It's Okay Not To Think

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    Title : It's Okay Not To Think

    Rating : 15+

    Genre : Realistic/Romance

    Disclaimer : I do not own anyone in this story. It's all entirely fictional.

    Summary : The car crash was supposedly fatal. Everyone in the car wouldn't have survived. Well, if they had found any survivors. Paramedics and firemen were baffled at the site of the empty car wreck, no bodies to be removed. Blood littered the ground, yet no bodies that it could've come from. Eighteen year olds, Jill and Dani, are now in for the biggest ride of their lives when they wake up in a place like no other, two other girls their age and younger locked up with them. Four men take care of them daily, being as gentle as they can to heal the poor girls. Why were they taken from that accident scene in the first place? And what do these men want in return? Money? Sex? Drugs? Power? Or a combination of the four?

    Characters : Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Frank, Jill, Dani, Sam, Sade, Kelly, etc

    Chapter Index :
    Chapter 1 : Pg. 1
    Chapter 2 : Pg. 1
    Chapter 3 : Pg. 1
    Chapter 4 : Pg. 2
    Chapter 5 : Pg. 2
    Chapter 6 : Pg. 2
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    Chapter 10 : Pg 4
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    Chapter 13 : Pg 5
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    Chapter 22 : Pg 8
    Chapter 23 : Pg 8
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    Chapter 29 : Pg 11
    Chapter 30 - Pg 12
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    Chapter 100 - Pg 42

    A/N: This is a collab story between myself and Dani aka Chemical 30
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    Chapter 1

    Third Person’s POV

    The sound of skidding tires, crunching metal, and shattering glass were the last things eighteen year olds Dani and Jill remember hearing before they blacked out completely, feeling as though they were going to die.

    Firefighters and paramedics were baffled when they arrived at the scene of the tragic accident. Both cars were completely empty, no signs of life within them. Yet there was still blood on the ground outside both of the vehicles.

    It was as if they had managed to get out of their vehicle and walk away, but after a horrific accident like that, it was unlikely they were alive. Tow trucks were ordered to the scene to take both the cars back to police impound to be inspected for anything leading to the missing girls.

    -miles away-

    Jill blinked her eyes open, pain shooting through her left leg. She looked around, noticing she was in a small, red and black room, no windows to be scene. She laid on a bed, her leg wrapped tightly in gauze, and her hand bandaged up.

    A girl, who looked to be about twenty or so, walked into the room, a clipboard in hand.
    She smiled at me, her hazel eyes glistening.

    “Gerard will be pleased to know that you are awake.” The pixie light girl told her, scribbling something down. “How do you feel? Any pain?”

    Jill nodded. “In my left leg. What happened? I know Dani and I were in a car accident, but where are we now?”

    “Dani is in a separate room, and she’s in good shape. Four generous men rescued you girls. They see great things in you. I’ll give you some more pain killers and check up on you later.” She brushed some of her pale white hair from her face, and handed Jill two, small white pills. She gulped them back, laying her head back against the pillow.

    Dani awoke, rubbing her eyes gently. She looked around the room, looking for her best friend.

    “Jill?” She called out, hoping for a response. The same nurse appeared in her room, scribbling more down. Dani tried to itch her arm, but saw there were bandages in the way.

    “Don’t touch your arm please.” The nurse begged. “I’m Samantha. Call me Sam, please. Mikey will love to hear you’re finally awake. And I heard you calling out for Jill. She’s safely tucked away in another room, doing just fine.”

    Dani tried to smile at her, but it didn’t feel right. No one was that happy all the time.

    Sam left the room after handing Dani a few painkillers and changing the bandage on her arm. That’s when Dani had seen the stitches that lined her arm, from her elbow to her wrist.

    Sade lazily stared up at the ceiling, unable to move her neck in either direction without feeling sharp pain. Sam had strolled into her room, and put up another bag on the IV stand.

    “Where am I?” Sade asked.

    “That’s none of your concern, dear. You’re safe. That’s all that needs to know. Ray will be in to see you in a bit.” Sam walked gracefully from the room, leaving Sade to blatantly stare at the ceiling again.

    Kelly tried to roll over slightly in her bed, feeling pain in her chest. Her shirt had been removed, and bandages covered her chest, almost strangling her.

    Samantha bounced into her room, slipping two pills down Kelly’s throat.

    “How do your ribs feel today? Frank was asking.” She asked, tossing her hair from her face.

