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    Title: House of Horror

    Rating: 12 (horror, occasional strong language)

    Main Characters: Gerard Way (POV), Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero

    Summary: When Gerard's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the boys go into a nearby house for help. Little did they know that the house is deserted...

    Genre: Horror, Mystery, Adventure

    Disclaimer: I do not own the band. All writings within are entirely fictional.

    Chapter Index: Chapter One- Page 1
    Chapter Two- Page 1
    Chapter Three- Page 1
    Chapter Four- Page 1
    Chapter Five- Page 2
    Chapter Six- Page 2
    Chapter Seven- Page 2
    (This is my first fanfiction on this site, so it probably isn't as amazing as some of the other ones. Feedback would be great :D)
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    A slow, dull groan escaped from my throat, pouring from my lips like liquid venom dripping off of a cobra’s fangs. The car ground to a halt, the engine cut and we were all left in complete silence: I raked my hand backwards through my black hair and sighed.

    “Where the hell are we?” My friend Ray asked, his hair masking most of his face which I assumed was either worried or irritated.
    “The middle of nowhere…” I yawned: it was pretty late to be fair. “Nearest petrol station is miles away, I’ll have to call mom and get her to pick us up.” I felt butterflies run through my stomach: I wasn’t supposed to be out this late in my parent’s eyes. What, I’m 17, I can drive and I could probably live alone, but I’m not allowed out past ten? Oh please.

    “Hurry up and call mom.” A sharp voice that I knew well cut through the silence, a knife slicing through an apple. My brother, two years younger than me but just as mature, if not more so. “It’s cold.”
    I sighed and rummaged in my deep jacket pockets for my mobile, flipping it up and pressing the power button. “Shit, shit, this can’t be happening….”
    “What?!” Ray seemed to be in a state of panic, his hair bouncing as he whipped round to face me.
    “My phone’s dead!” I snapped it shut and threw the stupid thing into the back of the car, resulting in a small yelp from Mikey. It probably hit him in the face or something. Ray pulled out his phone, which luckily had charge in it, but….

    “No service!” Ray whined. “We’re stuck here forever, and we’ll be grounded for years, we have no food and nothing to drink, we’re going to die!” He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me violently.

    “Ladies, calm down!” Mikey joked, pulling us apart. “Someone will drive by sometime, and if it gets that far then we can drink rainwater!” I looked out of the window; it was pitch black but I could see the heavy rain slashing against the window. The car was lit up by a huge flash of lightning streaking across the sky and illuminating our faces white like ghosts.
    “I wanna stop, quit the game!” Mikey’s friend, Frank. I didn’t realise he didn’t like storms, but I hated seeing him upset. I reached into the back and took his hand.
    “S’ok Frankie, everything will be okay.” I smiled comfortingly, hearing Ray gasp with joy. “What?”
    “A house!” Ray smiled. “Out there.” He pointed out of the window- my eyes followed his finger and, fair enough, an old, crumbling house stood. Covered in ivy and illuminated by the ghostly moonlight, it looked like the sort of place you’d get murdered in a horror movie. My brother seemed to be having the same thought.

    “There is absolutely no way that we go in there.” He spat. “No, we’ll all die!”
    Surprisingly, it was Frank that challenged him. “No Mikey. This could be a life or death situation, it’s a cold night.” He took a deep breath and locked eyes with me. “We’re going in.”
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    awesome! keep it up :3 <3 ~Abbie <3
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    FRANK YOU SO MUCH :') <3
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    I unclipped my seatbelt and pushed open the car door on my side, the wind blowing the rain bullets into my face. It hurt like hailstones, like solid metal, but I scrunched up my eyes and stood outside. The wind pulled at my heavy leather jacket as I hurried the other three out of the car and across the slippery road. The road was wide, and once we’d reached the edge there was still a trek across a waterlogged field.

    “This better be worth it…” Mikey spoke through gritted teeth as his Converse filled with cold, muddy water. I was almost knee deep in grass, ankle deep in the foul liquid. Seeing that he was struggling, I picked Frank up and carried him along. He was tiny, at least 5 inches smaller than the rest of us, and he looked as if the strong wind would blow him away. To tell the truth, I probably liked him a little more than I should if I wanted to call him a friend as opposed to a crush. The farther we walked, the further away the house seemed to get.

