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    Title : Missing Links

    Genre : Fiction, Horror

    Rating : 15+

    Characters : Gerard, Ray, Mikey, Frank, Bob, Kelly, Ryan, Brendon, Mike, Mark, Hayley, Amy, Dani, Sade, Eliza, Catt, Sam, Brian, Matt, and more to come.

    Summary : Shadows Ridge was a small community in northern Newark, New Jersey. A group of teens from the area, who had never met each other, were in for a serious reality check when they wake up one morning and there are no adults, or younger children, to be found within the entire country. No president, police officers, doctors, teachers, no one. No adults to chastise them, force them into school, nothing. With no rules, these teens begin to rule how they please, with their own set of rules. Killings are at their highest, and these teens don't know what to do any longer. Will they discover who's murdering their friends? Is it one of them? Or someone who knows them?

    Disclaimer : I do not own anyone in this story, and it's entirely fictional.

    Chapter Index :
    Ch. 1 - Pg. 1
    Ch. 2 - Pg. 1
    Ch. 3 - Pg. 2
    Ch. 4 - Pg. 3
    Ch. 5 - Pg. 4
    Ch. 6 - Pg. 4
    Ch. 7 - Pg. 5
    Ch. 8 - Pg. 6
    Ch. 9 - Pg. 6
    Ch. 10 - Pg. 7
    Ch. 11 - Pg. 7
    Ch. 12 - Pg. 8
    Ch. 13 - Pg. 9
    Ch. 14 - Pg. 10
    Ch. 15 - Pg. 11
    Ch. 16 - Pg. 12
    Ch. 17 - Pg. 12
    Ch. 18 - Pg. 13
    Ch. 19 - Pg. 13
    Ch. 20 - Pg. 14
    Ch. 21 - Pg. 15
    Ch. 22 - Pg. 16
    Ch. 23 - Pg. 16
    Ch. 24 - Pg. 17
    Ch. 25 - Pg. 17
    Ch. 26 - Pg. 18
    Ch. 27 - Pg. 18
    Ch. 28 - Ph. 19
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    Chapter 1

    Gerard’s POV

    I stumbled out of bed, nearly stubbing my toe on the corner of the bed post. There was no refreshing smell of coffee or eggs from the kitchen, so mom must not have been up yet.

    I looked at the clock on my nightstand, it was nearly noon. She had to be up by now.
    Upstairs, I found Mikey passed out on the couch, a comic book draped over his face.

    There was no trace of my mother or father in the entire house. Outside, there was no sign of life on the streets, no cars driving past, or men mowing the lawns.

    I called up a couple of my friends, asking if their parents were home, or even their other siblings. All of them said no, and that they had no clue where their parents were.

    Sighing, I decided to call my mother’s phone.

    “The number you have dialed, is no longer in service.” The familiar mechanical voice said.

    I dropped my phone and shook Mikey awake.

    “MOM AND DAD ARE MISSING!” I screamed. He jumped off of the couch, and fell into the coffee table, knocking everything off.

    Jill’s POV

    Sleepily, I roused myself out of bed and decided to go upstairs. My father wasn’t home, but there was no note as to where he was. I called him quickly, wondering where he went. His phone had been shut off, and I began to worry.

    He always left something as a clue to where he went, but something that was really odd was his truck was still parked in the driveway. I ran upstairs to awake my brother Ryan who was snuggled in bed with his boyfriend, and my ex, Brendon.

    “Get your ass up!” I snapped. “Dad’s gone. But his truck’s still here.”

    Ryan looked at me, sheer panic in his eyes.

    Frank’s POV

    Catt was curled up in the bed next to me, her arm draped over my body. I pushed her off lightly, groaning.

    “MOM!” I called out, hoping she’d come in. I waited, with no response. “MOM!”

    She still didn’t appear in my doorway. I slipped out of bed and padded down the hall to her room, but she wasn’t in it, and her bed was neatly made. I checked the kitchen, and the garage, but there was no sign of her. My mother was gone.

    Sade’s POV

    I was snuggled and warm up against Bob’s form, my hands pressed against his chest. His heart beat rhythmically, his breath slow and steady.

    Normally, his mother would’ve woken us up by now, seeing as it was nearly one in the afternoon. Yet she hadn’t even tried to yet.

    I nudged Bob, trying to rouse him from his sleep, but nothing seemed to work. Shoving harder, I managed to push him off the bed, and laughed as he groaned.

    “Babe, get up. It’s nearly one.” I laughed, tackling him against the ground, kissing him lightly.

    He laughed, and pushed me off. Bob jumped up and left the room, eager to find his mom.

    I heard him calling for her around the house, unable to find her.

    “She’s gone.” He gasped, coming back into the room. “But all her stuff’s still here.”

    Eliza’s POV

    I heard my door creak open, and a shadow crept down the stairs, hiding behind my wall of clothes.

