I'll Be Okay If I'm With You [Frerard]

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  1. lol ur like a mahcine at writing them im bad at them lol GREAT UPDATE
  2. I'm glad you keep writing more, you are an amazing writer! :3
    I loved this chapter, it was so damn cute xD it sucks that they have to go back to their school D:
    :D :D There is going to be a sequel! ohmygee! :D FRANKYOU! *happily sings* I love this so much :3
  3. That was amazing! I love you and this story :D Now comes the concert...
  4. I want another update! please.
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    Nothing Fucking Changes


    Frank's P.O.V

    We were walking through the corridors with worm and Steve protecting us. They were out body guards if you haven't grasped that. It still smelt the smae and it was still the same smelly pricipal. Me and Gee couldn't hold hands but that's all I wanted to do. I carried my Pansy and only set her down once we got 'backstage'.

    "Heyy boys you have a few fans." I smiled. I knew we might have a couple y'know like the outcasts maybe.

    "Okay thanks. Send them in." In walked a girl a little shorter then me and both her friends which looked like they might be taller then me. They all had black hair and colored highlights. I have to admit it looked pretty motherfucking swesome.

    "Heyy girls what're your names?" I thought it would be polite to as y'know.

    "Danger, Shadow and i'm Scar or Scarlet." Scarlet smiled and they al had pretty awesome names.

    "Can we have a photo with you? Oh i'm Danger by the way. Shadow doesn't talk much."

    "Sure you can." Worm took the camera off of Danger and made sure we were all in the shot before we shouted 'motherfucker' instead of 'cheese'. Gee also pinched my ass so I bet I looked a bit weird while he was laughing his ass off.

    "Thank you."

    "Want us to sign some shit?"

    "Yes please." answered Scar. I wondered if they were our only fans here? It wouldn't suprise me it was all about popularity at this school. Shadow was so quiet but the smile didn't fade from her face. That made me feel better.

    We signed their Three Cheers cd's and told them that we'd give them fee tickets and backstage passes to our next show which we did. They were all buzzing and even Shadow said thank you and hugged us all. We found out they were 16, 17 and 17. They were all pretty awesome. We all chatted for a while until they headed into the hall and took their seats.

    I could hear everyone talking and busily hurrying around. They would all be sitting even though I thought it would be better if they were standing all the populars might be caught in a mosh pit or something. I giggled and all the guys looked at me like I was mental.

    "Ready boys?" our old principal came in. He was so ugly and man I could smell him all the way over here.


    We all highfived and gave eachother hugs. Gee gave me a sneaky quick kiss on the lips. We were ready we all headed out onto the stage. Bob took his seat behind the drums, Ray and I plugged in our guitars and set up me on the right Ray on the left and Mikey in the middle. Gee took his spot in front of the mic stand.

    "Emo fags."

    Gee turned around to me. We were going to fucking blow them away. Who cares if the hated us. Gee came over to me and whispered 'I'm Not Okay now' in my ear. Before the guys had a chance I started playing the intro. I was playing my heart out. I could hear gasps int he audience as Gee started singing. I have to admit it was fucking amazing his voice.

    As we played the last song 'You Know What The Do To Guys Like Us In Prison' Gee came over to me and ran his hand over my crotch before moving it up my chest then pulling away. He was just warning off the homophobes I could tell but even though it was a 'act' doing that little stunt in public made my heart flutter.

    We finished the show with a bang and nearly everyone clapped and cheered us. I couldn't care less about the populars they were all a bunch of asswipes.

    "We did it guys."

    "Fucking gays." I turned around and saw our old principal he headed over to us but worm and Steve stood in his way.

    "Excuse me but you can't touch them." worm said in his voice which automatically scared me even though I knew he was a big teddy bear. I remember some nights when we're touring I'll go crying to him and he'll always listen.

    "They're fucking gay though!"

    "No i think you'll find it's called an act you motherfucker."

    "Get out of my school."

