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    ANOTHER awkward chapter to write...

    Chapter 14

    Catt’s POV

    I was beyond disgusted with Jill. She hooked up with Frank after walking in and seeing Mikey and me kissing. Oh well, cry me a river, bitch.

    Mikey had practically stormed out of the house, hot tears streaming down his face.

    I grabbed ahold of his arm and pulled him into a tight hug, feeling his tears soak the shoulder of my shirt.

    “Mikey, she wasn’t good enough for you if she’s gonna go fuck someone else after one little misunderstanding. I’d never do that to you. You’re too sweet to hurt. She’s obviously a heartless bitch if she doesn’t care that she also hurt me by fucking my boyfriend. I’m here for you Mikey, I really am.” I cooed in his ear as he cried. He looked up, his eyes red and puffy.

    “Really Catt?” He asked, his eyes beginning to glow.

    “Yes really Mikey. I could never hurt you and not want to kill myself for it.” I promised pulling him into a tighter hug. He stepped back slightly, leaning down, crushing his lips against mine.

    I deepened the kiss, bringing him down to practically my height. His hands wandered up my shirt, feeling my breasts gently, his fingers twirling around my nipples.

    “Ah, ah, ah.” I smacked his hands away. “Not here.”

    He sighed, then perked up again, a bulge forming in his pants. Quickly he pulled me to his SUV, opening the back door and sliding me in.

    I laughed at how horny he was as he pulled the door shut behind him, attacking my lips again. I ran my fingers through his hair as he nibbled on my neck slightly.

    He managed to slip my skirt off while I worked on his belt. He shook he ass, causing he pants to fall off. I pulled my shirt over my head, and he unclasped my bra, attaching his lips to mine once again. After grabbing a condom from the glove box and slipping it on, he was ready to go.

    He slowly entered, causing me to dig my nails into his back. He started off slow and began pumping faster, causing me to buck my hips against his.

    “You’re beautiful, Catt.” He moaned in my ear. I lurched forward, biting his neck and sucking on the skin to keep myself from screaming.

    He pulled out, exhausted and tossed the used condom outside, watching it land in a neighbor’s trashcan.

    He found a blanket in the back of the car and pulled it over both of us, allowing me to snuggle closely against him. He kissed my forehead, and we listening to the sound of the rain as it fell against the car, lulling us into a deep slumber.

    Jill’s POV

    I laid in Frank’s bed, replaying the nights events over and over in my head, my head resting gently against Frank’s exposed chest. He’d given me a pair of boxers and a tank top to slip into so I wasn’t flashing anyone who came into the room other than him.

    He stroked my hair, telling me that Mikey wasn’t good enough for me, and that he could please me more than any man could.

    I believed him, my arms remaining wrapped around his neck through the night, a sense of security falling over me.

    His voice was so sweet and innocent; it helped to lull me into a sleep as he hummed a melody unfamiliar to my ears.
    A/N: No, Catt and Mikey are not together. Will they get together? Maybe. Are Frank and Jill going to get together? It's undoubtable.
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    I have a question. Is the me in the story going to flip? 'Cause she should. XD All I can say is YOUGUYSAREABUNCHOFHORNYsl*tS!!WHATTHEFUCK??? But, I still less than three you. <3
    Update soon!!!!
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    Sade, you're gonna flip.

    Chapter 15

    Jill’s POV

    The sun peaked through the curtains in Frank’s room, and I opened my eyes to glance at the alarm clock. Eight on a Saturday? Fuck that I wasn’t getting up.

    Frank snored lightly next to me, and I repositioned myself so I’d be taking the heat he was producing.

    Some practically kicked Frank’s door open, causing him to bolt awake, sitting straight up.

    “FRANK! HAVE YOU SEEN MIKEY, CATT, AND JILL!?” I heard Gerard’s panicked voice asked. Sleepily, I raised my head. “WHOA! WHAT!?”

    My face flushed crimson red.

    “JILL YOU GET YOUR ASS OUT OF FRANK’S BED THIS INSTANT!” I heard Sade’s voice command.

