Homophobia is gay! (Frerard)

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  1. Amyx

    Amyx Guest

    Title: Homophobia is gay!
    Rating: 15
    Disclaimer: This is all fiction.
    Main Characters: Gerard,Frank, Mikey, Ray, Bob and Annie
    Summary: Gerard has for a long time tried to deny his feelings for Frank, but one day he can’t deny them anymore. Now it is really important to keep the affair a secret to the other guys.
    Genre: Romance

    Author note: It’s the first fanfic I’ve ever wrote, so be gentle :p As for now i'm not super pleased with the begining of the fic, but as it stands this was the first thing i ever wrote, and then it would be a miracle if i was pleased with it. But i can't change the begining of the fic either so i just have to outstand it! And when i read through the chapters i'v updated i se a lot of writong mistakes or wordmistakes, well dont mind them, i'm sure you get what i meant with the line anyway! :p

    Chapter Index:
    Chapter 1 - Page 01 ~*~ Chapter 10 - Page 08 ~*~ Chapter 19 - Page 15
    Chapter 2 - Page 01 ~*~ Chapter 11 - Page 09 ~*~ Chapter 20 - Page 16
    Chapter 3 - Page 02 ~*~ Chapter 12 - Page 09 ~*~ Chapter 21 - Page 18
    Chapter 4 - Page 03 ~*~ Chapter 13 - Page 10 ~*~ Chapter 22 - Page 19
    Chapter 5 - Page 04 ~*~ Chapter 14 - Page 11 ~*~ Chapter 23 - Page 20
    Chapter 6 - Page 05 ~*~ Chapter 15 - Page 12 ~*~ Chapter 24 - Page 21
    Chapter 7 - Page 06 ~*~ Chapter 16 - Page 12 ~*~ Chapter 25 - Page 23
    Chapter 8 - Page 07 ~*~ Chapter 17 - Page 13 ~*~ Chapter 26 & 27- Page 23
    Chapter 9 - Page 07 ~*~ Chapter 18 - Page 14 ~*~ Chapter 28 - Page 24

    Chapter 29 - Page 25 ~*~ Chapter 38 - Page 32 ~*~ Chapter 47 - Page 39
    Chapter 30 - Page 25 ~*~ Chapter 39 - Page 33 ~*~ Chapter 48 - Page 40
    Chapter 31 - Page 26 ~*~ Chapter 40 - Page 34 ~*~ Chapter 49 - Page 41
    Chapter 32 - Page 28 ~*~ Chapter 41 - Page 34 ~*~ Chapter 50 - Page 42
    Chapter 33 - Page 29 ~*~ Chapter 42 - Page 35 ~*~ Chapter 51 - Page 43
    Chapter 34 - Page 30 ~*~ Chapter 43 - Page 35 ~*~ Chapter 52 - Page 44
    Chapter 35 - Page 30 ~*~ Chapter 44 - Page 36 ~*~ Chapter 53 - Page 45
    Chapter 36 - Page 31 ~*~ Chapter 45 - Page 37 ~*~ Chapter 54 - Page 47
    Chapter 37 - Page 31 ~*~ Chapter 46 - Page 38 ~*~ Chapter 55 - Page 49

    Chapter 56 - Page 50
    Chapter 57 - Page 51
    Chapter 58 - Page 53
    Chapter 60 - Page
    Chapter 61 - Page
    Chapter 62 - Page
    Chapter 63 - Page
    Chapter 64 - Page
    Chapter 65 - Page



    Chapter 1.

    “No! No please! Anything but that!” I begged, pulling the stronger man’s sleeve. “You are such a pussy! It won’t hurt you, you know” the stronger man laughed.
    I looked helpless to my right and on another big guy, the one with the curly head. “Ray?” I said, looking for support. The curly guy named Ray answered “don’t worry Gerard, well only rent one horror movie’’ and smiled to me. “And if the monster suddenly comes out of the TV screen we always have our little Frank her to help!’’ my brother Mikey added and punched Frank teasingly. Frank posed in a macho pose and said “Course I will! No living creature dear touch you while I am around!” Bob let out an unbelieving giggle which Frank caught. “Don’t worry Bobby boy, I’ll save you as well” Frank blew him a kiss. Bob pursed his lips together in disgust.
    I sighted and let go of Bob’s sleeve. “Well then we’ll rent one horror movie, but then I will decide on which comedy we’ll rent!” I said firm. The others agreed on that, and so I picked Ace Ventura; when nature calls. Bob just had to pick The grudge cause he knows I really hate that movie. Frank wouldn’t stop jumping up and down and scream “this one, this one!” until we agreed on watching The nightmare before Christmas AGAIN.