    “Do you think it’s a mirage?” Ray asked. It was hard to hear his voice over the wind and rain.
    “A what?” I called back, lightning striking overhead again.
    “Y’know, a mirage. It’s when your brain tricks your eyes into thinking you’ve seen something but it’s actually your imagination. Like a lot of people in the desert: they think they see a pool of water so they go towards it to get a drink. In the end it’ll either keep getting further away until they realise, or it’ll just disappear.” Ray lectured us. “It’s usually something you want or need, like water in a desert, or for us, shelter in a storm.”
    “Why we didn’t stay in the car I don’t know.” Mikey was visibly irritated, his hair clinging to his forehead. “Cars are the safest place to be in a lightning storm because the rubber on the tyres insulates the electricity.” I had no idea if that was true or not: it was probably true coming from my nerdy brother, but perhaps he was just making up excuses. He hated rain.

    “Would everybody please just shut up?” Frank yelled, making me jump. Could tell this storm was making him nervous. “Mirage or not, we keep going. This house is our only chance. If we go back to the car we’ll get twice as wet, catch hypothermia and possibly die. Nobody wants that do they?!” We fell silent and kept walking.
    Ray occasionally took his phone from his pocket, but judging by his facial expression all phone signal had abandoned us. Why did it all have to happen at once?!-car runs out of petrol, the worst storm there’s been in years, no phone service… The rain was getting harder. I held Frank close and carried on.
    Someone was humming quietly and I didn’t blame them: the rain created enough noise but it was just nice for some human acknowledgment. It took my mind off everything, and the pelting hailstones didn’t seem as cold and they landed down my neck and melted into my t-shirt. I had no idea how much time had passed by the time we’d reached the house.

    “Well this is it…” Ray lifted his large hand, made a fist and thumped it against the door.
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    Hey, you'd probably get a few more readers if you were to space out your lines in-between paragraphs and dialogue. Readers get turned off when they see chunky blocks of text sometimes. :]
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    I love this so far. Continue, please. :)
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    A wait. A horrible, silent wait.

    Why did we even come here? Ray’s fault, he saw the house. Frank’s fault for silencing Mikey. My fault for disobeying mom, not filling the car with petrol. The environment’s fault for the crap weather and no phone service.

    “There’s nobody home.” Mikey’s voice cut through my swirling thoughts. I gulped and stepped forward, knocking again, a little harder than Ray did. I could feel the wood of the door cracking and splintering as my hand collided with it; I wondered who else had done the same before me. Another wait, silence closing in on us like a claustrophobe’s nightmare. The rain was silent but harder as the hail stopped, and from the edge of my peripheral vision I saw lightning rip through the pitch black sky like a monster’s claw ripping through the flesh of its prey… Now really wasn’t the time to be thinking about horror movies. Not now, when you’re about to lead your friends, unarmed, into an old, deserted house in the middle of the night…

    “Maybe it’s a rich old lady.” Frank raised an eyebrow. “She’s a really slow mover, so she’s still on her way to the door?”
    “Oh please!” Mikey spat, a little insensitively, and I shot him a glare that said ‘you’ve said enough’. Ray ran his long fingers down the panels of the door and rattled the handle softly.
    “Y’know, I’d say nobody’s opened this door in a very long time.” He sighed. “But the wood’s weak,, so we could probably break the whole thing in easier than we could actually turn the handle and open it that way.”

    “How long is a long time?” Mikey raised an eyebrow. “We have to time it just right: if it’s only been…say 2 years or so, there could still be a fully formed dead body in there, or if it’s been hundreds of years then the house will be falling down, and there’s a risk we die from asbestos or something…” I chuckled softly: from our decisions we could tell that it was Mikey who’d analysed every single horror film, right down to the exact colour of the fake blood. It was a little worrying that he was so well acquainted with the state of abandoned old houses. I rested a hand on Mikey’s shoulder, letting him know on behalf of everyone else that we’d heard enough of the monologue.

    “So…” I asked, literally squeezing the water from my Iron Maiden shirt, causing everyone to jump back as they greyish liquid splashed onto the large stone that the house used as a doorstep. “Are we going in?”
    Mikey bit his lip, looking back at the sheet of rain pouring onto the field, lit up by yet more lightning. “I suppose we should.” He looked to poor Frank, who was shivering. “Look, his fingers are going blue. He could get hypothermia.” None of us really knew what that was, but it seemed right. Mikey was a bit of a science nerd, we trusted him. “It might not be warm in there, but the best we can do now is to get him dry and out of the rain.” I nodded my agreement and gently squeezed Frank into me, telling him everything was okay.

