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    Rating:18+ for language, drug references, and sexual content
    Characters: Frank/OFC
    Summary: Tara learns that she has three months to live when she is diagnosed at 26 with ovarian cancer. Can she make amends for her mistakes before it's too late?
    Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance, or any members mentioned. This story is purely fictional. I do however, own the other characters. This story is mine. I know I have another story going, but I got this idea and wanted to write it before I ended up forgetting about it.

    Chapter Index
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    Chapter 29-page 63
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    this sounds good! i call number one!!!
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    Love the title, I call number 0!
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    Chapter 1

    Present Day

    She stared at the doctor, disbelieving in the diagnosis. This couldn’t be…it had to some sort of alternate universe.

    “I’m leaving you, I don’t love you anymore.” His eyes had been so filled with hatred. Hatred for her, and everything she stood for. With every fiber of her being she wished for him to hold her now, tell her it would all be okay again.

    “Miss?” The doctor touched her shoulder, bringing the current situation back into focus. “Is there anyone I can call for you?” She shook her head and stared down at her trembling hands. “I’m sorry, I wish there was more hope. But it’s much too progressed…”

    He looked down at her medical file, as if unsure what to say next. “You will have three months to get your affairs in order, to spend time with your loved ones…”

    Her blue eyes met his in anger at that moment. How dare he presume to tell her what she would spend her last days doing? What if she wanted to do nothing but eat ice cream, feel sorry for herself, and watch Friends?

    Of course, she said none of this aloud. No one would care that she was dying. At least, not anymore. The one person that had shown her the love she needed, thrived on, had been driven away. It was no one’s fault but her own that he was gone.

    “If you need anything, I’m going to give you my home line.” The doctor scrawled it on the back of the card and handed it to her. She flipped it over, reading his messy handwriting. Dr. Gerard Way, Cancer Specialist. “I know you have turned down treatment, but there are some aggressive therapies we could try. If you change your mind, please don’t hesitate to call.”

    Of course, she wouldn’t make the call. She didn’t want to spend her last days frail and sick from chemo. She wanted to feel healthy, even if her insides were ridden with cancer. If the doctor hadn’t been so kind, she would have balled the card up and thrown it at his feet.

    With one last, sad smile Dr. Way let himself out of the room.

    She gathered her things and slowly made her way out of the office, and out into the sunshine. Everything looked different now. As she drove away, she watched the healthy people walking down the sidewalk in jealousy. You’re not dying. You can go about your day without this dark cloud hanging above you. I hate you all.

    She pulled her phone out of her pocket, wishing for some sort of contact. He hadn’t called. She hadn’t expected him to. After the way she’d treated him, he was so much better off without her. He hadn’t deserved it, yet she’d shit on him like she’d have a lifetime to make amends. Now, she only had months. 90 days. It sounded so much shorter when she thought about it that way.

    “How could you do this to me, Tara? I thought you loved me! You promised, and now you threw everything away! I have wasted five years of my life with you!”

    His words played over and over in her head. The look on his face, the tears in his eyes. She had caused him so much pain. Maybe this was her punishment. Finally, she’d come face to face with her sins.

    She debated on calling him, telling him what she’d found out today. Pushing that thought away immediately, she concentrated on the road. A family in a mini-van passed her, two young children smiling and waving at her as they went by. She’d never have a family, or children. She’d never hold her own child in her arms.

    She knew she was succumbing to self-pity, but decided she deserved it, this time.

    “I never want to see you again. I fucking hate you.”

    She pulled over, no longer able to hold it together. Tears came, and didn’t stop. She pounded the wheel repeatedly, as if breaking it off would somehow relieve her of the injustice of this day.

    The radio came after her next.

    I think you can do much better than me.
    After all the lies that I made you believe.
    When guilt kicks in and I start to see-

    She punched the radio, hard. Buttons flew everywhere, pinging across her dash. She knew she always hated Hinder for a reason.