    “She doesn’t have to leave if she doesn’t want to. She and I are together now.” Frank pulled me close to his body, and I could feel his morning erection through the thin material of his boxers.

    “WHAT!?! SINCE WHEN ARE YOU WITH JILL!??!” Gerard demanded to know, Sam’s face appearing over his shoulder.

    “Since last night when Catt cheated on me with Mikey. Check his car, it didn’t leave where he parked it. I’m sure they’re in there.” Frank shooed them from his room.

    “Jill, when you decide to pick up what’s left of your dignity, come to my house. We’re having a LONG talk about what’s happened. Girls only.” Sade growled, leaving the room.

    “Great, so now my friends hate me.” I sighed, leaning back into Frank’s chest.

    “They don’t hate you. They just don’t know what to do with you and Catt.” He nuzzled his face into my neck.

    “So…what you said to Gerard…we’re together?” I questioned, leaning my head back against his shoulder.

    “Only if you want to be.” He smiled, showing me each of his perfect teeth.

    “Mmm, of course I do.”

    “Then we’re together babe.”

    Catt’s POV

    I heard a loud banging on the car window and opened my eyes to see Sade staring in at me, her eyes furious.

    Gerard yanked the door open, nearly causing Mikey to fall off the seat.

    “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO AS WELL!? GOD JUST BECAUSE OF ONE LITTLE MISTAKE JILL GOES AND FUCKS FRANK, AND CATT COMES IN HERE AND FUCK MIKEY! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO!?” Sade screamed at the top of her lungs. “Pick up what’s left of your decency and head over to my house. Girls only. We’re going to discuss this.”

    With that, she stormed away, Sam on her heels. Mikey sighed and helped me dress, kissing me every so often.

    I saw Frank’s car speed from his driveway, Jill’s skanky body in the passenger seat. Mikey laughed as I flipped them the bird as they passed, dropping me into the passenger seat.

    Sade’s house came into view, and I saw Jill and Frank making out on the hood of his car before she slipped into the house and he sped away.

    “Now don’t kick Frank’s ass while I’m gone.” I laughed, kissing him before heading inside.
    Wow Sade... thanks for ruining a moment there *-_-
    Lol jk I <3 you
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    Ahahaha! I'm like the mom. XDD Seriousl though WTF you guys?? What. The. Fuck?
    Update soon!!!!
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    Everyone in this story is a wh**e too!
    Well Frank and Jill do seem good together, at least.
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    happy chapter ^^


    Chapter 16

    Sade’s POV

    I waited patiently with Sam, anger boiling inside of me. Those two were going to get an earful before they left, seeing as in the matter of not even an hour, they swapped boyfriends, and fucked their new guys without a sense of guilt.

    Jill was the first to arrive, a sly look playing itself across her face as she waved goodbye to Frank. She blew him a kiss goodbye, and shut the door in Catt’s face, another look creeping across her face.

    “Open the door, now.” I demanded, and she sighed, opening the door to a very angry Catt.

    “Sorry, sl*ts can’t get passed the doorframe.” She spat at Catt.

    “Obviously they can if you’re already in here.” Catt shot back, pushing passed Jill.

    “ENOUGH!” I snapped, grabbing Catt by her earring and Jill by her lip ring.

    “LET GO!” Catt screamed, trying to keep herself from moving. I dragged them both into the basement and had Sam stand in front of the door so they had no chance to escape.

    “WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU BOTH!? Jill, you walked in on Catt and Mikey kissing, so you freak out and storm out, Frank follows you and you decide, ‘hey I’m just gonna fuck you to get back at Catt.’ Is that it? Or do you actually care about Frank? And same goes to you Catt. Why’d you kiss Mikey in the first place, huh? Is that why you were so angry at Mikey in the hospital? Because he chose Jill to be with over you? So you figure when you saw he was alone, you’d pounce on him, knowing full well that Jill would come looking for Mikey and see you two together, and then you’d fake hurt when you saw Jill curled in bed with Frank, their clothes strewn around the room? And then knowing that Mikey was going to be sobbing afterward, you shoved your tits in his face, and fuck him in his own car? I’m disappointed in you both, to be honest. I thought you both were better than that.” I folded my arms, taking in a large breath of air.