    “Who’s Frank?” Kelly asked, gasping when Sam lightly pressed on her ribs.

    “One of the kind gentlemen who rescued you girls from the crash. You’re lucky to be alive. If they hadn’t removed you girls from the car, you would’ve died. Now, he’ll be in later to see you.” With that, she bounced from the room, heading down the long hallway before exiting the smaller house.

    Sam made her way from the smaller, barnlike house, into the mansion that sat on the same property.

    Four men sat at a dining table, waiting for their food to be served.

    Waiters and cooks filled the room, bringing in just about anything they could want. All of them were girls whom they had saved, yet these girls had been brainwashed already.

    After refusing to marry the men, they were forced into slave like labor, unable to ever leave this property till their debts were paid.

    Most had already paid their debts, but it had become a daily routine to serve these men before returning to their small cots in the basement below the kitchen.

    Sam handed the clipboard to the man with fiery red hair, watching him shake his head with approval.

    “Very good, Sam. We shall meet these girls later tonight and offer them the deal of their lifetimes.” He nodded, handing the clipboard to the short man with black hair. He nodded with approval as well, handing it down the table.

    The taller dark haired man smiled, handing it to the man with the curly hair.

    “Very good. Very good. We shall see them later. Now go, let us eat.” He said, shooing the servants away. They curtsied before heading into the kitchen to gossip about the four new girls on the grounds.
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    How interesting. The guys are evil! I think.
    haha Can't wait to see what happens next
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    Great start!
    I shall have the next chapter up soon....I hope haha
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    Just PM me if you're having any difficulties ^^
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    This is still pretty cool.
    And don't worry, Dani, you'll be great xD
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    Well, I'm waiting on Dani's update.
    But while we wait.
    Stare at this.
    And die laughing.

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    Okay guys, kinda nervous to post this….because this is my first collab story……. Sorry it’s so short……but here you guys go

    Chapter 2
    Dani’s POV:

    After the pain started to recede in my arm, I was actually able to think. I looked around, I was in a small room, and the walls were a nice shade of sky blue. What scared me the most was there were no windows, none at all. I felt trapped, and I just wanted to see Jill. I wanted to know for myself that she was okay.

    Maybe this was all a dream and I would wake up. Yeah that’s it; this is all just a horrible nightmare. I lifted my right arm and pinched my left. I let out a hopeless whimper as I felt the pain shoot up through my arm. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I was scared, I wanted to know where the hell I was, and I wanted to know for sure that Jill was okay.

    I sat up quickly; I instantly felt a rush of dizziness. I used my good arm to rub my temple; I let the dizzy spell pass before I slowly swung my feet over the edge of the bed. I looked down and noticed that I was still in the same pair of black skinny jeans I had on before, but my feet were bare, and I was wearing a guy’s t-shirt. I set my feet on the floor; it was a soft white carpet, which felt very good underneath my feet. I took a deep breath and stood up. I got dizzy yet again; but I was able to keep my balance.

    I heard the door open and the girl that I had previously given me the painkillers walked in. She had this certain bounce to her step, and she was always smiling. Well at least any time that I saw her she was smiling.

    “Dani I would strongly recommend you get back into your bed.” She pleaded.

    “No I need to see Jill; I need to know she’s alright.” I answered, trying to walk, but failing miserably at it.

    “Trust me Jill is just fine, she woke up just a few moment’s ago.” Sam was ushering me back to my bed.

    “Then why can’t I see her. Please just let me see her.” Sam sat me down on the bed, but I looked up at her, begging her to let me see my best friend.

    “I’m sorry but Mikey has told me to keep you in here, well at least until you’re fully healed.” Sam said sweetly.

    “Who the hell is Mikey?” I asked; mad that I couldn’t see Jill.

    “You’ll find out when he comes to visit you, now please just lay back down. Mikey will be here soon to check up on you.” Sam informed me; I sighed and did what I was told. Being careful not to lay down on my arm, I got back under the covers. Sam smiled at me before living the room.

    I cursed under my breath….who the hell was Mikey?
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    Don't worry, I love this. It's awesome
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    Chapter 3

    Jill’s POV

    I was escorted from my room later that night, Sam helping me along the way. I finally saw Dani, her arm bandaged up. She pulled me into a tight hug and helped me the rest of the way while Sam rounded up the other girls. There were two other girls that had been brought out of the separate rooms, one with redish blonde hair, the other with dark brown hair.

