High School Where It All Begins

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    I just spent the last five hours reading this haha
    And it's great, I love all your characters and your plot line, it beautiful.
    I'm anxious for more :)
  2. OH MY GOB.
    poor gerard, why did he have to drink?!?! :'(
    i hate his roomates, i mean, don't get me wrong i know his roomates are funny but there's just something about them that i've never liked..
    i can't wait for the next update!!!!!
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    macattack<3'sFrerard - Damn Gerard! Ah shit ya give up? Oh shit lol, Oooooh boyfriend cream huh ;) haha

    MyChemSioban - Ah shit lets all scold gerard shall we, makes me wonder what Frankie is up to huh? Haha it sits in the sink and you walk in and its there . . . staring at you as iff you say 'problem?' I'm like for fuck sake Albert(my cats name). He knocked over the ironing board today, no kidding, I don't know how but he managed it! Ah I had a hanster callad Sambuka! It got its head eaten by my dead cat(diffrernt one) Lol poor sammy. I would actually like to see the killer hamster you seem to have!

    Chemical 30 - Hiiiiii! You didn't have to spend that long 0.o Wow you could have read the rest another time lol, I am glad to have you as a reader! And thank you for saying that :) Hope you will read the rest?

    TheBeautyI'mFaking - Damn the mother fucking roomates!! I hate Alex, he is a prick, I promise you that lol. Ready for another update?

    Okay, so who wants to kill me agter this chapter? Anyone? lets find out..... In advance, I'm sorry!

    Chapter Fifty

    LynZ’s POV

    I bolted awake from the sound of my phone ringing, I had fallen asleep again, this time in a load of paint, and paper was stuck to my face, nice LynZ. I quickly pull the paper off my face, but some sticking as the paint had dried. I grasp my phone,

    “Hello!” I said quickly, and tiredly.

    “LynZ?” I heard the familiar Gerard voice, he sounded like he had been crying.

    “Hey, Gerard what’s up?” I command knowing that he was not the same hyper self.

    “Did I wake you?” He asked, stalling.

    “No.” I lied, “Gerard what’s the matter?” I ask again,

    “I did something bad...” He begins to sob,

    “Awww sweetie what did you do?” I ask, feeling that I should be there to hug him, but I was in LA, he was in New York.

    “He’s going to hate me!” He chokes out, not getting enough breath.

    “Gee, breathe calm down. Who is going to hate you?”

    “Frankie, I was drunk last night, and I kissed another guy.” I heard him sniffle and choke again.

    “Awww babe, you were drunk! You couldn’t help it! Was it one of your roommates?”

    “Yeah,” He coughs,

    “Who made the first move?” I ask there was silence.

    “He was flirting and I leaned in not all the way and then he moved and...” I frown at the roommate,

    “Did he know you had a boyfriend?”


    “Then he shouldn’t have done that, and you were drunk.”

    “I kissed him back though!”

    “Did you like it after? Did you feel happy and light, like when Frank kisses

    “No I felt fucking awful, like a cold hearted twat who cheated on his boyfriend. I felt terrible.”

    “Sweetie, calm down. I don’t think this was mainly your fault, he was flirting with you and he knew about Frankie, and you were drunk.” I reassured him, I heard and waited for him to catch his breathe again.

    “Thanks LynZ, but what am I going to do?”

    “Well there is the option not to tell him, I don’t recommend that. Or you could come straight out and explain what happened.”

    “I take option two; I meant what was I going to say?” He sniffs, sounding like he had calmed down.

    “Ring him and tell him what happened, he should understand enough to why it happened.”

    “I haven’t spoken to him in two and a half weeks...” He admits,

    “Okay . . . did he try and contact you?” I ask,

    “We text bluntly. He was always with his new band now, even when I am doing work I text him back. The last text was about a week ago.” He sighs, I could tell he was missing him, I felt for him.

    “Okay, this happened like what? Couple of hours before you rang me?” I looked at my clock, it was half twelve at night, it was later in New York.

    “Just happened about half an hour ago,” He admitted, I felt slightly shocked that I would be the first person he would call.

