I'll be by your side (FRERARD) (Mpreg)

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    OMGee update! It doesn't matter how short it is I will always love it! ;P
    Thank F*** they're all alive (except we dont know bout Franks mom, who i wouldnt mind maybe being injured but maybe not killed, thats a bit dark...) anyway I hope the babies are still ok and nothing goes wrong now! :/
    This was amazing! Cant wait for the next update! ;D <3
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    So... I've been reading this haha. M-preg is one crazy concept. At first I was like wait... wat? Then I read on for some reason unbeknown. It's kind of amusing. But the latest update got me worried. I hope everything's okay.
    Oh, and I was suuuuper pissed at Gerard for even thinking of cheating on Frank, or wanting Bert in that way at all whatsoever. Rrr.

    Anyway, m-preg. Curazy. Lol. XD
  3. I have say that I agree that it's crazy! When I started writing this, i was thing to myself 'WTF...' but It kind of becomes addictive to read and write! I mean, you can put any two men together that you think would look cute together, make some science phenomenom, and make 'em have a baby! .... aww...
  4. Just wanted to let you know that this is one of the best stories I've ever read, it's actually the reason I made an account here. So basically this is fantastic and you're a fantastic writer and I'm excited for more :)
  5. Aww... You just made my day! I feel so honored :')
    Anyway, the next chapter should be uploaded in the next few days. Sorry for the long waits!
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    yey update soon :D
  7. I've got some yays and awws for you...

    I'm officially going to write a sequel - YYYAAAYYY
    This story had about 3-4 chapters left- Aww... :'(

    Chapter 48

    20 minutes past. The ambulance still hadn't arrived, and Frankie's pains were increasing at alarming rate.
    "Mum, can't you stop contractions?" I asked desperately, as Frank began to cry into my lap, his fist gripping tightly to my shirt.
    "These aren't contractions" My mum said quickly, rubbing Frank's back soothingly. "Only females have contractions."
    "Then what are these?" I asked
    Mum bit her lip and said "It's more like... the feeling of being rruuhhsssdd" she fizzled out at the end until her words sounded like nothing.
    "SHE SAID IT'S THE FEELING OF BEING RIPPED OPEN INSIDE!" screamed Frank, crying in pain and burying his head into my legs.
    "RIPPED?!" I yelled, suddenly far from terrified for the screaming boy.
    "Yes." Frank's dad stated "His body is moving his organs around and making a path way to near enough were belly button is and the babies are moving closer to it."
    "What's the point of that?" I yelled over Frank's cries.
    "To get out" yelled my mum, before bending down Franks and ear and whispering something calming
    "How?" I question again.
    Frank's dad scowled at me, with one eyebrow raised. Then I caught on- "RIP HIM OPEN?!"
    Frank screamed loudly and cried in pain.
    "Gee! Don't let them kill me, please!"
    "I don't wanna die! Make it stop! Make it stop!" he wailed, looking up at me with glossy, teary green eyes.
    "I can't..." I whispered, running my fingers through his hair.
    Frank's expression changed to one that could commit a murder.
    "Gerard Way..." He growled, grabbing my collar and bring my face closer to mine. "If you ever... and I mean... Ever! Touch me again I will personally rip off your testicles with my own bare teeth, make you swallow them whole, then chuck them back up and then I'll shove them up your arse hole and push them all the way through your body using a broom handle..." He said in a harsh, calm voice through gritted teeth. "GOT IT, GEETARD?!" He yelled into my face.
    "Yep. I got.. it" I choked.
    Slowly he released his grip on my collar, and his face softened. His body began to shake violently.
    "Gee..." he whispered.
    "Frank, are you okay?" asked his worried father.
    "Gee..." He whispered again, before screaming the loudest and high he had all day and burying his head in my neck "MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!"
    "Frankie, calm down! You have to relax..." My mum said, gentle but firmly pulling him away from me and laying him back down.
    "Kill me..." he mumbled through his tears.
    "Oh Jesus, don't be a drama queen! It'll be over in an hour!" grumbled Frank's dad, getting agitated by his own worry.
    Frank sobbed, covered his with his hands and rolled away from us.
    "Gerard..." piped up my little brother.
    I turned him and saw his confused little face "what's up Mikes?" I said with a fake smile.
    he opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the joyous sound of the ambulance.
    "OH THANK FUCK!" Yelled my mother, causing a rather alarmed look from my quiet little brother.
    At that moment, I remember something we had all forgotten- Frank's mum. As a man ran over to us, soon followed by 4 others and stretcher, and began to check Frank over and ask questions, I stood up and slowly walked away, getting little notice from the others. I gingerly stepped towards the up-side-down vehicle. I saw red liquid dripping down the dashboard and shards of glass everywhere. I slowly peered over to the driver’s seat to see the horrible sight- A women, face covered in blood, one foot sticking out at a awkward angel, and a killer look on her face. In her left hand was a pair of wire cutters, in her right hand was a bunch of wires. My mouth dropped at the sight.
    "M-mrs Piccolo?" I asked
    She stared straight into me, her bleeding chest rising and falling quickly.
    "Step back" she croaked.
    "Step the fuck back!"
    I followed her orders and began to walk backwards from the car.
    "COVER YOUR EYES!" she yelled.
    There was a loud snap, quickly followed by the loudest loud I'd ever heard as flames smacked into my face sending me backwards.
    I watched at my mum's car suddenly burst into flames, sending a strong, fast wave of hot hair into my face, burning my eyes and stinging my skin with its force.
    I heard a familiar yell.
    "Gerard!" screamed Mikey, tears suddenly bursting from his eyes.
    My shook violently, and I was overcome by the most painful feeling I had had so far. I wriggled through my limbs, squeezed my heart and lungs and ripped my skin. Then- everything went black...
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    im scared now.....
    but AWSOME! please don't make 'em die!
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    ahhh, what the hell?! i need to know moree!
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    Oh shit. Gerard and Frank are okay right? Please say yes.
    Can't wait for the next update. c:
  11. Next chapter in 3 days people../ x
  12. So I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, and according to my mom I was moaning about Gee and Frankie's babies and how I hoped everyone was okay XD
  13. ... I can't tell you how much I cackled at that!
    That must of been really awkward...:help:
    I have to say, I do feel honoured that my story was in you dreams X'D