    It’s always like this on Fridays. Me and my friends Bob, Ray, Frank and Mikey go to rent some movies that we’ll watch threw the night. And every Friday it’s a battle about how many horror movies we are going to rent. After a battle, which I usually lose, we got to Bob’s place to watch the movies.

    You may think that it’s weird for me to be best friend with my younger brother, but for me it’s totally natural. There is also an age difference between me and my other friends, I meet Frank (who is 4 years younger than me) trough Mikey, and my good friend Ray introduced me to his good friend Bob. We all started to hang out, like two years ago, and since then we have been best friend.
    Oh and I’m Gerard, Gerard way, I’m 20 years old and I’m totally scared of horror movies and of course my friends Loves them.

    Bob lives in the basement of his parent’s house. Down there it’s a bed room a living room and a tiny bathroom. I can’t remember the color of the walls cause Bob likes to cover every inch of his basement with posters and pictures. In the small living room there is mainly a big TV which we all love, and there is one small couch with room for only three persons, and then its one big chair.

    Since there are five of us and only four seats, we always start to fight about the sitting places. It usually ends with Frank (who is the smallest) to sit on the flour ore on the side of the chair.

    ~ On the way to Bob’s house ~

    “… And I will tattoo a scorpion on the side of my neck, and one day I will have my whole arm full And I want something over my knuckles” Frank is babbling to Mikey about all the tattoos he wants. Frank is only 16 so he has to wait with the tattoos, but he has two piercings, one ring in his nose and one in his lip. He really suits them. Whenever he gets shy he starts playing with his lip ring, and he is so cute when he does that.
    Before you get anything wrong I must say that I am totally heterosexual, it’s just that I think Frank is really pretty. His smooth skin, his tiny cute nose, his beautiful black hair which sometimes covers his one eye, his lovely eyes that is. He is also so tiny, so cute, and so helpless, he is truly a masterpiece. But as I was saying, I am totally straight.

    Mikey chuckles of something Frank has said and straightens his glasses. My brother totally locks like a big geek, and I must admit that I kind of dig that about him.
    I look over at Bob and Ray, Bob is really handsome too; with his blond hair and his amazing blue eyes. Bob also has a lip ring. Then it’s Ray, Ray has such cool hair, so fluffy and curly, it looks like he has a brown sheep on his head.
    And then it’s me, I just have long messy black hair and I am a bit chubby, not attractive at all after my opinion.

    “Hey Gerard, snap out of it” Bob’s voice brings me back. “Yeah what?” I say, “Can you hold this for a sec?” he asked and raise the bag with the soda and candy we bought earlier to me; I realize we are in front of Bobs front door. “Course I can” I say and take the bag.

    “What’s up, you’re so quite” Frank slaps my head slightly. God he really is beautiful, his big eyes are staring at me in wonder. “Just thinking, nothing to worry about” I say, putting up a smile, he really cares about me. Whenever I go a bit quiet he gets worried right away, afraid that something bad has happened to me. “Key” he says smiling a wry smile.
    I can hear that Bob is fumbling with the house keys, and so has the other guys. This is it; all of us keep a good eye on the Keys while Bob raise them to unlock the door. Three, Two one go! The door swings open and all of us storms inn at once. The fight about the sitting spots has started.

    Hehe hope you guys like it ;P
  2. JrockFtwx3

    JrockFtwx3 New Member

    Soo cuuute :D looking forward to update :D
  3. Clarkk.!

    Clarkk.! New Member

    This is pretty cute, :)
    Please continue, I really do like it.

    Oh, and I agree, homophobia is gay.
  4. Nukyster

    Nukyster Active Member

    hehehe (A): And then it’s me, I just have long messy black hair and I am a bit chubby, not attractive at all after my opinion. Ohw believe me you are pretty, go chubby guys. I like it so far, Gee made me think of one of my friends who got an earthshattering nightmare after watching Little Nemo with me when we where a little younger. I always love it when people completly freak out watching movies.
    so looking for more^^
  5. Amyx

    Amyx Guest

    Thanks you guys! :D it really makes me happy that you like it! :D<3
  6. Amyx

    Amyx Guest

    Chapter 2.

