I'll be by your side (FRERARD) (Mpreg)

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  1. I'll be by your side (FRERARD)

    Title: I'll be by your side

    Summery: Gerard life takes a turn for the worst when he befriends new-boy Frank Iero

    Genre: Romance, Hurt
    Rating 15 (Swearing, Sex (Light), self harm, suicide,)​
    Authors Note: Yet another one written awhile back for my friend. If you don't like it, dont read of blame me for what happens XD
    & to everyone who was reading this story on fanfiction.net when I first uploaded it way back in, what, dec-feb?! thank you for giving almost 100,000 reviews! :'D thanks! the story will be re-uploaded and finished on here! :') <3 <3 <3 enjoy!

    This story is being rewritten, added to and more on Fanfiction.net under the title 'I'll Never Leave You FRERARD! MPREG' if you would like to see the better, refined and fully checked version. Otherwise, you can read the 'lazy' version right here, fully complete ^^
    My penname on FanFiction.net is Belle Bloodlust

    Chapter 1 // In which we meet Gerard ------------- Page 1
    Chapter 2 // In which we meet Frank --------------- Page 1
    Chapter 3 // The raven haired boy ----------------- Page 2
    Chapter 4 // Cosy --------------------------------- Page 2
    Chapter 5 // XoXoX --------------------------------Page 3
    Chapter 6 // Gerard's thoughs ----------------------Page 3
    Chapter 7 // Frank thoughts -----------------------------------Page 4
    Chapter 8 // The things I never want you to see----------------Page 4
    Chapter 9 // Coffin Lovers -------------------------------------Page 5
    Chapter 10 // Quietness of L.O.V.E ------------------------------Page 5
    Chapter 11 // Face the Facts -----------------------------------Page 6
    Chapter 12 // Bad Role model ------------------------------------Page 7
    Chapter 13 // Realization ----------------------------------------Page 7
    Chapter 14 // Wrong & Certain -----------------------------------Page 8
    Chapter 15 // The Wait Is Gunna Kill Us ---------------------------Page 8
    Chapter 16 // Baby, Don't Leave Me ------------------------------Page 8
    Chapter 17 // Bye Bye Baby --------------------------------------Page 8
    Chapter 18 //
    Chapter 19 // RouteA: The 'A' Word // RouteB: For The Babies ------Page 9
    Chapter 20 // RouteA: I Wanna Break Your Heart // RouteB: Adults-- Page 10
    Chapter 21 /// RouteA // Route B: Names? NO! ---- Page 11
    Route B is chosen!​
    Chapter 22 // Bert is back! ------ Page 11
    Chapter 23 // Jealousy is in the Pill ------------- Page 12
    Chapter 24 // Stop Calling My House -------------- Page 12
    Chapter 25 // 5some ----------------------------- Page 13
    Chapter 26 // Epic Fail --------------------------- Page 15
    Chapter 27 // Back to coffin lovers ---------------- Page 15
    BONUS CHAPTER // Inside & Out ------------------ Page 17
    Chapter 28 // The visit ---------------------------- Page 17
    Chapter 29 // Baby Names Go! ---------------------- Page 19
    Chapter 30 // Gelly Belly --------------------------- Page 20
    Chapter 31 // "And the sex is...?" ------------- Page 21
    Chapter 32 // Nothing for Frankie -------------------- Page 23
    Chapter 33 // Part 1 // Addictive --------------------- Page 24
    // Part 2 // ^^--------------------------- Page 25
    Chapter 34 // Hushed Lips ----------------------------page 29
    Chapter 35 // Melons don't help in these situations.. --- Page 29
    Chapter 36 // I can see you in the dark ---------------- Page 30
    Chapter 37 // Black and Blue--------------------------- Page 30
    Chapter 38 // Mothers -------------------------------- Page 31
    Chapter 39 // How to tell your mother --------------- page 31
    Chapter 40 // waiting ----------------------------------- page 32
    Chapter 41 // Phone calls at 7 -------------------------- Page 33
    Chapter 42 // 'Mummy's Here....'------------------------- Page 34
    Chapter 43 // Frank's thoughts/Gerard's thoughts -------- page 35
    Chapter 44 // And Sleep... ------------------------------ Page 36
    Chapter 45 // The Chase Is On -------------------------- Page 37
    Chapter 46 // Smashing Glass and Hearts -----------------Page 38
    CHapter 47 // Heart Beat --------------------------------Page 40
    Chapter 48 // Screaming 'til I die -------------------------Page 41
    Chapter 49 // Blood and Overalls -------------------------Page 42
    Chapter 50 // Sea Blue Eyes ---------------------------- Page 43

    FINAL CHAPTER! // Five-Shadowing ---------------------- Page 44

    Sequel (COMING SOON) : Blood On My Strings
    One Blow... I squeek.
    Second Blow... I cry
    Third Blow... I scream
    Forth Blow... I beg...