    Anyway, the next chapter should be up tomorrow!!!! I might be able to upload it today, but I doubt it :)
  14. Yay!!!! :clap::):):p:^_^::wub::lol::w00t::hearts::thumbsup::rockon: ..... that's all I could say I'm that excited!
  15. Chapter 49​

    I opened my eyes to see white. I turn my head to the side, causing a feel like electrocution to shoot through my body.
    "Gewawd?" said a mouse.
    I turned my head to look at the boy.
    "Mikey?" I croaked, looking at my little brother, who sat on a chair next to my hospital bed, tears rolling down his red cheeks.
    "Calm down Mikey. I really am okay" I smiled at him.
    He gave a grin through tears. He whipped them away quickly before jumping off the chair and on to the bed and rapping his arms round me. I hissed at the pain
    "I'm so sorry, Gee!"
    "No, it's okay" I half laughed. Then I turned seriously, and forced myself to sit up. "Where's Frank."
    Mikey gave me a pain look. "He fell asleep"
    I blinked at him. My brain seemed to bounce in my head as I thought.
    What does he mean by 'feel asleep'? Does he mean he's had the babies and he's okay and sleep or he fainted or-or... The worst possible option- The one that sent violent shivers down my spine and made my lungs close up.
    "Where is he, Michael?" I said seriously.
    "I don't know. I could show you, but you can't leave here..." He mumbled.
    "Oh yeah? You think I can't leave here?" I said confidently, smirking at him.
    Mikey looked up at me with big puppy dog eyes and a oval mouth.
    I looked at my wrists and saw the IV cords- Needles. There were needles in my arms- they had put needles in me...
    "Gee?" asked a scared Mikey, watching me stare in horror at the pieces in my wrist.
    I took a deep breath and di the one thing that had never thought I could. I grabbed the wires and ripped them out of my wrists. I swore loudly and violently as I did so. Mikey whimpered at the sight and covered his eyes. I looked down at my wrists.
    "Hey Mikey..." I giggled. He slowly took his hands away from his eyes. I shoved my wrist near his face.
    "Flash back!" I laughed as his horrified face stared at my bleeding wrists.
    "Take me to Frank- Now."
    "But, Gerard-"
    "But, nothing. Now"
    A frightened little Mikey made his way slowly to the door, shaking all the while. I swung my legs out of the bed and noticed the cuts and burns that painted the front them. I put my feet on the floor and bit my tongue, and tried my best to ignore the pain that shot up my wounded legs. I grabbed the hospital gown and wrapped round myself. Mikey slowly opened the door. I gave him a little push out of it and followed him out, shutting it firmly behind me.
    "Don't try to stop me Mikey. Take me to Frank..." I looked at his cut little face, a mix of worry and confusion "Please. Please Mikey."
    He merely nodded and turned to the head and marched down the corridor, me following swiftly behind him. We turned several times, never stopping. Each turn I could hear more screaming, each one more horrible then the last. I saw a woman holding a new born baby waddling down the corridor, she was still chubby, but her newly washed hair and the glow that surrounded her made her look beautiful. The baby gurgled in her arms, it's arms waving wildly. I turned away as tried to think of something else- Anything else.
    We made another turn. The corridor was quiet for a moment. I noticed Frank Snr sitting on one of the blue waiting chairs, biting his nails furiously and staring at the ground as if it might swallow him whole any second.
    "Mr Frank's daddy-" Mikey chirped walking over to him. He looked up, first at Mikey, then at me.
    "Why don't you take a seat for a min, Mike. I need to talk to your brother..." Frank Snr said, looking at me the whole time.
    "Okay!" Said a suddenly cheery Mikey jumping on to a seat and swinging his legs.
    "Gerard-" Frank Snr said, carefully but firmly pushing me to the other side of the corridor, away from Mikey. "Why aren't you in bed?"
