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    Why do I think that Frankie doesn't even exist? Why do I think that it's just Gerard's twisted imagination? First, the girl at the Motel reception didn't even see Frank along with Gerard, and when Gee went to ask- she said she hadn't seen anyone but Gerard.
    & now this man, who didn't even know that Frank was with Gerard, who hasn't seen him either.

    I don't know why, but for me- Frank is the result of Gerard's fear. For some reason.
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    And I've said it before :]
    And the house Frank and his dad lived in, when Mikey [I think, I'm not sure]
    had been there, it looked like it hadn't lived someone there in a long time.
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    ^I agree, absolutely!
    Frank doesn't eat nor sleep, no one can see him [at least the weird woman and that guy who, kind of, helped Gerard] And Mikey said there was no one in their house, that it was abandoned for a long time. And it doesn't look like people recognize them, like the police isn't really looking for them. Frank really is like a creation from Gerard's imagination, even if I don't know why would he imagin that kind of things... Geez, I can't wait to read more. Update when you can, this is absolutely great :]

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    ^^^^^^^I think that too!
    I'd laugh if we were wrong.

    He's gone! (if he was there in the first place)
    Oh I hope Gerard can find him.
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    i think i'm right about what i was thinking about frankie, but i'm unsure...

    anyway, loved it. i really want to see what frankie is because it's beginning to bug me, i should be doing homework right now but your too good story is stopping me
    if i fail it's you're fault
  6. Kriss

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    Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that I'll try to update as soon as possible. I've got a lot of work to do and stuff atm.
    But thanks for the comments!
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    No problem Kriss! Your story is one of the few I'm still reading and still am intrested in. So I will wait in this corner and behave untill you update^^

    X Nuky and good luck writing!:D
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    ^I agree with Nuky, take your time, we'll wait for the next update patiently :]

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    *new reader*
    omg!! this story is so...awesome and so deep o_O like.. is Frank in Gerards head or what and Gerard's insane but still.. i cant wait to see what happens next! cause its so exiting o_O! butbut! frank left o.o i can understand why tho, i wouldnt put up with everything like he has, but.. oh so sad sorry :'D really like when frank left i nearly cried for some reason:'D but really this story rocks, you shouldnt stop^^ cant wait for the next update^-^
  10. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    ^Hey there, thank you very much, and I'm glad that you like it! *High five's*

    I'm half way through thinking out how to write the next chapter, so yeah, it should be up within the week hopefully, I just got finished with most of the work I had to do..As for now.
    Thanks for the patient thought!
  11. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    Chapter 26

    You fail, you try, you fail, you try. The only true failure is when you stop trying.

    My mum once told me that you’re a true failure if you stop trying.
    If you stop believing in the people around you, or the world you’re living in – you’ll most probably go to hell.
    So, as a motter of fact, she scared me when she’d said so. I didn’t wanted to go to hell – even thought I now was sure I would – I wanted to try as best as I could to stay on this earth a little bit longer, at least until I found Frankie and could make sure he was okay.
    The panic inside me was more than I’d felt that day I’d killed my fragile Frankie’s father, even, or that bastard Carl.
    Right now, I couldn’t even make out if I was still breathing or not. Was I alive, or dead? I couldn’t possible tell.
    My mum; she was probably in hell right now. I just knew. The way she’d spoken to me for all these years, she just didn’t deserve a spot in heaven.
    Failure...Failure...Failure...You’re a failure. She used to fucking tell me that. And oh boy how I wanted her to pay for it. But I guess being in hell suited her very well, and that was revenge enough.
    So my father was nothing better, really. He was the one knowing about that mother was physically abusing me with her words.
    So father basicallly gave a damn. He couldn’t care less.
    I guess that son of a bitch liked it in a way, to see me vulnerable..
    I remembered all the pills they fed me..Day after day...Pills I had no idea what were for, and still doesn’t know. But I am fine.