    If only she could rewind, undo everything that she’d done to him. Make him love her again. She didn’t know if she could do this alone; she really needed him. But that would never happen. He would never speak to her again.

    Pressing her forehead to the window, she stared out hopelessly. Slowly, however, a smile curled softly on her lips. Memories flooded her mind, refusing to let go. His hand was on her face, in her hair. She sighed as she let the memory envelop her…
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    You are such an amazing writer.
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    I loved it though!
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    Absolutely amazing, as always, Angie.

    I can't wait to see where this goes!
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    that was amazing. you captured the emotions perfectly. amazing ma' dear
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    Amazing Angila!
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    Oh baby.
    I like the thought of Dr. Way.
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    Love the idea of this story.
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    Second page in the first few minutes.

    You're quite the sought-after writer, Angie :)
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    But you do write well.
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    You girls are all absolute sweethearts. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. <33 There is no better place than :)
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    ^ For some reason, that reminds me of The Wizard of Oz :D

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    Change the character names from MCR and you could sell your stories off to a publishing company :D
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    wow, this is really good!
    I'm looking forward to reading more of this.
    I can't wait to find out what she's done to make him hate her so much!
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    Chapter 2

    Thank-you all for the comments! I have so many, already! <33 I apologize in advance if I have any "I's or "me"'s in it. I usually write in first person, and have had a time switching to third. I corrected all the mistakes I could find, but I probably missed some...

    Six Months Earlier

    “Hey, babe.” He pulled the blanket down, exposing her face to the unwanted sunlight.

    “Nooo…” She groaned, snuggling deeper into the warmth of their bed.

    “Come on, Tara.” He yanked the blanket back more forcefully this time, giving her nothing to reach for.

    “Frank! Stop it!”

    He leapt onto the bed, pressing his forehead into hers. “Remember last night, right before we went to sleep?” His voice took on a high-pitched quality, and he mimicked her words. “Wake me up no matter what!”

    “Fine,” She grumbled, pushing against him. “Get off of me. I have to go shower.”

    “Don’t I get a good morning kiss?” He asked sweetly.

    She granted him a quick peck before pushing him again. “All right. Off.” He had a hurt look in his eyes, but moved aside so she could get out of bed.

    “I’ve got a lot to do today,” He began, chatting amicably. “We’ve got a new design coming in, the new Bam Margera one. I’m hoping to sell a lot of those. Plus we’ve got the hoodies and t-shirts-“ He stopped talking when she turned to him and stretched, unable to suppress her eye-roll. “What?” He asked softly.

    “I’m sorry, Frank, I really am. But that store has brought in no money whatsoever. You keep throwing money into it, with no returns. Skater kids just don’t need new boards that much. And the ones around here won’t be able to afford the Bam Margera board, that’s for sure.”

    The hurt in his eyes was evident this time, and she almost wished she could take back the words. But it needed to be said. He put all his hope into that stupid shop, and it was time he faced facts.

    “Damn, Tara. Thanks for the leap of faith.”

    She wanted to comfort him, tell him that she hadn’t meant it to sound so harsh. She knew Frank’s skate shop was his life, but she didn’t have time. She had a meeting in an hour, and couldn’t be late.

    “We’ll talk later, okay? You’ll sell them all out today, I’m sure.” He could see right through her, he knew she didn’t really believe it.

    He ran his hands through his hair and turned away from her. “Go take your shower. Wouldn’t want you to be late.”

    She worked as a paralegal for an important firm, Sharp, Way, and Shroeder. She hoped to work her way up the ladder, however, and had just applied to Law School. She put every ounce of energy into that firm, hoping the partners would take notice of her once she graduated. She would be on the fast track to the good life for sure.

    Frank was still home when she was dressed and ready to go; she could hear him tinkering around in the kitchen. She didn’t want to say something stupid again, though, so she slipped out silently without saying goodbye.

    “Hey girls,” She said brightly as she entered the office.