    "I'm fine, I was worried about Frank. Where is he?" I demanded.
    Frank Snr gave me a painful look. "Frankie... Isn't, er, doing very...well" he mumbled, biting his lip.
    "What do you mean?" I asked with confusion.
    Frank Snr gave a fake little laugh "I-I don't even know what I mean! They won't tell me..."
    "Where’s my mum?"
    "She's in with him."
    "Why aren't you?"
    He swallowed. "He was screaming and crying and yelling and begging. I couldn't say or do anything. You mum seemed to have away. Plus-" he ran his fingers through his greasy hair "I'm not very good with blood..."
    "Blood...?" I whispered.
    He merely nodded.
    "Can I see him? Please?" I begged.
    "He's through there." He nodded towards a nearby door, before walking away from me and sitting next to Mikey, giving him a face smile all the while.
    I turned to the door. I took a step forward just a terrible shriek rumbled through the building.
    I ran through the doors and into the room.
    Frank was lying in what looked like a glass box, his head lying on a plastic-looking pillow. The box inside of the box seemed to be filled with about half an inch of red liquid- blood. The explanation for this came quick, as I noticed his one-view stomach with a large cut across it, red rain dripping from it. Frank's cheeks were ruby red, his hair was soaked with sweat and the rest of the body was pale. All he wore was a hospital dress that seemed to be made out of a flimsy plastic-like material. Hundreds of wires were threaded in to his wrists and stomach. There was 3 nurses and my mother in the room. My mum was near Frank, holding an oxygen tube in my hand and Frank's own hand in the other. As I entered the room, Frank turned to me and said nothing. He stared at me with tearful glittering eyes and lifted up his free hand and reached for me. I ran over to him and held it, placing a kiss on the back of it. Frank chocked on a sob.
    I shushed him, rubbing his cheek lovingly.
    "I thought you were dead. Donna said you were fine, but I hadn't seen you so I didn't know..." he cried.
    I shushed him again, giving a quickly smile to my mother. She nodded at me, before cupping my face with her hand and pulling me towards her. She planted a kiss on my spare cheek. "I knew you'd be fine. You're always so brave" she walked away to speak to one of the nurses.
    "I love you" Frank choked. "Don't ever scare me again... Please, I beg of you"
    "I love you too, Frankie. I'm so, so sorry."
    A nurse walked over to me, interrupting us with a 'ahem'. My mother stood next to her.
    "The father, right?" She said to me. I nodded. "I need you to come with me to put on some overalls."
    I gave Frank a reassuring smile and told him "I'll be five minutes tops" before following the nurse and my mother out the room in single file.
    The nurse led us out the room and down the hall, passing Frank snr and Mikey as we did, causing us to be given a few confused looks. She led us to a small room, the walls covered with hooks which held overalls. She passed us one each, and began to put one on herself.
    “Er, nurse-“ I took a quick look at her name tag before it disappeared amongst the overalls “Nurse Penny, I know this may seem like an arrogant question, but what is exactly happening to Frank?” I asked awkwardly.
    “My guess is that you are referring to the glass tub?” She asked, not looking at me.
    “Yeah, kind of…”
    “Well, as you should have already guessed, the male body can’t actually give birth. Since the baby has no way to get out, and the body needs rid of it out of its system, the body will go to last resorts and begin to bring the womb to the surface underneath the stomach, pushing and ripping muscles as it does so. While it does that, the womb actually opens up and makes a hole. As it gets closer, the skin gets tight and begins to finely tear away. Once ripped, the body will push the baby out of the stomach. Unfortunately, although it is quite clever of the body to do all this, the male will only have 7% chance of living due to blood loss and weather the rip heals properly. The Glass tub simply collects the blood and any other liquid that seeps out of the rip. The IVs pump blood, antiseptics, biotics, and various other things into the body” She told me with speed. I blinked as my brain tried to make sense of all this new information. I felt an increase of my worry and fear as I took it all in.