    After storming down the stair, a lot of pushing and cursing we have taken our seats. I got the best spot, in the middle of the couch with Bob and Ray on each side of me. Frank surprisingly got the chair, and so Mikey had to sit on the floor.
    We all eat as much candy and chips as we could, and drank lots of Coke. The first movie we watched is Ace Ventura. That movie is damn funny, and we all laugh our head of while imitating Jim Carry.
    I watch Frank, he is giggling, so cute, he kind of lays in the chairs, with his legs over one of the chairs arms with his own arms crossed behind his head, so sexy.
    When the movie was done I really needed to take a piss, all that coke.

    I’m thinking about Frankie while I wash my hands, his lips looks so smooth, wonder how it is to kiss them. I did not say that I wanted to kiss them! I just wondered about what it would be like, but I don’t want to, nuhu! Cause I’m straight.

    When I enter the living room again I find that Mikey has taken my seat in the middle of the couch. And not only that, but they have putted on the grudge! Hell no if I sit alone on the floor while that movie is playing!
    “Mikey, you’ve taken my seat” I start, but he cuts me of “it’s only fair! You sat hear through the last movie, now it’s my turn”. “But but, I sat there first!” I said, aware of how childish that sounded, so of course Bob started to laugh at me. “Gerard...” Frank calls my name “… sit hear” he tapes the arm of his chair. I’d love to sit next to him, but now that we are going to watch the grudge I prefer to sit between Bob and Ray.
    I did not pouch the subject, so I sat down on the side of Frank’s chair. Frank changed his sitting position so that I could sit there a well, now he was sitting in Indian style.
    Ray pouched the play button and the movie started.

    Fuck fuck fuck. I was so scared, the other boys actually laughed when someone got killed in the movie, I almost pissed my pants when the grudge lady killed someone. She is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I wined and turned around to face Frankie. I looked at him with a death scared lock; I was so scared, sitting there on the edge of the chair alone. Frank caught my lock and held it for some seconds. Then he suddenly grabbed me around my waist and dragged me down on him to sit on his lap. I was taken by surplice and for some seconds the only thing in the world for me was Frank and me. The grudge lady made her creaking sound, fuck how I hated that sound, I whined and curled up to a little ball on Frankie’s lap, hiding my head in his chest. I could hear Ray whistle, and Bob saying “Ooooo! Paaaansy’s!” they laughed. Mikey did not, but this did not worry me at the moment cause I was so close to Frankie. I had never been so close to him before, I could feel his heart beats, and his body warmth was so pleasant. I was not scared anymore; this was actually kind of comfortable. Frankie smelled so sweet and good.

    “Give us a kissing performance guys!” Bob teased, and Frank picked up a pillow and hit him with it “I’d bet you’d like that Bryar!” Frank spat at him. “Can’t you see he’s scared to death? I would have done this to you to if you were this scared” he said and turned his head back to the TV. “Sorry man, was just joking” Bob said, and laid a hand on Franks shoulder. Frank tapped Bob’s hand, showing that he was not mad.

    We all went back to watch the movie in silence. I felt kind of awkward; I was lying like a kitten in the lap of my much smaller and younger best friend, who also was a guy.
    I could not resist it so I snuggled my head onto Frank’s chest, and he started to stroke my back. It felt so good, but at the same time so wrong. I was glad that it was dark, cause I would rather not se Mikey’s expression if he saw that Frank was stroking my back. I know that both I and Frankie are straight, ore I actually don’t know if Frank is, but he had a girlfriend before, so this means nothing. No matter how gay it seems.

    I dared to take a look at the TV screen. Of course the grudge lady just had to pop up on the screen at that moment. I whined and grabbed franks T-shirt around the chest area. I could feel that he also had gotten a bit scared, cause now he was all tense. I could judge out of the screaming from the TV that something terrible happened over there, Frank lowered his head, and wrapped his arms around me.
    I locked up at him “Scared?” I whispered and smiled, “not nearly as scared as you though” he whispered back, and I giggled.
    Frank licked his lips, and moved his gaze from my eyes to my mouth and the up to my eyes again. My heart started to beat like fuck, and I blinked. Our faces were only some inches away from one another. Rays irritating voice broke the magic, “It really locks like you guys are being all kissy kissy over there”. I locked up, and Frank turned around, all of the three guys locked big eyed at us. Of course it had locked like we where kissing when Frank had lowered his head.
    This had gone far enough I thought. I got up and throw myself over the other guys “Jeez, if you guys have a problem with Frank comforting me when I am scared then I guess there has to be you guys that comforts me instead!” I know it sounded a bit weird, but I could not think about anything good to say at that moment. “Take me to! I’m scared to!” Frank shouted and jumped on top of us.
    All five of us where now lying in a huge bunch, tickling every inch of the others body that we could reach. Then Bob started to hit with a pillow, and it all turned in to a pillow fight. It seemed like the others had forgot the awkwardness a moment before.
  7. JrockFtwx3

    JrockFtwx3 New Member

    his lips looks so smooth, wonder how it is to kiss them. I did not say that I wanted to kiss them! I just wondered about what it would be like, but I don’t want to, nuhu! Cause I’m straight.
    Hahaaa, Yeah right xD
  8. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    Well you already know that I love it :)
    You're a really good authour, so don't even try deny it. I told you people would like it!
    This is so sweet.

