I'll be by your side (FRERARD) (Mpreg)

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    new reader it took me a while to get here but im happy i did i love how dramtic this is

    $$$ you dont need angle wings to get noticed...just stand on a 10-story building $$$
  3. Pc iS having trouble so ill be uploading in the morning... Sorry x

    Chapter 50

    One second passes... He squeaks...
    Two seconds pass ... He cries
    Three seconds pass ... He screams
    Forth second passes... someone cries...

    I look round the curtain to see this strange alien-like bloody mess fidgeting around in the hands of one nurse- A beautiful baby boy.
    "Frank... It's a baby" I whisper as I stared in ore at the tiny little person who was now being wrapped in a blue blanket.
    "Squire" mumbles Frank with a smile, covering his eyes with one hand as tears dripped down his face. I squeezed his hand.
    "Yeah, Squire."
    Frank screamed again as the doctors and nurses got back to work. It wasn't long before a third set of lunges was screaming.
    "We have another boy!" declared the doctor holding him up.
    "Hey Phoenix" I whispered to myself.
    Phoenix stopped crying and actually opened his eyes, unlike his brother. His fidgeting slowed and looked round in confusion. His eyes set themselves on me. They were large and colour of a dark winter night sky. He didn't stare to long before those eyes roamed round once again. They took Phoenix away, cleaning him first before wrapping him up snuggly in a blanket.
    "Just waiting for Jebediah now" I said fondly to Frank, giving his hand a little squeeze.
    "Mm-hmm" Frank mumbled, hand still covering his eyes. He was about to speak again before he screamed loudly again, giving me the signal that our final child would soon be coming into the world, kicking and screaming.
    "-And it's over" said the doctor.
    No sound. The room was quiet.
    "Gee..." mumbled a worried Frank, looking at me with large eyes.
    I peered round the curtain, unsure of what I was about to see. The doctor was holding a very still child in his large hands and looking him up and down. He put the child face down in to the crook of one arm, the hand of said arm holding him in place. He remained still. He raised his hand and gave the child an almost violent slam on the back, causing the still and silent creature to squeak. Then, the squeak was followed but the loudest angriest cry I had ever heard.
    "There we go!" Laughed the doctor "Thought we lost you there" He said to Jebediah.
    He looked up and saw my lost face
    "It's a girl"
    "WHAT!" yelled Frank, ripping his hand from my own. "Nurse Regan said they were all boys!"
    "Sometimes there are mistakes." He smiled, passing her to a nurse.
    "Frankie, are you okay?" Asked, worried by his reaction.
    Frank laid there, a large gleeful smile on his white and red face.
    "I couldn't be happier" he turned his head to me "Gerard... I got my little girl. I knew there was a girl inside me I always did. They were wrong, I was right! I told you there was a girl. I told you" He rushed tiredly, his eyes half closed.
    I ruffled his hair.
    "Yeah..." I whispered delicately "You were right" I bent my head down to him and planted a light kiss on to his lips. Even though with his tired state, he kissed back affectionately. "I'm so proud of you. I love you."
    "I love you too Geetard"
    We giggled, staring into each other’s eyes.
    "We are the most fucked up teenagers in the world" Frank laughed before wincing in sudden pain. "Frank?"
    A nurse rushed over, placing her fingers to Frank's neck before reading a meter and computer Frank was connected to.
    "Okay" She said quickly turning to us "Frank, we're going to take you into theatre. You should be fine, but this whole procedure had been a lot for your body, and we're just going to solve any problems the birth has left behind and stop anything that could cause problems in the future, okay sweetie?" nurse 'Marie', as it said on her name tag, told him kindly.
    Frank merely nodded and let out a large breath.
    I kissed him on the cheek and lied to him.
    “You’ll be fine.”
    Frank seemed to believe that, as he acted so calm while they cleaned him up before taking him away. I guess it was because he was tired…