    “Sade, I left the house because I was angry at both Catt and Mikey. Frank followed. I told him what she did, he was upset, he kissed me, and it lead to something else. It’s not the first time something like this has happened; might I remind you about the whole Matt situation? You did the same thing, but it was going from Matt to Bob after you caught Matt in bed with your sister. Bob held his arms open for you, you cried for a little bit, he kissed you once, and now look at you two. So I know you are not chastising me for what I did. Or Catt for that matter.” Jill shot back at me, folding her arms tightly across her chest.

    “Or Sam! Your incident with Sean. He fucked Alicia, and now look? You and Gerard are inseparable. So I don’t see how what me and Jilly did was so wrong.” Jill winced slightly when Catt called her Jilly. That meant that Catt was already starting to forgive her.

    Sam shook her head, unable to say a word. I thought about it for a minute, knowing we had all been in a similar situation.

    I sighed loudly. “Look, girls, I’m not saying that Jill should crawl back to Mikey, or Catt should give Frank an apologetic blow job, but please, stop fighting with one another, or shit’s gonna get awkward.”

    Jill and Catt looked at each other and quickly embraced each other in a tight hug.

    “I’m sorry I called you a sl*t, Catt.” Jill said, pulling away from the hug.

    “I’m sorry for kissing Mikey and starting this whole thing.” Catt apologized and they pulled each other into another tight embrace.

    “See? Was that so hard?” Sam laughed, coming down to join in on the hug.

    “I think we need to have a party to celebrate, yes?” I suggested. “We have the house to ourselves until Monday night. Sleepover tonight with the guys? Maybe play a few rounds of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and Truth or Dare?”

    Jill arched her eyebrows at the thought before pulling out her phone to call Frank. Catt texted Mikey, while Sam called Gerard, and I got ahold of Bob. They were all up for it, seeing as it was four girls willing to drink, and take off their clothes for a game.

    Tonight, yeah, it was going to be fun.
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    Awww they made up. :D Now we all get drunk and naked? o_O Ahahaha!
    Update soon!!
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    Orgy time!
    just kidding...maybe
  9. -.- no. i hate you jill
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    I love you too Catt.
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    LONG chapter time. It's really funny too.

    Chapter 17

    Sade’s POV

    Jill, Sam, and Catt helped me set everything up, and quickly raced to their respective houses to grab pajamas, extra clothes, pillows, and more blankets.

    I popped a couple bags of popcorn and shoved three cases of pop into the fridge that was down there. The girls showed back up quickly, completely changed into their pajamas.

    I led them down the stairs and they set up their stuff on the floor, spreading out the blankets to make a mattress like surface. I brought my iHome downstairs, and we plugged in Jill’s iPod , instantly hearing some hardcore band.

    We started hardcore dancing in the basement and stopped as soon as we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. We practically froze in the middle of the room, the boys giving us quizzical looks.

    All of us fell to the floor in a fit of laughter, the guys tossing their stuff down and scooping us up in their arms.

    “Wait, you boys are in normal clothes!” Catt growled. “Change.”

    “In front of you girls?” Frank questioned, scanning over each of us.

    “The pants. Lose ‘em. All four of you. Now.” Jill demanded.

    The guys began unbuckling their jeans and pulling them off, before pulling on their flannel pajama bottoms.

    “Shirts. Off. Now.” I commanded, watching them pull their shirts off over their heads.

    We all marveled at the sights in front of us. Each of the boys had taken off their shirts and we stared at their chests like little fan girls.

    “Pajama shirts, now.” Sam demanded. They pulled on their pajama shorts and laid their stuff out on the floor.