    "Gladly." me and Gee answered at the same time. We both giggle before walking out hand in hand ot make a statement. I loved this man and it's at times like this I really remember why.
    still got major writers block for this story I hop you still like what i'm posting though :3
  6. This was freakin awesome! I love the 3 chicks who come and meet them. I am very jealous of those fictional beasts. Homophobic principal is just the best ending.
  7. that was funny lol
    hafts say that was my favorite port!!!! <3
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    Dude, have the body guards kick some ass!!!
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    Just, fuck the principal! He was such am dick! But I love the way they handed it, just walked out. Go MCR! :D

    But its so sad that they can't show their love for eachother :(
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    going to update my other fics tonight might do this one but i'm going to be writing them all on my iPod because of my father -.-
  11. I loved it :') and fuck homophobes. I really hate that school xD i really love worm :3 i hate it that they can't show that they are together and in love, its just tearing them more apart each day :'(
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    I would like to apologise right now so sorry update tomorrow I promise it's just exams and shit soon sorry

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    Passion And Love


    Frank's P.O.V

    *1 month later*

    Our hands were tracing each others bodies perfectly. I held my Gerard in my arms and it felt right. We were the only ones on the bus right now.*

    "Gee go in me -ohhh- please" I was so turned on as Gee started to kiss down my already unclothed chest. I needed to feel Gee in me. We haven't had this in fuck knows how long.

    "oh I will baby...I'll make you scream" Gee grabbed some lube, and squirted some on his hand. *He rubbed it all over his member making me want him more. I bit down on my lip as he coated 3 fingers in lube. Gee winked before he put the first of his fingers in me. He pumped it in and out a bit then decided to put in number two. I grimaced a bit as we hadn't had this in so long. Gee leant down and kissed my lips tenderly before scissoring his fingers. I grunted out in pain while he put in his third finger, before deciding enough was enough.*

    Gee put a pillow under my lower back to make entrance easier. I felt his tip enter me slightly and I gasped. One of his hands moved a lock of hair away from my face while he went in further. Soon enough his whole member was in me while Gee looked in my eyes the whole time. *

    This was not rushed we were making love not fucking, bonking, shagging what ever you want to call it. We were making love. Gee bent down and kissed my lips while I adjusted to him being in me.*

    "Baby move please." Gee moved slowly at first. I was in a little pain so I grunted out a little but mostly I moaned in pleasure. "Faster please." I didn't want to rush but I knew we both needed to feel good.*

    Gee started thrusting in fast angling every on to try too find my sweet spot. "OH FUCK GERARD" I screamed out. This made Gee moan and every thrust he was now hitting my sweet spot.*

    I knew Gee was close as he grabbed my member and started pumping it. I was in so much pleasure. We were showing our love for each-other. The familiar warmth took over my lower stomach and I recognized it so well. "Gee I'm so close"*

    "Me too sugar..look at me ohhh right in the eyes oh when you uhhh cum." I nodded and too my word when I released I looked right at him. A few seconds later Gee came obviously I had sent him over the edge. We both rode out our orgasms before Gee pulled out.*

    "We might not be perfect but that's not the point. The point is I love you. Even if at times it looks like I'm a inconsiderate bastard I'm really not. You're so beautiful Frankie baby. I love you" Gee said to me. It was so beautiful like him. A tear rolled down my cheek and Gee kissed them away before he pulled me too him.*

    "Night night sugar plum" Gee then kissed my nose and I scrunched up my face.*

    "Night night teddy." Gee giggled and soon enough he started breathing heavily. It wasn't that big in the bunk so I was pushed right up to Gee.*

    When he was asleep his face was so unworried and fresh. During the day his face always looked so in thought and now he was peaceful. I kissed his head then his nose then his lips. I kept mine against his for about 3 seconds.*
    "I love you Gee." I smiled then drifted off to sleep.*
    I'm back :D I'm so sorry guys. I thought I'd treat you to this as well I haven't updated in ages. Truth is my dad was being a bastard and school is so hectic. Hope you like it and I hope I still have readers /: comments?*
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    Sugar plum?
    Awww you're killing me!!!! :D<3
  15. that was just AWWW <3 Teddy Bear!!! <333
  16. jhbjvjvbn That was fucking adorable :3 and its alright, i hope everything works out :)
  17. Sugar plum is my nickname for my friend Jessica and Teddy Bear is Molly's nickname for me <3 I love those names
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    Aww :) cute! Love the update.
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    Sugar plum? Oh, it's so sweety))
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    new reader!

    New reader! I made a new account just to comment. I FUCKING LOVE THIS!
    That is all.

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