    A girl.
    All my dreams had come true in that statement. I’d wanted a girl right from the start, and now I had her. I hadn’t even seen her yet, but I already felt so much love for her. Not to forget her brothers, Squire and Phoenix. My eyes hadn’t lain onto them either and I already love them just as much. I imagine what they look like as I’m taken away. I shooting pain zapped throughout my body, twisting round my bones and squeezing my lungs. As they wheel me out the room I forced myself to open my eyes. They immediately stuck to my father, Donna and Gerard’s little brother, Mikey. Donna had left early on in the procedure as the amount of blood and my constant screaming had made feel unwell. The colour in her face vanished and her stand was shaken. They watched me with round scared eyes, their spines straight and their fists gripping the chairs, ready to take off as soon as they were ordered. But no order came, leaving them to watch me sadly go by with the nurses, lying in a bath of my own blood, wires still pierced into me and sweat dripping down every part of my body. It is not a sight someone of Mikey’s age should see, but as my dad it isn’t sight for him either. No parents should have to see their child in such an awful state.

    They took me to a large room, 4 times the size of the previous. The moved me from the bath and onto a table. A gas mask was put over my mouth and yet another needle threaded itself into my body.
    I saw a friendly face of a nurse stare over me as everything went dark.

    I sat in silence with my mother, Frank’s dad and my brother. No one said anything, though there was so many questions in the air.
    What was going on?
    How are the triplets?
    How’s everyone feeling?
    Is it just me who feels like they are going to rather violently vomit?

