Hysteria. [Twisted.] [Slash]

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    I thought you were updating yesterday or today! what happened?! we wanna know the end. but what happened to gerard and mikeys mom? is she coming back?
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    what she means to say is new reader! XD brookie you are silly! lo lKYO!! YOU AMAZE ME!
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    Has anyone heard from Kyo recently?
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    unfortunatly no... =[
    where is he?
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    I'm sure he'll be back. He's proberbly just busy right now.
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    he did say that he's going through things right now.
    hopefully he'll be ok.
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    yea, hope he's ok
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    he disappeared once before
    but he came back
    hopefully he's okay and will be coming back soon

    -sits on the floor and waits-
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    Just stay patient, everyone. :)
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    Chapter 33: Obvious.​

    Gerard, I was sure, had left me a part of him to help me cope; or thats what it felt like. The months that passed without him were constantly an up hill struggle, battling with my emotions and feelings of "what if's." What if I had found him sooner? What if I hadn't ran a way? Would he be lying beside me rather than beneath me?

    I knew it wasn't my fault, and I confided myself in the remains of Gerards life to carry on whatever he'd started. Even in death I was going to make him proud of me.

    A gun shot. One single shot had ended his life from the hands of Jamia. Why? you ask. Well, thats a good question that no one will ever find out. Bob had shot Jamia ten minutes prior to Gerards death. I had sat in that court room as Bob explained Jamia's task of going too far, and his rage when he saw Gerards pain. Three lives were lost that night, one to jail, the others to death.

    I held some grief for Jamia, but not half as much as I felt for Gerard. I could only just handle losing our relationship, but then to lose him completely too? I never thought of suicide, however, thoughts of Gerards take on life had taught me there's so much more than allowing things to consume you. So I lived out everything day by day, step by step. Even taking on his role as brother; Mikey hadn't returned home. Instead we had got a small apartment together just outside of University.

    Glancing over at Mikey from my seat I couldn't help but smile. That boy amazed me. He had cried so fucking hard when I had to tell him the news, and within seconds he was telling me how he wanted to change. He started going to counseling and allowed himself to control his emotions better; even getting himself a boyfriend. He was trying his best to move on, but I could feel he still missed his brother and would until his life ended too. Just as myself.

    I looked back down in to my hands feeling the sweat consume them. Today was special to me; it was that peek of light through the shattered darkness. I had been waiting for it, sitting at the back anxiously while listening to the man drown on about useless information while my mind was else where.

    "Frank Iero?"

    My name had been mentioned and my head snapped up to look towards the front and I suddenly noted how crampt I felt. I fingered the comic between my fingers and stood up in the huge hall to be greeted with hundreds upon hundreds of students faces all staring at me; all of them with the same comic as myself. I smiled.

    Walking through the chairs and down the middle pathway, I stepped on to the stage and stood infront of the microphone while gazing upon the sight before me.

    "I'd just like to say, first of all, I'm so glad we've had so much support." I said softly, feeling more confident than before. "Gerard wanted to do so much for this university, and I know if he was here he'd be the one telling you this. Unfortunately, due to gun violence he's not. That is why, myself and Mikey Way have put all our efforts in to publishing his comic so Gerard's death didn't happen in vain. As of yet, we have raised so much money for Guns Awareness and once this hits the high shops, we expect to exceed this ammount. So, I'd just like to congratulate Gerard on something he wanted to do in life, but accomplished in death instead."

    I held up my comic book with 'The Umbrella Academy' printed thinly on the front page. Everyone before me cheered, raising their own copies in to the air and frailing them about. I grinned, a tear escaping my eye as I felt pride swell deep within; All of these students from my university had brought a copy. They knew Gerards name. They saw his amazing talent. They read his achievements. And that was all for him.

    I gazed up at the ceiling, muttering softly in to the air. "I hope you can see this, baby. It's for you."

    Stepping off the stage I walked outside for some fresh air. The breeze greeted me warmly and I stepped across the field and in to complete silence; away from everything. Holding the comic close to my chest, I felt my heart pounding against it softly.

    "Frank?" I heard a voice from behind me and turned to see Mikey. He was wearing a suit, his skin was much brighter and his whole appearance wasn't that of a depressed teenager anymore, but a beautiful young man. "I didn't get to give you this earlier ... But, well, here..." He stuck his hand out and handed me a folder, I stared down at it. "It's the original Umbrella Academy, the one Gerard drew himself. I managed to find it at mothers house. I thought you needed it more than me."

    I was speechless. I stood staring down at the pages with shaking hands, and before I knew it my arms were wrapping themselves around Mikeys form. "Thank you Mikey, seriously. You don't even know."

    He smiled, stepping back and shrugged. "It's the least I could do, ya'know? It was your idea to publish his comic and put all that money in for a good cause, and you did it. He's proud of you, I know."

    "I'm sure he's proud of his little brother too." I smirked, looking past him and at the curly haired boyfriend of his leaning against a red parked car. "It's nice to see you happy."

    "...Thanks, Gerards death made me realize a lot of things." Mikey said softly, looking back over his shoulder. "I just hope he knows it's down to him for how I am now."

    "You're not the only one." I responded quietly as Mikey begain walking a way. I turned around, looking towards the sun that was slowly setting beneath the sky and allowed a few tears to fall against my cheek.

    "This is for you, Gerard." I said softly. "I just hope you realize." Stepping back, I breathed in a sigh as my eyes averted to the ground. University, proceeding on with life, breaking a way from every bad person was all down to him. Him showing me something I hadn't seen before.

    "Frank! Are you coming?" I heard Mikey calling my name and turned to look at him. "Me and Ray are going to celebrate the comics release. Want to join us?"

    I nodded, running towards them with Gerards face etched inside my mind; his smiling, innocent face. And I smiled too.

    You wanted to know if I still loved you. Well, isn't it obvious?

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    Fecking amazing.
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    Omgosh!!!!!!!!that Was Amazing!!!!!!!!woah Kyo You Rock!!!!!!!!
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    aww kyo m'darling [YES i still call you that!] that was fucking beautiful

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    Thank you =]

    That is the last chapter, btw. Glad everyone enjoyed the story! ^_^
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    Wow...that was awesome. Kyo, you ROCK!!!
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    That was completly amazing. you are a FANTASTIC writer. Its just too bad that Gerard died.
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    Oi, that was amazing.

    its was sad but cheerful at the same time.

    amazingly amazing <3
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    Kyo you rock!
    Awesome story, but really sad ending. But I did enjoy reading this.
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    That was so sad yet such a great ending! Great story, Kyo!
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    That was... FREAKING AMAZING
    I'm lost for words, seriously

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