    I'll be looking forward to an update = )
  9. Amyx

    Amyx Guest

    Awie thanks Kriss!<3
  10. Nukyster

    Nukyster Active Member

    I'm not scared of horror movies but if I was in Gee's posittion I would fake a whole lot of screams. Awww I like chubby scary Gee I wanna have him over for movie night and I would MAKE him see 'What lies beneaht' what in my pov is the scarest shit ever. Hey and shoot me if I sound nagging because I should be the last people to nag about it, but you have a few grammar mistakes. Like Ore, is just or. and a few more, tbh I made exacly the same mistakes when I started writing English for the firs time and when I read back what I wrote then I get itchy because it's so bad.
    And for a moment they thought they were going to kiss alreadyXD
  11. Kate.

    Kate. Guest

    I like this =)
    i just read chapter one because i saw Nuky had posted in it (I STALK HER SECRETLY SHHHH! XD) and she has good taste in fics so XP
    yeah i like this one and very strangely the opening of this reminds me of a fic i wrote a few years back (i dont post em on here though long story.. kinda)
    so keep updating =) =)
  12. Frankadoodle

    Frankadoodle Guest

    -new readerness-
    Sure Gee your so straight -laughs-
    I love how you write!
    More whne yoou can??
  13. Athena

    Athena Active Member

    -New Reader-
    OMG I love this.
    That's all I can say.
  14. DearEnemy...

    DearEnemy... New Member

    xD "Because I'm straight."
    Dude, that's what I said when I kissed this chick one time. xP
  15. Ain'tJustForTheFamex

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    -New Reader-

    This story makes me laugh xD
    I love it.
    "It looks like you're being all kissy kissy over there," made me giggle xD
  16. Clarkk.!

    Clarkk.! New Member

    Haha, that update made me laugh, and reminded me of what I used to do with my group of friends - the horror movies almost every Friday night, the laughing at things that are supposed to scare us.

    Keep writing hun. :)
  17. Amyx

    Amyx Guest

    Welcome new readers! Knowing that you like my storry makes me so happy! Thank you so much : D
    And now i’m at Kriss’s place now , i dont have Internet at home so i have to like go to her place to uptade if i’m not at school. So I will update later today.
    And i’m sorry I have some grammar mistake, so Kriss is looking at it : )
  18. chemical

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    -new reader-
    this is well cute :)
  19. Amyx

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    Chapter 3.

    Finally, the grudge ended, and we started to make the beds. Bob’s couch was a sleeping couch, so we pulled that out. And Bob fetched two other mattresses and lay them on the floor. No one likes to lay on the mattress because the couch is more comfortable and besides the mattresses were closer to the filthy floor. Bob was not a good cleaner.
    And in case you were wondering, yeah we have no problem laying in the same bed/couch as our friends, it’s not like we are going to fuck each other in our sleep.
    We dragged out some pillows and covers, and Ray and Mikey (who is best at stuff like that) made the beds.
    Frank and I lay on the mattress discussing music when Bob pointed a finger at us and said “Right, then you two will sleep there tonight! Because I don’t want Gerard under my t-shirt tonight just because he is afraid of some Japanese lady” he laughed, Ray made the creaking sound. Frank could not suppress a giggle, and started to laugh as well, I felt a bit stupid so I laughed too. Only Mikey was serious, “Do you guys really think that’s clever?” he said and looked suspicious on me and Frank.
    When he said that I felt like someone had thrown a bucket of ice cold water on me. How could Mikey, my own brother think that there was something between me and Frank?!
    “What, would you rather have Gerard under your t-shirt tonight?” Bob asked Mikey, not noticing the tone Mikey had used.
    This joke was going too far I thought, “I’m not going to sleep under anyone’s t-shirt, cause I’m not that scared and I do not desire to snuggle onto anyone of your hairy man chests!” I said, a bit too angry. I needed to be alone for a moment, so I excused myself and pretended that I needed to take a piss again.