    The last one was probably not as important as the others but it was still a question that was on the table.
    The atmosphere was terrible. It was like death. It was horrible and made it seem like there was a chill in the air that froze everyone’s hearts and souls.
    I broke free from my thoughts and turned Frank Snr.
    “How are the boys?” He asked expressionless.
    I smiled gently.
    “I’ve got a surprise for everyone.”
    All eyes turned to me quizzically.
    “We’ve got a girl. Two boys and a girl. Regan made a mistake when reading the monitor.
    My mum squealed happily.
    “Finally a little girl! I can dress her up in little dresses and take her shopping with no complaining!” she clapped her hands happily, a huge smile on her face and her eyes glistened.
    “Ahem?” I huffed.
    “Honey, try to understand. I’m glad I have to grandsons, but I never had a baby girl and no there is one! Give me to credit, it doesn’t mean I like her more than the boys!” I raised an eyebrow but let her get away with it.
    “What are you going to name her?” asked Mikey.
    “It was Blaze or Indianna. We also considered Cherry and Rosabel.”
    “Cherry-Blaze! Cherry-Blaze! Cherry-Blaze!” cheered an excitable Mikey.
    “Huh?” I asked with a raised eye brow.
    “Called her Cherry-Blaze it’s pretty.”
    “It sounds like a cocktail!” giggled Frank Snr “Hi, I want order a Cherry Blaze?”
    “Oh, Iero, don’t be so silly! It’s pretty…” smiled my mum “But it sounds like a lipstick brand
    “Mum!” I argued.
    “Gerard, it’s pretty!” whined Mikey “Please let me name her!”
    “Gee, he has all the time in the world to name a girl, I don’t have any!” complained my mum “Same goes to Iero, let us name her!”
    She was joking, just mucking around, but Mikey took her seriously.
    “Guys, guys!” I protested “I’ll talk about with Frank.”
    “Cherry-Blaze…” mumbled Mikey “it’s very red…”
    I gave him a weak smile.
    “Yeah… Very red” I giggled, looking at the floor. With my eyes remaining there I said “It sounds like a name Frank will love…”
    The silence returned one again, and remained with us for an entire hour until a nurse came over to us.
    “Mr Iero, I wish to speak to you about your son…”
    “Yes of course” Frank Snr quickly sat up.
    “Hey! I’m his boyfriend! Whatever news you have for him you should tell me too!” I insisted rudely, standing up from my seat.
    “Gerard!” Yelled my mother, grabbing my shirt and pulling me back down.
    “Gee, I promise to tell right after the nurse does, okay?” reassured Frank Snr.
    I nodded and relaxed in my seat as I watched the nurse take him to the other end of the corridor.
    “I wonder what she is saying” cheeped Mikey.
    “I’m sure it’s nothing” sang my mum.
    “-and I’m sure it’s bad” I grumbled, scowling over at the nurse and Frank Snr.
    Frank Snr nodded to the nurse and appeared to thank her, before they parted ways and he strolled back over to us.
    “He’s dead, isn’t he” I screamed at him, rushing up from my seat and standing in front of him. “It’s all my fault”
    “Geez Gerard, calm down! I’ll admit the news wasn’t all good, but it wasn’t terrible and it was certainly not death” retorted Frank Snr, raising and eyebrow at me and taking a step back. “He’s alive and safe but not completely healthy, but I was told earlier by a nurse to expect this.”
    “Why didn’t you tell ME?”
    “It wasn’t relevant at the time- now do you want to know everything she said, or what?”
    I blinked at him, a little taken aback. I nodded quickly and remained silent.
    “He’ll suffer with random abdominal pains for the rest of his life from his muscles. He will also have to have in appendix removed at some point a little later in life but not currently due to his body needing to remove from the ordeal. He had had a few or his lower organs damaged, so is currently having operations to rearrange and fix them. One of his lungs is damaged too, but while he can still use successfully it will cause him to become out of breath quite quickly for the next 7-10 years. After that he should be fine.” Frank Snr stated, before pushing past me to take a seat next to my mother.
    “Iero, I’m so sorry…” She said to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.
    “It’s not your fault. If anyone’s it is your son’s…”
    “Excuse me?” My mum replied offended, taking her hand off his shoulder.
    “I’m sorry that’s not what I meant. It’s Gerard and Frank’s fault. But yet it isn’t… I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore” he whispered, covering his face with his hands and taking a deep breath.
    I stared at him before turning round and running out of the corridor and through the doors that led to next corridor. I stood there against the wall, letting my lungs pull in all the air around me as I pushed back guilty tears.
    “Hey Gerard…” said a smooth friendly voice. I looked up with teary eyes.
    “Everything becoming a bit too much babe?” she asked with a soft smile.
    I nodded and sniffed “Just a bit.”
    “I think I know something that will cheer you up a lot!”
    She gently took my hand and pulled mw down the corridor and led me to a set of windows. I peered through the finger-print smeared window and saw what looked like an army of babies.
    “Do you want to meet your three properly” she asked in a smooth kind voice, putting her hand on my shoulder.
    “Which ones are they?” I asked.
    She pointed to the left “Three away from the end of the second row. That is your first born boy, then your daughter, then your second son”
    I smiled as I looked. Squire, just like when he was born, was wriggling around like there was no tomorrow. Phoenix was lightly kicking her legs every now and again but that was it. My daughter was kicking one leg and punching her fists in the air. So much for mum’s hope of a little girl she can dress up- my little girl is going to be a female boxer! Fuck the world, she is awesome!
    “Want to go see them?”
    I nodded, and she led me slowly into the room and to the row to them. They all had their eyes closed and none of them were screaming. I bent down to them and looked.
    “Like them?” giggled Regan, as she was a shop attendant and I was admiring stock.
    “Nicely made” I laughed lightly.
    “Want to hold them?”
    “I wouldn’t know which one to hold first. I’d feel mean to the others…” I said honestly.
    Regan smiled at me once again “There’s a seat in that corner. Sit in it.”
    I followed her orders. She picked up Squire from his little bed and bought him over.
    “Bend your arm slightly, honey” I followed her order. She gently placed him in my arm. Squire round furiously, not use to being held.
    She then bought Phoenix over, and placed him in the other arm.
    “Clasp your hands…” she ordered.
    As she went back over to the coots and clasped my hands. She bought over my little girl and placed her between her brothers, her head being supported by my fist.
    No words could describe how I felt as I looked at them. They were just too beautiful for words. They melted my soul.
    “Hey babies…” I whispered “I’m your dad…” I smiled gently at them.
    My little girl rubbed her feet against my hospital dress and opened her eyes. Those eyes took my breath away. They were big, round and a bright sea blue and yet, somehow, even though his were green, they reminded me so much of Frank's…
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    aohfoshfioh babies<3 im glad they are safe!! and im so happy there is a girl!! now frankie needs to be better!! im soo glad to hear you're going to make a sequal!
  6. BLUE EYES?.....
    Awesome update!
    Frank has got to get better!
  7. You seemed surprised by blue eyes? Lol. Thank you for saying it's awesome :D