    The daily routine of a forteen year old boy. And it sucks. Big time. Seriously, how do I deserve this? What have I ever done wrong...
    Maybe I deserve it. Yeah. I do. Anyone who is different deserves it! Freaks get kicked, normal people get loved. Simple. Correct. I deserve it. The deep white lines and dried blood says it all. The dyed raven hair, the eyeliner, the lips that never smile...
    I coughed and choaked as Danny's fist forced it's self into my stomach, tears streaming down my face. My lip bled from where I'd bitten it to stop my self from screaming for my mother. Danny ordered his mates, Oakley and Harry who held me to the wall, to drop me. I felt a strange tingling feeling as my body hit the cold, rough ground. I moaned as I lay there, my whole body throbbing. Danny and his hench men laughed at my pain.
    "Aww... Poor Gee-Tard! Hurt does it? Poor little emo!" Cooed Danny sarcasticly
    "Yea.... Aww, bless! Why don't you go home and-" Started Oakley
    "And cut your self, freak! EEE-Moe-OH!"
    I didn't know what hurt more. Their cruel, mocking words or the bruises on my stomach. I was sure I had internal bleeding, but I tried not to think about it. Though I would of happily died then and there. I just wanted out of this awful pain that sped through my vains like racing cars on the track.
    "It's rude not to reply when people are talking to you, Emo" Teased Danny, kicking me in the head.
    "Come on! It's got boring now. There might be some sado near the sweet shops that need to be toughened up!" Said Harry, bored that I was no longer replying to the chants and beatings.
    "Yea..." sighed Danny, before bending forward so his head was near mine. "One day, you'll thank us..." He whispered in to my ear, his breath was cold and icy. Like his fucking black heart!
    They walked off, still shouting 'EMO' over their shoulders.
    I pulled my self to my feet. As soon as I was in a upright position, my stomach heaved. I shut my eyes tightly and moaned and leaned forward, hugging my stomach as I felt its contents bubble. It begin to climb up my insides to my throat, like a hungry animal to its poor, unexpecting pray. I ran to the nearest bin and let out the horrible substance. The smell of the bin made it worse. As the smell of rotting food and old, used trainers filled my nostrals, my stomach heaved once again. My throat felt sharp and worn, and felt like it had been set on fire everytime my lungs pulled in the dirty air of the School's Alley.
    I pulled my self away from the disgusting bin and fished into my schoolbag. I grabbed the Cancer-Sticks and lighter from the bottom of my bag and lit one. I leaned back against the wall as my body relaxed. So good... Yet so bad. I've been trying to quit, but some times I just need one. Its not like I've been smoking long! Only since I was 12, so only 2 years...
    My dad has all ways smoked, so one day the 12-year-old me's curiosity got the better of me. I stole a ciggy and a lighter, went to the park, climbed up to the top of the highest tree, lit the cig and sucked. It was heaven, considering I was coughing up my rib cage!
    I finished my smoke and dropped the white stick to the ground and stamped it out. I need to get home. Right now, all I need really is a cup of coffee and my bed.
    As soon as I walked in the front door, I was bombarded by my little brother, obviously hyper from to many sweets.
    "Hiya Gee! Hiya, Hiya! How was school? Mine was good. I had to kiss a tree for a dare. Have you ever kissed a tree? I have. Do you like it? I think its better then kissing girls because trees don't where pink, they wear cool colours like, em, em ,em brown and, em, em, em green and em, red and orange..." Gabbled my brother, jumping on his toes infront of me.
    "Hello Mike. Yes, Mikey, Kissing trees is better then kissing girls!" I said wearing a fake smile.
    "Iknewit!iknewit!IKNEWIT!!!" He celebrated, before running in to the living room.
    I blew out all the air in my lungs, and headed to my room basement room. As I was passing through the kitchen, I was, once again, bombarded by a kid high on smarties.
    "Hey Mike, do me a favour, make me some coffee and bring it down to me" I asked, rushing past, trying to dodge another 'conversation' (if you can call it that!) with Mikey.
    I opened the basement door before slamming it behind me. I climbed down the steps until I came to a new door. I opened it and let my self in to my room. I threw my stuff under my desk and collapsed on to my bed, head in pillow. I groad in the pillow, and beated the bed with my feet. Why couldn't life me easier for me?
    All my life I've just had it bad, bad, bad! Bullied, rejected, feelings of being lost... Not to mention my Grandma died last year...
    My whole life is just one big epic fail. Anger bubbled through my vains. I've got to get it out. I need it out. I must get rid of it! I sat up and searched through my bed side table's draw. I rummaged through until I found my wish. I layed down on to my bed, and fiddled with the sharp metal blade in my hand. I pulled my school shirt arm up on my left, revealing the already scarred skin. I looked at the white lines of memory. Bad memories, forever scarring me, reminding me the truth is that I am just not good enough. I tried ignored them. I pressed the blade against the skin of my arm, and ripped. I bit the inside of my mouth as I felt the luscious pain shoot through me. I placed the blade on the table before admiring my handy work. I held my arm up above me, allowing the red rain to drip on to my face. Call my crazy, but I had to. I had to watch my arm rain... Just to make sure it was all gone... all the pain was gone... all the anger.... All of it... gone.....
  2. Chapter 2