    I ran down the street, into the wood. I had no idea where to go to.
    Frankie could be anywhere by now. If I only was mighty enough to sence his precense...If just..
    ..I was just fucking vulnerable now, just like my mother used to make me.
    Being without Frankie made just oh so fucking vulnerable. Fucking damn, right now I had everything to lose, because I was vulnerable.

    I was almost losing my breath. My arms got covered in wounds from all the trees that I passed in the hurry.
    I was bleeding. But just in a small amount.
    My breathing went quicker and quicker. My panic went bigger and bigger.
    He could be anywhere...F-Fucking anywhere...And – and I had no clues on where to start looking for him. My little soldier, my little friend. No, my little everything, he was gone, just like the blink of an eye.

    I fell. Puked. Coughed. Lost my breath.Went up from the ground. Started running. Scared. Terrified...
    Because the fear...It was fucking coming, and I was drowning my whole soul with me, because I was a fucking coward and a failure.
    But if I only could make this one thing right...Just this one thing...To find my Frankie, then I just knew it would be okay eventually.

    “Where...Where is he...FRANKIE?!” I screamed at the top of my loungs.
    My voice was so raspy that it sounded like I hadn’t used my voice for years.

    I waited. My breath was the only noise that was to be heard.
    I just stood there and waited. Waited for a reply, for just anything that could help me find him...Just please...

    “Frankie, plase!” I screamed again, this time even higher.
    I was sobing now. I just didn’t know how to keep on with this pathetic life without that little guy by my side.
    Sure, he was the reason for my downfall, but after all; he was my savior as well.
    I knew I kept on fucking hurting him, but I was fucking depending on him as fucking well.
    And I just fucking knew, that he was dependable on me as well.
    But why did he go then? F-fcking why?

    I started running again.
    I didn’t know how long I’d been running, before I saw I gigantic looking house in front of me.
    It looked so fucking old, but it had its charm.
    I started running towards it, in a hope that Frankie might could be inside of it.
    I started banging on the door, screaming for Frankie, but received nothing back.

    And then, I opened the door, in some kind of false hope that someone inside there could help me, as I quickly took up my beautiful sharpe knife, just in case someone came in my way.
    Because after all, you fail and you try. And you’re a true failure if you stop trying.
    And I was not gonna stop trying, cause I was here to prove my mother wrong, as I’d promised on her grave.


    So I'm sorry it took me so long to update. But..Here's something at least.
    And now you finally got to hear something about Gerard's parents, not much, but something. You'll hear a bit more about them later as well.

    : D
  12. ingajd

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    woah. that was amazing! o_o! so sad that frankie left;o i hope he finds him again=D
  13. p0mba

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    They gave Gerard pills when he was a child? Whoa.

    That was a strong chapter. I'm glad we could finally hear something about Gerards parents.
  14. the_real_mrs_way

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    i dont like gerard's parents
    where could frankie be?
    cant wait for more but take your time if you need to
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    oh my god! Gerard's parents are almost as bad as frankie's dad. Pills! they fed him pills! That's amazing.
    Ohh I really hope Gerard finds frankie, and I wonder if he'll find anything in the house...
  16. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    Thanks for the comments guys! Here's a longer one;

    Chapter 27

    It all happened so fast that I didn’t even had the time to blink.
    Before I even knew it, my hands had made a firmed grip around someone’s throat.
    I was uncontrollable, even to myself.
    It were a man and and a woman in front of me, shocked and angry.
    And it wasn’t until then, that I realised that it was the woman’s throat I was squeezing, hard even, until I could see the white in her eyes.
    The man let out a roar, and threw himself over me before I had the time to react.
    It was his instinct acting, I could tell. He probably couldn’t stand watching me suffocate his wife – if that was so.
    The man’s blue eyes pierced mine, and his eyebrows furrowed angrily as he threw me a punch in the face.
    “Who the fuck are you? Do you want me to call the police?!” The man spat, sitting on me. His stnky breath showed no mercy, and I nearly gaged by the precense of it.

    “Just tell me where you’re keeping Frankie!” I screamed back. I was not going to play games with this man; I wanted an answer immidiately.
    Frankie was probably scared and alone now, maybe even locked up in a basement, or even worse; killed by this son of a bitch man!

