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    *makes stupid face*
    It's so sweet.
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    aww. that was cute
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    I'm speechless.
    That was absolutly amazing<3
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    Ahaha! Hi *waves* author here!
    :D i finally made one of these!

    anyway, thanks for all the support guys!
    it really means a lot tooo me!
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    ^ It's excellent :]

    I love the beginning of the sequel too x] And Disenchanted :D

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    ^I had to laugh at your /fangirl Lexi!

    Aw the update was so sweet! I want a soldier now too! xD
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    Aw, that was beautiful!
    I'm happy they love each other. :wub:
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    *new reader*
    this is cool
    i like it =]
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    May 31, 1998.​

    Bella dearest,

    I just have to get this out of the way first, there is no possible way that I could be disappointed upon seeing you. Honestly, I've had the same fear towards you. You don't know what I look like, and yet you love me too. That has to mean something stronger then just ordinary love.

    Bella, I'm so in love with you. So deeply in love with you that it is beginning to hurt not being by your side, and in a few days I will. Just a few more days, love.

    I'll be in Fort Jackson, which is so close to you. I looked it up on a map. It's only half and hours drive. I still haven't processed it yet! I'm getting to see you! Finally! My heart is racing at just the thought. I cannot wait to hold you. I just hope you like what you see.

    I'll drive to see you every chance I can. I can't wait to spend my days with you. I want to spend forever with you.

    Nothing is more scary to me than having you turn your back on me or not be happy with me. I know you'll get this letter after I've already arrived. Hopefully then you can read it and we can joke about how ridiculous I was being.

    I do thank you for the care package. I've slept with the bear and blanket every night. Surprisingly, I didn't get any torment for it. I guess it's because a lot of the guys here have children at home. I hope their dads aren't like mine.

    And, I also have a confession to make. We were told that we might be getting letters from some high school students, and I prayed for one. I just wanted some outside contact, but I got so much more. Just with your first letter, there was something inside of me urging me to fall in love with you.

    Bella, I have. And really hard.

    Not a single minute goes by that I'm not thinking of you. I'm always worrying over if you're upset right that minute. I'm always worrying if you're worrying over me. Which, I beg you not to do. You don't need anymore stress in your life.

    It's a very good thing that I'll be seeing you in a few days then. I can hold you and kiss you and tell you how everything is going to be okay.

    Oh god, Bella. I love you. Writing that, as for me, makes me feel so different. I've never felt anything like it either. I love you.

    I am sorry for how short this letter is, and for how messy my hand writing is. My hands just wont stop shaking. But I really have to go before I get any more nervous about leaving.

    Just think, in a few days, we'll be together.

    All my love,
    Gerard Way​
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    :wub: Aww! That was so sweet. Gerard's quite the romantic. Beautiful. <3
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    Aww I love reading this. Brightens my day
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    Aw, that was so amazing.
    I love how sweet he is <33
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    Its so sweet. Soldier Romance.*bats eyes*
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    Now I want to get my own gorgeous and sweet soldier. xD
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    Auww <3
    Please update, i can't wait xD!
    They're going to meet <3
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    The end

    Does anyone ever know what it's really like to have their whole world turned upside down? It sure felt like I just had. Who knew a little letter could totally kill me on the inside.

    I sat on my bed, holding his jacket close to me. The pictures she had sent were spread out in front of me with every letter I had sent him, and every letter he had sent me. I even had a copy of his dog tags around my neck. Never was I going to take those off.

    The letter she had sent had long ago been tossed to the side.

    June 23, 1998​

    Dear Bella,
    From the looks of your letters to Gerard you must think I am a horrible person and a horrible mother. I beg you to give a chance though. I am Donna Way, Gerard's mother. I hate to be the one telling you this, but I felt that it was only fair.

    A rebel group attacked the convoy Gerard was riding in while on his way to base for his departure. A lot of the soldiers were killed, but they didn't find Gerard's body. They didn't find anything of him but his bags.

    I'm praying, I really am, that he's just been taken as a prisoner. I'm praying that he's not gone. He just can't be. I know I wasn't the best mother. I know that I let Gerard's father control his destiny. I knew from very early on that he didn't want the life of a soldier. He had even told me before that he didn't like the idea of war. I let it continue, and I feel completely guilty for all of it.

    He was an amazing boy; an even more amazing man. He loved you too. A few weeks ago he sent me a letter about his decision to stay at a base in South Carolina before he was shipped off again. He told me about how it was for a girl he had been writing. Just in his writing he seemed so happy, and I was happy for him.

    It feels like just as he got his happiness, it had to be taken away like this.

    There I go thinking negatively again. I cannot do that if I want to get through the days. Since I found out, I've just been taking comfort in the fact that he was happier. Gerard has always been miserable. Ever since I can remember, he's been so sad. Hearing about him being happy was one of the greatest feelings ever. Even though it wasn't because of me, I felt that I had done something right.

    I'm really trying to stay strong, and so must you.

    In this big box, I packed a few little things that I thought you might like. There's Gerard's jacket. The one he wore everyday. It still smells like him too. There's some pictures that he's sent me, and then some from when he was little. He's always been so handsome. There's a copy of his dog tags. They didn't find his original ones which only gives me more hope for him. There's also the blanket and bear you sent to him. And here are the letters you've sent him.

    I hope you don't think horrible of me since I read them. I know they were private, but I hope you can understand. They were part of my Gerard; a huge part of him, and they brought me a little bit more comfort in knowing how happy he was.

    And, lastly, I'd like to say thank you for everything you've done for him. If it means anything, I would love to have you as a daughter-in-law one of these days when Gerard is home and safe with us.

    Donna Way​

    Gerard Way certainly was beautiful. The picture I was looking at was at his nineteenth birthday. His hair had been long, unlike in all the other pictures, he looked happy too. His hair was dark black and his eyes a light hazel that made me go weak at the knee's just looking at them through the picture. Through his thin t-shirt, I could see the muscles that boot camp had given him. Underneath all the rough exterior that had been forced on him, I could also see this child like innocence about him.

    It carried over to all of his pictures. Even the most recent that was from a few months ago. He was standing out in the desert with two other guys. He looked so out of place holding a gun. It looked almost awkward. He was still the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on.

    I couldn't stop the rush of tears that had been coming ever since I read Donna's letter. Honestly, I didn't want to stop them. I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. I was basically already doing that. I was huddled into a little heap at the top of my bed with my face buried in Gerard's jacket. It smelled like heat, sweat, and just a bit of cologne.

    It smelled like Gerard, and I was happy with that.

    I knew what he looked like. I knew what he smelled like. I knew that he was going to come back to me one day.

    He had to be alive. I felt that if he was dead, I would know it. Like, a little piece inside of me would be dead to. I didn't want him t be dead, and there was that feeling of hope that made me want to believe that he was still alive. I was sure he was. He had to be.

    As soon as a reasonable amount of readers had read this final chapter, I will begin to post the wonderful sequel.
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    I'm in tears*wipes them away* sighs* That's so sad..
    I'll be waiting for the wonderful sequel.
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    Oh my gosh, that was really sad.
    He has to be alive.
    They were so perfect for each other...
    Aw, beautiful ending, even though it was sad.
    I can't wait for the sequel.
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    I know what happens but still! [I've read it on Mibba]
    It's just so sad!
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    That was beautiful and sad.
    I really love it.

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