    “That’s even better, why don’t you try and get some sleep, and then in the morning call Frankie and explain what happened?”

    “Okay, yeah I could do that. I don’t think I will be able to sleep...” I leaned back in my seat,

    “Same, I just woke up.”

    “I knew I woke you up! You should have said!”

    “Nah, I needed to wake up.” I lick my lips and it tasted horrible, paint tasted disgusting, I spat and cursed.

    “What are you doing?” He asks,

    “I fell asleep on some art I was working on, paint and it’s on my face along with some paper and I juts licked my lips and it tasted disgusting!” I wipe my mouth, he chuckles.

    “Don’t laugh at me Gerard Way!” I snapped and smiled.

    “Sorry, but it’s funny!” I smile even more and pick some paper off my face.

    “You’re crazy fair play.”

    “Thank you for noticing Miss Ballato . . . right I had better be going, and can . . . can I call you after to let you know how everything went?” He added with a small voice at the end,

    “Of course you can!” I encourage,

    “Thank you, I miss you ya know.” He admitted sheepishly,

    “Awww I miss you to, maybe in the break I could visit or you could come up to LA?” I suggest, thinking he would say no,

    “That sounds awesome; I have never been to LA before.”

    “I have room in my apartment, it’s a three room. Come and stay whenever ya like.” I said getting up and stretching with one arm.

    “Thanks, you’re the best . . . I’m off, go back to sleep-preferably not on paint- and I will ring ya tomorrow.” He yawned, it made me yawn just hearing him.

    “Thanks I will take that advice and switch to my bed, speak to ya tomorrow!”

    “Love ya!”

    “Love ya too!”

    Frank’s POV

    I sat on my bed, feeling as guilty as I had in a long time. I can’t believe what I had just done; it made me sob out loud. I kissed somebody else, and I was tipsy, and it was only a peak on the lips. My phone stared at me, burned into me, I didn’t want to pick it up, but I knew I had to call him. I had to call Gerard and tell him, and I hadn’t spoken to him in a while.

    I missed him; I actually miss hanging out with the other guys. My new band mates were awesome. And I hadn’t seen the others in a while, apart from Mikey and Alicia in the coffee shop, I was jealous of Gerard’s roommates, that ginger headed due seemed very close to him, jumping on him and all the other shit, he seemed happy, I didn’t really text him that much as I was occupied with the band, recording and shit, we had our first gig in a week, and my throat felt awful from the screaming.

    Then I realised I had to meet them, but I had to call Gerard, but I couldn’t bring myself too. I stood up, hoping I would have better courage later, I picked up my jacket and headed to meet my band.

    Gerard’s POV

    That morning I didn’t have the courage to call Frankie, so I walked around and worked on my art for my next assignment, I ignored Alex all through that time. He kept looking at me in a sexual way, it really irritated me that he kept doing it after I told him I had a boyfriend.

    I got bored of doing art and went to go sit in the living room with Kyle and Damian, Alex had gone out. I sat down on the couch and bit my nails feeling on edge, the other two noticed.

    “He kissed you didn’t he?” Damian said, I looked up and met his eyes.

    “Who?” I asked dumbly and looked down.

    “Alex, he kissed you.” Kyle replied, I frowned and nodded.

    “Damn it! I told him not to!” Damian snapped, I looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.

    “Pardon?” I asked, confused.

    “At first Alex was ignoring you, because you were a good looking guy. Alex always tries to seduce the newbie’s, and you turned out to be better looking than anybody else in this place, he noticed and chose you as a target.” I felt how my mouth opened and closed, my eyes widened in shock.

    “Why? I have a boyfriend.” I spoke, not knowing if I would have one after this.

    “He knows, he doesn’t give a shit. And he will keep trying it now, just to warn ya. If he does manage, make sure you . . . you know, make sure he is the bitch for once? Get me? Might make him feel intimidated...” I stared at them in pure shock, I leaned forward into my hands, then my phone vibrated, I picked up the phone and noticed the caller ID, I was shocked to see it was Frankie. I excused myself and went into my room.

