Let Me Know Somebody Cares [Frerard]

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by The Broken, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. han

    han Active Member

    <3 urs too XD
  2. Chimii<3Gee

    Chimii<3Gee New Member

    Ha ha

    Thanks..... but yours is so... Gerard like... x)
  3. han

    han Active Member

    so is yours XD
  4. x.juliet.x

    x.juliet.x New Member


    *chants* sequel!!! sequel!!! :clap:
  5. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    -joins in chanting-
  6. The Broken

    The Broken New Member

  7. samxmcr

    samxmcr New Member

    ^^ Fuck Yes!!!
  8. x.juliet.x

    x.juliet.x New Member


    *runs off to read sequel*
  9. torolicious

    torolicious New Member

    I absolutely love this story!
  10. gerardschick

    gerardschick New Member

    OMFB! That was so sweet! I know I missed a lot of updates, but it was definately worth it! And, I will definately read the sequel! Love you!
  11. noise&kisses

    noise&kisses New Member

    ahhhhhh, i read all of that today. it was amazing!
    you are a really good writer *goes to read sequal*

  12. XxlovelessxX

    XxlovelessxX New Member

    wow, it took me ages to finish the whole story!!! i discovered it 4 days ago and unfortunately i had school so i always had to stop and was so excited to read on heheheh
    i really love this story :3 your writing style is amazing, i can't stop smiling and giggling :D i have to read all your fics *in love*
  13. Ray-Is-God

    Ray-Is-God New Member




    ive spent hours of today reading it all

  14. The Broken

    The Broken New Member

    ^ thank you. I'f you liked this you should read the sequel. It's called Dance With Me.
  15. K8_MCRmy

    K8_MCRmy Guest

    i like read this story a while ago and im now currently followin dance with me, i didnt realise that i have never told you what an amazing story this is, I LOVED the halloween chapter :') i think it must be my favourite chapter out of all the stories I have read and I think the least you deserve is a 5 star rating for this story, your writing is amazing,your very talented! :^_^:
  16. This was an absolutely amazingly beautifyingly incredible story.
    I salute you.
  17. WeAreTBP

    WeAreTBP Active Member

    I'm Laura. I've been hanging around for AGES reading this but I never had the guts to comment on it, because no-one ever seems to like me much:( But I have to say, it was fxcking incredible. Almost every chapter had me in tears. You're an amazing writer. :)
  18. The Broken

    The Broken New Member

    Awwwww thank you :)
  19. awake-and-unafraid

    awake-and-unafraid New Member

    That was a fucking amazing story!! i loved the whole thing.... but unfourtnatly for me... i always seem to catch fics when they are done so i never get to reply... oh well... i loved it!!!! I'm gonna look into some of your other sories!!! they are all amazing!!

    Marshmellow's for EVERYONE!!!
  20. Dark.Knife

    Dark.Knife New Member

    I just read this story I think two nights ago...
    I freaking finished it though it was hard coz my mom was all over the computer...
    It was a great story...

    I think I don't need to write these one but. . .
    I get more turned on when it comes to guy to guy making out or even more...

    God. . .
    I'm a perve for my age.haha...

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