Hysteria. [Twisted.] [Slash]

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by Artemis, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    That was magnificant. :)
    An amazing end to a wonderful story.
  2. tinyrox

    tinyrox Active Member

    kyo that was one of the most beautiful things i've ever read.
    that story was one of the very best.
    i'm sad that gerard had died.
    but what it caused in the end was wonderful.
    the last line almost made me cry.
    i wish this fic didn't have to end.
    and i'm sad to see it go.
    but to look on the bright side,
    maybe now we can start getting chapters for your other great works.
    can't wait.
    thanks kyo.
    thanks for the update and thanks for the beautiful fic.
    it really did touch my heart. <3
    (yeas i know i sound all sappy and junk). ^_^
  3. CalebStien

    CalebStien New Member

    that was so beautiful , im like crying . that was fantastic kyo , a perfect ending.
  4. The Broken

    The Broken New Member

    Wow. That was Amazing and beautiful and...just wow!

    It made me cry when he was talking about the comic. That was such a good thing to do, and Mikey's doing good too.

    It was the perfect ending, eventhough I didn't want it to end.
  5. MCRmoshpitt

    MCRmoshpitt New Member

    That was Amazing and Beautiful and Incredible!!!!
  6. rubidoux.

    rubidoux. princess

    THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! this entire story was amazing kyo! love it! beutiful end. . . it made me less sad he was gone!
  7. Jenii

    Jenii New Member

    That was.. spectacular.
    It was an amazing ending and it honestly could not be any better.
    You're a magnificent writer.
  8. gerardschick

    gerardschick New Member

    *new reader* I wanted to wait till I was completely finished

    OH MY FRANKIN' GEE!!!! I'M GONNA CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved it! You are so talented, it's just not even believable! I love your work!!!!!!!! And I also wish that this story wasn't over yet. :( But, wonderful ending. I'm so glad Frank and Mikey are moving on and making something better out of themselves. Absolutely wonderful. :)
  9. ninjaspaz

    ninjaspaz New Member

    i don't even know what to say.
    wait, yes i do... THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! xD
    kyo, seriously, you have no idea how much i loved this. you're the most amazing writer ever. i mean, really, you made me cry. TWICE.
    i definitely look forward to reading more of your stuff ^__^
  10. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    Aw. that was a beautiful end.

    Totally amazing.
  11. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    ...im crying right now...
    That was the best ending ever.
    i keep thinking that this should be some sort of movie or something.
    it's perfect.
    it was worth all the wait.
    thanks for the wonderful story Kyo. ="]
  12. Artemis

    Artemis New Member

    Aaaw, thank you guys. It makes me proud that my words have such an impact.

    Seriously, a big thanks to anyone who read this. -grouphugu-
  13. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    you're welcome.
  14. The Broken

    The Broken New Member

    Yay *hugs*
  15. MyChemGirl

    MyChemGirl New Member

    *hugs* i know u've been told this loads but Kyo you are an amazing writer!! i cried when i read this and it takes alot too make me cry!! this has too be my fave fanfic lol thanx for writing it!!! =]
  16. Bloody*Rose

    Bloody*Rose New Member

    Oh, I almost cried right there! You could not have ended it better.
  17. Roze<3MCR

    Roze<3MCR Member



    ... wow. that is the perfect ending. just beautiful- breathtaking.
  18. Padawan

    Padawan New Member

    *new member* i've been reading this from the start and i loved it. You're a great writer
  19. savedbymcr15

    savedbymcr15 New Member

    That was a beautiful ending! I loved it. It was absolutely breathtaking and I'm a big fan of this story, even though I didn't comment much. *hugs* Great job, Kyo :)
  20. skeletongirl

    skeletongirl New Member

    omg that is so orsum but now im sad cos its over !!!!

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