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Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by Alesha, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Alesha

    Alesha New Member

    I thought this would be a neat thread, don't shoot me if it's already been done and i haven't noticed it.

    But since we have a "let it out" thread, and a "post your girl/guy problems thread", i thought this one might be a neat idea.

    The idea of this thread is to write a mock letter to someone in your life, that you are feeling extreme happiness, anger, sadness, or whatever other emotion you feel when you think about that person at the present situation.
    You don't really use the person's name though, if you want to you can.

    So you can start it off like:

    Dear person/people, etc;(use whatever you want to use)

    (write whatever you want to say to them)...........................

    (your name)

    It really helps to get out those feelings about the person if you don't have the courage at the moment to tell them in person.
    you can write them here.
    it helps to get it out and take some things off of your mind.
  2. Indy

    Indy Active Member

    Sorry to change the font, Alesha. But it was physically hurting my eyes to read it. :(!

    Really good idea for a thread though. I'll probz be using it soon. ;p
  3. x.Revenge.x

    x.Revenge.x New Member

    hmm ok, i'll go first

    Dear -insert immature assholes from my maths class's names here-

    I wish you would all just grow the hell up!, and stop being such pricks to everyone around you, you hurt people you really do, you even forced claire out of the class today, thats not cool!, what the hell did skye, claire, tyson, I or anyone else in that class do to you.

    I really believe you's are a pathetic waste of space, just learn to keep your mouth closed, cause no one wants to hear all the shit your dribbling

    From Deb

    -i actually feel better now xD-
  4. Chrissy

    Chrissy Active Member

    Dear ----
    WTF is you fucking problem?
    I mean why can you be nive one minute then be fucking aggro the next? and it's not just to me- to your OWN FRIENDS as well...
    Lay off us once in awhile so you might not actually be bipolar but it seems it.

    To ----
    I get it. you like him.
    but he doesn't like you in the way you want him too. i want to help you see that being friends with him isn't helping either of you but i can't wanna know why? because if i do it will hurt you i the biggest way possible. Don't try and force him to invite you to his place, he said he couldn't come because he was tired- lame me if it makes you feel better.
    Im trying so hard not to get involved because if i do ill have to pick sides and you're both my friends
  5. x.Revenge.x

    x.Revenge.x New Member

    i can see myself using this thread alot
    i got another one

    Dear mum,

    dont treat as if im 5 fucking years old, dont be such a damn hypocrit, its ok for you to be a 'smartass bitch' to me, but not ok for the otehr way round.
    Dont try and blame me, when things dont go your way, just cause the damn computer was going slow. I do so much for you, yet 95% of the time i never here a thanks.
    Oh and dont call him 'babe' in front of me, unless you wanna see my last meal.
    one last thing, i shouldnt have to ask you a question 50 fucking times, until you notice i spoke, all i wanted to know was what a normal temperature was, it was concerning my health, but i do believe half the time, you wouldnt even notice if i wasnt there
  6. Heart_Broken

    Heart_Broken New Member

    Dear...(immature female in my year):angry:
    Your such a horrible and ugly person inside and out!!!
    My frendz wants to move school becoz you cant keep ur completely useless, irritating, attention seeking, hurtful comments to yourself!
    OPEN YOUR EYES... noone and i mean NO ONE likes you!!
    youve pushed all ur frendz away...there is absolutely no fucking reason for u to make other peoples lives miserable with your immature rants and pranks....your laugh makes my ears bleed! GROW UP!

    pheww... i feel alot better! <3:yes:
  7. Alexxis

    Alexxis New Member

    dear -insert name here-

    you bug me. i don't appreciate your constant nagging. i wish you would just leave me alone & stop bothering me. i see you everyday of my life & you tell me the same thing every. single. day. all i'm asking for is for you to cool it for awhile.

  8. Pansy_Face

    Pansy_Face Setting my friends on fire

    Dear family:


    Love, Kp.

    XOMBIE Guest

    Dear Nicole,
    Please, please give it a break with the jokes about me and Chris. we are not involved in any way. we talk to each other, yes, but its frustrating when nearly everyone else thinks that we're in a relationship. We're not.

