Hysteria. [Twisted.] [Slash]

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    Rating: 15

    Author: Me.
    Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance, even though I'd really love too.

    There will be; Frerard and Waycest. I'm not saying all will have sex, but their will be gestures for all of them.

    Now, before I post, I just want to say this fanfic will be VERY twisted and weird, so it's basically not for the faint of heart. I'm also sticking a;


    On this story, so if you're younger than you've been warned. Anyways, I did this story just to be able to have loads of controvercial, sex and exploitations and just not be as long as the others. It's going to be quite twisted, you've been told.

    Anyways. I hope you enjoy, if you do want me to continue please post you do! Thanks.

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    Chapter 1: The Conclusion.

    You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you
    You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you

    Looking out of the window, I was only half tuning in to the woman pacing the room from behind me. She was talking, but her voice was drowned out by my thoughts and I found myself no longer listening after a few sentences; unfortunately, she didn't notice my misguided attention and carried on as normal. Even though my mind had wondered out in to the trails of shops just lingering outside. People passing in and out, in and out-

    "Gerard, are you even listening?"​

    I found my name mentioned and stiffened slightly, putting on a false smile and turning around to face her. She seemed agitated; but that was understandable, she never enjoyed her lessons with me anyway and the feeling was mutual. I just simply never understood the concept of therapy. It was just a ploy for a person to tell you you're things you're not and allow you to admit you're having problems you don't have. I didn't have a place here, I've always been quite content with life. But, then it was never my idea to come here in the first place; mother was the result of this.

    "Of course." I smiled, walking swiftly over to a couch and sitting down, cross legged; a habit of mine. The woman stared at me questioningly, knowing me far too long to take anything I said truthfully or seriously.

    She walked past me and over to her desk, seating herself as I lay down on the cheap, leather seat and gazed at the clock while counting down the minutes, no, seconds to when this session would be finally over.

    "While you're lying there, Gerard, I'm going to try something new." My therapist said from her corner, looking over some notes and sniffling away the signs of a cold. "I want you to close your eyes," I didn't close my eyes, but luckily I was in a posistion where she wouldn't notice. "...And imagine you're on a swing, in a park...Just swinging." I smirked, did people actually use these techniques? "... And the swing gets higher, and higher untill you get in to a comfortable and pleasing motion... How does this make you feel?"

    "How is it meant to make me feel?" I asked, honestly. "You're meant to be telling me how to feel, correct? As you do with everything else."

    "Oh, for..." She started, but then stopped herself. She was frustrated and I could tell she had a few swear words gritted behind her teeth. "Why do you persist in making things difficult?"

    "Difficult?" I repeated, staring up at the ceiling and drumming my fingers against my chest. "How can I make this difficult for you? You're like every other therapist; a fraud. You attempt to know peoples feelings and emotions, when it's not that easy, is it? You can't tell me that imagining myself on a swing is going to improve my life any better than me making a cup of coffee. The whole thing, to put it blunt, is completely ludicrous and astounding of how many people pay to listen to your bullshit." I sat up, a smirk played along my lips. "So enlighten me docter, how is any of this going to help?"

    She sat in utter silence for a few seconds, her mouth slightly open as though she wanted to respond but the words wouldn't come forth. She glanced up at the clock and shook a few notes in her hands to take her attention away from my harsh words. "Your times up, Gerard. We'll continue our session next week." I decided not to argue that my time wasn't yet up, I simply smirked and stood up while streaching out my arms and walked over. I took her hand without gesturing and shook it. I could tell looking in her eye's she was working the adrenaline to dive at me and wrap her withered, old hands around my neck. Releasing my grip, I bid my goodbye and headed for the exit.

    Now, before we continue I'd like to make it clear that I'm not a complete bastard as so many precieve me to be. I simply have a way around expressing myself not understood by others; thats my excuse anyway. I gave a little wave to the window at the therapist who was eyeing me, making sure I left. She watched my wave but didn't respond. Instead, she pretended like she'd seen nothing and carried on with her paper work. I grinned, sparking up a cigarette, ignoring the blatant "no smoking" signs and exited.

    I wasn't usually thrilled to be going home and today was no different. My brother was alittle insane and when I say "alittle" I infact mean a lot. He's a strange character, which I try to associate with as little as possible, but we live under the same roof so it's kind of impossible. We weren't enemies, but nor were we what you'd consider loving, either. Our relationship was strange and I always found it hard to describe, even too myself.

    Arriving home, I entered through the front door and immediately felt my foot press against a sticky liquid. I looked down, unphased to find milk splattered against the floor. I rolled my eyes.

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    hey dude this is good please can you write more also what does controvercial mean? its just ive heard it loads i just dont know what it means
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    Ooooh! This sounds good.

    I love Gerard in this. His character is... I don't know. I just love the way he thinks.

    Let me ask you, though: is this a frerard, waycest, frikey.....?
  5. Artemis

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    Lmao, there's a bit of everything. There's hint of Waycest in the next chapter, though.

    I love Gerard too ^_^ Lol.

    To - Theangelofme . = A controversy or dispute is a matter of opinion over which parties actively disagree, argue, or debate. Controversies can range in size from private disputes between two individuals to large-scale disagreements between societies.
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    This is ace.
    Very funny too.
    Gerard is so cool.

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    I love it already.
    And I am a supporter of Waycest, Frerard, and Frikey, so this is probably going to get interesting! :D

    More soon, please. <3
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    This looks like it's gonna be great as ever Kyo :clap:
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    Before I scream, and die. >__<
    This really interesting, and I would LOVE to read on. :)
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    I love it so far :) - what was about that therapist question? Gerard's right, what would it lead to?
    Like : oh, you feel good about swinging. Hmm, interesting, really interesting, now I see can see clear about your life. lol
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    Lmao. I agree, Gerard does speak his mind a lot.