    “Frankie?” I ask with very little voice,

    “Hi Gerard...” His voice seemed odd,

    “How have you been?” I swallow and sigh,

    “I’ve been better; I need to tell you something...” Oh I had something to tell you Frankie.

    “I-I . . . need to tell you something too...” I admitted quietly,

    “Me first . . . I’m sorry Gerard, I was tipsy last night and I kissed another dude on the lips, just a quick normal kiss, it meant nothing and it won’t happen again...” He rushed out, I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t say anything, he had done the same, mine was just worse. He started to apologise again.

    “Frank you don’t need to apologise . . . I kissed another guy as well, not just a peak, I was drunk, and I shouldn’t have been, so stop apologising, because it’s me who should be apologising to you..” I felt some tears run down my cheeks, the phone was silent.

    “You kissed somebody else?” He sounded slightly pissed,

    “Yes, but so did you...” I looked up at the ceiling and bit my lip,

    “Did you tongue him?” I immediately ask, I grimaced,

    “Yes but I was drunk, and he knew about you!” I slammed my fists on the table, angry at Alex and at myself.

    “You’re getting drunk again?” He asked, and I frowned.

    “Just last night, what aren’t I allowed?” I know I really shouldn’t but I never said that I wouldn’t drink again.

    “I didn’t mean it that way!”

    “You were thinking it Frank, even Mikey or Ray or Bob would take it down that road, I know you.” I said as a matter of fact.

    “Did it mean anything to you? The kiss?” I sighed,

    “No, did it with you?” I said, I wasn’t being very friendly, to be honest I was in a foul mood.

    “No, I only peaked on the lips...”

    “I was drunk!”

    “Yeah well maybe you shouldn’t have been!” He hissed, I sighed in frustration.

    “Terribly sorry!” I said, sarcasm dripping from my voice, this time he sighed.

    “I haven’t even heard from you in a while, busy with your roommates?” He snapped,

    “Don’t turn this around onto me, I at least text you back even when I was in class! You were too busy with you fucking band mates!” I snarled,

    “You were always busy with art, even when we were on cam with the others
    you were with them.”

    “Oh I am so sorry for that! You could have called me after, but whenever you are not busy I am, whenever you are busy I am not!” I growled, angry, irritated and I wanted to hit something.

    “Sorry but I can’t help that!” He hissed, I grimaced, and this was not going well.

    “This isn’t working.” I said angrily, as a matter of fact, and leaned back into my seat.

    “Well sorry it had to be that way!” He angered back,

    “Well if I can’t trust you, and you can’t trust me, this is not going to work!” I shouted a bit too loudly.

    “Your right it’s not.” Frank admitted, still pissed.

    “So what we going to do Frankie boy?!” I said pissed off, knowing where this was leading.

    “I don’t know!”

    “Well if we don’t trust each other, and we are arguing like this, there is only one solution!” I shout, snapping one on my pencils in half and chucking it
    across the room.

    “Fine!” He cracked,

    “Fine, we are over! So you can go back to your band mates, not needing to
    worry to call me or text me!” I growled,

    “Yeah you can go fuck you roommates then!” He scolded back,

    “Bye Frankie.” I sighed and said it less angry, more like depressed, then I hung up the phone.

    Okay Now I am Going To Go Hide, but I love you all seriosuly, you should give ya self hugs!! XXO
    they need to get back together. they're just cranky, they love each other!!!
    i hope they get back together. please oh please oh please let them...
    they need to spend time with each other, some how, face to face.
    i hope things work out okay..
    update again when you can?...
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    HOLY SHIT! D: noooo!! Why did they have to do that?!
    Frankie should have understood! Gerard should totally take it out on Alex n' beat him up or something xD
    The ironing board, seriously?! o_O the cat's jus wondered into my room n stared at my legs when she got on my bed. So sorry Tink I forgot this your room not mine n you run the place! XD
    Anyway I loved the update, I hope Gerard n' Frankie kiss n make up!
  6. Awe... I knew it was gunna happen, but still. IT SHOULDN'T HAVE ENDED THIS WAY D': Oh my god.. I'm spazzing a bit right meow.