    Dear Katyanne,
  10. aazombies

    aazombies New Member

    Dear ---,

    We need to talk about it. You have no idea how confused and guilty and just up and down I'm feeling. I can only imagine how much of a rollercoaster you must be on.

    I miss you.

    I've been trying not to be clingy but, you usually call me at least once a day. It's been two since we've talked. I'm trying to give you space, even though you didn't ask for it, but it's so difficult. Everytime the phone rings it feels like my stomach has been turned inside out.

    I swore that I'd never be this girl. The one waiting for the phone call.

    This would be so much easier if you were still here. I don't think I can wait a month to talk to you properly.

    Please, just talk to me.

  11. lizard11

    lizard11 New Member

    dear mom,

    what the hell is wrong with you?! i saw your myspace and it says you don't want kids yet you have two of them... how does that work? i hope my little brother is told how much of a bitch you are... how just picked up and left without warning for some internet junkie. and you know what? it fells SO DAMN GOOD to be getting that money from your pay check for child support... SO DAMN GOOD! and you know what else? i hope you get thrown in jail for all the damage you did to my dad's credit and property... then maybe you can finally contact me after all these years and i can find out what they really do to people like you in prison... and if you do, and if you ask for help, i'll just hang up the phone... because i just don't care about you any more...

    worst of luck in texas while I and my brother sit alone in Pennsilvania,

    got another one =/

    dear dad,

    you wonder what made me the way i am... well did you ever stop to think that maybe you caused most of it? did you ever think 'hey, maybe i should listen instead of shrug off her every word'. probably not because you're too absorbed in your self... and i'm really sorry that i accidently got you into MCR, after all you "only like it for the guitar". you don't really know what they're about and you never will. and the worst part is you think i don't have any stress or any problems. i do... you just never listen so i can't really tell you because i know it'll just go through one ear and out the other....

    i really fucking hate you,

    HAD to do this one

    Dear MCR(like i said, HAD to),

    i know you probably hear this alot but you really did save my life. to be honest i wouldn't be here if it weren't for you guys and i'm truly greatful for it. now for the individual stuff :)

    Gerard: i basically learned all my theatric techniches from you, so anytime i get up on stage with my friends (we kinda have a band), i just kind of think the concerts i've seen online and basically do that with my own twist. heh, i even wear feather boas sometimes, crowd seems to love it :) also, i was SO GLAD when i heard you were completely sober. the night i found out i think i literally said "thank god he's not into that anymore..." and of course, you've talked me out of so many rough times with out even knowing it. so thanks ALOT...

    Ray: you pretty much inspired me to take up guitar. i've started to get those little calus things on my fingers but i only just started so i'm not really that good yet. when i saw my first MyChem video (which was Honey, i think) i pointed to you on the screen and i was like"i wanna play guitar like that guy..." and i was completely serious when i said it, i just never got around to it until about about a month ago. if i get good enough i can probably play rythym in my band since we don't have one yet.

    Frank: you always seem to make me feel better even when i'm in the worst moods ever. same with my one friend, i guess you just have a talent for that kind of thing. you pulled me out of some serious shit without knowing i t too, but i guess you know now... heh. ps: it's okay to be too short to hold up a coffin, i know what that's like, trust me...

    Mikey: you're probably the only bass player i look up to, but sometimes i worry about you a bit, y'know? but that's just me... anyways, all i can really think to say right now (cause it's 4:35 in the morning here) is congrats on your marriage to Alicia and i wish you both the best of luck :) ... ps: don't stick any forks in toaters... please? thanks...