    “How do we get inside then?”
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    Love a horror story just in time for Halloween :)
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    Chapter Four
    I sighed and gripped hold of the door handle; we’d completely given up on the idea that there was somebody in this house, and it was up to us to get in ourselves. Twisting it one way and then the other confirmed Ray’s previous hypothesis- it hadn’t been opened for a very long time. The sound of metal against metal screeched from the handle as flakes of rust fell. It wouldn’t open. I gently set Frank down on the floor so I could have two hands free, and he wobbled a little before standing steadily with the others. His clothes were literally dripping and he was visibly shivering.

    Ray stepped forward, gently ushering me out of the way. He pulled his wallet from his pocket and removed his train ticket, inserting it into the gap between the door and the frame. Sliding it down, the piece of card came to a halt, unable to move.
    “See.” Ray put the card back into his pocket. “It’s locked. Unless we have the key, there’s no chance of getting in.” A groan escaped from the rest of the party as I awkwardly shuffled my feet in the gravel.
    “Pick the lock?” Mikey suggested.
    “There doesn’t appear to be a keyhole…” Ray studied the door, running his hands down the frame. “Maybe it’s some kind of…puzzle lock?”
    “Dude, they only exist in movies…”

    I didn’t hear Frank’s voice: it was blurted out by my train of thought. When my feet had rifled through the gravel, I’d uncovered a stone. A bizarre stone in a diamond shape with all sorts of old fashioned carvings, one that couldn’t be naturally made. I bent down and picked it up, rubbing the dirt away with my thumb.
    “What’s that Gee?” Mikey asked, peering over my shoulder.
    “I don’t know…” I bit my lip. “But I have a feeling it can help us open this door.” Walking up to Ray’s side, I passed him the stone. He studied it carefully and the looked back to the door.
    “I don’t see where it fits in.” He frowned. “It’s too wide to fit in the gap and push the lock up, but there’s nowhere else it could go…”
    “Here.” Frank pulled the leg of my jeans from where he was kneeling on the floor and I dropped down next to him, my eyes tracing the line of where he was pointing. Then I saw it- a hole in the bottom of the wall, the exact same shape of the stone.
    “You genius!” I wrapped Frank in a hug, giggling as our shirts stuck together with the dampness. Retrieving the stone from Ray, I slid it into the gap: it fit like a glove and a huge smile spread across my face. I heard the cogs of the mechanism click and turn, followed by the loud clunk of the bolt sliding back.

    The door creaked open a fraction naturally from the pressure release; the heavy, outward-opening door had been leaning on the bolt, and I was surprised it hadn’t given out. This was turning into a proper horror film- the storm, being stranded in the middle of nowhere, an old house and now a mysterious twist in the tale… I took a deep breath and swung the door all the way open. Lightning streaked the sky and lit up the small area of the house immediately in front of us: it was mainly just a thick dust cloud. I stepped inside.
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    Loved the update~ More soon? :)
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    Laken- sure, I'll probably update tonight :3

    Chapter Five
    Coughing as the almost solid air permeated through my lungs, I waved my hand
    in front of me to clear the way and test if there were any objects obstructing my path. It was much darker in the house than it was outside; it sounded impossible but my entrance through the doorway felt like a light being turned off as I entered the abyss that was this house. Turning sideways so I could see both in front and behind me, I nodded to the others who were poised around the doorway.

    “It’s safe.” I whispered, my voice a little hoarse from all the dust. Ray stepped in first, dipping his foot into the pool of darkness as if he was testing it for something. He stepped onto the ancient, splintering floorboards followed by an equally cautious Mikey. I shivered a little: it was cold in here, but warmer than outside. It was our best option: I could just about handle returning to Mom and apologising for keeping my baby brother and two friends out overnight in an old derelict house, but explaining how Frank died of hypothermia or something was too much. “C’mon guys.” I held my arm out for Frank to take and he grabbed it almost instantly. He was scared- we were all scared.