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    TheBeautyI'mFaking - I'm not feeling guilty not at all... I'm innocent! Want an update? Watched any good scary movies lately?

    MyChemSioban - Glad you liked the update, and yes the mother fucking ironing board! Why are cats so stupid? Lol you cat is like THIS IS MY ROOM!! haha crazy things right? My dog and cat were fighting once and my cat knocked over my guitar.. I was pissed off! Lol bad cat!

    macattack<3'sFrerard - Shit, 0.o spazzing in a good way or bad way? I already know how it is going to end.... You boyfriend is samming you facebook? Ahahah! Awww :)

    Ready for an update??

    Chapter Fifty One

    Mikey’s POV

    “What about this?” I ask and pick up a mini skirt for Alicia; she turns around and raises an eyebrow.

    “You’re joking right? Please tell me you are joking?” I smile,

    “Nah I think it would suit you, very sexy!” I giggle; she just stares, making me look down giggling to myself.

    “Remind me never to bring you shopping again...” I look up, she is to now smiling. I pout and she rolls her eyes and shakes her head. “I hate shopping, really hate it.” She narrows her eyes, I laugh.

    “Oh dear, maybe we should get psycho Simmons out of the clothes section now!”

    “Ha ha very funny, Michael,” She said with sarcasm, she hold out her hand and I take it, she leads us out of the clothes store. We just walked out of the mall and was heading back to mine when I spot Frankie,

    “Hey Frank!” I greet, waving with my free hand.

    “Hey Mike’s, how’s things?” He asks, smiling slightly.

    “Pretty good, what about you?” I ask,

    “Umm, they have been better.” He admits, and sighs.

    “How’s Gerard? Heard from him lately?” He grimaces and looks away; this confused both me and Alicia.

    “You don’t know do you?” He said,

    “Know what?” I ask slowly,

    “We broke up...” He said, and looked to the right, I felt my mouth open and eyes widen in pure shock.

    “Are you serious?!” I exclaim, not being able to hide my shock anymore.

    “Pretty much yeah...”

    “When did that happen?” Alicia asks,

    “Two days ago.”

    “And Gerard didn’t even say anything.” I say through gritted teeth, I had spoken to him since then.

    “Why did you two break up?” Alicia asked another question, I was pissed off and Gerard for not saying anything to me. Frank sighed, and then he explained everything, from him admitting to his crime and to Gerard’s. Leaving me and Al in astonishment, I seriously needed to speak to Gerard.

    “Shit, you going to talk to him?” I ask, I was aghast that Gerard would do such a thing.

    “Nope, don’t plan to. I got to go. I will speak to you later Mike’s. I miss hanging out with you these days.” He admitted and patted me on the shoulder and walked in the direction that we just came from. After that, I literally dragged Alicia back to my place, as I still had a hold of her hand. I only it go to unlock the door. Once we were in I slammed the door shut, I walked into the kitchen and turned around, Alicia was panting slightly, and I gave an apologetic look.


    “It’s fine!” She said and sat down in a chair; I got my phone out and immediately rang Gerard, only it going to voice mail.

    “Shit.” I said and hung up,

    “No answer?”

    “Nope,” I tried twice more, still no answer.

    “They seemed really pissed at each other.” Alicia exclaimed,

    “Yep, and Gerard is avoiding my calls, he always has his phone on him, and whenever I ring this time of day he answers.” I said trying Gerard again.

    “I think he knows what you want to talk to him about.” She said, and I frowned. I sent him a text message.

    ‘Gerard Arthur Way! I know you are avoiding my calls, I need to talk to you and you know why! So stop being such a pansy and pick up the god damned phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -.-‘I added a shit load of exclamation marks at the end.

    “I seriously can’t be asked to go to that house party tonight.” Alicia groaned, I joined in.

    “Me neither, I don’t want to drink alcohol.” I pout, she leans forward and kisses me on the lips.

    “I would prefer boyfriend cream,” She winks and smiles, I laugh.