    “What are you talking about?” He looked confused, yet angry. His heavily build body was pressed upon me, making me gasp after air. “Martha, call the police, now!” He screamed to the woman I just had tried to suffocate, who immidiately started making her way to the phone.
    But luckily for me, she was so shaken up by what just happened that she fell as she tried to run.
    Her bones were probably ill as well. She was old, probably in her 60’s, just like that man sitting on me.
    I couldn’t in my wildest imagination believe that a couple like these two would take my Frankie away from me like this, but I guess you could just never trust in anyone, even what their age were.
    She let out a scream of pain, and rubbed her sore ankle as she lay on the floor.

    “Martha!” The man screamed worried, and let go of me and ran towards her.
    I was lucky that he cared so much about her to get off of me, and let a bad person like me be free again, he should have known so much better.
    I bit my lip until it started bleeding, and raised from the floor.

    “I’m afraid I’m gonna do something terrible to you if you don’t tell me where my Frankie is.” I spoke, slow and calmed.
    I suddenly felt all calmed. It was good to feel like this. It was like when I was taking drugs...so, so calmed.

    The woman gasped, and a few tears made its was down her cheeks.
    The man however, still wore an angry face.

    “I’m telling you boy, you don’t wanna do this.” He tried talking me out of this.
    What and dumbass.

    “Just tell me where Frankie is!” I screamed at my fully powers, shaking by anger.
    I wanted answers now, and I was going to get it!

    “W-we don’t know anything about this Frankie.” The woman spoke, her voice shaking.
    She was about to start crying again, I could sense it. She sniffed, and grabbed the man’s hand to some kind of protection.
    But if she knew who I really was, she wouldn’t believe in something stupid as that love could guide them through this. What dumb people standing in front of me! So weak...

    “I’m gonna have to kill you now.” I spoke, with a little smirk.
    I liftet my knife higher, as I saw the fear in both of their eyes.
    The woman started crying, but the man gritted his teeth. He probably thought he was an action hero, but oh so wrong he was. He was after all dealing with ME, the mightiest of them all!

    “P-Please..We’ve got grandchildren...Just please..” The woman sobed, not daring to take a step closer to me.

    “And why is that an concern of mine?” I let out a soft chuckle. “If you just could’ve told me where you’ve got my Frankie, you both woud not need to pay with your souls. But did you listen to me? NO, you fucking didn’t!” I let out a roar, and threw myself over the old couple, that never would see daylight, or their grandchildren again. But was that an concern of mine? – No.

    At first, I got blood all overmyself. Face, hands – yeah, espesically the hands – my leges even, my chest and back.
    The screames I earned were high enough to make someone deaf. The woman irritated me the most actually.
    She was so weak, but yet so hysterical. She kicked and kicked, she even kicked me to the point that I swear I heard a few of my own ribs crack.
    But she paid for that. In the hard way, when I finished her off with a smile.
    And the man, oh, I swear to God; he didn’t make himself die without a good old fight.
    I had to make my best movements ever to just get the fucking knife stuck in his chest. He roared all the time, screamed me in my ears, and puched me all th time. And in fact, he even bit me once! I sure didn’t hope I would get rabis..
    He was really a hard one. He was damn strong to be so old.
    He also pressed onto my arms, that had wounds all over from when I was running in the wood, and that was an very intense pain. He ripped them up even worse as well.
    It was so much blood around me that I thought I was gonna go mental.

    I looked down at my master piece. The two corpses in front of me lay there without a move.
    And to someone, they were grandparents, and even parents.

    My first instinct was to start looking for Frankie, but I soon realised that I had to hide the bodies in case someone suddenly dropped by.
    But where should I hide them? Put them in the basement?
    No...no...That would never work out.
    And then I got the idea; I could dig them down in their beautiful garden. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

    I quickly started up with the woman.
    I took her by the legs and dragged her outside.
    I quickly found a shovel and started to dig.
    It took away all my powers to dig a hole big enough for the two of them, but it had to be done.
    I put the woman down in the hole, went inside and found the man and put him down there as well.
    I covered the hole again. “Rest in peace.” I smirked, then went inside the house, to start looking for Frankie.