    Bob produced a bottle of clear liquid from his bag, and Frank pulled out a bottle of tequila. Mikey and Gerard had hidden a bottle of peach schnapps and some Captain Morgan in their bags. Catt pulled shot glasses out of hers and we began filling them with the liquid, passing them to everyone.

    “TO A KICKASS NIGHT!” We toasted, shooting the bitter liquid back.

    “Alright, first game. Never have I ever. Here, fill up the shot glasses with vodka first.” Jill suggested, pouring the clear liquid into hers. “We’ll alternate what goes in our glasses after every turn. Alright, never have I ever had a wet dream about my teacher.”

    I saw three people drink their shots and I nearly pissed myself laughing. Frank rolled his eyes, refilling his glass.

    Mikey was up next. “Never have I ever purposely pulled off a girls bikini top.”

    Frank, Jill, and Bob drank.

    “WHAT!” I questioned, sending a quizzical look at Jill.

    “Yeah, my own, duh. I was trying to prove they were real.” She giggled, refilling her glass.

    I nearly slammed my face into the ground from laughing at her.

    “Never have I ever smoked in front of my parents.” No one took a shot that time. This went on for about an hour till we had drained the vodka bottle dry.

    Jill was tipsy, Mikey was buzzed, I felt a slight buzz, Frank was practically drunk, Sam was feeling something, as were Bob, Gerard, and Catt.

    “Alright, truth or dare time!” Catt announced.

    “How about spin the bottle instead?” Jill suggested, arching her eyebrows.

    Everyone seemed more into that game, and they quickly cleared a bare spot on the floor so the bottle will spin easier.

    “Alright, rules are simple. You spin the bottle, kiss whoever it lands on. Refuse to kiss the person, and you have to remove a piece of clothing.” I explained. Everyone nodded and I took the first spin. Luckily, it landed on Bob and I gave him a nice deep kiss.

    Jill spun it next and it landed on Catt.

    “DUDE YES!” Frank exclaimed watching as they leaned forward, pressing their lips together.

    Catt giggled and spun, and it landed on Jill. Mikey’s eyes grew wide when he saw them lean forward and kiss each other on the lips before Mikey took hold of the bottle to spin it.. It landed on Frank.

    Mikey pulled his shirt off and Jill helped Frank out of his. Frank spun next, landing on
    Gerard. Gerard shrugged, leaning forward to kiss Frank.

    “I think I’m wet now. Thanks boys.” Jill laughed, falling backwards.

    “Oh you like that, do you?” Frank slurred drunkenly, falling onto of her, kissing her neck.

    “NOT DOWN HERE YOU TWO!” Bob exclaimed, tossing a pillow at him.

    “Later.” I heard Jill whisper. Sighing, I watched Sam take ahold of the bottle and spin it.

    It landed on Jill.

    “Oooh lucky me.” She giggled, leaning forward to peck Jill on the lips.

    Jill leaned back, arching her eyebrows sexually.

    Gerard spun the bottle and it landed on Mikey.

    “Nope, not kissing my brother.” Mikey stated, pulling his pajama bottoms off.

    “Got a little problem there, Mikes?” Frank stated, pointing towards his crotch. Mikey blushed, pulling his pillow over his lap.

    “Sorry, watching girls kiss girls is just soo hot.” He exclaimed.

    Jill and Catt looked devilishly at each other before grabbing the bottle of tequila and taking three or four shots from it. Now they were really tipsy, falling all over each other.

    “Hey Mikey, Frank, check this out.” Jill slurred, pinning Catt against the floor, crushing her lips to Catt’s. I watched Frank immediately pull his pillow over his crotch and Mikey groan in pain. Sam and I looked at each other and did the same thing as those two, watching Gerard and Bob nearly burst.

    Frank picked Jill up off of Catt and pulled her into the bathroom. Catt snickered, laying her head in Mikey’s lap. I heard moans coming from the bathroom, which I assumed were Frank’s. I giggled, getting up off of Sam and helping her sit up.

    “So, Sade, um…” I heard Bob say. Giggling, I pulled him up the stairs and into my room, locking the door behind us.

