High School Where It All Begins

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by Freiheit483, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    Yeah, the new one should be up no longer than a week :) x
  2. DeathShineXD

    DeathShineXD Member

    no it finished so sooonnnnnnnnnn D': well it was an awesome story regardless thanks for posting :D xx
  3. Oh fuck. Frankie texted Gee in the end? HOW CAN YOU DO THAT? So.... The baby that I brought up... Mikey and Alicia's??? I'd believe it. I can't believe it's done.... SEQUEL NOW.

    Yes, I wear his clothes. I own 2 pairs of his old pants now. And his Green Day shirt... Oh, and one of his sweat shirts. He stayed over until midnight last night because I wasn't feeling that great. It was cute. He wanted to stay until I fell asleep, but I was still awake when he left.
  4. fnerfejrfberugfjergbekwrmgfehgbtrej OH MY GLOB !!!
    I'M GONNA CRY !!!! (tears of sadness and joy)
    i can not wait for the sequal :D
    but i'm sad this story is over...
    it was fun though. i loved this story so fuckin' much, and i'm gonna miss it.
    frfjkhefergwjfhberjk,,fjherjmjwfbhc !!
    i really feel like crying
    lol okay, well i love you for writing this awesome fan fic and i'm gonna miss it so very very much
    love ya <3
  5. Viktoria Kaulitz <3

    Viktoria Kaulitz <3 New Member

    Aww I cant believe this is already finished. It's one of my favorite fics ever, you did a great job Beth :) I cant wait for the sequel XD
  6. Asthma_Turtle

    Asthma_Turtle Active Member

    I can't believe it's over already either. Great fic. :clap:

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