    Chapter 2
    "Oh god... Oh god oh GOD!"
    I've never been good with changes. Changes scare me. Well, most of them. They don't scare me so much when I WANT them. But when I don't, I just wish the floor would melt underneath me and eat me up!
    I recently moved back to Belleville to live with my dad, My mother stayed in Cherry Hill. My parents split when I was little, so them not being together doesn't really bother me. I'm used to it! And sometimes when they have to talk to eachother (and I mean HAVE to), they can get along. A little joke here and there in the conversation.
    Moving back in with dad ment alot of changes. New house, new school, new friends (not that I had any in Cherry Hill), new life really! And kind of a new parent in some aspects. Plus a name change. Since my parents split up, I took on my mums last name, Pricolo, and she gave me an extra middle name. So name was Frank Anthony Thomas Pricolo. My dad must of made some agreement with my stubborn mother, since the last I heard, my name was being changed to Frank Anthony Iero jr (After my dad).
    My mum really hates my dad. You can kind of see why! With my mum always dressed in something like a glittery black dress, a red coat with big red buttons, tights and pair of shoes that must of cost about 400 quid. Then theres my dad, simpley wearing his jeans and t-shirt. He used to wear really rocker clothes when I was younger. I had been looking at my baby pictures and all the pictures of me and my dad (mostly with black pen scribbled over his face by my mother) he always seems to be wearing black, red and leather. He looked so cool! Rad even...
    He was a guitarist in a band. Well, lots of bands. He kept getting kicked out for being so drunk or hungover to play well. In the end this cost him not only 48 jobs, but his reputation and career. 14 years down the line, he's a totally washed up guitarist who having his troublesome punk kid chucked into his life by his Ex wife.
    That came out wrong. Its sounds like my mother doesn't want me! She does, honest. But she thinks it best for me. My mum is a totally work-a-holic. She's like this perfect career woman! Clean and shimmering brown locks that go down to her waist, designer gear, little dog in her handbag (I'm being serious! I feel so sorry for Ruby the Chihuahua...), dark shades and leather fitted gloves. Always serious, all ways on time, always typing on a laptop or calling someone on her mobile/cell. Theres just one thing that gets in her way...
    Her 14 year old son. Me. She loves me and all, so thats why shes handing me over to Dad. She's always working, so she has no time for me. Plus, she can't handle whats been happening at school. Bullies.
    In the end, mum decided that her last option, was also the best option. So she drove me to Belleville and dropped me on his door step.
    "Frankie, Darling..." She said in her thick deep voice, planting a kiss on my head "You'll be fine... I love you, you know that? And don't worry you'll be coming to me every friday after school until sunday." She reasurred me.
    She gave me one last kiss before saying goodbye and getting back in her red convertable. I waved goodbye to the only parent I had ever really known. I had then turned to the man I am suppose to call Dad. I hardly knew him. We'd only gone out once or twice for the day in the last year! I hadn't seen from that point back to when I was 7 and he merely took me to the park for the day. At 7, I hadn't cared. All I cared about was that I was with daddy again. At 13, I didn't care about being with daddy. I felt like he had abandoned me...
    "Ready for your first day of school, kiddo?" Asked Frank Iero Sr.
    "Yeah... whatever..." I mumbled.
    My dad sighed and sat oposite me at the kitchen table.
    "I know its all new for you kid. But me and your mum, we just want what's best for you. And I just want my son with me again." He smiled at me, placing a hand on my shoulder.
    My dark eyes looked up from the table to him. I wanted to hate him, but the truth was I loved my dad. I didn't want to go to school, I wanted to stay home with him, jamming out on our guitars and singing Mitfits at the top of our voices in the basement.
    "I know dad. Today gunna be great!" I said quietly, putting on a false smile.
    "Come on then. Get in the car" He said, his voice overly filled with kindness.
    I stood up and made my way to the car, my Frankenstein back pack trailing on the floor as I went.
    "Don't be so sad, little dude! It'll be great! I promise. Being honest, the first few days, sometimes hours, can be difficult. But after that, WOW! SO easy!" His voice bubbled with excitment. "I'm proud of you kid. Your settling in to your new life very well"
    I wished the drive could last for ever. I turned the car radio on, and began to slightly head bang when '21 Guns' by Green Day came on. I began to feel more relaxed, but the feelings of worry and discomfort came back as soon as i saw the sign for Belleville High School. My mum had wanted me to go to Queen of Peace School, since she and I were strict Catholics. Well, I wasn't and she just said she was. My dad had disagreed, thinking that a regular High School would be easier for me. I couldn't but agree. I had gone to a Catholic school back in Cherry Hill, and HATED IT. Strong word, but true. I'm just not Catholic. I don't know what religion I am, but I'm sure I'm not Catholic.
    We turned into the school. I stepped out the car and swung my messenger bag's strap on to my left shoulder.
    "Go get 'em, Kid!" cheered My dad.
    I smiled and and said a confident reply, before shutting the car door and walking into the school for the very first time...