    Catt’s POV

    Sade and Bob had gone upstairs together, Frank and Jill were still in the bathroom, loud moans echoing in there, and Sam and Gerard were on the couch, a blanket pulled over both of them. I slipped my hand into Mikey’s boxers and began rubbing his hard erection, feeling him crush his lips to mine to avoid any moans escaping.

    The door to the basement opened, and we heard feet coming down so I pulled my hand out, now wet and sticky. I quickly licked it off, before placing my hand back in my lap. Sade’s hair stuck up in so many places and Bob looked very satisfied.

    She threw a pillow at Sam and Gerard who peaked their heads up, grinning.

    Jill and Frank finally came out of the bathroom, sweaty pouring off of both of them.

    “Have fun, Frank?” Sade snickered. Frank grinned, satisfied before pulling Jill onto his lap.

    “I think it’s time for a little strip poker.” Jill grinned, producing a deck of cards from her bag.

    -Time Elapse ; Two Hours-

    Jill had obviously lost the game, having lost nearly all her clothes in the process. She laid curled up next to Frank who had her bra on, pretending he had the boobies to fill it. She had put her tank top back on to cover herself while we all laughed at a drunken Frank.

    Yawning, I turned to look at Mikey, who was practically asleep. It was around five in the morning, and everyone seemed to be falling asleep. I fluffed up my pillow and pulled Mikey’s next to it. I laid my head down, feeling him tuck my blanket around me before pulling his own blanket over us and pulling me close to him.

    Jill had convinced Frank to lay down, and he had done the same with Jill, tucking her close to him. Sam and Gerard laid curled up under two blankets, spooning with each other, while Sade and Bob shared on blanket and pillow combination.

    I saw a small sliver of the sun, peaking up over the horizons before I passed out cold in Mikey’s arms.
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    Ohhh yes! ;D Hiliarious and hot.
    Update soon!!
  13. No words to describe how I'm feeling right now..
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    Woah I missed like four chapters!
    Very hot indeed :)
    Anxious for more
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    Chapter 18

    Third Person’s POV

    It was late in the afternoon by the time the teens managed to pull themselves out of their sleep. Jill and Frank awoke with massive hangovers, their heads pounding violently.

    Sade and Sam took that as an opportunity to mess with them, sneaking over towards the iHome. Sade selected a song by Suicide Silence called Unanswered and they turned it up full volume, quickly covering their ears.

    The music screeched through the speakers, sending Frank and Jill diving under their pillows, clutching their heads tightly.

    “TURN IT OFF!” Jill screamed, a pillow clutched tightly over her ears. Sade and Sam snickered, watching them roll around in pain. “SERIOUSLY TURN IT OFF! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!”

    They snickered for a few minutes more before silencing the music. Death glares shot from Jill’s eyes, causing them to fall to the floor in a fit of laughter.

    Bob and Gerard came back down the stairs, holding trays filled with coffee, shooting them quizzical looks.

    “We turned on Suicide Silence and those two were practically rolling in pain. You should’ve seen them.” Sade gasped, falling backward to laugh some more.

    Catt and Mikey still snoozed on the floor, snoring slightly.

    Bob and Gerard shared a look between them before setting the coffee down and heading back up the stairs. They reappeared, carrying two buckets filled to the brim with ice water.

    Jill and Frank helped move everyone’s stuff out of the way, and in a simple act of kindness, moved their phones as well.

    “One….two….three!” Gerard counted, dumping his bucket over Catt, while Bob spilled his onto Mikey. Those two shot straight up, shivering violently.

    “Fffffffffuck yyyyyyou asssssshhholes.” Catt’s teeth chattered wildly as she tried to warm herself up. Mikey helped her up, pulling her into the bathroom. They heard the shower start, and a few moans.

    Frank and Jill rolled their eyes, sipping from their coffees. Sade and Bob sat on the couch, Wii controllers in their hands as they faced off in Wii bowling. Sam rested her head on Gerard’s shoulder while he rubbed hers, kissing her neck every so often.

