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Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by TheFroOwns, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. TheFroOwns

    TheFroOwns New Member

    Yeah so heres where you can let out your frustrations something going on that makes you wanna scream? cry? bounce around in pure happiness?
    It's like therapy except cheaper so uh let it out!

    So to start off I have this friend and she always wants to listen to my TBP CD.
    Which is cool but everytime I GIVE IT TO HER SHE SAYS "Im in an emo mood".
    And the only song she listens to is WTTBP I keep telling her their are other great songs.
    But she just tells me that's the only good song on the CD errrr...
  2. TheFroOwns

    TheFroOwns New Member

  3. Kelly

    Kelly QUEEN

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT... that article makes me mad too
    people are so fucking IGNORANT
    oh well
    good for gerard
  4. SmotherLove

    SmotherLove New Member

    It's all MCR's fault for setting that image of themselves to the world.
  5. Jenn

    Jenn Active Member

    I love My Chemical Romance no matter what.
    Critics are everywhere, and as long as they do things for themselves, the negative things people have to say about it shouldn't matter.
    This article did anger me, but i've read worst.
    and as "convincing" these things might be, I know what i love, and other peoples opinion is something we just have to deal with.

    along with the people inside.
  6. Green_pixie

    Green_pixie Active Member

    I'm not being funny but MCR have never said that they're emo and they've never put that image out to the world. I appreciate people's opinions but not when they're ignorant shits like Kasabian!
  7. Kelly

    Kelly QUEEN

    i agree rach!
  8. Green_pixie

    Green_pixie Active Member

    Thanks Kelly. I'm glad someone does! hehe. That just made me so mad.
  9. Kelly

    Kelly QUEEN

    yeah i know...cuz i dont think theyre trying to give off a certain image... theyr just being themselves
  10. Green_pixie

    Green_pixie Active Member

    Indeed. I friggin hate Kasabian anyway and this has made me hate them more. If people are gonna agree with what Kasbian have said then why are you on this site huh?
  11. Kelly

    Kelly QUEEN

    ahaha i know eh
  12. TheFroOwns

    TheFroOwns New Member

    Being in a band is a hard life always being judged but as they said the all the fans that get the message make it all worth it.
  13. brandi

    brandi New Member

    I like Kasabian. They make me dance.
    And I don't feel like reading the article, but it sounds like they're dicks.

    My Chem is an easy target because they take chances and do things a little different and people are intimidated by that.

    They can go suckkkk a fuckkkk.
  14. Le Petit Lion

    Le Petit Lion New Member

    is this the official rant thread?

    because i could reeeaaalllly use one right now.
  15. Alesha

    Alesha New Member

    i think this is the official rant thread, i'm going to be ranting in a few seconds. haha

    (Kaleigh, you put a space in my name in your sig, it's Alesha, not Alesh a, god i'm so sorry, i'm just picky like that. rrr, don't get mad at me :( )
  16. Le Petit Lion

    Le Petit Lion New Member

    k. good.

    You're annyoing. BEYOND. BELIEF.

    You have the temper of a five year old AND the maturity level of one too.

    You constantly want the attention on you. ANNOYING. So annoying in fact, I've stopped inviting you over. BITING IS NOT OKAY!!!

    You're nothing but a copy cat. You copied Chyla's vegetarian kick, you WANT to copy her hair, and you ALREADY copied Kourtney's. GET SOME ORIGINALITY.

    I'm tired of your stupid 'Woe is me' crap. Stop whining about Nikki being annoying whenyou do the EXACT same thing. Stop trying to act tough because we all know you aren't. YOU DON'T SCARE ME. Heck, you don't even KNOW me. So where do you get off saying I'm going to end up at the refinery? AND calling us all idiots?! You should talk, Kaleigh. Who's the one that acts like she's five??? Not I!!!

    And lastly, no one trusts you. Because you can't keep a fucking secret to save your life!!! How many secrets have I told of people's? Not many. And if I did, I apologized, did I not? Oh, that's right, I did. I didn't act like I was an idiot to try and make them laugh to forget about the shit I just spilled. Hm, remind you of anything?