    I stopped seeing with my eyes. I began to see with my mind. My mind danced as I day-dreamed about something. Something better. A better place! God knows I need a better place!
    I was sitting in my seat in class, not really paying attention to Mr Roger's speech about some book about the first world war called 'Privert Peaceful' or 'Peaceful priverts' or what ever. I Didn't give a shit. Why should I? I don't want to be a writer when I grow up! I want to be an artist! I want to tell stories with paint, not stupid, big, hardly-known words like 'Prudent' and 'Draconian'. How do I even know THOSE words?!
    In my head, I saw a young girl, about my age, with red curls wearing a blue and white patched dress walking through a cemetry. I named her Louisa Marcus. Oh Louisa, you should know not to walk round a grave yard at night! She carefully padded through the leaf covered grass, trying not to trip over any fallen tomb stones. Suddenly, she FALLS! A cold wind rushes through the air above her, brushing the leaves off where she had fallen. The tomb stone read - 'LOUISA MARCUS'.
    She screamed, and began to run, and run and run and-
    "Mr Gerard Way! Would you kindly tell the class what I have been saying for the past 10 minutes?!" Bellowed Mr Rogers.
    I sat there for a second. Before replying-
    "You were telling us about Peaceful Priverts...?"
    The class roared with laughter as I said the book title wrong. Mr Rogers stared at me. My cheeks turned red.
    "You, Boy, are in so much trou-!" Mr Rogers was interupted as a knock came from the class room door.
    The door opened and revealed a small boy. His face looked slightly older then mine, by about a year or two, but his height made him appear to be the age of 12.
    "Erm... I, em. Miss Lockside sent me here?" he said to the teacher, a dot of sweat standing out on his cheek.
    "Ah yes!" Smiled Mr Rogers through gritted teeth, forgetting about his rant to me "Just sit at the back next to Gerard."
    The boy looked round the room, before looking puzzled at Mr Rogers.
    "The boy with the long black hair who looks like hes seen a ghost" Sighed Mr Rogers.
    Frank nodded, and began to walk down the isle towards the seat next to me.
    Why me?! Why ME?! Why couldn't we be like other schools and have seperate desks?! Why conjoined ones?!
    I looked down at my desk as he sat down, my raven hair covered my face almost completely. I peered through a small gap of hair. He was cute. His skin was pale, like mine, pink-ish lips, and a cool hair style. One side of his hair was brown and long to his chin. The other side was blonde and shaven. Intriguing kid, right?! After a second fo taking in his features, I noticed something else- Eye Liner. Thick liner smudged around his brown eyes. He looked so mysterious. But not as misterious as me, of course....
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    Are you english by any chance.... the words 'planner' and 'year 9' Kinda made me think that cause it's different in amercia.... right?
    Well anyway, update soon?
  11. I love this story! Update soon!
  12. Lokeriel: Thanks!
    -melovesMCRXx- : Yes I am! XD I think I used SOME american phrases/words in the later chapters, other wise, yes, this is very english XD lol
    Scarlett Moon : Thanks! & loving the name :)