    Catt and Mikey reappeared, in dry clothing, their hair dripping onto their shoulders.

    “You guys are assholes.” Catt spat, snatching up her coffee.

    “Hey, they turned on loud music for me and Jill. And we have hangovers like no tomorrow.” Frank laughed, pulling Jill up from the floor.

    “Where are you two going?” Sade asked.

    “Shower time. A mixture of a cold and hot shower can help get rid of our hangovers.”

    Frank explained, shutting the door behind them. They heard it lock, and the shower begin running.

    “Must they shower together?” Sade giggled.

    “You know the old phrase, save water, shower together.” Bob laughed, kissing her lips.

    Sam and Gerard shared a laugh at that, while Catt turned on some music to block out Jill and Frank.

    “So what are we going to do now? Winter break starts Friday. I say we take a vacation!” Mikey suggested, pulling Catt onto his lap.

    “Where would we go? There are no nice places to vacation in Jersey.” Bob called over his shoulder, obviously being defeated by Sade.

    “Let’s go to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos!” He suggested. “My family has a time share there. It’s only good in the winter time. We could snowmobile, snow tube at Alpine Mountain, and a lot of other stuff. Come on guys! I’ll ask my parents. I’m sure they won’t mind seeing as they weren’t planning on going this year.”

    Frank and Jill reappeared, fully clothed and clean, sighing happily.

    “My hangover’s basically gone.” She sighed, rubbing her temples slightly.

    “We’re going on vacation!” Exclaimed Catt, bouncing out of Mikey’s lap.

    “What?” Frank asked, slightly confused.

    “My parents have a timeshare at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. We can be there the entire break, and spend Christmas there, too!” Mikey explained to them. Smiles crept across their faces.

    “We’re in.” They nodded.
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    haha that was funny.
    sounds like they had a little too much fun.
    Edit: to the update before this one
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    Fuck yeah! VACATION TIME!! Hahaha!
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    First night in the Hotel :D


    Chapter 19

    Jill’s POV

    Mikey’s parents had agreed to give us the timeshare for Winter Break and we were all super stoked. We quickly bought Christmas presents for each other, seeing as we’d be spending Christmas in a nice condo up there.

    I spent nearly four hundred dollars on Christmas presents for them, and made sure that they were all wrapped nicely. I dug around in my basement to find a suitable suitcase to hold two weeks of clothing.

    I found one, but it wasn’t big enough for two weeks of clothing, unless I packed everything really tightly, so I settled for that one and a duffle bag.

    Frank laughed as he watched me pack my bags, groaning when I couldn’t zip my duffle shut.

    “Shut up.” I laughed. “Or I won’t go swimming with you guys.”

    I picked up my bikini from my large bag, threatening to put it back in my dresser. He grabbed it out of my hands and tossed it back into my bag, zipping it shut. I kissed him lightly, going into my closet to grab the presents.

    “Wanna help me take these out of the car?” I asked. We were taking his Prius, and carpooling with Sade and Bob, while Mikey, Gerard, Sam, and Catt were taking Mikey’s SUV. He nodded, picking up a stack of presents and setting them in the trunk of the car, next to the others.

    We piled the luggage on the other side of his trunk, unable to get a couple of the smaller bags in. They rested on the floor in the backseat. Sade and Bob climbed into the backseat, while I hoped into the passenger seat.

    “Ready?” Frank called over his shoulder. We all nodded, as I slipped a mix CD into the player, listening to the beat of the bass drum start our road trip. We saw Mikey’s SUV in front of us, and followed them the entire way, stopping once for gas and food.

    I munched on a couple fries, feeding Frank every so often. Bob and Sade fell asleep in the back, until we saw the grand hotel come into view, pieces of its indoor waterpark visible from the road.

    I shook them both awake, watching them rub the sleep from their eyes. It wasn’t a long drive but they were obviously still tired. We pulled our cars close to the lobby while Mikey ran inside to check us in. He returned with eight key cards, and a map pointing us towards our condo.