    “Boyfriend cream?” I ask and raise an eyebrow, she nods.

    “Yeah, I like boyfriend cream, I’m not joking either.”

    “Ah Alicia, what are ya like?”

    “Alicia Simmons, that’s who I am like,” She explains, I chuckle and shake my head.

    “We can’t leave Bobby-socks alone tonight,” I lean in and peak her on the lips.

    “Damn, I know! Let’s talk about boyfriend cream in front of him!” She laughs and sits back; I purse my lips not to laugh, but failed and ended up laughing anyway.

    Gerard’s POV

    I sat down on the couch on my own; the others were out round campus. I looked at my phone, eighteen ignored miss calls from Mikey. I had deliberately ignored him, and he knew it. I knew what he wanted to talk to me about, but I didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to talk to Frank, not at all, and I bet he doesn’t want to talk to me, good. The past two days since it happened, I was in a terrible mood, even Kyle made a joke about putting up warning posters around campus saying ‘warning Gerard Way in foul mood, ignore if ya don’t want you head eaten off’.

    My phone rang yet again, and again I ignored it, make that a total of nineteen ignored miss calls and three messages from Mikey. I would pick up eventually, and when I mean eventually, I mean in quiet sometime. The room door opened and closed, I looked up from my magazine, oh fun Alex is back, goodie.

    “Hi, Gerard, are you going to talk to me without ripping my head off?” He asked I glared at him; he was smiling, why the fuck was he smiling?

    “Oh goodie, Alex is back.” I said sarcastically, he looked amused.

    “So Gerard what size tampons do you need?” He asks, I snap my head in his direction.

    “Fuck off not in the mood!” I growled, my phone rang again, make it twenty.

    “You going to answer that?”

    “No!” I snap, and fold my arms.


    “Because I don’t want to, if you have a problem with me not answering my fucking god damned phone, then go see a bloody doctor, because I can’t help you!” I snarled out in one breath.

    “Could be something important,” He said as a matter of fact, I sigh in frustration, and I swear if he doesn’t leave me alone his face will be improved greatly.

    “It’s not!”

    “Could be your boyfriend,”

    “Again it’s not!” I snapped,

    “I am annoying you aren’t I?” He asked, slightly amused.

    “Yes, so piss off!” I grumble,


    “Oh great, just going to annoy me all night then?” I asked, pissed and turned to face him, he sat down on the couch by me, just to increase my worst mood.

    “No, are you going to be in a shitty mood all night?” He asks, still staring at me.

    “I am always pissing on peoples cornflakes!” I shout, he laughs. “WHAT IS SO FUCKING FUNNY?! JESUS CHRIST YOU ARE ANNYOING AND I SWEAR YOU DO IT ON PURPOSE!” I finally lost it, he sniggered, and just to add to my irritation Mikey tried to call me again, I screamed in frustration. Alex grabs me buy the shoulders, and shake’s me, I look at his aghast.

    “Dude, you need to chill! You are seriously in a fucking shitty mood these past two days, this being the third. Breathe!” He commanded, I stared, I tried it anyway, inhale and exhale. “Better?”

    “No.” I say, not so nastily.

    “Well there’s a start, you’re not trying to scream the place down.” He exclaimed, I look at him, he fucking irritated me, but he had a point, I snickered and shook my head. He let go of my shoulders, I had calmed down a bit, and I think I needed to calm down, I had been snapping at everybody who talked to me.

    “What has actually happened to make you in such a pissy mood?” He asks and raises an eye brow, I stare at him for some time.

    “You annoy me, my ex boyfriend and I broke up, my brother won’t stop ringing me either. And I know you game.” I exclaimed, he raises his eye brow.

    “My game?”

    “Yep!” I said, I got up and went to my room and left him, I logged onto my laptop and onto twitter and tweeted to LynZ as I hadn’t before. Then my phone rang again, I sighed in frustration, grasped my phone,

    “Oh my god Mikey, what?!” I snapped, immediately feeling guilty.

    “Wow you actually picked up!”