    I had to give Frankie his girl! It wouldn't be right otherwise!!!
    I just had write a sequal! ^^ It should be good I hope!
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    That was so cuteee!
    I was almost crying at the last paragraph, omg :')
    Fronkeh is alright...kinda... but yayyyyy ^-^
    Can't wait until next update/or sequel... I've lost count :LL
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  11. Just started to read this story,
    and it's the best Frerard story I ever read so far ^_^
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    You seem to have a bad habit of not using punctuation inside quotations. This is something I know you've been talked to about...multiple times. Your stories have been locked because of this, yet the problem persists. I'm honestly getting tired of having to address this same issue over and over. I'm locking this story because you've been warned about your lack of proper grammar on almost every fic you have on this site. The technical rules of writing aren't hard to follow, so when you're ready to do just that, let me know.
    I finally managed to upload it ^^

    “I thought it was just about the right size for everyone” Smiled Frank Senior, opening the door wide.
    “Dad…” I gasped looking round “It’s perfect… How did-?”
    “I did I found it? Well, a friend of work’s sister used to live here. He told me she was selling, and at a good price, and I said I was interested!” My dad beamed with pride.
    I looked round the hall way in awe
    “Nice one, Iero” Gerard praised, carrying Squire on his shoulders.
    The auburn haired boy giggled slightly, gripping to his fathers bleached hair playfully. Gerard’s hands gripping round Squire’s waist protectively, making sure he didn’t fall. Actually, knowing Squire, he’d jump off! I gave a little smile at the sight before carrying on admiring our new hall way. I smirked nervously.
    “Home” I half laughed with the smirk still planted on my lips.
    “No!” argued Phoenix, snuggled in my arms. “No!”
    “Not home?” I asked him
    “No” was his reply
    “It is now”

    Phoenix blinked at me and looked round. He whimpered and fidgeted in my arms, not understanding what I meant.
    “Yep. You five’s home until you can afford to move, mine, Donna’s and Mikey’s until you two are 19.” He tittered fondly “then you two are your own” Dad winked at me.
    I pouted at him before smiling “Thanks dad” I turned round and looked out the front door “and you Donna Lee!”
    Donna came walking up the stone covered path, one hand holding a basket of food for the kitchen. In her spare hand and arm, wearing a light blue dress and pink lacing and waist-ribbon, with red Dorothy- shoes in her feet, was me and Gee’s little darling daughter. One tiny hand was gripping tightly to Donna’s shirt collar; the other was petting the pink bow in her golden red locks.
    “No problem babes” she smiled a little breathless. It was only then that I realised she’d been going backwards and forwards from the car and bring luggage to the door.
    “Oi! Blondie! That was my job!” yelled my dad
    “Yeah, well, I stole it!” she giggled, stepping through the door and standing with us.
    “So, this is home now?”
    “Yep” I sighed with content.
    “Yep-pah…” hissed Phoenix, copying me the best he could.
    “Stupid Phin-nix” came a voice from behind me.
    “Cherry Bee!” my mum said in disgust “Your brother isn’t stupid
    “Is…” she mumbled, now fiddling with her skirt.
    “Aww... Chez!” Gerard said in a cute voice “Don’t you like Phoenix?”
    She shook her head and pouted before burying her head in Donna’s neck. Donna looked at Gerard a bit confused about what to do.
    “Leave her” he replied “she didn’t sleep last night, she just grouchy”
    Donna nodded and put the basket on the floor and cuddled her one year old granddaughter.

