More Than a Teacher [GW/OFC]

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by LivingDead, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. mychemigirl

    mychemigirl New Member

    lol You're funny.
  2. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member


    you made me cry x[.
  3. xXVampireXx

    xXVampireXx New Member

    Thats sad....more soon....pwese
  4. Megan

    Megan New Member

    *new reader*
    Well, kinda.
    First post.
    But I've kept coming back

    Which must mean it's good.

  5. ladybugg13

    ladybugg13 Member


    [/end enraged screaming]

    and please update soon! I can't believe shes back with her parents!! noooo!! I'm glad gerard stoped being an a-hole and came to his senses, but im so afraid miss bliss (miss bitch) is gonna come outside. ack!

    oh the craziness!
  6. kaisha1992

    kaisha1992 New Member

    *new reader*
    i love this story! keep up the good makes me cry, i hope it all gets betta and everyone gets happier :D
  7. TheNickiOfDoom

    TheNickiOfDoom Time Lord

    Update please...

    I'm kinda addicted.
  8. LivingDead

    LivingDead Active Member

    “Stop.†He said pulling away.

    “Gerard just-â€

    “No, I can’t. I can’t do this, sugar please-â€

    “Wait, you were the one who just kissed me. Gerard make up your mind, please.â€

    “I know, I know I kissed you, I felt like I had to-â€

    “WHAT!?†I shouted, he covered my mouth with his hand.

    “Not that I had too but…Veronica, you knew from the beginning, baby this wasn’t going to last. We both, deep down, knew it even though we tried so hard to deny it. That night, when I went to dinner, I didn’t want too because I knew it would rekindle what Liz and I had. But part of me was curious and when you told me you didn’t want me going, it made me want to go even more. I wanted to prove to you that I could go to dinner with her and nothing would happen but I can’t prove it, if anything you’ve won out of all of this.â€

    My jaw dropped, “I won!? How did I win Gerard? I lost the person I love; I lost the court case that could’ve changed my life. I have to go back to my abusive parents, no one believes me I-â€

    “Wait, you love me?†I nervously chewed on my nails, he grabbed my hand; removing it from my mouth, and held it in his. “You love me?†He asked again. I began crying, I did, I had from the beginning.

    “I love you.†I repeated, my body crashed against his. He tilted my chin up so our eyes would meet,

    “Veronica, I can’t love you.â€

    I was actually running, in a full sprint, away from him. I was flying down the stairs, his voice fading into the cold air of the outside. He can’t love me? What does he mean he can’t love me? I wiped my eyes, eyeliner smudge on my hoodie’s sleeve. How could he not love…wait, where’s Frank? My thought process totally changed, did he move out when I did? I pulled my phone from my pocket, of course in my pathetic attempt to win Gerard back I couldn’t forget my cell phone. I dialed his house; I prayed his mom would answer with a sigh and a yawn. Then I’d apologize for waking her up and ask to talk to Frank and she would bring it to him and I’d hear him sigh and yawn.

    “Hello?†sigh and yawn,

    “Hi Mrs. Iero is Frank there?â€

    “No I’m afraid he’s not sweetie, he hasn’t been home since the…well earlier today. Did you try Alli’s?â€

    “Oh no, ok thank you Mrs. Iero, sorry to wake you.â€

    “It’s okay sweetheart.†I hung up and dialed Alli’s,

    “Alli, oh, sorry, Alli’s mom? Yeah, ok is she there? Alli, yes your daughter, this is Veronica. Can I just talk to her please it’s an emergency. Ok thank you.†I heard another sigh and yawn.

    “Hello?†Alli asked groggily.

    “Alli, is Frank with you?â€

    “No, I haven’t seen him the rest of the day. I thought he was with you, he is isn’t he?†Her voice instantly changed to the tone of worry.

    “No, that’s why I’m calling. I called his mom, he’s not there, and I don’t-.†My brain decided to kick in, “I know where he is, Alli I’ll call you back later.†She yawned and said ok before hanging up.

    Like I said before, I had always wanted to walk around Jersey at night but it was almost midnight now and we’re not in the safest of the Jersey neighborhoods. Fortunately I knew where Frank was and it wasn’t too far. I walked past the tree that we carved our names into when we were 5; we carved hearts next to them because we believed one day we’d get married…ha. I walked past the spot where Frank took his first drunken piss on a piece of public property and the first spot where I ever kissed Frank…how memorable.

    “Frankie?†I called. I saw a shadow move, but I wasn’t sure if it was him. “If you’re Frank Iero then who is this?â€

    “Get your ass over here V.†He sassed, I smiled. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I was able to see him better, again the newly emotional Frank…crying.

    “Babe don’t cry.†I said wrapping my arms around him.

    “How can I not? You’re leaving, you’re all I have.â€

    “You have Alli.†He huffed, like one of those smart-ass, yeah-right kind of huffs.

    “What?†I asked.

    “She’s…she’s not how she was before all of this, that day I met her, everything’s changing and I don’t like it.†He rested his head on my shoulder; I played with the hairs on his neck.

    âFrank, one day we were gonna leave Jersey anyway, I’m just getting a head start.â€

    “Well I don’t want you to have a head start; I want us to have the same start. I want us to stay being us, Veronica and Frank, it’s how it should be. I love you, I’m the only one who can show you this much love, don’t forget that.â€

    Last Bit of relationship ruining in me I hope ;)
  9. Jo

    Jo New Member

    Can I please kick him in the face?
    He was supposed to say he loved her baaack.
    It made me kind of sad,
    But it was a lovely update, Jordie.
  10. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    well, i'm glad it's out of ur system now. great update!
  11. LivingDead

    LivingDead Active Member

    Yes you are completely allowed to kick him in the face!
  12. Alexxis

    Alexxis New Member

    It's supposed to be Gerard and Veronica, no matter how wrong it is! >_<

    But...I sense a Frank/Veronica thing coming on for some odd reason.
    <_< >_>

    Wonderful update. <3
  13. LivingDead

    LivingDead Active Member

    I hope so! but you never know...
  14. LivingDead

    LivingDead Active Member

    Frank and V sounds fun!
  15. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    that's ok. Asshole Gerard made his appearance finally. i'm content.
  16. stakemyheart

    stakemyheart Guest

    Gerard is a big stupidhead.
    But yay for Frank!:clap:
  17. LivingDead

    LivingDead Active Member

    Yes he did.

    Glad you like it.
  18. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    is it strange that i actually like him as the bad guy in ur stories?
  19. forever_now

    forever_now New Member

    stupid gerard. ew he's retarded lol.

    but when frank said 'i love you' did he mean it in a friend way or a romantic way? i interpreted it as romantic but im not sure.
  20. LivingDead

    LivingDead Active Member

    No because I do too! He always has a little nice side too, and is always sweet and romantic at times, in my opinion.
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