    They were both around the same height, one had her ribs wrapped tightly and the other had on a neckbrace.

    They must’ve been the girls we had crashed into, I thought to myself.

    We were lead into another small, plain room with no windows once more. There were two doors, however, and we suspected one lead outside of this facility.

    Sam closed the door behind us and locked it tightly, standing in our way of freedom. I heard a ‘click’ from the lock in the other door, and watched as four men stepped through it.

    They took a seat across from us, planting their hands firmly on the table.

    “Hello, ladies. My name is Gerard, this is my younger brother Mikey, and my best friends Ray and Frank. Now, you see, we’re the reason you’re still alive. You four were in a tremendous car accident. And well, if we didn’t pull you from the wreckage, you’d be dead by now from blood loss. We have a deal to make with you, mainly to pay for all the medical attention we gave you. Each of you will marry one of us, or, you’ll end up like Sam and the rest of the girls we have working here, unable to leave until their debts have been paid. And those are pretty hefty debts that they’ll likely never pay off. In addition to marrying us, you also must bear us at least one child. Males would be preferred so our names will live on, understand? You have two days to decide. Then we shall be back. Think it over ladies.” The man with bright red hair, who called himself Gerard, stood up first, his comrades following suit.

    They bowed, exiting the room quickly. Another ‘click’ was audible, as Sam began gathering us up.

    “Come along, girls. You may sit with each other in the dining area.” She opened the door, ushering us from the room and into the one across from that.

    Sam clapped her hands, causing two girls to appear, carrying trays of food for us.

    We sat at the same wooden table, careful to not hurt ourselves more. They set the trays down, pulling off the lids.

    Rows of steam floated up from the freshly prepared food. Everything looked gourmet, almost as though it was prepared for a rich person, not prisoners.

    I took a small nibble of what looked like chicken marsala, gasping at how good it tasted. As if a professional chef had prepared it.

    Everyone dug straight into their food, marveling at how good it tasted. We kept light conversation, trying to decide on what we were going to do.

    “Well, this seems a little awkward. My name’s Jill. And this is Dani.” I gestured towards her.

    “I’m Kelly, and this is Sade.” The girl with redish blonde hair told me. I smiled at her.

    “So, who was mentioned to you girls? Sam said Mikey was coming to see me.” Dani perked up, taking another bite from her plate.

    “Sam said something about Frank being pleased about my recovery status.” Kelly giggled, twirling some pasta around on a fork.

    “She told me that Ray was going to be happy to see me.” Sade forked some more lettuce, dipping it into the dressing.

    “Well, that leaves Gerard for you, Jilly.” Dani nudged my shoulder. I giggled.

    “Well, I mean, they’re not bad looking, but, I have someone back home.” I blushed, my boyfriend’s face becoming apparent in my head.

    “Jill, you know just as much as I do that you’d rather marry these, these, I don’t even know what to call them, that we’ll be miserable serving them. I mean, did you see the looks on the girls’ faces?” Dani asked, pointing towards the two servers who loomed in the corner of the room.

    “Girls, listen to us, please. Marry the boys. If we could go back and change our minds, we would. But we didn’t think we owed them this much. We really didn’t. Yet we can’t take our no back. Don’t make our mistake. Please.” One of them begged, her bright hazel eyes shining with tears.

    We looked at each other, sighing heavily. Sam reappeared in the room, ordering the servant girls to clean up the mess and head off to bed before she escorted us all back to our rooms.

    We knew what we had to if we didn’t want to spend the rest of our lives cooking and cleaning for these psychotic men.
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    O.O this story is amazing already.
    Might as well make me say yes. As long as the boys are nice. haha
    with our luck, probably not.
    edit: can i marry this story?
  12. This is amazing, i love this story, the plot is so interesting!
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    Chapter 3
    Dani’ POV:

    We all walked back before going back into our rooms we all hugged each other. But I gave Jill a tight squeeze, not caring if it hurt my arm.

    “Goodnight Jill,” I whispered in her ear.

    “Night Dani,” She whispered back.

