how my chemical romance saved my life.

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by RIOT!, Nov 6, 2006.

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    okay coz you posted the rules like PAGES ago could we have a re-post of them on here now we have a deadline to meet.
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    Ok; so i've had an idea.
    I'm going to buy an a4 book. And hopefully next time i see the boys; i'll give it to them.
    Now it's up to you what you want to submit into it.
    Drawings; Songs; Poems.
    No fanfictions. - that would just scare them.
    You can take photos of you with the people you've met because of my chem. You can do anything you like, within reason.
    You can post the things to me that you'd like included in the book.
    or if its pictures or whatnot, you can send them to my email address, which i'm sure you all have.

    Deadline for all the stuff to be with me; October 1st.
    I want enough time to be able to arrange it and stuff. 'cos I have college and work and a social life aswell.

    there you go, Han.
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    Alright. If this isn't going to get fucked up and left 'till the last minute I need to organise it better, yeah?

    My chem stories. They need to have your name/age/location in them somewhere. No longer then two sides of A4 please.
    Drawings, No bigger then a4.
    Photos, No bigger then a5.
    Poems; No longer then a4.

    And anything else that you submit into it needs to be an approriate size.
    Also; if people want to post me stuff, that's fine just message me or email me and i'll get back to you.
    Thanks Guys.
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    i think ima add one of each of those things.
  6. they saved me life.....i was in a dark dark place..i was being picked on at i started to turn to cutting myself ever time they picked one me the deeper id cut ..then depression kicked in then suicde started, and i felt like i was too deep in the dark, and was gonna die any day i wanted to die i didnt wanna leave anymore..i felt like no one cared ...then i hear vampires will never hurt me it was like saying all the things i wanted to say...and ever since then...ive been fans..!! they are hero's and inspire me and changed me they brought me out of the dark very dark and into the light, and their and still are my angels to me because they saved me..even when i get depressed they help me their lyrics are amazing their amazing
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    Way to bump a dead thread.

    You're a bit late, eh?
  8. yea i rejoined the forum last
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    yer, MCR didn't save my life, but this is yeow pruty cul =)
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    Do I still have time for my history?
    I mean.. I join to forum not to long ago and I'd really like to collaborate with this.. Pleaaaase ; _ ;
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    I don't know, you'd need to speak to Vicki (RIOT!). But I'm guessing, since this was finished in October 2007.. that she gave it to the boys at the November show. So, I think you're a bit late tbh.
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    Well the second book never actually happened, a lot of us just grew out of the band and we'd already given them one book with all the stories in last March, maybe when I go to see them next year or something I might make them something, who knows!
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    How they saved me:

    When I broke up with the one who brought me to MCR music, I listened to Linkin Park for almost an hour, tried to pretend that he was standing right in front of me, tried to scream at him. I told myself that I would stop listenning to I'm Not Okay and that I'd throw my life down to the hole like I used to do before I started listenning to MCR. I cut myself. Then my dad came in and started to shout at me like he always does whenever I turn on my music. I cried a lot but no matter how hard Linkin Park tried to tell me how much they understand me, their music cannot cheer me up the way My Chemical Romance always does. I spent the whole night listenning to all the songs in I brought you my bullet you brought me your love and started to think that I wasn't feeling any hopelessness, that I still got the belief in love deep in my heart and then I decided not to give a care if the one I love doesn't love me anymore. I stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning with tears on my smile. I really did feel better and threw away the thought of having another cut on my face.

    On the next day, I got bad Mathematics marks at school and it really did give me a kick. I felt so useless and cried alone in the bathroom. I left the mp3 played randomly and laughed like a crazy patient. All of the memories about what I've been through with and without the one I loved came back together and I thought about how my parents would feel when I bring those marks home. But when I took my little blade out of the wallet, decided to kill myself in 5 second so that I could help the world expelling a worthless fellow, the mp3 turned from Suicidal of Ablaze My Sorrow into Famous last words and I cried like I've never cried before. I swore at myself in the mirror and first time in my life I felt guilty to maltreat myself for so long. I dried my face up at the end of the song, put on a smile and looked at it in the mirror and told myself that I wouldn't be afraid of this life anymore. (Still I always do it whenever I feel down).

    When I first lisetened to My Chemical Romance music, I thought that it was too cheerful for someone who is always enjoying self-suffering like me, that they were just trying to raise us up in general instead of understanding what's in our brain. But after getting through such a horrible time, I realized that no one else but My Chemical Romance can really see through such an emo soul and they are also the only ones who could always be there for me though they have no I dea who I am. They are always there and that's all I really need.

    I'm proud I'm their fan. I'm proud that I've met them, shoke hands and received their smiles. I'm proud I stood on the first row on their show. I'm proud of everything that concern my saviors in this darkened life. And I'm proud I was saved by them.

  14. Awww....that made me cry..:( i know how you feel...MCR was the only people that saved me..without them id be dead..!! Im glad they saved you..and im glad you alive today with the MCrmy..:)
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    ^ (@dao nhat ha)
    FLW helped me an awful lot, too. :) It's such a hard hitting kinda song.
  16. dao nhat ha

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    Yes it really really really is!
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    they didnt.. why would they? lol
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    because their lyrics said something to you and helped you through a rough time in your life?

    just MAYBE thats why.
  19. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    yeah. they helped me a lot.

    i was going through a really rough period, feeling down a lot, but everytime i thought about self harming or anything their music somehow came to me...i thought, no, this is so wrong.

    they saved me from doing something stupid i would probably have regretted.
  20. Why would mcr save your life i think your just making a story hahaha or i think.... ok ok ..i wont tell ya hahahahaha very funny hahaha:):)

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