    Our condo was called the Great Frontier, and it had four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, and all the comforts we’d need. Frank and I took the bedroom upstairs, and began unpacking for the long stay ahead of us. Sade and Bob, being the last to enter the room, received the room closest to the deck.

    Sam and Gerard chose the room with two queen beds, and Catt and Mikey chose the room with the bunk beds for some reason.

    This condo was built to hold sixteen people, yet we only needed half that space. Once everyone had unpacked, we decided to head down to the pool. I quickly changed into my black bikini, and pulled my hair back into a ponytail before slipping on my flip flops and heading down the stairs.

    Sade stood there in her leopard print bikini, clutching her red beach towel while Catt pulled her hair back into a ponytail, standing in her sleek red one piece. Sam stepped out of the bathroom sporting a lightening blue one piece, her hair also pulled back.

    The boys were waiting in the kitchen, sipping some of the free bottled water that was in the fridge, their eyes going wide when they saw us standing there.

    “Can we go?” I asked, slipping my hand into Frank’s. They nodded and we followed a tunnel like structure for a good ten minutes before we reached the waterpark.

    It had waterslides everywhere, a main pool, and a couple hot tubs. We decided to hit the water slides first, opting for the Howling Tornado. First, we stopped by the lockers and locked our stuff inside one of them, safely tucking the key in Mikey’s zipper pocket in his swim trunks.

    We split into two groups because the tubes only held four people each, and we had Sade and Bob in our group. I hopped into the tube, placing my feet in the middle like they directed, keeping my butt off the slide.

    “I recommend holding your bottoms off of the slide, or you’ll have a massive wedgie by the time you get off.” The lifeguard warned us. We laughed as he pushed us into the dark tunnel, my hand gripping Frank’s instantly.

    I heard Sade scream, and I joined in, until we were in the main bowl, coasting up and down the sides of the wall, laughing and giggling as water splashed on us. We dipped into another dark tunnel, screaming again until we emerged at the bottom in another pool, slipping into the luke warm water, laughing.

    We waited at the side of the pool for our other group, hearing Sam and Catt screaming from the top of their lungs. Sade and I were cracking up when they emerged, their faces red and soaked with water.

    “What’s next?” Catt asked, hopping off the tube.

    We hit every slide we could, including the racing ones where we all went at once to see who was fastest. It was a tie between Catt and me.

    Tired, soaked, and ready to collapse, we headed back to the room, exhausted from our day.

    I nearly collapsed onto the bed after changing into a tank top and pajama shorts, Frank crawling into bed next to me, his bare chest exposed.

    “This was such a good idea. I don’t think we’ve ever had so much fun in one day! And I know Sam got some good pictures on her camera. It was a good idea getting a waterproof case for it so we could still take pictures.” I grinned, kissing his nose.

    “Yeah, she got some really funny shots. Let’s go downstairs to eat, ‘kay?” He picked me up and carried me down the stairs.

    Catt had ordered Chinese food and was waiting with a fifty in her hand, tapping her foot.

    I helped Sam pull out dishes and set the table which was only supposed to seat six, but we managed to squeeze two more chairs in.

    Someone knocked on our door and we quickly bolted to it, snatching the food out of his hands. The total was forty-three dollars, and we handed him the fifty, telling him to keep the change before passing the food out on the table.

    We munched on the food, our bellies gurgling with satisfaction.

    “I think we should rent a movie to complete this night!” Catt suggested, looking through the available movies on the selection screen. We decided on Dude, Where’s My Car, to end our first night here.

    Comments? Oh, if you wanna see where we're staying, clicky this link :D
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    Catt's : SEXY RED ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT - Clothing & Accessories Swimwear
    Sorry if you girls don't like 'em D:
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    I'm not much of an animal print person, but I like it JillJill. ;D Ahaha I loved the chapter. Why do I feel soon to be drama? -.-
    Update soon!!
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    Wow great chapter! Sounds like they are having a blast....I'm jealous haha :)
    Can't wait for more

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