    I let her go and watched as Sam helped her into her room. I let out a deep breath before going back into my room. I saw a pair of blue and black checkered, flannel sleep pants, and a small black tank top folded neatly on my bed. It’s like they knew my favorite color was blue. Weird. I slipped off my skinny jeans and pulled on the soft pajama pants. Next I pulled off my shirt, which took me longer than usual, because of my injured arm. But eventually I slipped on the tank top and I got back into the bed.
    I thought about all that’s happened today. I woke up in a strange unknown place. I met a girl that seems way too happy for her own good. I also met two other girls who seemed really cool, and I could totally see us being friends. And to put the cherry on top; I was basically being forced to marry a man, who I only know his name. Of course I didn’t have to marry him, but it was that or physical labor. And by what the girl at dinner told us……the physical labor was no picnic.

    I thought about Mikey. He actually really good looking, he had really pretty eyes. And he
    was tall, so that’s a plus. But did I like his personality…probably not; considering he was making me pick between marrying him and basically being a slave. Hopefully I’ll get to know him better before I have to choose. Another thing….maybe Mikey wasn’t the one interested in me…..all Sam said was that he wanted to see me. So maybe I didn’t even have to worry about liking Mikey. But would I want to marry any of them? Now that’s the real question here.

    I felt exhausted, and I let out a long yawn. Soon enough the exhaustion triumphed over my racing mind and I fell into a dreamless sleep.

    ***********Time Lapse to the next morning********

    I let my eyes open, hoping I would wake up in a different place than here. But I didn’t. I bit my lip, now actually thinking over the girls and mine’s situation.

    What if we never saw our families again?

    What if we never saw our other friends?

    We were prisoners here, there was no way out. There was no escaping this; we had to face this situation head on. I heard the click of the door opening and I saw Sam. Still smiling.

    “Oh the sleepwear fit, I’m glad, breakfast is being served. All the girls will be joining you.” Sam stated.

    “Okay, thanks I’ll be right out.” I muttered, Sam nodded before leaving, shutting the door behind her. I grumbled and got out from under the warm blankets. When I exited my room I saw Kelly and Sade standing outside their doors. They were both in sleepwear similar to mine, except different colors.

    “Good morning,” I smiled to them.

    “Morning,” Sade yawned, so she too had just woken up.

    “Good morning Dani,” Kelly grinned back. We saw Jill’s door open and we saw her and Sam come walking out. I took the place of Sam and helped Jill walk back into the dining room.

    We all took our seats at the table; four girls served us and walked back into the kitchen. I looked down at my plate and saw a cheese omelet. I started cut up pieces and put them in my mouth. I have to admit the food here was delicious. I looked next to me and saw Jill, poking her food with her fork but not eating anything.

    “Jill what’s wrong?” I asked putting a hand on her shoulder.

    “You’re really asking me that? We are being force to either marry a man we don’t even know. Or become those men’s slaves.” Jill sighed.

    “I was thinking about the same thing.” Kelly said looking up from her plate.

    “I know this all seems like a horrible situation, but let’s try to make the best of it.” Sade said trying to reassure Jill and Kelly.

    “How? It’s like we’re stuck in a prison.” Kelly sighed.

    “Think about it….at least we’re not dead right? Those boys saved our lives…..its only right we pay them back somehow.” I said, and Kelly grinned a little.

    “I guess you’re right,” Kelly nodded.

    “And Jill I know it’s hard to think about considering you have someone special back home…….but we all know what we have to do; that is if we don’t want to end up being slaves.” Sade stated; Jill looked at me then at Kelly and Sade.

    “I know what we have to do……I’m just not sure that I like it… all.” Jill said finally putting some food into her mouth.
  14. Oh amazing. I'm really torn between the two, marry them? Or be slaves?
    I don't see my favourite alternative there, poor girls.

    Amazing update, another soon I hope?
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    This is really good. You're doing a great job Dani xD
    More soon I hope?
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    Chapter 5

    Jill’s POV

    Sam had taken us all up to the grand house in which the boys lived in, after we had been dressed and cleaned up.

    It was a very large house, with plenty of land surrounding it. Girls of all ages were mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, washing windows, sweeping the deck, cleaning the pool, and even repainting the house.

    I looked over at Dani, giving her a look that said ‘We can’t say no.’

    A young girl, maybe about seventeen, opened the door for us, bringing us from the bright sunshine into another dimly lit place.

    The entry hallway had a tall ceiling, with a chandelier hanging above us, glowing slightly.

    There were two grand spiral staircases that lead to the second floor, and currently, two girls were sweeping them.

    The men appeared at the top, leaning on the railing slightly.