    Mikey started to cough like I had done, only more vigorous. He turned round and rushed back to the doorway, gulping in the fresh, rainy air.
    “You okay?” I called to him. He nodded and turned to face us.
    “You guys go explore, I’ll wait here and hold the door open. The dust will float outside, plus get some fresh air in here to take away the smell of rotting dead body.” He smirked and his eyes flashed mischievously in the scarce light. I heard Frank whimper a little but I just sighed and shook my head.
    “Okay. Shout if you need us, we won’t be far. Don’t let the door shut because it might lock.” Ray patted Mikey on the shoulder before looking across to us. He held his phone under his chin, lighting up his face in classic ghost story style. “Let the horror begin!”

    I couldn’t deny it: I was damn petrified. I resisted the temptation to shake like a leaf in the storm outside and whimper like a dog on its deathbed. The door of the house opened into a hallway; from what I could see from our phones’ light it was pretty bare. The wallpaper was scratched and faded, my eyes were peeled for signs of blood or writing on the walls. I’d watched enough movies to know when we should get out of here. To my left I spotted the classic ‘cupboard under the stairs’, masked by a thick layer of cobwebs which looked like those fake ones you buy at the dress up store to decorate your house on Halloween- the whole thing was making me doubt if this wasn’t a hoax set up for us. Probably by Mom to teach us not to stay up late…how I wished that I’d listened to her now. I made a mental note to avoid the cupboard at all costs and followed Ray around the corner into the first room, Frank still on my arm.

    Shelves full of cracked glass bottles lined the bare walls of what I presumed was the living room. Large shapes which were probably sofas and other items of furniture were covered in white dust sheets covered with splats and smears of various liquids, the kind you put down when you’re painting and decorating the house. Combined with the ripped wallpaper everywhere, that seemed like a reasonable theory. I gulped down the lump of fear in my throat and grabbed a fistful of dust sheet, just as a huge bang shook the entire house and we were plunged back into darkness.
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    Yikes! Great atmosphere :)
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    More, more, more!!
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    I may need some help from an experienced writer on this- have I rated it correctly? I gave it a 12 for occasional bad language and horror, but a few of my friends have read it and found it really scary, so should I put it up to a 15? I'm not 15 yet myself so that would be strange :')

    Chapter Six
    I didn’t want to be that one that spoke, broke the silence, but it was killing me. I gulped and cleared my throat.

    “W-what was that?” My voice was distorted by fear and other emotions swirling around my stomach.
    “Sorry!” Mikey called from the hallway. “I let go of the door, I’ll get it open in a second!” I sighed with relief and my knees stopped trembling; I stooped down to pick up Frank’s phone which he’d dropped when we’d heard the bang. I grabbed the dust sheet again and pulled it off, revealing a slightly battered if perfectly fine sofa. Frank let go of my arm and sat on it instantly, and his little hum of pleasure confirmed it was safe. Well why wouldn’t it be safe, it’s a sofa?! Gosh, I was overthinking everything; the house was inside my head…

    “Shove over.” I smiled to Frank and he did so politely, and I sat down, trying to avoid the wet patch his sopping clothes had left. My eyes traced a rip on the wallpaper that went from the floorboards right up to where wall met ceiling. I saw a photo frame, and I stood to have a closer look. Illuminated only by the distant light of Frank and Ray’s phones, I could barely make out the picture, but it appeared to be of a house. This house. Although it was dark in the room I could tell that it was a black and white photo, which instantly dated it. Without colour I could see that it was a happy picture, because the boggy field we’d just walked through was lush and cut neatly short: short enough to be cared about, but you could tell the gardener was no perfectionist. I liked it that way though, because it looked real and I could relate to it, like it could have been my house. A few flowers scattered the lawn, and an old motor car was parked at one side of the house. That brought the date forward a little, and also gave me a little clue about the house owner. If cars had been invented and members of the public were able to own them, then colour photographs would have been available. However, they’d used black and white, so that told me they couldn’t afford the brand new stuff. Studying the car in the picture carefully, I could see it was a little scratched, over polished as if to hide the fact that it wasn’t that brilliant. Second hand. In the centre of the image was a family: a man and a woman in their twenties, possibly early thirties, and two children- a little boy and a little girl. They looked about the same age and had the same hair colour; I came to the conclusion that they were twins.

    I ran my hands over the picture; feeling quite touched by it, and was suddenly desperate to know what happened to them. Why did they leave? And why didn’t they sell this house? Surely the children must be alive still, if not the parents also? I heard footsteps behind me, followed by breath down my neck and the ghostly brush of hair next to my face as Ray peered over my shoulder.