    “Right-“dad clapped his hands “Shall me get ourselves settled?”
    “What will we go with the triplets?” I asked.
    “I set a play pin in the living room” dad replied pointing to the door at the end
    “Shouldn’t come one keep an eye on them?” I asked
    “I’ll do it.” Piped up Gerard “just bring in the living room stuff and I’ll unpack it with one eye on these three”
    “Okay then” I nodded satisfied with the idea “Donna can unpack the kitchen, and me and dad will take stuff upstairs-“
    “No, dear. You do the kitchen, I’ll do the stairs. It won’t be good for you constantly carrying stuff up flights of stairs!” Donna argued, slipping between us and heading to the living room to put Cherry-Blaze in the play pin.
    “Seriously, Donna I’m sure I’ll be fine” I argued back, following her
    “I agree with mum, Frankie. Stick to the kitchen” Gerard said from behind me.
    “Gee, I’ll be fine-“
    “Kitchen, Frank. Get over it…” Gerard took Squire off his shoulders and placed him in the play pin. “Actually, mum-“ Donna looked up from setting CB down “You stay in here, and I’ll take stuff upstairs. It’ll save your back”
    “Honey, you should worry about Frank more than me” she laughed
    “Or I can worry about both my mum and boyfriend?” Gerard stairs raising an eyebrow, hands on his hips. He took a deep breath and jogged out the room to get to work.
    I looked at Donna who gave me a fond smile “Bless him. He’s still a cutie.”
    I gave a half-smile, before heading out to the car to get the boxes of kitchen belongings.
    As I walked out the door to the car, I was interrupted half way by Gerard standing right in front of me.
    “Turn around Frankie” he sighed
    “I need to get the boxes” I protested
    “I’ve got them”
    “Oh- okay, pass ‘em”
    “No, I’ll carrying them in for you”
    “No, I’ll be fine”
    “I insist”
    “And I resist!”
    “Frank, just let me help you-“
    “I don’t need it!”
    “I can take in a bloody box!”
    I tried to pull the box from his hands be held tight and said “No, Frankie”
    “For fuck’s sake, Gerard!”
    “Frank, please… You only just got out of another operation. Please just let me bring the boxes to you, I get of you please!”
    “The operation was 3 weeks ago!”
    “If you get hurt I’ll blame myself” Gerard said sternly.
    “Yeah? You do that” I smirked at him, before heading back in, only to pause in the doorway. “Well?” I retorted to my boyfriend, who was standing in the same spot as before looking rather quizzical.
    Gerard sighed and followed me to the kitchen.

    I shut the door on the tin cupboard and opened up the next one to fill with cereal boxes and packet foods. As I placed the coco puffs in the cupboard, a sound I knew too well weaved its way into my ears.