    “Ah girls, I’m so glad you could make it.” Gerard clapped his hands, watching the two girls sweep quicker before disappearing. They made their way down the stairs, coming over to us to grasp our hands.

    “Would you like a tour first? Or do you girls know what you are going to say to our proposition?” Frank asked, taking ahold of Kelly’s hand in his.

    “May we take a tour first?” Sade asked politely. The men nodded, taking ahold of our arms and leading us through the house.

    There were more rooms in this house then we would know what to do with. Yet most where on the lower level and belonged to the girls who worked here.

    We were each given a tour of the room we’d be moved to if we decided to marry these men. They were large bed chambers, very spacious and barely furnished. Each was color coordinated to match the liking of the man that slept within them.

    Gerard led us down into the basement area to show us where half of the girls slept. It was a dimly lit area, with large washing machines in one corner, and over three dozen cots lining the floor. Girls were in the process of stacking the cots and starting the washing machines with large loads.

    I put my hand to my mouth, gasping. There was no way I wanted to live like the servant girls.

    It didn’t matter where they lived, because no place was better than the other. They all received two uniforms, and one set of pajama like clothes, and a small cot to sleep upon.

    “So girls, are you ready to give us your answers?” Mikey asked, reaching into his pocket.

    They all did the same, producing diamond rings from within. I grabbed onto Dani’s hand for support, unable to decide upon what I wanted to do.

    We all looked back and forth to each other, biting our lips till they bled.

    “I do.” Kelly blurted out, watching Frank slip the ring onto her finger.

    “I will.” Dani followed suit, receiving a ring from Mikey.

    “Of course.” Sade held out her hand, as Ray slipped the ring on.

    I bit my lip a little while longer. I had someone outside of this place, and he was my heart. Either way, I wasn’t going to see him ever again.

    “I do.” I finally managed to shove out, receiving the ring from Gerard.

    “Splendid. We’ve finally saved four girls willing to marry us.” Gerard clapped his hands together. “A celebration dinner is in order.”

    Frank clapped his hands a couple times, and four girls appeared, bowing. “Alert the chefs. We would like a feast for eight prepared tonight.”

    They curtsied and took off, while four other girls appeared.

    “Take these girls upstairs to the dressing rooms, have them cleaned up and dressed properly for tonight.” Mikey ordered. The girls nodded, leading us up the stairs quickly.

    There was no way we were going to get used to all this attention quickly.
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    O.O I'm excited to see what is going to happen.
    Wow I love this so much. xD
    All your stories are so unique
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    Chapter 6
    Dani’s POV:

    We were all led upstairs to the dressing rooms. When we got there we were shocked, the room was absolutely stunning. There were four large dressing areas, and four dresses were laid neatly down across the white sitting area. The walls were a white and gold elegant print, the carpet was the same soft, white carpet that was in my old bedroom. A gold chandelier hung in the center of the room, making the gold color on the wall sparkle.

    I heard Jill gasp, along with Kelly and me.

    “Oh my God,” Sade was the only one to speak. The four girls that led us up here giggled; probably because our faces were in a permanent state of shock.

    “Excuse me girls, we need to get you all cleaned up and ready for tonight.” One of them said taking us back to reality. A reality where we were getting ready for a celebration dinner. A celebration of our proposal’s, proposal’s to men we hardly knew. Jill gave me a sideways glance, I could tell she was nervous…..hell we all were. I gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. We were all led into a separate room by one of the girls.

    I looked behind my shoulder one last time, before the maid shut the door behind her, I saw Sade. She looked at me and winked, and symbol of telling me everything was going to be fine. I smiled back to her before the maid shut the door.

    I glanced around the room; an elegant bathtub was in the middle of the room, and a large white vanity at the opposite corner. The girl went over to the bath tub and pour in some scented bath rocks and then she started the water.

    “What’s your name?” I asked. She looked at me with confusion, “Am I not allowed to ask that?”

    “No, no, dear its fine….it’s just I haven’t been asked my name in a long time…’s Kaycee.” She smiled sweetly.

    “How long have you been here?” I asked.

    “For about two years; you girl’s were very smart to accept the boy’s proposal’s, I wish I would’ve.” Kaycee whispered the last part, almost where I couldn’t hear her.

    “I’m sorry,” I didn’t know what else to say to her.

    “It’s not your fault dear; okay I’m going to leave for a few moments to allow you to bathe. Holler when you’re done.” Kaycee smiled and turned off the water.

