I'll Be Okay If I'm With You [Frerard]

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    thats just wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Gee! have you been a bad boy?
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    HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAYGREETING!!! :birthday::clap::taz:Hope you had a wonderful day!!

    And back to the teaser you put out, I just wanna say: YOU ROCK and just :rockon: HA HA! And update soon, please? :D:lol:
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    Guys, please don't get too off topic. You can send birthday wishes via PM or something. :)
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    Tear stains


    Gerard's P.O.V

    *2 months later*

    What the hell have I done. It was a mistake. I didn't mean to fuck him. Frankie. Oh my god Frankie. I broke down in tears in the bus toilet. I'd have to tell him. I wouldn't be able to keep it from him. I felt the salty bitter tears go down my face. Oh how I wish right now I was 6ft under.

    I heard the rest of the band clamber into the bus, after visiting Mcdonalds. I quitened down my sobs and nded ip biting my fist, which led into me bleeding because my teeth had pierced the skin. John was only a cheap fuck...me and Frankie just haven't been 'fucking' lately. It didn't even feel like love making any more it was just a pure meaningless fuck. I'd been clean for 6 months now and I was doing great but I'm not gonna tell you it was easy, god no it was hard. I had to fight the addiction everyday some were worse then others.

    I swirled the metallic flavour around my muth and swallowed it gingerly. I didn't have a probelem with blood but right now I already felt bad enough.
    "Heyy Gee you in the bathroom...I happen to need a piss." I smiled at Ray's immaturity. I should make him wait till the last minute. I might be able to clean myself up a bit then. I calmed myself down to the point where I couldn't cry anymore. I looked in the mirror and ran the water, then splashed it on my face. I could hear Ray's foul mouth outside and I couldn't help but crack a smile.
    "Gerard fucking Way get out now before I chop your balls off and feed them to the crocodiled then i'll personally rip up your comic book collection...while you cry like a fucking girl because you'll have no balls." I could hear th erest of the band in hysterics and even I giggled.

    I wiped my face and then walked out, Ray literally throwing me out and pulling his trousers down at the same time. I looked at everyone and we al laughed again. This is what it was mean tto be like everyone together and forgetting their problems, it was days like this I treasure.


    "Guys if you ever do a bad thing, I want you to tell someone straight away weather it's self harm, drinking, drugs, cheating, killing, beating domeone up anything I want you to admit you've done something bad. If you've done something bad to a person I want you to apoligise. We're all human we all need respect." I came to the end of my 'speech' which I done at every show well I done a different one every show.

    I'm going to take my advice we come off tour soon I could tell him then well we can go our separate ways, if he hated me. As the intro started for I'm Not Okay I started going crazy. This is what I needed to let everything go..forget everyone. By Ray's guitar solo in the middle I was knackered but, I felt so good at the same time. I was on a natural high.

    Frank came over and did his famous 'trust me' into my mic and kissed my cheek. The crowd went crazy and I finished off the song.The crowd erupted into applause and screams and I couldn't help but smile. I went over to the drums, which was a signal for everyone to come over.
    "I think we should play Disenchanted." I don't know why but I hadn't sung or heard this song in ages. I remember when we wrote this it was stress free days almost.
    "I don't know it nor does Bob." Ray stated treu but at the time we did only write it for a guitar bass and obviously someone singing.
    "That's okay you and Bob take a break it's fine okay." They smiled and Ray and Bob soon got enveloped in their own little bubble.

    "This song is called Disenchanted, only me, Frank and Mikey are playing but I hope you like it." The crowd stayed silent, I'm guessing desparate to hear the 'new' song.
    "3-2-1." Frank started playing the delicate instrumental on his acoustic guitar and I couldn't help but smile.

    "Well I was there on the day they sold the cause for the queen and when the lights all went out we watched our lives on the screen, I hate the ending myself but it started with an alright scene." I stopped concentrating too hard ont he lyrics then and just let my mind wander. This song was special to all three of us. It was the start of My Chemical Romance in a way.