    You don't know anything about the future, mine especially. If anyone's going to end up at the refinery, it's you. And to think I stand up for you...

    Posted by When fate runs dry...

    this letter is from one of my 'freinds' that i've been trying to ditch fro a week and a half.

    you may know her as TearsAreBled.

    she calls me unoriginal.

    okay,physically i may not be original. but. she isnt either. you know how she dumps on my hair? she has the side bang you see on every 'emo' (sorry lackof better term) boy in america.

    then she says i can't keep a secret.

    so? it's SOOOOO terrible. i know. i will never get a job. because i cannot keep a secret.

    she tells me i'm going to end up at the refinery.

    and i never even mentioned her future!!!!!

    she tells me i have the temper of a five year old.

    1) this anger thing, has been building for six months. thats alot longer than eny five year old can last.

    2) she replied the day i posted that blog.

    that. is soon enough for a five year old.

    3) whos the one that acts like she's five?

    well, i may.

    but you do also.

    im immature.


    and im annoying.

    well, maybe so, but at least i can tell when people want me to shut up.

    whenever you can tell the other persons uncomfortable with the subject, you know how you stop talking about it?


    she also can't take the hint when someone doesn't like her.

    adn as for my 'woe is me'

    maybe she should be so 'i am all knowing'

    because as far as everyone else is concerned.

    she is annoying.

    and she never apologized fors plling my secret.

    because i never really gave her one.

    she thinks her,lyndah,adn kourtney are the only ones who know im bi..


    and as for copying chyla's veggie gig.


    i just wanted to be a veggie?

    ever think of that?

    oh,andi wantto copy her ahir.

    because chyla has great fashion sense.

    and her hair is soooo pretty.

    and i copied kourtneys.

    because iliked hers . :)

    forgive me for liking it.

    and asfor me being all tough?

    i never said i was.

    but i know who i can take and who i cant.

    and as for her.

    the best she can do.

    is go tell a teacher.

    she will fightlike a girl.

    with claws.

    i will fight. with my fists. and they will go straight into her crooked teeth.

    sorry about the lack of punctuations, but i am reeeaaalllllyyyy angry right now.
  17. Alesha

    Alesha New Member

    ooo, very angry, i'm even feeling mad at her, and she didn't do anything to me.
    people can be so immature sometimes.

    now i'm gonna rant about problems, which may, in the end, make me seem like a whiny spoiled brat, but i don't care.

    My friends are sooo concieted and only think about themselves most of the time. I can't even talk to them about anything going on in my life without having them interrupting and going into THEIR problems, expecting ME to listen to them and sympathize.
    When they found out that I cut myself, they didn't care at all, they thought it was just a 'phase', which really pisses me off.
    They don't freaken take me seriously.
    I have my little sister's friends teasing me because of the way i dress and what I like, which really pisses me off because my sis's friends are all total preps. rrrrr.
    Nobody understands me at all, not in the least bit, and it feels like i'm alone everyday, I am depressed everyday, and nobody cares at all.
    I can't help feeling that way.
    People at school just get me soo angry because of how stupid they can be.
    Guys have never liked me as more than just a 'friend' and that really annoys me, when i'm one of the only ones in my group of friends that has never had a boyfriend, ever.
    The guy i've liked for 2 years has just got himself a girlfriend, some skinny blonde chick that's 2 years younger than he is, and now I have to spend all of the 2nd semester in class with him, because he's in all of my classes. And now i just have to be friends with him the whole time!
    To top it all of, I cry myself to sleep almost every night, and I honestly hate it, I wish i could stop.

    that was a lot of ranting, it felt good to get that out.
  18. Fear&Regret

    Fear&Regret New Member

  19. ZippyBisquits917

    ZippyBisquits917 New Member

    What. The. FUCK. are you kidding me. Who writes this shit.
    What dumbasses.
  20. Don Ricalo

    Don Ricalo Panda Bear.

    Kasabian > MCR tbcaufh.
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