    Thanks for the comments,=]
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    *giggles like a loon*

    Excuse me.

    I really hope you haven't read all that stuff the girls and I were writing on my fic about you.

    Oh wait; I think you already have. Not to worry then.
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    ooh, this sounds interesting...
    update soon :D
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    Another chapter! I just wanna get to the sexy scene coming up XD Sorry.

    Thanks for the comments guys ^_^ and lmao, Elsi, I did =p

    Chapter 2: Old Friends. New Images.​

    A small, scrawny boy came shuffling out of the kitchen holding a carton of milk; it was half empty now. He seemed disorientated, slipping his glasses up his nose as he stared at me. "Yes?" Mikey answered, looking at my feet and giggling at the sight.

    "You did this, didn't you?" I asked, stepping out of it and sighing. He didn't respond, just threw the half empty carton at me and ran up the stairs within seconds. Luckily, I managed to grab the object thrown at me and carried it off in to the kitchen to be greeted by my mother packing away shopping.

    "Mother, have you seen what Mikey has done?" I shifted the carton on to the cuboard and set my elbows down, resting against the sides.

    "I know, I know hun." She sighed, running a hand through her thick dark hair. "I can't keep up with him just lately, he's slipping back in to his old ways again." I rolled my eyes in response. "I'll go clean it up in a moment... Oh, how was therapy?"

    "Oh, she's really happy with my progress." I lied, walking towards the back window and shifting the curtain back to peer out in to the garden. "She think's I'll only need a few more lessons untill-" I paused, noticing a boy outside shifting around the garden. A stranger? "Who is that?"

    "Who is what dear?"
    "That boy, outside-"
    "Oh! Of course." She grabbed a tea towel from out of the draw and brushed passed me. "He's your old friend from school, remember him? Frank Oreo?"

    "Oreo?" I repeated, confused. "Frank... Iero? Iero you mean?"

    "Thats it! He's moved back down here and came to see the family after all these years, can you imagine? He was out there with Mikey, but I think Mikey's kind of...Left him." She paused, opening the door in to the hall way and frowned. "Go and talk to him Gerard, you can't just leave the poor boy out there."

    I frowned, not really a person for making conversations in these situations. I remembered that name though, Frank Iero. He was my best friend in school, we did everything together. But after four years of us being unseperable he moved away and never got in contact again. Shaking the thoughts from my head I stepped over to the back door and opened it, sliding outside and in to the open where I shoved my hands inside my pockets and walked out on to the garden. Frank didn't notice me, however, and carried on seemingly looking for something.

    "Frank?" I said just loud enough for him to hear. He snapped his head up to look at me and smiled.

    "Gerard!" He scuttled over to me and I finally got to see him properly, although I was having brief second thoughts. He wasn't the friend I remembered; far from the young, healthy plump boy he used to be. Now he was sickly skinny, with dark rings beneath his blood shot eyes. His hair wasn't well kept either and his clothes were rather worn. He shuffled awkwardly beneath my gaze as he guessed I was shocked at his unhealthy image.

    "You've... Changed." I muttered, frowning. He stared up at me while brushing bits of hair from his eyes with his left hand.

    "Heh, yeah..." He paused briefly, now playing with a peice of fabric on his clothing absentmindedly. "... You've changed, quite a bit... I mean, I still know it's you...Just, yeah." He paused again, looking to the side of him. "Erm, have you seen Mikey?"

    "Yeah, he was just in the house a moment a go." I muttered, still taking in his form; it was just so... Twisted.

    "He was!" Frank bit his lip and sighed. "We were playing hide and seek... He was supposed to be looking for me."

    The irony; never play hide and seek with an insane kid. They never look for you.

    I stood still, kind of staring at him for a few seconds. I suppose you could say I was taking it all in, but I just couldn't get over the fact of how he looked. And, the strangest thing was, I didn't want to laugh and make fun of him like I thought I would. No, I just felt pitty and sympathy. I brought my hands out of my pocket and rubbed them together to keep them warm, blowing on them occasionally.

    "Well, do you want to come inside?" I asked, finally. "It doesn't look like Mikey will be down for a while."
    Frank smiled, nodding and followed me back in to the house. The kitchen was empty and I found myself walking towards the kettle and clicking it on. "Do you want a coffee?" I asked from over my shoulder as I opened one of the top cuboard doors.

    "Erm, yeah thanks." Frank replied, seating himself at the table and staring down at the floor vacantly.

    "What is it you have?"
    "Kind of strong, with-"

    "Two sugars?" I cut in, turning around and smirking as I'd remembered after all this time what he wanted in his coffee.

    "Er, yeah." He stared at me strangely, quirking an eye brow.

    "Yeah, I still remember." I laughed, finishing off the coffee's and walking over with them. I set one down infront of Frank and then guided myself around the table, seating myself and holding the mug in both hands and sipping a bit. I wanted to ask him what had happened to him after all these years; why he was like he is now. So unhealthy and obviously lacking funds. I set the mug down on the table and used my index fingers to rub my temples gently. There was a pause of silence, and then he spoke,

    "I'm sorry I never called."
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    nice update :)
    i really don't know where this is going, it sounds awesome tbh.
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    Thank you. ^_^
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    Mikey was looking for him in the fridge, obvs.
    That's where he found the milk and decided to spill it everywhere.

    And does Mikey have some kind of problem...?

    Anyfrank, the sexy part is coming up soon?!
    I'm so excited. (Not that that's completely weird or anything...)
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    hmm i'm intrigued, this story sounds like it'll be pretty interesting
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    hey, this is pretty interesting, cant wait to see what happens next
    keep up the good work :D
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    Oooh! Awesome.

    Great update as per usual m'lovely.

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