    “Mike, I can see you.” I laughed, pausing my game. He chuckled, coming out of his hiding spot.

    “I know. I’m not very good, you see. Or am I?” He chuckled lightly again, but then his face grew serious.

    “So Gerard called. His parents are missing.” My heart sank at the mention of the word ‘parents’. Mike and I had lived on our own for a while since my mother’s death and father’s disappearance.

    “Really?” I gasped.

    Mike nodded. “And the Way brothers are having everyone over, so get dressed.”

    Dani’s POV

    I trudged over to Jill’s house, kicking small pebbles out of my way. Once again, my mother had disappeared, leaving no trace behind, but this was common with her. She never really gave a shit about me.

    As I reached her house, I could see her pacing in front of the bay window, biting her nails. Quickly, I fled inside, hoping everything was alright. She fell into my arms, choking back some sobs.

    “My father’s gone missing.” Her tears wet my shoulder. I rubbed her back, trying to soothe her.

    “My mom wasn’t home this morning either, but frankly, that bitch can rot in hell.” I tried to lighten the mood.

    Brendon and Ryan crept into the room, shirtless and clad only in boxers.

    “Cover up, ‘kay?” I asked, throwing a blanket at them both. They pulled it around themselves, falling onto the couch.

    “THIS IS NO TIME TO MAKEOUT!” Jill snapped, throwing a pillow at them. They snapped upward, glaring slightly.

    “Look, Gerard just texted me. He’s having everyone come over tonight. Come on, that should get your mind off of this.” I nudged her shoulder. The three of them smiled before the boys continued to make out.

    I wasn’t sure of how Jill was able to stay sane will her ex and brother made out right in front of her.

    Kelly’s POV

    I stood in front of the mirror, shaking my strawberry blonde hair out of its ponytail. Hayley pushed me to the side, trying to puff up her unnaturally red hair.

    “Move it!” I pushed her back, continuing to fix up my hair. This was common, seeing as we shared a bathroom in our small apartment. Gerard invited us over for a day at his house to discuss something, but I wasn’t sure what it was entirely.

    Amy’s POV

    I heard a slight crash coming from my brother’s room. Racing up the stairs, I saw the picture of his girlfriend, or now ex girlfriend as I was guessing, lying on the floor, the glass cracked.

    He stood there, rage embedded in his face. “The fucking wh**e cheated on me.”

    I shook my head. It was bound to happen sometime.

    “Where’s dad?” He asked.

    I shook my head. “I dunno. He’s not here.”

    “Why’s his car in the driveway, then?” Mark asked, arching an eyebrow.

    “I don’t know, don’t fucking ask me.”

    He backed down. “Sorry.”

    “Anyway, get your ass dressed. We’re going to the Way’s today.”
  3. Amazing! I love it!
  4. really interesting so far! more soon? :)
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    This is really good so far. Seems interesting :)
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    This sounds really good
    That would be so creepy to wake up and find your parents missing
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    I love it. xD
    And I can't wait for more.
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    I like this so far, it reminds me of a book I read, where everyone over 15 disappeared. Please write more<3
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    I love it so far! More soon, yes?
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    Chapter 2

    Jill’s POV

    I dragged Ryan and Brendon from the house and forced them to sit in the bed of the pickup truck. Dani climbed in next to me, and I heard the engine purr as I started it before pulling out into the street.

    There were no cars on the road, no adults mowing the lawns, nothing. There were teenagers wandering around, calling out for the parents, aunts, uncles, everyone.

    I drove slowly, carefully avoiding the teens who obviously didn’t know what they were going to do.

    Up ahead, I spotted Frank’s car, and decided to play a little game with him.

    “Tell the boys to moon Frank when we pass ‘em, ‘kay?” I told Dani. She nodded and passed the information to Brendon and Ryan who began to unbuckle their pants.

    I sped up the truck, and went around Frank, cautious for oncoming traffic.

    As we passed, I honked the horn, earning his and Catt’s attentions. They look disgusted
    as my brother and his boyfriend showed off their white asses, and I simply sped up faster, cutting over into their lane. He honked wildly, and I couldn’t help but laugh even harder.

    I pulled into Gerard’s driveway, still continuing to laugh as Frank glared at me.

    “Thanks Jill.” He playfully pushed me.

    “No problem, broski.” I laughed.

    We walked into Gerard’s house and entered the basement, hearing the faint sound of music.

    He was seated at his desk, scribbling furiously while Mikey mindlessly played World of Warcraft. I laughed, bouncy onto the bed. I could only imagine how his girlfriend felt about that.

    Frank and Catt crashed into the couch, and locked lips once again. Ryan and Brendon still hadn’t come inside, and I figured they were still outside, probably screwing in the back of my dad’s truck. It made me slightly sick that my ex dumped me for my brother.