    “Yes I picked up, now what do you want that you had to text me four times and ring my twenty odd times?” I asked, knowing what he was going to say.

    “When were you going to tell me about you and Frank?” He asks, I sighed.

    “I don’t know.” I said as if this situation meant nothing to me.

    “I just found out from Frank, happened two days ago. I have spoken to you before then, why didn’t you say anything.”

    “Because I don’t care,”

    “That’s a lie Gerard and you know it.”

    “No it’s not, I don’t care. I really don’t, we have broken up, he pissed me off I pissed him off, we didn’t trust each other!” I explained,

    “Just talk to him...”

    No, he didn’t make an effort so neither am I! I’m fine; I don’t want to talk to him.” I claimed,

    “Really Gerard?”

    “Yep, is that all? I don’t want to talk about this, I am sure you must have gotten that impression when I didn’t answer.”

    “I knew you did it on purpose.” He accused,

    “Yeah and your point is?” I said simply, he sighed.

    “You’re doing it again.”

    “Doing what?” I ask,

    “You’re hiding your feelings.” He said, and I frowned.

    “No I am not, and I thought I said I didn’t want to talk about this anymore?” I groaned.

    “Okay, okay. I’m not pressuring you to talk about it, but I know you, you’re not okay with this.”

    “Yes I am.”

    “Okay, subject change. How are you brother?” I shook my head and rolled my eyes at this,

    “I am peachy little bro, what about yourself?”

    “I’m okay, right. I need to go and get ready for a house party tonight, speak to you soon.” He exaggerated on the soon, I sighed.

    “Yep, love you, little bro.”

    “Love you to big bro.” I hung up and felt sad, he was right, I wasn’t really okay. I got up from my chair and walked through the living room, I drag Alex up by his arm firmly,

    “What have I done?” He asks, I decided to have some fun,

    “Me and you are going to go out and have some fun,” I smirked, faking smiles, I shove him out the door and I lead the way, two can play at this game.

    I actaully don't know what to say, just this.... This story is nearly over? Shit 0.o now I am pouting, and I might go and hide just in case...
    SO comment and tell me your true feelings about this?
    Love you all!! xxx
  8. Oh fuck.. Cranky ass Gerard. Alex is gunna get fucked. It's pretty cute ^_^

    Yes he was ^_^ It was a bunch of cute Pokemon sayings. Spazzing in a good way. And Off I go driving with my teacher once again..
  9. OH. MY. GLOB. O_____O
    whoa! Gerard and Alex?!?!? oh my glob!!!
    i really wanna know how Frankie feels about all this..
    are we gonna hear from his POV anytime soon? i hope we do..
    i loved Alicia and Mikey though:3 they're so cute together:D
    horror movies? i havn't watched any in a while to tell you the truth. maybe i'll watch one tonight
    oh, and i have a question; when this story is over are you gonna start the sequal right away? or are you gonna wait awhile? just wanted to know:3 i'm kinda addicted to this story e_____o
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    macattack<3'sFrerard - I kinda like Cranky Gerard, for some reason I had fun writing his snappy moments lol. Pokemon, Lol awww, I am glad it was spazzing in a good way! Oh tell me how it goes? Hope you have fun driving :)

    TheBeautyI'mFaking - I love your comments fair play :) Haha and in this update we are in Franks POV to start with, its strange, and the start of this story, Franks PV was easy, but now I get to it and I'm like FUCK! I find it hard... Strange. Same with the scary movie, last one I watched was house of wax with my boyfriend, he thought I was disturbed... haha! And about the sequel, nah I ain't going to wait long to start, its probably going to be a couple of days like a nromal update, maybe even right away, but I have already started the first chapter so, pretty soon after :) xxx

    Okay, here is the next chapter, I am sorry for the really crappy POV from Frank, but I find his Pov extremly difficult, sorry is it sucks.

    Oh and I lobe you all!!!