    “What’s that?” He asked softly, shining his phone onto the picture. The light reflected off of the glass and straight into my eyes, making me scrunch them up and step back, almost dropping the picture. “Sorry…” He apologised and tilted the phone so we could both see comfortably. I explained to Ray about the picture, and how I’d deduced about the people. His eyes lit up with excitement.
    “This sounds like a plan! The house seems pretty intact in terms of furniture, so maybe they’ll have named documents somewhere in here?” Ray seemed as eager as me to find out about these people. He had just left me to rifle through the drawers in a nearby sideboard when Mikey ran up to me, stumbling through the doorway in the dark. When he reached me, he wrapped his arms around my waist and sobbed hysterically into my already soaked shirt. I gasped and tried to calm him, hugging him back.

    “Hey, hey, what’s wrong?!” I asked, trying to stay calm.
    “Please don’t hate me, it’s not my fault, I’m sorry but please, it was an accident…!” He gushed without pausing for breath once.
    “Whoa, what? What was an accident?!” I tilted his head up to look into my eyes and wiped his tears. “Calm down.”
    He took a deep shaky breath. “When I let go of the door…the stone must have fallen out. I can’t open it, we’re locked in.”
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    ok so this is basically perf

    ok, it is actually scary. And this comes from a girl who spends a lot of time sitting in the dark watching horror movies

    but asdfghjkl

    Frankie sounds adorable
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    Chapter Seven
    “You WHAT?!” Frank screeched, standing up from the sofa, his previously wobbly legs finding some hidden resource of strength. Ray sighed: I could tell that he was genuinely discombobulated by the matter, but he wasn’t one to hold grudges or get angry. I gave Mikey a squeeze and handed him a tissue to wipe his eyes.

    “Don’t worry, any of us could have done it…” I paused as Frank muttered something under his breath that I assumed was either rude or nasty, or possible both. “…let me try and open it.”
    Maybe we weren’t really locked in? Maybe Mikey was just struggling with the door handle? I kept thinking of theories in my head: it gave me hope and took my mind off of the fact that we could be locked inside this house of horror. I stood in front of the door, the other three behind me. I could feel Mikey’s cold, fast breath down my neck in anticipation; Frank was already angry with him and we all knew how violent he could get when he was angry. I firmly grasped the handle and twisted: it turned, and a smile spread across my face. But when I pulled it towards me, there was no movement.
    “Shit…” I breathed, trying again. Failed. I kicked the door and tugged harder. Mikey had been right: we were locked in.
    “Mikey Way, I’m gonna kill you!” Frank ran at my brother, water droplets streaking from his still soaked clothes. I tried to stop them, but the inevitable happened. Ray stepped back, desperate not to get involved. The absence of the light of his phone made a huge difference to my vision, not that I particularly wanted to see my brother fighting with my best friend. A squeal from Mikey told me that Frank had jumped on him.

    “Get…off me…midget…” Mikey spat as Frank pulled at his hair. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit disappointed with how childish they were. It pained me to think that in a couple of years’ time these two would be driving cars, getting jobs, maybe even getting married…
    “Would you two just call it off?!” Ray’s muffled voice resonated through from the living room; he was like a big brother to us all and I knew he didn’t like it when any of us had fights. Usually he’d be the one breaking the fight up, or organising a compromise or solution the settle our differences, but from peeking around the doorway into the living room I saw him curled up on the sofa and his hands over his ears. This house was getting to all of us.

    I sighed and walked in, deciding that Ray’s idea was the best idea, and sat next to him on the sofa, leaning back and stretching my legs out. Frank was thrown across the room by an angry Mikey: the first crash came when he hit the wall, vibrating the whole house. The picture that I’d been looking at wobbled and fell onto the floor, the glass of the frame smashing as it did so. But I’ forgotten about the people. I’d forgotten that we were locked in a deserted house with no food or water. I’d forgotten that my best friend who I had a bit of a crush on could have contracted hypothermia and now even been injured in a fight with my little brother.

    I just shut my eyes and nestled into Ray’s shoulder: it was going to be a long night.
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    This is brilliant, I love the atmosphere.

    You'll need to update your chapter index within 24 hours though, or as per site rules your fic will be locked.
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    I love this a lot. Everything is very well put together. Continue soon? :)
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    I really like this story :) more soon yeah?

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