Mom and Dad Think You'll Be Saved

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  1. Title: Mom And Dad Think You'll Be Saved
    Rating: 15+
    Warning: Strong language and high school clichés
    Main Characters: Mikey, Frank, Gerard, Ray, OFC, OFC
    Summary: Your typical high school romance: boy and girl meet, become friends and eventually start going out. Some evil force keeps trying to pull them apart. It’s probably going to be really cliché. I apologize in advance.
    Genre: Romance, a bit of comedy
    Pairing: Frank/OFC; Gerard/OFC; so for those of you who've been reading...I lied about the Mikey/Alicia pairing. Sorry guys. Now its Mikey/OFC.
    Author’s Note: The main character, Meagan otherwise fondly known as Bowie, is not me, just a character modeled after my personality.
    Disclaimer: I do not own any members of My Chemical Romance(no matter how much I wish I did...but it wouldn't be good for them if I did own them) or any of the songs, bands, or lyrics mentioned in this story except for "Starlight, Star Bright" and the band name 12 to Midnight, if I choose to use it. Its called fan fiction for a reason right? FICTION being the main thing, this has never happened and never will seeing as all of the guys are married.

    Chapter Index-
    Chapter 1: Page 1
    Chapter 2: Page 1
    Chapter 3- Page 2
    Chapter 4- Page 3
    Chapter 5: Page 3
    Chapter 6: Page 4
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    Chapter 8: Page 5
    Chapter 9: Page 8
    Chapter 10: Page 8
  2. Chapter 1

    I woke up to “Bomb This Track” by Mindless Self Indulgence blaring from my iPod on its dock. “Ugh” I muttered and stood up, stretching. Good God, I hate mornings. I stumbled into the bathroom and stared at my face in the mirror. "Another day, more pointless shit for me to deal with," I thought plugging in my flat iron and I brushed my teeth and hair, grabbing the iron when it beeped. I made my way back to my bedroom and pulled black skinny jeans, a blue The Devil Wears Prada tee shirt, and purple Converse from my closet. I refuse to match most of the time; it seems to piss off the preppy kids who wear Hollister and Abercrombie jeans. I got dressed and glided my purple eyeliner on my eyes. I pulled my iPod from the dock along with my phone from its charger, and made my way downstairs. I grabbed my bags and a Chocolate-Chip Pop-Tart and walked out. I mumbled “bye mom” as I began the journey to another monotonous day in Hell, headphones already in my ears blasting Anthrax at almost full volume. Unsurprisingly, it was like any other late April morning, it was warm enough that I didn’t need a jacket anymore, but no matter the temperature I always had my skinny jeans. The walk to school was short, because in my small town everything was situated around the same area. I glanced up the hill to my prison for the next 8 hours, muttering a string of swears as I began walking again.

    My First Fanfiction :]
    Like it so far? Hate it?

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    It's a good start(=
    I love the personality you've given her. Some of the things she says makes me laugh :3

    I'm interested.
  4. Thank you :] I really enjoy writing as her, she's alot like myself, but also different. I'm hopefully going to be updating again soon, I have to send the next part to my editor.
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    Ah. Cool(=
    I'll be waiting :]
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    New readerrr.
  7. Welcome JillGeeRAWRd! I have been patiently waiting for my editor to send me the edited version of chapter 2. If I don't have it by 5:00 my time, I'll just post what I have.
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    You have someone editing your stuff? And were are you in this world?
  9. Yeah, my fantastic best friend is editing for me because he's so good at writing. I'm in South Carolina, what about you?
  10. Chapter 2

    I apologize for being late with the update. Sadly my editor didn't read over this one for me. Now onward!!!!

    I walked into the building and made my way over to where my best friend, Auburn, was sitting “morning sunshine. The Earth says ‘hello’” she said after I sat down and pulled the headphones from my ears. She was sort of tan, dark brown hair, tall, and really pretty; the complete opposite of myself. I was pale, short, had black hair, and looked ultimately plain.

    “I hate it here.” I mumbled barely loud enough for her to hear, “oh come on Meagan, lighten up. Do not make me come over there and tickle you” She knew I hated being tickled. She glanced over my shoulder and grinned “your day should get at least 65% better if you turn around”.

    I did as she suggested and what I saw astounded me, 4 guys had walked in, standing out from the crowd of kids I saw every day. They each had band tee-shirts on, mirroring mine and Auburn’s music tastes. One had almost shoulder length dark hair and really pale skin; a light brown haired lanky kid looked very similar to him, but also very different. The shortest boy had red hair on the sides of his head, black on top with fringe falling in front of one eye; I also noticed his various tattoos. The last boy had an epic Afro that would make Disco jealous. “Damnnn” I thought still looking at the four of them, the shortest boy held my eyes. He seemed interesting, different.

