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Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by Alesha, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. rubidoux.

    rubidoux. princess

    I just need you to try to not be such a fucking asshole sometimes. It's not fair or justified. That's all I'm sayin'.
  2. Flock of Margot

    Flock of Margot New Member

    Please send me more money
    -your daughter
  3. Gaby

    Gaby Clash city rocker


    Please get out of my head.

  4. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member


    I just really, really love you. Really.


  5. adrenaline 2019

    adrenaline 2019 New Member

    To ----
    Your a fucking two faced bitch, your an attention seeker, trying to get everyone on your side, when all your doing is losing "friends" you think you the best, when really your just a piece of shit! you can fucking walk into a shark tank and I wouldn't care, you are the worst person ever! I can't believe I wasted so much of my life on you! you may think you have won, but you really haven't you have never won, your a fucking cow who doesn't deserve the "friends" you have
    if you ever come back to me apologizing, I won't except it cause you will only fucking go and turn against me again. your never going to have a space in my life again, cause all you do is make my life a fucking hell, you have no idea how much I have gone through with you. and saying I go back to people, being all pally. well, you are all of that, your being and attention seeker, and you slag people off then go back to them again, but now, you have to fight your own battles, live your own life, and if you have a heart break, too bad, I won't be there to comfort you, and I most certainly wont be talking to you again, you think you can do this to someone then you need to think again, cause all your doing is making yourself look like the biggest joke ever! you are a waste of time, air and effort, your a fucking piece of shit and I really wish I never met you. I swear to fucking god if you try and be my friend again, I will tell you straight you are a fucking two faced, bitch who can fuck herself and leave me alone cause I don't wanna know you anymore, cause you mean nothing to me, nothing more than a worthless piece of shit with no life and to be honest, most of the people you thought were your friends, weren't cause ever since we fell out, noticed how you kinda lost friends? noticed how you were hanging round with less people? exactly, your a fucking slag, go fuck yourself and leave me alone forever! :swear: :angry: :swear2:

    From you EX Bestfriend

    To -------
    where to start, your the most amazing guy I have met, I fucking love you so much, your like my brother, yet I love you more than that, you mean the world to me, and If I lose you I will have lost part of me, part of my world <3 I love you so much <3

    From Natty (your sister,,, inside joke)
  6. TheLivingDead

    TheLivingDead Member

    Dear _____, _______, _______, and _______:

    Today was so terrible until I talked to you guys. You never fail to make me smile and laugh. I don't know where I'd be without you four in my life. Thank you.

  7. zi_wolf

    zi_wolf Member

    dear all my high school friends,

    i fucking miss all of you, like seriously.

  8. HollowPistol

    HollowPistol Guest

    Dear Jessica,

    I miss you. I even tried to look for you online the other day, physics and palm readers numbers where you said you live. I'm a fool.
    But...you were the only one who truly listened.
    Thank you.
    I love you.


    Dear .

    I never EVER declared I was a saint. I admitted to my wrongs. I know my place. I said my peace.
    I am happy that it was said.


    Dear God,

    thank you so much for the opportunity, thank you so much for your compassion and peace of mind you have given me. I don't deserve your love, but you have given me my soul back, my mind.
    Thank you isnt enough.

  9. adrenaline 2019

    adrenaline 2019 New Member

    Dear -------

    Sometimes I think, am I important, or are you just doing this to make me feel good, I felt this everyday since you told me, since those words came out of your mouth, Never forget the things we spoke about, the things we shared, just remember this, I love you, for you, more than you, for everything, but if you want to leave me for her, for her to take my space, then that's perfect, I don't care anymore,
    Just don't come to me when you need advice because you don't think shit's working, when you don't think you and her are friends anymore, because she's taken my space now, that mother fucking wh**e has taken my spot, don't come to me with anything, go to her, cause she is obviously more important than me t(-_-)t

    From, your "sister" if you still want me to be :'(
  10. HollowPistol

    HollowPistol Guest

    Dear .

    I just wish, for once, for one last time, you would open up your mind and heart and truely try to be a person.
    I have.
    Why is it so hard for you?
    You block everything out with a harsh attitude that only hurts others.
    I know that's not you.
    Your still the scared lost boy. Maybe a little more in tune to the world, but still...deep inside, your inner thoughts, your still what I knew.
    And I do want to talk. I think about it every single day.
    But I cant. It's funny, it's like I expect more letters from you, even if it is saying what I said was trash...ha.
    It doesnt help the stress I'm under, but it is nice to think of what I could say. I don't know if it is the same for you. I don't want to know.

    Maybe I really am some crazy girl rambling about crazy things and I'm just being made fun of...

  11. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    dear mom,

    No, there's no such thing as too much Doctor Who. That's crazy talk!
  12. HollowPistol

    HollowPistol Guest

    Dear skeleton key,

    I've been wondering if I should toss you.

    Dear you,

    Never let me hold a gun again.