    The song came to a stunning close and the whole room erupted in the biggest applause of tonight. I had one more song on the set list for tonight Demolition Lovers. This song was basically mine and Frank's relationship right now.
    "And after all the things we put eachother through, and I would drive on to the end with you a liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full and I feels like there's nothing left to do btu prove myself to you and we'll keep on running." Tears were freely falling down my face but I carried on. I sat down on the stage, I couldn't stand anymore. I was a terrible person.

    I looked around at the rest of the band while singing, and tghey all wore confused looks on their faces. I then met Frankie's eyes and he looked confused and worried. I knew we hadn't 'come out' to the world yet but why would we?


    "Frankie look into my eyes. Please you mean a lot to me." I broke down I had told him that I had slept with John a few minutes agao, he hadn't looked at me. Everything I Do by Bryan Adams came onto the radio and we stayed silent listening to every word. I know he hated me but this was our song in my words.

    "Baby it was one meaningless fuck. I messed up I know it's just..." Frankie lifted up his finger as to signal me to shut up.
    "The worst thing is Gerard you were sober." This was true and I know it was. I could remember every detail of the fuck I shared with John. I wouldn't do anyhting for him though heck I didn't even know his number.
    "But Frankie." I broke down and Frank rubbed his head out of frustration.
    "Don't call me Frankie, look i'll do the rest of the tour then I'm leaving My Chem. Go on without me please do one last thing for me if you love me." I nodded and Frankie walked into the bunk area.

    Mikey came out fromm the bunk area and slapoped me across the face and Bob well I was honestly scared of him right now. Both of his fists were clenched and he was shaking. Ray though just looked full of sorrow and disappointment.

    I suddenly felt a pain shott through my jaw and Ray and Mikey holding Bob back.
    "You're a miserable fucker Gee." Bob went to the bunk area and I heard him soothing Frankie. Which I wanted so desparatly to do.
    "Gerard why did you do it." I looked at my brother and realised I would never be like him. He was perfect and had a perfect girlfriend and would lead a perfect life.
    "Because I'm fucked up." I got up and layed on the couch. I closed my eyes and I think Ray and Mikey took the hint then left to their bunks for the night. I cried myself to sleep then. I wanted the pain to go away. I would make sure the band carried on. I needed to show Frank I did love him.

    I slept dreamless that night. Not even Frankie plagued my dreams. I was lonely. Cubicles popped into my head and the lyrics 'sometimes I think i'll die alone' was on replay. I might've bene fucked in the ehad, but I knew this was the truth. I'm worthless.
    I'm officially back *sits in chair*
    I'm so so so so so so sorry. Forgive me?
    I hope I still have readers okay if I don't I'll keep on postong anyway (;
    I'm writing the next update now which will be the last chapter of this tory *sad face* but there will be a sequel and i'll get the first chapter of that up tonight aswell. :)

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    ...Wait you just did what?!
    Fuck you John....Wait no, GEE ALREADY DID THAT!!!!
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    Frank's P.O.V

    *1 week later*

    I gave Bob a big hug and we ended up crying into eachother. Bob I have to admit was my closest friend, heck if he was gay I'd probably date him.
    "I ca-can't believe you're g-going." Bob managed to say between sobs. We were all outside my new apartment. I couldn't afford anything big well I could but I didn't want to live like that any more. I didn't deserve too I was trash. I had brought a small apartment in Belleville and not a nice part of Bellevill if i'm honest. The boys didn't like me living here but they couldn't change my mind no matter how much they tried.
    "I know Bobert but i'll call and all that other shit okay." I kissed his cheek before he went over and leaned against the side of the bus.

    Ray was next to come over and hug me, he made it short and sweet but did cry. I had never and I mean never seen Ray cry.

    "Bro call like every week so I know you're not dead." I nodded and he walked off. I knew he was serious I could get killed here by just looking at someone funny. Ray lived in New York so I suppose a call a week wouldn't hurt.

    "I fucking love you." Mikey embraced me tight and I did back. I knew he didn't love me in that way but he did in a brotherly way.