    >>> Frank <<<
    I held my breath before knocking on the door and walking in. I can tell you, the vibes in that room didn't make me feel welcome. As soon as I stepped in the class room 20 pairs of eyes burned into me. I felt all the blood run out my body and into my feet.
    I directed my eyes to the teacher. He was a tall, buff looking man, with gray hair and small, ugly, beady eyes. His age must have been 60, but yet he looked as strong as healthy as 20-something.
    When I had entered the room, the old geezer had been busy yelling at a boy at the back of the room. I only saw him quickly, but it was enough. I knew I'd like this kid. He was... beautiful. Although his age was 13 or 14, since we're in year 9, his face was so young and feminine, that he appeared to be 10. His skin was deathly pale, but it made his brown eyes appear much brighter then they must really be. He had a thin, but well shape mouth, and a point turned-up nose. He had long, messy, raven black hair without a fringe that framed perfectly around his round face. He looked like a beautiful spirit-boy.
    "Erm... I, em. Miss Lockside sent me here?" I said, sweat standing out on my cheek. I bit my lip ring as the old man raised a silver eyebrow.
    "Ah yes" He said wearing a fake grin.
    The teacher stared at me for a minute before looking away and walking to his desk and pointing.
    "just sit at the back with Gerard" He ordered.
    I looked round the room. I don't know who this Jared or Gerard or whatever is!
    "The boy with the long black hair who looks like hes seen a ghost" sighed the old teacher.
    OH YES! He wants me next to the raven-haired boy. I walked down the row of tables to the seat next to him. He bent his head down so his hair covered his face. I looked forward at the white board. I felt someone looking at me. I looked round the room meerly with my eyes, head remaining facing forward. But everyone was looking at the board as well... But maybe not the person I missed. I hadn't looked at Gerard. I wanted to, but i couldn't do it. I just couldn't.
    The class was interupted again by another knock on the door. The head teacher, Miss Lockside, who I had met only 20 minutes ago before she sent me here, entered the room.
    "Mr Rogers, may I speak to you out side for a minute?" She asked cheerily
    Mr Rogers nodded and left the room. As soon as the door closed, a buzz was in the room as every student started to natter to eachother.
    Except me. And Gerard.
    I took a big breath before turning to face him
    "Hi, I'm Frank" I said.
    "Gerard" He said meekly
    "Nice to meet you Gerard." I smiled " Don't you have any mates in here?"
    "nope. I don't have any mates. I'm the school weirdo you see..." He mumbled.
    "I was as well at my old school..." I sighed. "Hey Gerard?"
    "I know this is kind of fast but... Could you kind of help me today? Cause I don't know the school AT ALL!"
    "Well, i will. If you in my classes. Wh-who...who is your, erm, t-teachers?" He stuttered, his pale cheeks suddenly growing a ruby glow.
    I pulled out the planner Miss Lockside had given me. I turned to the page with the days lesson plans.
    "Well, next lesson I have Miss Jacques for math. Then I have double science with Mr Daines, and my last lesson is P.E with Mr Pigeon" I sniggered at the P.E teacher's name.
    Gerard laughed too, his head totally facing me now.
    "You've got the exact same as me!" A grin covered the boys face. "Lets see the rest of your week"
    I handed him my planner and he began to scan the page. His eyes were so different then his face. His face was so young, but his eyes looked old. As if they'd seen too much. Everything about him made him appear worn. He must have a hard life, poor soul.
    "Woa..." He gasped
    "Your in all my classes... Blood hell..." He laughed
    "Yeah..." He half smiled. His eyes slide to the side and stared into mine. "You must be dumb!"
    An hour later, Me and Gerard were sitting together in Maths.
    Our conversation was much better now! Gerard had asked what music I was into, and, luckily, we were into the same music! We talked for ages (without Miss Jacques knowing) about The Misfits and Green Day.
    This guy... was amazing! I just... I just wish he could feel the same way. I know I've only known him for an hour, but it feels like forever! I've never met someone who I have had a sudden connection with. Someone I've had so much in common with. I want to say I love him. But you can't fall in love with someone in one hour! But one thing is for sure. I have one massive crush on this ghosty-boy.
    He's so awesome....
    "If you want, I can help you with your Maths homework?" Asks Gerard, as we left Maths class for break.
    "Yeah! that would be cool. I didn't totally get it to be honest, so..."
    "Oh, it's easy! You come round after school! I'll help you then!" Offered a very excited Gerard. He paused. "I-if you, like, um, w-want" He stuttered.
    I thought I was going to say no! How could he think I would turn down such offer?!
    "yeah! That would be cool!" I smiled, secretly jumping for joy! Jumping so high I was touching the heavens...