    I let the water run, I hold on to the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. Why was I getting so pumped about this? How could the other guys think that I wanted to snuggle onto their chest? They were all so hairy, all except Frank. Frank just had a tiny stripe of hair from his bellybutton and down his pants. Yes I would prefer to snuggle up to Frank if I was to snuggle up to any one of them. I splashed some water in my face, no wait, they hadn’t meant it in that way, God I was just getting psyched about nothing, what, was I paranoid? Well, Mikey had had kind of an accusing sound in his voice, but that could just have been me mishearing it.
    “Gerard how long does that piss of yours take? We’ll start the movie without you” Ray knocked on the door. “Just a sec!” I shouted back.
    Okay, calm down, you are over reacting and thinking nonsense. I could hear that the others had started the movie without me so I unlocked the door and entered the living room.

    Bob, Mikey and Ray lay on the sleeping couch facing the TV with their covers over themselves. Ray supported his head up with his arms, and Bob with a pile of pillows. Mikey looked like he was asleep. A little further away Frank sat on one of the mattress's He was sitting with his cover around himself making it like a tent. My mattress was pushed up to Frank’s. “Uhm… No cover for me?” I asked, noticing that there was no cover on my mattress. “Sorry man, you’ll have to share with Frank” Bob said. I kind of felt that that would be wrong, since the tension between me and Frank already was pouched “Don’t you have some blankets or something?” I asked.
    I felt kind of mean, Frank would probably take that as that I did not want to share cover with him, but that was not it, I just was afraid of what the other guys would think if I did.
    “Here you go” Ray said and threw me an ugly flower blanket that had laid on the floor. “Thanks” I said while kicking of my pants, and then I walked toward the madras. Frank was watching me with big Bambie ayes, and did I see a little hurt in them? He looked away when he saw that I had noticed him staring at me.
    “It gets kind of cold down her in the night though” Bob said, he did not need to. I slept here like every Friday for two years, and it was always freezing. Especially in the winter, and now it was like Mars so I could expect it to get kind of cold. “Oh really?” I said ironic.

    We watched the movie threw, without talking so much, we was all sleepy since it was getting kind of late. The clock was 2Am when the movie ended Bob informed us.
    “Well, I call that the night then” Ray said, and laid down ready to sleep. “Yeah me to” Bob lay down as well. “Nighty night you guys” I said. They both grunted something I did not catch back.

    I turned to face Frank. He was looking at me with big eyes, what was up with him starting at me with big eyes every time I turned around? “You can sleep under the cover as well if you want to” he whispered at me. “Uhm, the other guys…” I whispered back, not entirely sure what to say. “I don’t care what they think, but I do care if you freeze yourself to death tonight” he said serious. I suppress a giggle “all righty then miss drama queen” I said trying not to laugh.

    Frank lifted the cover, reviling that he only lay in his boxers. I could not suppress the lust to stare, so my eyes observed his every inch I could see. His strong and masculine arms, they would really suite tattoos. His white chest and his nipples. My eyes followed the stripe of hair that went from his bellybutton and down his boxer. My eyes stopped for a moment at the bulk in his boxer. I felt a little tickling from my lower half.
    What?! Was I starting to get hard from my best friend!?

    “Um…” franks voice made me lift my look up to his face. I could slightly see that he was blushing, and I could feel that I was blushing as well. “Um” he repeated “do you mind me sleeping in only boxers? I mean I think it’s kind of hot under here, and when we both lay under hear it will get even hotter” he rambled. “Oh, no, not at all, just take it all of if you want to” I said, not meaning to say the last thing out loud. Frankie looked at me with his big eyes, making them even bigger that usual. I hawk and said “uhm, well yeah, you’re right, it will get kind of hot” and with that I took off my t-shirt as well.
    I crawled under the covers, feeling Frankie tense as our naked upper body’s meet. I quickly pulled away, trying to make some space between us. It was not that I did not like to be so close to him, it was rather the opposite. I liked too much to be near him, feel his naked skin against mine. I looked into Frankie’s eyes and he looked back into mine. “Gerard…” Frankie breathed out and lifted a hand to my cheek. Oh God, what was going on, why did his touch suddenly make it tickle in my belly, why did his voice make it shiver down my spine? Why did I want do kiss him so badly? Why did I want to feel his naked skin against mine, why this suddenly lust for my best friend Frank.
  20. Athena

    Athena Active Member

    Awww I feel for G
    Just accept your bi, you love Frank.
    Loved the update, I'm itching for more.
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