    I started seaching for the basement door. I found it not far away from the main door.
    And as I’d believed; it was locked.
    I let out a scream, and kicked the door open in such force that you only can master once in your life.
    I was greeted by blackness all around me as I stepped into the cold, dark room.
    It was a staircase, I could feel it with my legs.

    “Frankie!?” I called out, and took a step down the stair.
    I received no answer. Panick started to build up. I was certain he was down her!
    I started running down the stair, still in blinde. If I only had found the light!
    I almost tripped over when it suddenly weren’t any steps left.
    “Frankie! It’s okay, I’m here, you can speak now!” I tried again, but still no answer back.

    I let my hands wander on the wall, trying to find the light switch.
    Suddenly something klicked, and before I knew, the room was filled with a weak dimmer of light.
    The room looked so fucking messy; it were things thrown everywhere!
    Everything from coaches to old toys were lying on the floor.
    I started making my way farther inside.
    I opened a brown door that wore bad paintings, and quickly made my way inside.
    And then I got – to my big surpise – meeted by the sight of; ME.
    At first, I was taken back and let out a scream, as my heart practically fell off my chest.
    Then, after a few seconds, I realised that I was actually standing face to face with a huge mirror!

    “What a relief..” I let out a chuckle. At a second there I’d thought I saw two of myself!

    I kept staring into the mirror, unknown of why. I guess it dazzled me...
    But for some reason, I felt majorly attracted to it and couldn’t keep my daze away.
    It started off as a fog, like thick black fog that was there to hurt you; to do something awful to you. I saw it, around me. It was like it attcked me.
    I couldn’t describe what I was seeing, because it was unlike something I’d ever seen before – and it scared me not knowing what it was, because I needed to be the one with the control.
    My heart rythm went faster...faster...My pulse went faster...faster...And I was terrified.
    And then I had to gasp after my breath, when I saw what I had not expcted to see at all – Frankie.
    The face of MY Frankie was standing behind me, in barely a brief second, smiling to me!
    I turned around completely shocked, and to find nothing standing behind me.
    I was...comepletely numb and unable to tell what was going on.

    “F...Frankie?” I whispered terrified, my eyes big as mellons. “Frankie!” I called a little more confident.
    But no...No recieve back.
    This was fucking odd...As fucking odd as it ever could be.
    Did this mean that he was inside the house? Did it?

    I ran out of the room, passed the room filled with toys and whatever mess, up the stairs, and into the living room.
    I was out of breath, terrified, numb and shocked, but I just knew now, that Frank was inside, and I was gonna get him, even if I had to stay inside this house for...However long it would take.

    And I’m fuckin’ okay.


    Soo..yea..I feel a bit bad 'bout the old couple thought.
    But you see..Did you notice that gee didn't felt sorry about it now? For the first time, ya know. So keep in mind stuff like that : p
    Tell me your thoughts!
  17. p0mba

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    That was mindblowing.
    I LOVE Gerard's sick mind, he is incredible twisted.
    I don't have anything intelligent to say, other than I loved the update.
    And I don't feel sorry for the couple, I mean, that showed how much Gerard wanted to find Frankie.
    That's actually a little... Sweet.

    Where is Frankie?
  18. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    ^lol, I'm just a little soft when it comes to old people. I feel sorry for them very easily. So it was such a bummer for me writing that he killed those old people, but I had to somehow show how desperat Gerard really was to find Frankie!

    And thank you really much^^
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    yeah so right now I kinda hate Gerard. No sympaty, nop nothing. I find him an ass and a jerk, killing old people, tá. I mean it's okay if he loses his mind but don't take it out on nana and grandpa.
  20. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    ^That's exactly how I feel too! He's an total ass for killing grandparents.
    It's just..When I'm writing, I'm not really myself anymore, I become someone else in order to write all that scary shit. If that makes sense : p

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