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  1. Don Ricalo

    Don Ricalo Panda Bear.

    It doesn't surprise me in the slightest, the way he fuckin' drives, deathtrap I tell all of ye reading!
    Oh well, maybe he'll get something that isn't a French shitbox this time, if it's written off that is. Which is should be, being French.

    Even I'm a better driver FFS, even if my instructor does shit it when pheasants run in front of the car. Never did find out if it made it.

    Alive alone now that they've gone dead but unburied
    I've seen it unfold, terrible scenes of agony
    Eyes in the darkness
    Echoing their madness

    The sights that have passed before them
    Watching as though it has never happened
    Now I only listen to what is not spoken

    Murder, hatred
    Anger, Savage
    Killings I have caused
    more than can be counted
    orgies of sadism
    And sexual perversion
    Tied to my mattress
    Legs spread wide
    Ruptured bowel, yanked
    From her insides
    Devirginized with my knife
    Internally bleeding
    Vagina, secreting
    her blood-wet pussy
    I am eating
    on her guts I am feeding
    Mutilated with a machete
    I fucked her dead body
    The first and last
    Your life's only romance
    My knife's jammed in your ass
    As you die you orgasm

    Pass on to the dead
    Nerve trembling convulsions
    No longer looking human

    I never see them, but I know they're there
    Locked in my subconcious
    Obscene memories I thought I'd forgotten
    Haunting unrealities
    Tear at me
    Hold her arms
    Her mouth taped shut
    Screams unheard
    Out pour her guts

    Layers of flesh peeling away
    Languish in your own decay
    descriptions of my killings
    bone chilling

    Terror, tear, her
    Virgin c-word

    Virgins are my victims
    Their tight interiors I explore
    Sharpened utensils of torture
    Now inserted inside of her
    Sex organs extracted for eating
    On her liver I am gnawing

    Forbidden lust for guts
    Ripped from her c-word
    Tears of blood cry down her thigh

    I ram my fist inside her hole
    From her crotch piss now flows
    Rectum filled with shit
    I fucked her emptied body
    Until she became stiff
  2. Ems

    Ems New Member

    Richard that's raw.
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