    Bob: pretty much one of the greatest drummers EVER. my drummer LOVES you and he's a guy so that's saying something. when i heard you burnt your leg doing the FLW video i was like "holy crap! nah uh!" but anyways, my whole band pretty much looks up to you especailly my drummer. and also... i TOTALLY support your solo project! he makes my heart burn too, haha...

    so you guys have pretty much done something that no one else could and that was save my life... and numerous times at that. thanks alot and i mean that from the very,very,very bottom of my heart.

    much love and support,

    oh dear, that last one was long as heck! but i had alot to say so, what the hell, right? anyways i'm going to BED! it's almost five in the morning for god sakes!
  12. Heart_Broken

    Heart_Broken New Member

    ^^wow that was a good one
  13. x.Revenge.x

    x.Revenge.x New Member


  14. Egyptian_Blu

    Egyptian_Blu New Member

    Dear ... ,
    You confuse me so much, and it drives me crazy. I can't tell what I'm thinking when you're around, I can't tell what you're thinking. I always want to talk, about anything. I feel so much better when you're around, but you're never around anymore. If you aren't here physicaly, you are missing mentally.
    I have no idea what's going to happen. My biggest fear is losing any of my friends, and sometimes I feel like that's what's happening with you. Maybe I'm just...is jealous the word? I have no idea. Even thinking about you confuses me.

  15. Baskest Case

    Baskest Case Guest

    stop being a bitch.
    thank you for your time,
  16. Shaz.

    Shaz. Gleek.

    You've hurt me so much and you dont even care.
    I never realised how hurtful you could be.
    I was warned but I thought we had a real friendship.
    That you could never hurt and betray me the way you did.
    You've pushed so many people away.
    I was there when you needed me but where were you when I needed that one person I could rely on?
    I hope you get everything that's coming to you.

    Oh and thank you to whoever started this thread.
    It was exactly what I needed.
  17. Red*Light

    Red*Light New Member

    stop treating me like i have no fucking friends. Even though i basically dont.

    to all my friends except yoshi-
    why do you all insist on treating me like a total loser? ****, if u cant stand to hear me complain, or only say "oh" when i try and talk to you about other things, why bother being my friend? ******, if your as bored as i am, why do u never call me? or attempt a conversation online? and stop ending all boy related conversations with " well maybe someday by some miracle you'll have a boyfriend and we can..." blablabla. i dont give a fuck. And ya know what? imnot sure i want to have a party for my birthday it would be to sad. year after year my parties get smaller and smaller. which is just proof that you all hate me. instead of not talking to me all of a sudden, why dont you say whats on your mind to my face?!
    ya'll make me sick.

    whoever started this thank you sooooooooooo much <3
  18. Baskest Case

    Baskest Case Guest

    since everyone is making a letter to mcr,
    i decided to


    wow what is there to say? one thing is for sure you fucked my life up so much. you thaught me so much from your music, i learned not to let life pass me by, also that you shouldn't give a fuck about what other people think, and i used to be that kind of person; letting people live my life for me because i was embarassed to be myself. now im not.gerard you have been through so much, and you overcome everything. frank you have thought me that i should always be laughing, and now you will never see me not laugh (well maybe sometimes i won't) . mikey you are amazing
    you have also been through alot, and you have thaught me that i can't let my emotions get to me, yet im not that emotional, but durring things like peoples deaths, i can't let it get to me. ray you have thaught me that no one can make me do what i don't want, im not just saying that because im running out of things to say, but because its true. Bob, you have thaught me the most, you have thaught me that being shy isn't always that bad, and that drumming is the most important part in the band (yeah shut up) , i was inspiried by you to start drumming, and i almost thaught myself, im good enough to be in our schools band(lmfao). now thats a big honor considering we are good enough to play in engalnd, yeah england. though i said that you made my life more fucked, i still had good things to say about what you did. ,


    yeah it was horrible
    : /
  19. katimus

    katimus New Member

    Dear God,
    I love you, but quit cutting me down.
    love, kate.
  20. Alexxis

    Alexxis New Member

    yes, since everyone is making a letter to MCR, i shall, too.

    dear Mikey, Gerard, Frank, Ray & Bob,

    hi there. i know you guys will never get a chance to read this but i feel the need to type it. but anyways, i'm proud of you guys. you've come a long way from bullets & it's great to see you're getting the recognition you deserve. you guys have saved my life & i love you all for it. it really is an honor to be a fan of you guys, & no one should be ashamed of liking mcr. each one of you have taught me something different, but all of you have taught me never to give up my hopes for anyone or anything, not take anyone's shit & just be me. if i ever get to meet you guys, i'd thank you for everything you've shown me.


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