    Even though just standing next to him was pure heaven...
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  19. Chapter 4

    Chapter 4: Hold You

    >>> FRANK <<<
    The rest of the day went by quite fast!
    Ever since I got BelleVille, I had been dreading my first day of school. I had been sure it would pass by slowly. But it's gone fast! All thanks to Gerard. He's amazing! I can't see a reason why anyone wouldn't want to be friends with him. Well, to be honest I could see why he would be a reject.
    Gerard was different. With his dyed black raven hair, white skin and tired eyes, he didn't look like most peoples idea of beauty. He looked like my idea of beauty though. He was also chubby, not fat, not no where close to stick thin. I never see him wearing anything but black! Punk, Goth and Emo stuff too! And when I say Emo, I mean the style, I don't want him cutting himself...
    Even though I've just met him, I feel like I'd fall to the floor and cry my self to death if he ever self-harmed. But, to be honest, I had to admite he did look like the kind of person who would. I just wanted to hug him and never let go! Keep him safe forever and never let any harms come to him.
    As we walked home from school, I phoned my dad and asked if it was okay to go to Gerard's.
    "Great! You've made a friend! Okay, but be home before 9, ok? 8 would be best." cheered my dad.
    "Okay, bye"
    "What did he say? Can you?" I asked a excited Gerard. It was obvious he didn't have friends round that much.
    "He said no..." I lied, trying not to smile
    "oh..." Said a sad Gerard, bowing his head slowly.
    "I'm kidding" I smiled
    We both cheered and began punching out fists in the air in celebration. We got some serious dirty looks from the passer-bys.
    "So... How far away is your house?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. Although the day had been fast, I hadn't slept well the night before. I was so tired, but I wasn't going to sleep for the world!
    "20 minutes. And we have been walking for about 5 , maybe even 10. SO not long left!" He smiled.
    What a beautiful smile. I haven't ever seen anyone smile like that before. It was slightly crooked, but not in a ugly way but a beautiful and original way. It was unusual, but beautiful. He was used to smiling. I could tell because as soon as Gerard got his mouth stretched the right amount, it would begin to slip and unstretch. It felt wonderful that I made him smile.
    At first, we were walking to Gerard's as if we'd eaten all the sugar in the world! We were bouncing off everything, and even yelling random stuff out!
    "Gerard gets horny over the teletubbies!"
    "Frank makes out with his pillow!"
    "Gerard likes trees"
    "Frank had gay sex with a lamp post!"
    "Ouch" We both said at the though of me fucking a post. We laughed. We were best friends, and it wasn't even 4 o clock in the after noon!
    "This is my house" Sighed Gerard, walking down some steps.
    "Doesn't this lead to the basement? Why are we going in the basement?" I asked. I hadn't even been in his house!
    "My bedroom IS the basement, so there's no need" Mumbled Gerard
    "COOL!" I smiled. "My basement is my dad's practice room" I sighed with jelousy
    "Practice for what?"
    "Bands of course, silly" I beamed at him
    "Oh! right! of course! Gerard said quickly before opening the door. "Sorry about the mess"
    "hey, don't worry I'm messy too" I laughed.
    He wasn't kidding when he said it was messy. His floor was covered in paper, clothes, art material, CD cases and food wrappers. Everything seemed to be on that floor.
    "Wait a second" He said, closing the door
    I watched him begin to pick up the paper before placing them under his bed. He collected up the art material and did the same.
    "Wants some help?" I asked
    "No its okay"
    I ignored him, and began to pick up cake and crisp wrappers and put them in the bin.
    "5 minutes later, the room was a bit more decent. We laid down on the floor and got out homework out of bags.
    Gerard was a big help! He was a better teacher then the real teacher!
    "Fancy watching a movie?" Asked Gerard, clearing away his homework
    "Yeah sure. Got any horrors?"
    "DO I!" Gerard jumped up and ran to a large wooden box, taller then him, and opened the door, revealing a load of shelves.
    "Pick one off the top or middle row. But some on the middle as Super Hero movies"
    I came and stood next to him. My eyes scanned the DVDS
    "You've got all the stephen kings! I'm still collecting" I pouted
    "Yeah, the guy is a genius!"
    "I know, right?" I paused "How about the Last half of Salem's Lot? The 1979 one?"
    "Alright. Sure you don't want to watch Carrie?!" Laughed Gerard
    "God no! Too much blood for me today!" I said, putting on a fake frightened voice
    "The film is kind of gross, but it genius even so. You have to feel sorry for girls..."
    "Yeah... And some boys" I laughed.
    "What?" ask a confused Gerard.
    "Well, I read somewhere, that some boy's bodies work like girls. and they can have babies and stuff... But apparently theres no blood..." I said, feeling uncomfortable talking to Gerard about it such a gross subject.
    "Helpful if you are gay, but other wise thats kind of weird" He laughed "Salem's Lot part 2?"
    "Salem's Lot Part 2" I smiled. I paused " Gerard, you know you said that thing is helpful is you are gay?"
    "Well..." He paused again, and took a deep breath, scared of his reaction
    "Whats up Frank?"
    "I'mgay" I said, my sentence rushed into one. Gerard stared at me. Oh god... I shouldn't have told him...