    But then again, there was a lot of tension there because of ONE night. ONE little night ruined our relationship for good, and even fucked up the relationship between my brother and I.


    Brendon and I came back from a party, and god, we were shit faced. I stumbled into the house, nearly crashing into the bookcase. Ryan was asleep on the couch, and he had obviously waited up for me. He was always like that, looking out for my best interest.

    Brendon picked me up, and dragged me upstairs to my small room, carefully laying me on my bed. I heard the stairs creek, and Ryan appeared in our room, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

    “Good, you made it home.” He smiled. Brendon grabbed ahold of him, and pulled his face closer before crushing his lips to Ryan’s.

    My mouth dropped open as I witnessed my gay brother, and bisexual boyfriend locked in a kiss. Brendon and him parted, and they looked over to me, as the room began to spin around me. Vomit traveled up from my stomach and stained my skimpy dress.

    I was forced to pull it off, and toss it into the dirty clothes pile, leaving me sitting there in my underwear. Brendon smirked, ripping his shirt off, followed by Ryan’s.

    I laid back as he caressed my skin, while he kept his lips locked with Ryan’s. I worked on Brendon’s belt, before I slipped his jeans off, and tossed them into the pile. We were all in there, shirtless, and clad in only our underwear.

    Brendon and Ryan broke their kiss once so Brendon could strip off his boxers, along with my underwear and Ryan’s briefs. Naked, and sweating, I didn’t realize much of what happened next. I knew I was sucking on something, while someone thrusts into me again and again.

    I remember tasting the saltiness of the cum that was ejected into my mouth, but then, nothing. Not a thing. I remember waking the next morning with blankets wrapped around us, Ryan on one side, Brendon on the other.

    *End Flashback*

    I was still ashamed of myself, and really couldn’t look at Ryan the same way. I wasn’t sure if I had sucked him off, or if he had fucked me, but either way, it was fucked up beyond belief.

    Dani sat next to me on the bed while we waited for everyone else. Brendon and Ryan finally appeared, avoiding much eye contact with me. I was used to it. There was nothing that would ever make this any less awkward.

    When everyone had finally conjugated in the basement, we began discussing our similar situations.

    It seemed that every adult had disappeared, and not just from our small area. There were no adults what so ever in the entire country, maybe even the world.

    The TV channels were blank and fuzzy, the radio was bare, everything was gone.


    There's a major reason for the flashback. I changed up the summary a bit, and the storyline, so go reread the summary. Chapter 1 was untouched, don't worry. But the flashbacks are necessary. You'll see why soon enough. >:)
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    Lies. You own my soul.
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    Woah....that would be so awkward!!!
  13. Oh my god. So good so far. More soon please!
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    Ahahah I agree on how awkward that would be, not knowing if you fucked or blew your brother XD
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    Yes it would o_O
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    Ahaha, you'll find out later in the story what happened from the SOBER one... o_o
  17. Oh cant wait for that!
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    Me either :)
    I'll be patient.
    Oh and I posted a new chapter of my story!
  19. should I be afraid to know what happened? haha, like it though xox
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    Chapter 3

    Gerard’s POV

    We couldn’t figure out what had happened, but now the world was free for us to control at our disposal. Just by scanning over my friends, you could see the power hungry faces already beginning to emerge.

    Jill seemed to have the deepest power hungry face set, her lips curled upwards into a devious smile.

    “Hey Gerard, thanks for having us over, but I gotta go.” She told me, hugging me goodbye. I felt that it was a limp hug before she took off out the door.

    *Insight into Gerard’s mind*

    Jill and I were really close friends. She helped defend me in high school from the assholes who pick on me daily.

    But there was something that no one could really trust about her. She was out of control, to be perfectly honest. She didn’t know when to stop, or when to say no.

    But in a way, that’s what I liked about her. Till she began to stab me in the back. She would blow me off, shit talk me, and still be the ‘best friend’ that loved me to death.

    It made me sick, and when I confronted her, she pushed it all off as she didn’t know what she’s been saying or doing. That was until she broke my brother’s heart. Practically shattered it in two.

    All for Brendon, and he’s not much of a looker. And if the rumors are true about her, then wow, she’s a complete wh**e, and a nasty one at that, and I’m glad my brother didn’t stick with her.

    He’d probably have some disease by now. I’m glad he found someone else, someone who treats him like he means something.


    Frank snapped his fingers in front of my face and brought me back to reality.

    “Gerard, did you hear a word we said?” He asked. I shook my head. “I said, do you think that the kids are gonna fight over who rules where?”

    I shrugged. “Most likely. I have a feeling it’ll break into different sections… You know, like Jersey may break into Belleville, Newark, etc, if you know what I mean.”

    Frank nodded, turning back towards everyone. They all looked worried at what might happen in the very near future.
    Insight into Gerard's mind, important. Remember what you hear about each character, 'kay?

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