    "I love you too Mikes."

    "I'm coming to see you every week Frankie I need to know you're okay. You're like my brother except less of a fuck up." I giggled and so did Mikey even though tears were rolling down our faces. I could feel my shoulder starting to become soaking wet but I would miss Mikey.

    "Okay Mikey i'll make sure I have coffee in the house for when you come." he pulled back to look at me then kissed my head before going tover and hugging Bob, and Ray.

    The person who was taking my place was called John and well Mikey told me he's the one who Gee fucked, so I've automatically taken a dislike to him. As he came over to me I grabbed my suitcase handel, and picked up both of my bags.

    I didn't have much and the apartment came fully furnished so I had a bed and everything I needed inside.

    "Bye then Frank, you know what I'm gonna fuck Gee so hard every night and he's going to forget about you. I hope you die. That's all I'm going to say." Chills went up and down my spine as he whispered this in my ear. John had smashed Pansy this morning goving me another reason to hate him aswell. I turned I dodn't want to see Gerard. I still loved him crazily and this was the hardest thing in the world. Leaving him and leaving my dream my life.

    "Frank just say goodbye please." I looked around at Gerard and he was crying. John saw the way I was lookign at him. I was just about to drop my bags but John snaked his arms around Gerard. I bit back the scream that wanted to erupt from me. I didn't talk, I didn't say anything I just walked up to my apartment block. I didn't turn back why would I?

    "I love you Gee baby I'm so sorry." I whispered to myself before pushing the door into the block open.

    My eyes were fogging with tears and I walked up the stairs to my apartment. I was on the top floor which was only up 3 flights fo stairs. I opened my aprartment closed the door, dropped my bags and went over to the window. The bus was starting up I could hear it. I looked down at it, there were tinted windows so I couldn't see inside.

    I placed my hand against the window. Why was I doing this? I dodn't know the answer to that I don't think I ever would. I watched the bus drive away and I broke down. He'd be happy with John I know he would be. I pulled my knees up to my chest.

    I must've sat there for hours straight and I still was crying. I'm dying inside. It was tiring me out so I curled up in a ball on my side. I couldn't and didn't want to go to the bedroom.

    There I was going to sleep that night, on the floor. Wishing Gerard's arms were snaked around me. I'd never see him again no matter how much I wanted too. The amount of times he hurt me I still loved him and right now I was wishing I had never left. I'm dying and I will slowly die for the rest of my life. I know it's fucking stupid. I reached into my pocket and took out the promise ring Gee had gotten me. I slipped it onto my finger and kissed it before I closed my eyes.

    I'm sorry I really am. This was only the beginning of all the shit thatw as going to happen. I could feel it, this wasn't the end and I couldn't wait until I saw Mikey. So long and goodnight. I blacked out from pure exhaustion. I dreamt about marrying Gerard but when we got to the alter John objected and married him instead.

    No such thing as happy ending
    They're a load of bullshit
    Spread your wings be free
    Curl up for the rest of eternity
    No more lies
    Oh how I wish

    The End.

    Sorry it's an abrupt ending and I feel this story went no where or did nothing. In my head I think it's just I wanted you to get to know how the characters work and all that jazz. I'm writing the first chapter to the sequel now I hope you read it, it's going to be called 'Everything I Do Is Still For You'. It will be up tonight so yeah.
    Thanks for reading and I have a lot more planned for the sequel that's why I wnated to finish this as i've had the ending in my head for a while. Sorry and I'm putting all my other fics on hold for the moment but I'm going to write another long one along with EIDISFY and it will be called 'Letting Go Of The Future' That will be up later aswell. I hope you'll read that too.

    Thank You again.

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    bitter end...
    but I wait for Every Thing I Do Is Still For You )) thank you

    it was very exciting story!
  9. I really wanted to cry with this... It was a sad, but perfect, ending to the story.
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    Oh my gosh, I cried so hard after this.. so sad and moving, and I'm so reading the sequel!
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    Oh my God.
    This story was amazing, and I'm just gonna go take a look at the sequel.

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