    "Don't tell anyone at school" He ordered, before looking away from me and placing the DVD in the player. "But..." He sighed
    But? But what?!
    "I'm gay as well. I think." He said. He looked at me.
    "Cool, we're defently friends now" I giggled
    "We told eachother secrets"
    "oh, yeah" Smiled Gerard.
    I came and sat next to him infront of the tele. As we watched I felt my self become sleepy all over again. I leaned my head on Gerards shoulder and closed my eyes....
    >>> GERARD <<<
    He's Gay?!
    "Don't tell anyone at school" I ordered him.
    What? stupid, stupid, stupid Gerard! Tell him! He's not going to mind if he's told you!
    "but..." Come on Gerard! "I'm gay as well. I think" You think?! Your the gayest person at school! For fuck sake, Gerard! Wake up and smell the coffee! MMmm... Coffee... Snap out of it! You can trust this kid!
    I saw Frank smile and his eyes shine. I almost didn't hear him speak at I stared into those beautiful eyes.
    "Cool, We're definitely friends now" He smiled
    "How" I asked. God, why do I keep making my self look like an idiot?!
    "We told eachother secrets" Smiled Frank coming over and sitting next to me.
    I began to set up the movie. Why does it have to take so bloody long?! Seriously.
    I became lost in the movie, but was suddenly bought back to reality as something touched my shoulder. I turn my head. Frank was asleep, leaning on me. I smiled. He looked so sweet and innocent. How is it possible to fall in love with someone in under a day?! But it is. Because I have. because I am. I just wanted to be with him and never let him go. At the end of the movie, I decided it was time to wake him up.
    "Frank...Frankie..." I whispered, shaking him slightly.
    "hmm... Gee?" He mumbled "Gee-Gerard?" He stopped leaning on me and began rubbing his eyes.
    "Sorry" He mumbled
    "It's okay. It's was cosy" I laughed
    Cosy? What the hell Gerard!
    "Yeah, Cosy" Smiled Frank.
    "Looks like we've got nicknames for eachother as well" He yawned
    "I called you 'Gee' when I woke up. You called my Frankie" He stared stretching
    "Sorry..." I whispered
    "Its okay. I like it. Is it okay with you if i call you Gee?"
    "yeah of course!"
    "it's settled then. We are best mates Gee and Frankie, not Gerard and Frank" He laughed.
    Boy did he make me smile. Everything about him is amazing...
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