Hysteria. [Twisted.] [Slash]

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by Artemis, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Alexxis

    Alexxis New Member

    Kyo, it was so beautiful!
    I'm sad that you didn't bring back Gerard, but it was the perfect ending for the story.

    I loved it.
    You are a beyond amazing writer; don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  2. [CrimsonKid]

    [CrimsonKid] Time Traveller.

    Whoa.. That was.. indescribably brilliant..
    I'm speechless.. And crying..

    I loved it..
  3. Artemis

    Artemis New Member

    Thank you, guys. Seriously.

    Can't wait to start work on my next fic and complete the others now. =]
  4. Noemi.

    Noemi. New Member

    are you going to update soon on your other fic? Just asking, if not I'll wait.
  5. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    neew fic! =D
  6. Jenii

    Jenii New Member

  7. Artemis

    Artemis New Member

  8. Chimii<3Gee

    Chimii<3Gee New Member

    Really late comment but...

    Well... I can find the words but it was amazing... I feel like I'm not making this justice but that's the only word I can't think of rigth now...
  9. xHelloAngelx

    xHelloAngelx New Member

    Omg! Seriously, this is like the best story I've ever read! It was so sad!
  10. </3sofie</3

    </3sofie</3 New Member

    aww Kyo that was ......... like
    no words can describe it. your a definatly the most talented wrighter on this site. well done for a amazing story
  11. myXfrankieXromance

    myXfrankieXromance New Member

    hey. ive been reading your other fanfic and while i was waiting for an update i decided to read this one. all i can say is 'oh my holymotherfuckwankbasterdcuntshitfuckfuckfuckshitwankbugger.' it was amazing! cant wait for the update on your other fic.
  12. chemicalforever

    chemicalforever New Member

    I know the storys over now, but I just read this from the start and wow. this story is amazing. You're a really good writer.
    And I hope you know that you and your really sad ending are personally responsible for me having eyeliner all down my face. In other words this made me cry heaps.
    I'm gonna go read Eternal Grace now.
    Keep writing.
  13. Linzi Sky.

    Linzi Sky. Active Member

    Despite having to rumage through all the spam comments, I enjoyed reading this. From chapter 20 - 33 in one day! -feels proud- I read up to chapter 19 earlier. This is publish-worthy it's that good. But you got me; I didn't expect Gerard to be the one to end up dead...
    But it was real sweet. I officially loved it.
  14. Mooka

    Mooka New Member

    I have just read the whole of this story. Fucking amazing.
  15. MikeyWay=Love

    MikeyWay=Love New Member

    I just read it and I regret not having read it sooner.
    It was amazing, and you captured the sadness so well, it was really well written.

    I loved it, every aspect of it was absolutely brilliant.
  16. Linzi Sky.

    Linzi Sky. Active Member

    I'm confused; it says there's chapter 34 on the first page, but it only goes up to 33! o_O
  17. Steph<3

    Steph<3 Guest

    why didn't i read this sooner?
    this is story is amazing

    the ending was sad and beautiful, seriously
    you are an amazing author

  18. Snot.

    Snot. Member

    I re-read it again.
    Oh my god.

    The affect just doesn't fade. Each chapter just takes me away. Each line shows either pure happiness or sorrow.
    Fuck, I've Never been good with words, and even if I was, it still wouldn't be good enough.
    I seriously feel this should be in a book form. It should .. I don't know, stand above the fanfictions.
    You made me feel somewhat how the people in this story felt. Honestly, I think it's far more better than world-wide famous books like 'Twilight' or 'Interview with a vampire', 'cause neither of them made me feel the way your story did.

    It feels like I'm starting to ramble already. So I'll cut it short-
    Consider yourself a true kickass writer. All hail!
  19. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    Yes, s'true Kyo m'darlin
    Your stories are the shizzle, and I think that they're better than Twilight too.
  20. Amyx

    Amyx Guest

    God this I read a really long time ago, before i was a Member at this site (kriss printed it out for me)...
    I really liked it, but it was also really sad and i was really shocked, which is a good thing!
    like your writing style! it shocks people! : )

    X Amy

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