    “Will he be okay?” I mumbled, hardly hearing myself say it.
    “Pardon?” asked the nurse.
    “Will he be okay?”
    The nurse paused and her face became quite gentle.
    “He-“ She began, before I interrupted her.
    “Don’t worry. I understand” I snapped, brushing down my overalls. “I’m dress. May I go back in there now?”
    The nurse nodded and opened her mouth to speak but didn’t get to as I dashed out the door and back to Frank’s room.
    Nothing much had changed, except that Frank was now screaming in pure agony. I rushed to his side and took hold of his hand. He immediately began gripping it tightly, sobbing as he did.
    “Please don’t cry, Frankie” I begged.
    “I-I can’t help it. I-it hurts…” He moaned in pain “…A lot”
    A nurse came over to us, dressed in green overalls and placed her hand on Frank’s sweating forehead. She frowned
    “What?” I asked in a sudden panic.
    She ignored me, and turned to her fellow nurse and said “We got to do this now or it’s going to get difficult”
    I bit my lip and held back the urge to scream and run round the room crying ‘what am I going to do?!’ over and over again. I looked at frank, his hand still gripping mine, the other holding an oxygen pipe to his mouth.
    “Sorry, babe, but can you step away from him for a minute please.” asked a ginger nurse.
    I reluctantly let go of Frank’s hand, causing him to whimper sadly. As I watched at the nurse spoke to Frank and asked him a few questions, before beginning to cover him with a green plastic sheet with a oval-shaped hole cut into it that was placed over his stomach. As I watched, my mum entered the room once again and stood by my side.
    “He’ll be fine” She whispered in my ear, threading her hand into mine and giving it a squeeze. I didn’t reply.
    A blonde nurse wheeled over what looked like a pair of curtains and put it over Frank’s chest, clearly so he couldn’t see whatever they were going to do.
    I squeezed my mums hand back and gritted my teeth. The whole thing scared me, and I didn’t feel that I could handle everything. But I wasn’t going to leave Frank’s side no matter what…
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    GEE'S OKAY!!
    right if your planning for Frank do die DON'T !!!

    update soon <3 x
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    After the shock of the update wore off, i actually read this bad boy :LL
    That was so good :O I'm so happy Frank or Gee isn't dead ^-^
    I second that, PLEASEE don't let Frankie diee D:
    Update soon x'DD
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    poor gee, but im glad hes alive and aww frank! you need to live to meet and take care of your babies<3
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    NOOO!!!!! Fwankie can't die!!!!! nooo!!!!!!! I will give him a kidney to help him if he wants he just cant die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Author's Note

    I've started writing the next chapter- finally! Sorry it took a while but I've doing a bit of planning for it. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone wanted to suggest anything they would like to see happen in the next chapter!
    Also, what does everyone THINK might happen in the next chapter?

    Two more things, after the next chapter there will be only ONE more chapter! But yer it isn't the end. I'll be writing a sequel to this story set 7 years later. Hope you read it! The summary for it will be put at the start of the chapter 51.

    I'll be uploading chapter 50 in the next 24 hours! See you then readers!


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