-Ninja

    J-Ninja Pinguâ„¢

    Awesome. I love muse

    Not as much as MCR, but still.
  5. dudesab

    dudesab dudemeister

    i love muse too absolution is the best album so far all the songs are great
  6. Daryl

    Daryl New Member

    I like Stockholm Syndrome, Starlight and Supermassive Black Hole.
  7. Indy

    Indy Active Member

    I'm going to see them on the 22nd! Soooooooo can't wait! :clap:
  8. Xx-BlackRoses-xX

    Xx-BlackRoses-xX New Member

    Muse is great.
    They've got such a unique sound.
    & Giant confetti-filled balloons? I'm so there!
  9. dudesab

    dudesab dudemeister

    wow giant balloons sound fun
  10. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    yehhhhh they popped all over us :D

    then there was two left when the song ended and Dom said they wernt going to play anymore until they were popped and a guy in front of me jumped up and grabbed one and pulled it over his head until it burst haha
    then once the other had burst and everyone cheered Dom was like 'eh, yeh... well done, it only took you half an hour...'

    ahhh such a good gig...
  11. dudesab

    dudesab dudemeister

    lol that crazy dom
  12. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    awww you lucky person! i want to see them again!
    let us know how it goes!
    dont forget to pop a hullaballoon! hehe

    and heres some more pics i took...




  13. King Matt

    King Matt New Member

    Muse are amazing.
    I can't wait to see them at BDO.
  14. demolition

    demolition Guest

    i love their cover of 'can't take my eyes off of you'
  15. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    yeh its a beast

    i love their cover of 'House of the Rising Sun'

    by the way does anyone know if they will come to the UK again before doing a new album? i mean they've done one UK tour for this album so far, any chance they will do another?

    it would be amazing if they did T In The Park next summer as well...
  16. Ems

    Ems New Member

    i saw them on thursday and they were amazing!!! yer the balloons came out at the start of their first encore and by the time they came back on for their second encore we still had one left and matt was just laughing at us because no one could get close to it for long enough to pop it and they refused to play their second encore until it was popped ... took us so long i almost missed the last train home!!!
  17. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    haha, they did two encores? lucky people, we only got one in Glasgow. did they play anything off Showbiz for you?
  18. Ems

    Ems New Member

    muscle museum! wish they had played a few more from showbiz but that was one of my favourite songs from that album so i'm glad it was that one :) but i lost my muse wristband from the gig last night!!! it fell off somewhere while i was out!! i thought the whole point of those things was that they didn't come off unless they were cut?!? :':)':)'(x x x
  19. Green_pixie

    Green_pixie Active Member

    I must agree that Muse are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will certainly be going to see them at the first opportunity I get!!!
  20. Fear&Regret

    Fear&Regret New Member

    i <3 muse!!!

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