    Nicki glanced up at her, looking at her watch pointedly. “You have five minutes.”

    “I know.” She sat her designer bag down on her desk heavily. “Frank hit the snooze button.” It was easier to blame him than to admit to her own inattentiveness at the alarm clock.

    “When are you going to get rid of the skater boy and get yourself a real man?” Rita chimed in, leaning against Tara’s desk.

    “Come on, Rita, he’s cute,” Nicki defended.

    “Sure, he’s cute, but where’s his future? You think he’s going to make it big selling skateboards? I don’t think so.”

    Tara pursed her lips. It was always the same with Rita. Frank wasn’t good enough, because she dated sophisticated, rich men. Frank just didn’t fit that bill.

    “I have a friend, you know. He’s amazingly hot, drives a Lexus, and is an architect.” Rita raised a perfectly arched eyebrow in Tara's direction.

    “What’s his name?”

    “Stop, Tara! You don’t need to know his name!” Nicki actually looked angry.

    “Bob,” Rita whispered. “Let me know if you want to meet him.”

    Before Tara had a chance to answer the intercom on her desk beeped. “Julia will see you now.”

    “Better get going.” Nicki whirled back to her desk, suddenly looking very busy. At the mention of the name Julia, they always did.

    She stood up and nervously straightened her jacket. “Look okay?” She asked Nicki, awaiting her approval.

    “Just get your ass in there!” She hissed, smacking her with her stapler as she scurried past.

    Julia was the Sharp of Sharp, Way, and Shroeder. Her father had originally started the firm, and had recently retired. Julia was only 28 and had her name on the sign outside already. Her father had definitely boosted her up the ladder, but she worked hard and didn’t rely solely on her father’s connections. When she married Mr. Way, she kept her surname for the purpose of the firm. Julia was everything that Tara aspired to be.

    “Go right in,” Lexi, Julia’s secretary, told Tara warmly as she walked in. “She’s ready for you.” The furnishings in the office were so lavish, so…intimidating. She hadn’t ever had much direct contact with Julia, and her hands were literally shaking.

    Julia was on the phone when Tara entered, and she motioned for her to sit down. “Yes, Mikey, I know. I have the contracts ready for you to sign. Yes dear, I understand they’re important. I’ll have Lexi bring them up to you right away. Okay.” She glanced at Tara before grinning. “I love you too. Bye.” She replaced the receiver and shook her head. “Only one more second and we can get started, all right?” Tara nodded wordlessly as Julia buzzed Lexi. “Lexi, my dear? Could you be a doll and come and get these files and run them up to Mikey? He’s having fits because he thinks they’re not done yet.”

    “No problem, Julia. Right away.” Lexi was in Julia’s office in a nano-second, retrieving the said documents.

    “Thank-you so much, Lexi. You’re a life-saver.”

    Lexi nodded with a smile. “Mikey doesn’t trust you, does he?”

    Julia laughed, a deep, throaty laugh. “He does, he just gets worked up. You know how he is. Husbands, don’t you agree?” She swept her hand lavishly in Tara’s direction. She could only nod.

    Lexi slipped out quickly and Julia made eye contact with Tara. Her gaze was piercing, and it was honestly unnerving. “Tell me,” She glanced down at a paper in front of her. “Tara. Are you married?”

    “No, I…uh…have a boyfriend, though.”

    Julia smiled warmly, as if trying to make Tara comfortable. “Are you nervous?” Tara nodded quickly. “Well don’t be! I’m not the Queen Bitch everyone makes me out to be. Please, tell me about your boyfriend.”

    “Well, he’s…” Tara trailed off. Frank was positively embarrassing to talk about with someone like Julia. She had money, and power, and all the right connections. What was she supposed to say? Well, he runs an unsuccessful skater shop downtown and is covered in tattoos. But he’s really good in bed.

    Julia watched her expectantly. “He’s actually a med-student.” Where had that come from? Lying to Julia of all people? Jesus.
    continued in next post

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