    “Okay; thanks Kaycee,” I said.

    “You’re welcome,” She said and walked out of the room.

    I walked over to the bath tub; I stripped of all my clothes, and got into the warm water. I was surprised when it was the perfect temperature. I sighed; I dunked my head under the water, and then came back up. I pulled out my left arm and looked at the diamond ring; it sparkled when in the sunlight. It was a very pretty ring, maybe Mikey isn’t as bad as I think he is. Maybe the boy’s are just lonely, maybe they just want a companion, I mean didn’t we all?

    The bath water smelt of lavender and vanilla, I splashed some water on my face, I was trying to get a grip on reality. Mikey seemed nice enough, maybe everything would work out for the best. And I will always have Jill; at least she isn’t going anywhere. About ten minutes later the water started to get cold, so I got out and wrapped a towel around my body.

    “Kaycee, I’m out,” I yelled and surely enough Kaycee came through the door. She smiled and drained the water.

    “That bath salt sure does smell lovely on you,” She complimented.

    “Thanks,” I smiled back.

    “Dani may you please have a seat at the vanity? We need to get your hair and makeup done.” Kaycee grinned.

    “Alright,” I sat down on the cushion chair, Kaycee started to brush out my hair.

    An hour and a half later, some of my hair was up and some of fell to the side’s of my face in curls. And my makeup was applied; Kaycee did wonders to my eyes, making them really stick out.

    “Okay let’s go out and see what your friends look like,” Kaycee giggle, I stood up and we walked outside the bathing room. In the main room I saw Kelly. All of her redish blonde was flat, and she looked absolutely stunning.

    “You look gorgeous Kelly,” I smiled at her.

    “So do you,” She grinned back.

    Next to come out was Jill, my mouth dropped a little. She looked amazing….and she wasn’t even in her dress yet. Her hair fell past her shoulders in an abundance of light curls. Her makeup was done perfectly, Gerard will be very pleased.

    “Wow Jill,” Was all I said. Jill giggled.

    “Both you girls look amazing,” She said back. Finally Sade came out; man these girls were excellent with doing makeovers.

    Her dark brown hair was up like mine, with tendrils of curls. Her makeup really bringing out her cheekbones and eyes. We all complimented each other. Then the maids handed us our dresses. They were all black, but all of them were a different style. They also handed us our shoes, all being high heels. They ushered us into dressing rooms. We all laughed and did as we were told.

    I pulled my dress on, it was very pretty. It was low cut and went to my lower thigh. The neck line was decorated with silver jewels, and it went down just below the end on the neckline. It showed off my curves perfectly, but it also hid any parts of my body I didn’t want being amplified. I slipped on my black high heels also decorated with silver jewels.

    I walked out to the main room and saw Jill, I loved her dress. It was strapless, the top being mixed of purple and black, and it fell elegantly to her knees. A ribbon with a bow strapped around her waist showing all her curves. Her shoes a dark purple to match the purple on her dress.

    “You look fucking amazing,” I breathed.

    “So do you,” She giggled, I ran over to her and hugged her tightly.

    Sade walked out next, her dress was so gorgeous. It had see-through lace, and white silk underneath it. A wide solid, black, silk ribbon hugged her waist. It stopped just above her knees. She was wearing black and white heels. The dress hugged all the right curves, making Sade look so beautiful.

    “Amazing,” Jill laughed. I nodded my head in agreement.

    “Thanks guys,” She blushed.

    Kelly was the last to appear. Her dress was stunning. It had a thin layer of black lace on top, and a bright blue silk underneath that. The dress stopped just below her knees. Her waist had a black flower lace covering it. Her shoes were the same bright blue as her dress. The dress really showed her amazing figure.

    “Wow,” Sade, Jill, and I said at the same time.

    “Thanks guys,” Kelly laughed.

    Sam poked her head in, “Ah you girls are ready, fantastic, the boys are waiting for you downstairs.”

    We all took a deep breath, and walked out of the room. Thanking the girls who helped makeover all of us.

    Hey guys here are the dresses if you are interested

    Dani's :

    (Jill your's is number two)



    Hope you girl's like your dresses :)
  19. MyChemicalJill

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    I really liked the update. Good job hun.:) I'll begin typing the next one now, and I love your choices in dresses. Very well done. ^^
  20. GlowMidnight

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    <3 Loved the update. And the dresses are gorgeous

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