    I turned back around, “holy shit.” I grinned “dude, finally people who share our music tastes. We’re finally not alone in the sea of Bliebers!” “Thank you.” She bowed dramatically. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that the guys had entered Student Services and were standing at the counter, probably getting their schedules. Aubs and I looked at each other deviously, “they look really cool, so we must vow to keep them from being sucked into the cheerleaders disgusting circle.”

    She held out her hand and I did the same, both of us doing our secret handshake over exaggerating the jazz hand at the end. “We-woo, we-woo” She made a noise like an ambulance siren and I glanced behind me, noticing that they were walking this way.
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    I like how light-hearted this is lol.
    Nice update(-:
    You did just fine without an editor.
  12. Thank you :] I like having an editor sometimes, because they are helpful with word flow. I think I might post the next chapter this evening as well.
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    Ah, I see your point.
  14. Chapter 3

    I'm going to be without an editor for awhile, he's been swamped with homework. But I hope you enjoy anyways. Now, updation!!!!
    I began nervously messing with my lip ring while writing random lyrics on the table in front of me, but of course Auburn wasn’t nervous at all. She had always been more confident than myself; we were like Yin and Yang, different but the same. They had walked up to the table and I looked up.

    The boy I had first noticed spoke, “do you mind if we sit with you?” he had one of those voices you don’t expect by his appearance. Aub spoke before I could, “sure. I’m Auburn, but you can call me whatever floats your boat. And this is Meagan, but I call her Bowie” She smiled and I waved shyly. “Thanks. I’m Gerard.” He gestured to the light haired boy, “this is my brother Mikey.” He waved shyly like I did, “At least I’m not the only shy one” I thought to myself. Then the boy with tattoos, who also had a nose and lip ring, spoke “I’m Frank. You can call me Frankie or Frank, I don’t actually care.” He grinned at me and I felt myself blush a little. Finally Afro-dude spoke, “I’m Ray.”

    They all sat and Frankie looked at my lip and smirked, “nice lip ring.” “Thanks, my parents hate it. But hey it’s my face.” I smiled back “My parents hated mine too, and the tattoos didn’t help. I got tired of their complaining, so I moved in with Gee and Mikes.” I felt oddly curious, “Where’d you guys live before you moved to our ‘lovely town’?” I air-quoted with my hands. “Jersey, so the sun is rather shocking.” Gerard laughed. “When I think Jersey, I think the Misfits. But most of the kids here automatically think ‘Jersey Shore, Snooki, J-Wow, DJ Pauly-D, and the Situation’.” They all laughed, “Jersey is a great place for music, there’s a ton of different bands. You could go see a punk show one weekend and then go to a death-metal show the next.” Frank smiled. “Alright, schedules you four.” Aub said and held out her hand, the guys began pulling their schedules from their pockets and handing them to her.

    She read over them and smiled, “okay, you each have at least one class with myself or Bowie. So we shall make sure no cheerleaders try to seduce you on your first day.” They all snickered “You think I’m kidding, they will. Every time someone new shows up they will either a) try to drag you into their group or b) if you’re cute, which you are, try to date you. So beware.” She gave them all a serious look. “Okay no need to scare them Aubs.” I giggled. “They can try, but they won’t succeed. We don’t really have a thing for cheerleaders.” He glanced at me and smiled while I tried not to show the excitement on my face. I’d only known him for about half an hour but he had this great sense of humor that I couldn’t resist. Aubs pushed their schedules towards me and I skimmed over them and saw I had at least one class with each of them, I was surprisingly not dreading class but unfortunately for me the bell rang. “awwh, but I was actually having fun! Damn you bell!” I shook my fist angrily at the speaker, causing everyone to laugh. “Okay Frank and Gee, you go with Bowie. She’s got music first too.” Auburn ordered. Frank and Gerard stood on either side of me and we began walking down the hall towards the music room.
    If I get the chance you may get many updates today :]
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    This is really good! MORE!
    Update soon!!! :DDDDD Pleasee... ;]
  16. Welcome xxOhSparkleyxx! *hands out Skittles* I shall be updating tomorrow. I'm at my grandparents and I don't have my laptop with the story on it. Thank you for reading and enjoying it! :]
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  18. Or not so patiently ;] I would update right now just for you if I had my laptop. I actually write this on my school laptop....I reallly hope they don't find it on there, I'll be in some deep shit if they do, lol.
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