    “Don’t worry, Cherry-Blaze, daddy’s coming!” I yelled as I rushed out the kitchen.
    I know Donna was with her and her brothers, but I can’t stand just leaving her. I can’t just listen to her cries and accept that someone else will solve her problem. It has to be me, or at least Gerard; but mostly me.
    I burst in through the living room door. Donna was walking slowly round the room, jiggling her and singing, trying to sooth her.
    “What’s wrong is she okay?” I blurted out, as the sound of stomping feet echoed through the house.
    As Donna was about the reply, Gerard burst into the room in a panic much like my own.
    “What did you do mum?” he practically yelled, rushing over to her and taking Cherry Blaze out her arms.
    “I didn’t do anything! I don’t know what’s wrong” argued Donna desperately.
    Gerard sat down on the old chair in the room and gave her a cuddle, whispering in her ear. Her cries quietened and she began to relax in his arms. Her small hands gripped to him. She sniffed as he placed a kiss on her head.
    “Daddy…” she whispered.
    I walked over and crouched in front of them. Cherry Blaze turned her head away from Gerard’s chest and to me.
    “What’s wrong baby?”
    “Head huwts, Da…” she declared, rubbing her eye with her fist.
    “Why, sugar?” asked Gerard, stroking her cheek.
    “Don’t know… Phoenix pushed my tummy” She pouted.
    I looked over at Phoenix. He sat in the play pin, blinking innocently at us.
    “I’m sure he didn’t mean to”
    Cherry Blaze’s lip stuck out more and she head butted Gerard’s chest with force. Gerard grunted as they collided by wasn’t fazed. I turned round to apologise to Donna, only to find the fluffy blonde had vanished.
    “Gerard…” I said slowly
    “Hmm?” he replied, kissing our sweet little girl on the head and tickling her until she giggled.
    “I think your mom is really… offended”
    Gerard’s head snapped up and he looked round the room. He grumbled when I realised Donna wasn’t there, before standing up and putting Cherry Blaze back with her brothers.
    “You watch them, I’ll find mum. Once I’ve sorted this out she’ll sort out the kitchen, ‘kay?”
    “Since when did you become the boss of me?” I questioned angrily
    Gerard said nothing, only pushing past me and went off in search for Donna.

    I shook my head as I watched him go. Part of me wanted to give him a serious talking to about how he just treated me, but I let it go. Gerard’s stress levels are very high at the moment, and have been for the last 17 months; since the triplets have been born. Though, I would have thought the stress would have started more like 2 years ago when I was pregnant with them. Gerard has changed a lot for me and the triplets; and at such a speed as well! He won’t such drugs and alcohol; he smokes only 2 cigarettes a-day instead of 9-14; he currently lives by a timetable (which he has also got me, dad, Donna and even little Mikey to run our lives by) which sets out times for me him to be have time separate (to do homework or just simply drift off into our own imagination) and look after and blond with the triplets. He’s got another timetable as well- my medication and hospital appointment table. I have to admit it makes life easier, but then again, the stress of keeping strictly to those timetables is causing Gerard to wobbly on that thin like that is his sanity. I appreciate everything he has done for me, all those things he’s given up and fought for; and it was all for me and the triplets. I love that boy… That boy. He hasn’t acted like a normal teenage boy for a while now. He acts like stressed out 20-something.
    I looked over at the play pen. Just 1 minute ago, little Cherry-Blaze hated Phoenix, now they’re building with mega lego, Squire too. They’re babbling in their baby talk, their own, private baby language, with the odd audible English like ‘no’ and ‘good’ and ‘red’.
    They’re so young they don’t understand how lucky they are. They’re lucky to have a daddy as devoted as Gerard; to have such a loving grandmother as Donna (loving enough to make up for their other grandmother, who I am to say that have only met once, on the day after their birthday. Her present to them was a leaflet, given to me, about giving children up for adoption); to have such a great granddad as my dad (like Donna, he makes up for Gerard’s father Donald. They’ve never met him either- they never will); and to have such an awesome uncle as little Mikey; to have me, their dad, still here after having mega problems after their birth. Yet, with all that, they just sit in a circle playing with lego.
    They’re lucky they have me. For the first 2 months of their life, I was in hospital. Gerard and the rest bought them to see me every day they could. If I didn’t have them, I probably would have just drifted away in the night and flown up to heaven. But holding them in my arms just for an hour made life worthwhile. Of course, I’m longer in hospital, at the present. But over the 17 months they have been on this earth, I have spent 8 months of it staying in hospital; Operations, rests, the lot. But Gerard made sure I never missed any part of their lives. For the next few years, I should need to be actually staying in hospital so I won’t miss anything from now on. Of course, regular hospital visits will be in order… Just long as I’m here for them to reach double digits... And then their teens… I hope.
    I can hear Gerard and Donna yelling at each other in the hall. I can have sobs; I think Donna is crying. The next thing I hear is my dad coming down the stairs and joining in. I go over to the living room door and shut it. I’m glad Mikey is at school at the moment. The kid can’t stand arguments
    I sit on the floor and lazily watch my children. They carried playing together in harmony. It’s so nice to have kids that get along most of the time.
    I look over at the boxes Donna had been unpacking. I crawled over and began sorting through them. Most of them were for the selves; Old books, ornaments, a lot of random trinkets. I scrambled through the boxes until came across something of interest- Squire, Phoenix and Cherry-Blaze’s first week baby book. I flipped through slowly, taking in every picture on every page. The more pictures my eyes scanned, the more relaxed and happy I felt. The commotion outside had died down, and now there was just the sound of muttering.
    I was getting near the last few pages of the memory book when Gerard walked in. I gave him a fond smile, which he returned. I carried on looking at the book. My boyfriend joined me on the floor and peeked over my shoulder and at the book.
    “They were so cute” he sighed happily
    “Aren’t they anymore?”
    Gerard simply giggled at me and kissed my cheek.
    “Your dad’s gone shopping and mum’s picking up Mikey from school” Gerard told me.
    “OK…” I muttered, not interested particularly.
    “I guess this is kind of like foreshadowing” Gerard giggled.
    I looked at him with a raise eyebrow
    “You, me, and the triplets in the house alone.” He smiled
    “Yeah… It is! I grinned”
    I could get used to this when dad and Donna and Mikey move out in later years. Right now, of course we need them.
    I turned another page. In big yellow glittery writing, with stars as a border, it read ‘FIRST DAY FOR…’
    “Isn’t that there first baby book?” quizzed Gerard
    “Yes have you only just realised?”
    “Sorry for having a mind on other things.” Gerard pulled the book between us so we could both look.
    As we turned the page, I glanced up at my happy three. They were still playing away in harmony. I hope they remain like that years to come… And I hope I’ll be there to see it. Not in some hospital bed of check-up… or coffin.
    So long readers… And Good Night! xX Frank Xx
    P.s. remember me and Gerard’s convo about last names? I go way

