I'll be by your side (FRERARD) (Mpreg)

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    OH MY FRANKING GEEEE!!!!!!!! :O :O :O
    I am literally physically shaking with shock and excitement!!!!!
    Franks moms a biotch and needs to die!! (scuse meh language)
    And OMGee I love how hyper Gerard's mom is! xD
    And Franks dad soo soo Franking incredible!!!! <3 :D
    Wow so awesome!! :3 This has made me so hyper I need more!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
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    uh... isn't a car crash gonna kill them? oh god i hope they are all alright, and oh my god 11 year old mikey is so cute and funny i am a pedophile.
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    ~new reader~
    hi this is a really good fic i will certainly read more keep it up
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    I feel like such a shit reader D:
    Sorry i didn't comment D:
    All of the updates i missed were awesome and i was really shocked when Gee and his family went after Frankie. I n'awwwww'ed so bad x'D
    But SHIT O_O Hope the babies are okay D:
    And everyone else of course ;)
    Update soon please :)
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    oh my gawdd

    ive been reading for a while just never made an account. FANTASTIC FANFIC!
    Frank snr. f*cking kill Fronkeh's mom! *sorry for agression i just dont like her*
  6. No one does /\/\/\/\
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    Oh my fucking god o.o Franks dad is SO baddass xD
    But umm wouldnt a crash kill everyone??
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    Whoa Frank's dad is a total badass! This is why he is my favorite in this story :D
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    MoRe i hunger for MoRe! :) please update soon
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    Oh my fucking god! Frank has one crazy-ass mother!
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    GAH I'm dying inside waiting to see what happens! ><
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    gnahhhhhhhhhhhhh x i need to know *brings knees to chest and rocks back and forth* they won't die frank is gonna have his baby and everythings gonna be fine....
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    Okay, I'm joining everyone else, whenwilltherebeanupdate? I reaaalllly love this story, and I really hope they're all okay. I don't know what I'd do if they werent, especially the triplets.
    I'd probably cry.
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    New reader :D
    Gees mom made me smile i cant wait to find out what happened. Suspense.! Lol :^_^:
  15. >>>GERARD<<<
    I forced myself out of the car, forgetting my mum, brother and Frank Snr all together. I struggled to lift my head up to see in front of me. Frank's mum's car was upside down, with one of the tiers set alight and melting down the back of the car.
    "Frank..." I whispered. I pulled myself to my feet, only to fall back down. I crawled over as quickly as I could to the car, dreading what I was about to see.
    My heart was beating too fast, making my head feel dizzy, but that could have also been down to loss of blood. The air was musty with the smell of petrol and burning material, clogging up my throat and making it hard to breathe.
    As I could closer to the car, my heart seemed to bounced about my chest in panic. Frank was still in his seat, eyes closed and his body still.
    I screamed his name as I forced myself closer to him, but he didn't reply. I grabbed what was left on the metal door and began to try and pry it open with one hand, I used the other to rip the remaining shards of glass out of the window. The door refused to move, but the soon I had got rid of all the glass with my ruby hands. I reached in and pulled Frank out carefully and lay him down on the concrete road.
    "Please wake up Frankie...."
    I shock him violently, but I had no reply.
    I opened his mouth and forced my mine to his, and gave him all the air I had in my body. Then again, the again, then again...
    "Please Frankie... I god Frankie, I'm so sorry, please forgive me..." I cried. I placed my ear to his chest and listen closely, for anything. I tear rolled down my cheek as the sound of silence drifted through his chest.
    "No... Frankie, please, no..." I sobbed, tear covering my cheeks.
    I had failed, and destroyed everything. All I had wanted was to have him back in my arms once again and keep there forever. But now I can't at all. It's my fault that he's lying here now, covered in blood, deathly pale and silent. Forever. If I had just been able to control myself, been a man, and not gone back to drugs and if hadn't mucked around with Bert, this would be happening not.
    "Frankie..." I whined.
    I bent down and pressed my lips to icey cold ones. Another tear fell form my face and on to Franks cheek.
    I began to weaken the kiss, but before I could break it, I felt a slightly pressure being placed back on my own lips. I open my eyes and moved away from the beautiful cold lips.
    A pair of beautiful big green eyes stared back me through a dark brown fringe.
    "Oh god, Frank!" I pulled him up into a hug and sobbed in happiness "I thought I lost you"
    "I thought I was going to lose you! Gee..." Frank cried into my blood covered shirt "She was going to take me away! Take the babies away! She was... She was- ARGH!"
    Frank jolted away from me, wrapping his arms protectively around him stomach.
    "Frank, what’s wrong?! Are you okay?!" I panicked, my body shaking as I watched the wincing Frank.
    "I'm in labor for fuck sakes, Gee..." He let out a moan "Hospital..." He coughed, his breathing becoming heavy.
    "Frank!" Came a yell. I turned to face the car and same three blood stained people crawl out of it "It's okay, Frankie!" Yelled his dad.
    Frank groaned again, laying himself down on to his side.
    "I think I'm dying..." He sobbed.
    "No, you’re not. Your just in a lot of pain, sweetie" Same my mum's encouraging voice. Just take deep breaths and relax. Everything is going to be fine.”
    Mum quickly pulled her undamaged mobile/cell out of her now-one-strap handbag and began dialing.
    “Hello? Yes I’d like to report a car crash-“
    Mum phoned the hospital, while Snr tried his best to sooth and calm Frank, while I simply held his hand as I had no idea what to do. Mikey just stared down in what seemed to be horror. I shouldn’t be surprised since it isn’t every day that a kid his age survives a car crash, and gets to see a teenager boy in a lot of pain due to going into labor, and the babies the boy in carrying happen to be the kid’s brother’s. I still glared at him for his immatureness. He jumped back slightly at the look on my face, but remained watching in alarm.
    “Ambulance is on it’s way. They suggest that we keep Frankie very calm and stay calm our selves. If any of us began to feel dizzy, then to lie down at once but not fall asleep.” My mum repeated.
    We nodded in reply would didn’t totally take it in. Everyone was more interesting in the crying and panicking Frank…
    I finally updated!... But it's short :( Sorry guys! Life is very busy at the mo! SO sorry to all of you for the wait!
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    OMGee!! I.....He...........They're alive!!!!!!!!!!! :) and fank is going to have his babies and............wait what about frankie's mum - i mean i hate her and all but no one deserves to die (except bert 'coz he, just...don't even get me started)......:mosh::mosh: im loving this story so much!!!!!
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    Yayyy. Im so happy they r all okay.! :)
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    I mean, I know you wouldn't just kill them all off, heh.
    But a car accident is quite capable of doing just that.
    Is Frank's mom okay? I mean, I won't really care if she's not, but she doesn't have to die.

    I'm glad this got updated. :$:
    I missed it.
    I'm going to guess the next few chapters are going to be crying ones!
  20. Well, I might try and make you lot cry once or twice!
    and about Frank's mum- I left her out of it for the moment... But shes in the next chapter...

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