    Dear Petey,

    This stress has got us at eachothers throats. I didn't mean to make you bleed, I blacked out in the anger...and I feel terrible. But what you said hurt. What we say to eachother is only hurting us more...
    You say I can't talk, well I can't when I'm in a bad mood, and you expect me to...and then you bring him up.
    You keep saying I forgot that I knew you way before him, and that you said things to me to make me happy but they must have not been as important as what he said when he came into my life. I did forget our moments in highschool, by the river, because I wasn't in love with you then. You want me to say that, for what though? I was in love with him. But I forgot a lot more than just us, I had a lot of things happen to me, and this time...I'm barely remembering myself.
    You keep saying maybe we should find different people.
    Is that for you...or for me?
    Is it because you can't handle me?
    I'm sorry.
    I wish I could control myself.
    I'm just so sorry.
  13. FreeWilly

    FreeWilly Member

    Dear Stephanie, I love you. I love our differences. But I've been noticing our differences. We basically have nothing in common. No conflicting passions. I feel like we don't have a truely connecting link. We don't like the same bands other than Gaga, and you like her more, we don't like the same shows, nothing to follow together at least, we don't have the same hobbies, hopes, dreams, likes, taste, style. Anything. We're completely different. As bad as it sounds your opposition to marijuana really irks me. Like, obviously it's not a big deal. But it seems like one when I notice we have nothing together. You always seem so against it, then sometimes you seem like you'd be cool to try it with me. Then you just kick that up in my face and pretty much say that smoking makes you a bad person. I gave this up for you. This is a medicine that helped me through a lot of anxiety. And when I try and see if you'll try it, I do it for those reasons. It's not "try my 'drugs' because you need to rebel," it's "try my method for calming the fuck down and enjoying sonething sometime." P.s. You're speil about doing what your mommy tells you... Biggest boner kill. I just want a bad girl sometimes. A girl I can get a sack with, smoke it with in a place we're not sure if we can get caught in, shot gun it to, then cook together, laugh, watch cartoons, *feel good with. I wanna be able to get a bottle of wine and share it between the two of us and know my girl is down and go out and act ridiculous, and get lost on the bus, and just have memorable, crazy, stupid, times with. I wanna have fun and live a fuckin' little. But, you're not always the girl I want you to be. You're not the girl I can shot gun to. You're not the girl I can split wine with. You're not the girl I can tell about my rebellious fantasies. You're not the girl I can be crazy with. And you're not the girl I can just absolutely let go with. You're the girl keeping me mostly clean. You're the girl egging me into the future. And you're the girl that's forcing me to grow up. Sometimes I don't like it, but I need to accept it. I'll just continue to grit my teeth and act like our differences don't bother me. -Boo Berry
  14. _Blackheart_

    _Blackheart_ Guest

    Dear Andy,
    I know its been a long time since i thought about you properly and i know we haven't talked for nigh on 3 years but i just wanted you to know that i miss you and they way we we're! I probably was a complete douche to you back then for not telling you about Ian and i totally regret that, i agree that i could of dealt with it in a better fashion but..I just didn't want to lose you and what we had together as friends.
    Since your father passed away and i wrote that comment i really want to email you but im so terrified of rejection or being told to get fucked to put it frankly!..But fuck it im going to email you anyway and if you want me as a friend again (as much as i want you back as a friend) then you can decide for yourself but in the mean time i will keep thinking about you :\
    Your former friend
    - Danii
  15. HollowPistol

    HollowPistol Guest

    Dear god...

    why am I like this?
    Why can't it be helped...


    Dear _

    Truth comes out when I drink.
    I'm a fucking demon.
    i hate myself
    I'm sorry....
    so sorry...

    you should have let me do it....you should have...



    Your making me feel like shit.

  16. TheLivingDead

    TheLivingDead Member

    Dear B

    You really lied about knowing what caste systems are just to make me sound like an idiot? The fuck? You had that class before I did and I know she teaches the same curriculum to everyone so cut the crap. Even when we're supposed to be honest with each other you're a two-faced bitch. And I know if I actually confront you, you'll lie and say the teacher taught it differently FIVE MONTHS AGO. One of these days you're gonna be stabbed so hard in the back. One of these days someone will put you into your place, but I don't have the time or restraint to do that.

  17. Alma

    Alma Member

    I have been wanting to say this for a While, I'm sorry for the way things went down between us, I'm sorry i acted like such a child, this doesn't mean i want to be friends with you, you still are the most horrible person i knew, but i am apologizing because i was in the wrong. I shouldnt have stooped to your level, of name calling and shit talking. I'm sorry that i didnt realize that you were hurting too. I was just so mad. I know this is a year later but i just didn't want things left as they were. I don't want any hard feelings, even if you have moved on from it. I know when you see mme you see me as a Bitch. And in all honesty I'm not i just acted like one towards you. I'm sorry.

    We were friends for so long then i let what other people said about.you get in my head, and on top of that i let some guy come inbetween us, and for that i am sorry. I wish we could just be as close, but both of is have done an equal amount of shit talking about the other. And I'm sure both of us could never forget. I'm apologizing for starting it. I thought i would be in love with this guy forever, but boy was i wrong. I found something better anf i feel stupid for letting that boy come inbetween us. I am truly sorry that i shit talked. But i am human, I'm just sorry it had to be you.
  18. ScarletFire

    ScarletFire Member


    Forgive ME.
    Forgive me for everything.
    forgive me for not being who i should be
    for not trying
    for not listening
    for being cold
    for being stupid
    for everything I never did right for you
    forgive me
  19. TheLivingDead

    TheLivingDead Member


    I'm so proud of you right now.

    Love always,
  20. FreeWilly

    FreeWilly Member

    Dear Whoever Cares;
    I dunno. I'm not sure I care about anything anymore. I do and don't wanna do a lot of things. Like get a job/change colleges/ live with my girl/ live with a roommate I barely know/move to California/get in touch with my family/grow the fuck up/ breathe...
    I just... Want everything to fucking stop for a god damn moment. This life I'm living has become bumper cars, last time I rode bumper cars I got off. Why isn't anyone stopping and letting me off now?
    I'm just so stressed about everything... I even skipped my period due to stress. For the first time since it started I didn't have a period. I just don't know.
    I don't want this right now.

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