    I haven’t written a diary entry in ages. I haven’t had bloody time! My life is hectic! But, I thought I better write something with this new milestone. Frank Senior bought a house for me and Frank and the triplets! Well, for the next 3 or 4 years we’re sharing it with him and Mikey and Mum but I can honestly say I don’t care! I’m actually happy.
    I’m stressed at the moment but you know what? With how it’s all going right now, I’m content. Frank, though still in ‘wavy’ waters, he’s made through the choppy ones. The triplets are growing up brilliantly; me and Mikey are close again- close! We actually talk to each other. The last time I had a proper heart –to-heart with him was when I was 12. I’m 17! My dad is officially in prison and will be for the next 9 years. When he comes out he has restraining order on me, Mikey, mum, Frank and one is being set up for the triplets. I am satisfied.
    Life is difficult, certainly. But for once, in my whole entire life- I love its difficulty.


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    Squire Jacoby Thomas Way
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    I DID IT! I'VE FINALLY FINISHED IT!!! :') Sorry for it being locked for so long! but I've finally done it :clap: Thank you for reading this story and sticking by me since I have been so unreliable with my updates!
    Belle xXx
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  15. Thanks Frerikbay! XD since your not sure what to do I'll give you something- read its sequel!!! Writin it now and it should be uploaded later this week. It's going to be called Blood On My Strings :)
  16. great story!!!!!
    loved it :)
  17. Just finished this story and i loved it beyond words, sooo happy frank got his girl and loved when they got back together
    my comment may be short but its because i dont have words to express my love for this i am very serious
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    Only just read this, I loved it! When will the sequel be written?:)
  19. I'm going to start it in a little while. I have a load of other fics I need to get out the way, and then I'll happily start :)
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    Not so new reader over here!
    Been reading this for a while and just finished there.
    And when will the sequal be written??
    Absoulutly LOVE this fanfic! Mpreg's are so awesome to read xD
    I'll be quietly waiting over here until the sequal. -sits on the floor and quietly starts eating Skittles and drinking Coffee- Anyone wanting any??? Lol

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