Let Me Know Somebody Cares [Frerard]

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    Rating: 18

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members of My Chemical Romance and everything in this purely fictional and, to my knoladge, has never happened.

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    This is my latest story and the fourth I've posted here. It is Frerard so if you don't like the idea of two guys being in love then this proberbly isn't for you.

    So...on with the story!

    Chapter 1

    I sat on the burnt and neglected picnic bench and hoped that the few people passing through the quiet park would not notice me. I wished I was so small the world would not notice me. It’s not like I don’t have friends, I have a couple, but since school broke up I haven’t really spoken to them. I’m usually happy on my own; just me and my guitar. Pansy accepts me for who I am and doesn’t judge me. Is it stupid to tell a guitar things you’re too scared to even admit to yourself?

    I just wanted to get out of the house, but I hadn’t been heading anywhere. I didn’t have anywhere to go. When I got hungry I bought a sandwich and wondered around looking for somewhere I could sit on my own and not be noticed. As you can guess my search failed and I found myself sat on a piece of wood which people had repeatedly tried to set fire to, aware of everyone who passed, paranoid of what they thought as they saw the loser sat eating alone.

    As I finished eating a cold breeze rushed through the trees and made me shiver. I hadn’t brought a jacket but I took a pair of fingerless gloves from my pocket and pulled them on.

    I stood up and set of home. I felt lonelier than ever. My head was down and I wasn’t looking where I was going, that’s why I didn’t see him.

    I walked straight into someone causing them to spill scolding hot coffee down me. “Shit!†I said and hurriedly pulled off my black T-shirt, eager to get the burning liquid off my skin. The cool air was instantly soothing.

    “I’m so sorry!†I apologised. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.†I finished quietly. I was caught by his beautiful eyes and suddenly fealty very self-conscious. He was taller than I was (but nearly everyone is), had longish messy black hair, a puzzled expression on his face and was gorgeous.

    “Are you OK?†he asked, throwing away the empty Starbucks cup in a nearby trash can.

    “Yeah,†I replied. Realising I was staring I quickly looked down at the soaking shirt I was holding and shivered, suddenly realising how cold it was.

    “Here,†he said taking off his long black coat and wrapping it around my shoulders. It only just didn’t touch the floor. “Do you live far from here?†he asked.

    “The other side of town.â€

    “Well I live a few minutes away. You can borrow something so you don’t catch a cold.†He smiled and I swear my heart skipped a beat. Fuck! What if he noticed? What would he do then?

    “I don’t want to be any trouble,†I said beginning to take off his coat, but he put his arm around me so I couldnâ€t.

    “Don’t be stupid,†he said and began to guide me down the path. I gave in and allowed myself to be lead.
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    its really good! i like it so far

    poor frank! :( at least gerard found him (kinda) :)

    1st reader!! w00t!
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    Wow! Update soon! It rocks my stockings!
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    Update, this is great!!!
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    Oh :D
    Mooore :)
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    ooo good so far anymore? :)
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    yesyes! Please continue ^.^
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    yesh, update or I'll... uhh... *mumbles*
    YES, I'll do that!
    bewaaare ;D
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    Newest Reader

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    OMG! there are so many people reading this already! Well I don't want to disapoint you so I will post an update very soon (like in the next hour, I just have to check it)
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    w00t! an updatee! i'm glad!! :)
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    Chapter 2

    “I’m so sorry about your coffee,” I stammered.

    “Don’t worry about it. I should have been paying more attention too.” He suddenly let go of me. I wished he hadn’t. “I’m Gerard Way,” he said.

    “Frank Iero.”

    We walked in silence until we reached his house. I was so scared. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him but what if he saw me looking? He opened the door and gestured for me to enter. I cautiously stepped inside. Gerard closed the door behind us.

    “Mikey!” he called. A boy with messed up brown hair and thick rimmed glasses appeared in a doorway. “This is Frank,” he informed him. “Frank, this is my brother Mikey. I’ll be back in a minute.” And with that he hurried up the stairs.

    “He didn’t waste any time with you,” grinned Mikey.

    “What?” I asked, confused.

    Mikey’s grin suddenly vanished and he went very red. “Never mind,” he said quickly and vanished through the door. “You want a drink?” he called back.

    “Yeah, sure,” I replied. I looked down at myself. I must look ridiculous, shirtless with Gerard’s coat draped around my shoulders. I suddenly realised what Mikey had meant. My heart skipped another beat. If I wasn’t careful I’d have a heart attack.

    I pulled the coat closer around myself and followed Mikey into the kitchen. He handed me a glass of orange juice. “So what happened?” he asked.

    “I wasn’t looking where I was going and walked into him. He spilt coffee down me,” I told him feeling uncomfortable.

    “And that’s why he brought you here?” This seemed to surprise him.

    “Yeah,” I replied. “Why?”

    At that moment Gerard returned and handed me an old Iron Maiden shirt. Thanking him I took off his coat and put it on the back of a chair. I felt awfully self-conscious again as I pulled the shirt over my head. It was too big for me but I didn’t mind.

    “I guess I should go,” I said.

    “You don’t have to,” Gerard said. Mikey looked up from his glass. “I mean, if you don’t want to.”

    “No, I should get back home,” I said. “I’ll send the shirt back or something.”

    “Oh, OK,” said Gerard looking disappointed.

    “Well, see you,” I said uncertainly and left.
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    WHY DID HE LEAVE DAMNIT *shakes fist*
    Sorry xD
    But GREAT update!
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    aww..he's all nervous and unsure of himself...how cute.
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    Sorry, I can't update tonight. I will tomorow, I promis
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    I can me mean because I've been teased by Frank Iero...
    That gives me the right to misbehave xD

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