    Chapter Fifty Two

    Frank’s POV


    I wish I could deny the feeling but I couldn’t. I was jealous. I guess you could say I still had feelings for Gerard; he seemed to move on though. It’s been two weeks since the break up, and Gerard was constantly talking to LynZ on twitter. LynZ and Gerard always did have an instant friendship connection that I had always been jealous of. Stupid really, I am sitting here thinking about Gerard when I am trying to forget him. I was still mad at him; I wouldn’t be talking to him for some time, probably never again.

    I had been hanging with Mikey for an hour at his, something that I hadn’t done in sometime earlier and he came across Gerard’s roommates YouTube channel. I remember glaring at the screen at them pranking Gerard, them going around the campus on ‘midnight missions’ as they introduced, Gerard was with them, he was laughing and smiling looking happy, this made me have mixed emotions, serious ones.

    I just logged onto my laptop to print off some music work for college when Mikey invited me to appear on web cam, I had my doubts about it. But I did accept, and oh yay what a surprise Gerard was online, talking to his roommates again, along with Ray and Bob, Mikey and Alicia were together, of course, probably still recovering from a hangover along with Bob.

    “Oh great,” Gerard said as soon as he saw me, it seemed to catch every bodies attention. I scoffed,

    “I am not staying on cam with him!” I stated,

    “Well I don’t want to stay on cam with you!” He hissed, and I narrowed my eyes.

    “Fine, be a dick!” I snapped,

    “And you can carry on being an asshole!” He scolded back,

    “Fuck off!”

    “Why don’t you?!”

    “GUYS!” Mikey shouts,

    “WHAT?” We both shout back at the same time,

    “Really guys? You can’t just play nice, speak nice, and just stay online like mature people?!” Mikey says in a teacher tone, I frown.

    “He started it,” Gerard accused, I rolled my eyes.

    “I recall you speaking up first!” I said matter of factly.

    “Ugh, I’m going!”

    “I am going as well.”

    “Fine, bye Frank!” He snapped my name,

    “Bye Gerard!” I did that same and shut my laptop down, just as did. Leaving Mikey, Alicia, Ray and Bob gobsmacked.

    Now I just felt one emotion, anger.

    Mikey’s POV

    Fine, bye Frank!” Gerard snapped extremely harshly at Frank,

    “Bye Gerard!” Frank hissed right back, and then they both closed their laptops with a bang,

    Gerardonoply WAY XDIs now offline.
    Frank-PANSY-Iero!Is now offline.

    They rest of us online, stared at the screen, just stared in shock, mouths open and eyes wide. Not one of us thought that Frank and Gerard would ever shout at each other like that, never would you think that. And we spent a lot of times with Frank and Gerard together; they couldn’t keep their hands off each other Gerard even admitted to me that they had sex whilst we were all upstairs. And now they couldn’t even stand each other.

    “Shit...” Bob was the first to speak,

    “I second that!” Ray chuckled slightly.

    “Shit,” I repeated, we laughed.

    “Never would you think that Frank and Gerard would argue like that.” Ray admitted,

    “I know right!” Bob said,

    “Shit...” I raised my eyebrows, the others laugh.

    “Babe, I think they get it.” Alicia sat up and was now in view; she went up on her knees and wrapped her arms around my neck from behind me.

    “Great, now it’s you two that can’t keep their hands off each other.” Bob said and rolled his eyes, Al and I giggled. “Where did you two guys end up going last night?” Bob asked, we were at the house party last night, Alicia and I got very drunk and ended up coming back to my place, think you can guess what happened.

    “We came back here, and we have been here recovering from a hangover, Frank came round today.” I answered, bob smirked,

    “Probably recovering from something else too, did you have fun last night?” He asked, Ray laughed.

    “Boyfriend cream!” Alicia shouted, I couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Oh dear, should we leave?” Ray insisted,

    “Probably!” Bob exclaimed,

    “I gotta go anyway, and I would like to leave before they start ripping each other’s clothes off.” Ray admitted, I reached up and wrapped my arms around Alicia and pulled her across to my lap, and held her closely.

    “Then you had better go!” I warned, she laughed.

    “Okay, will do. See ya later!” Ray said, they both left leaving me and Alicia alone, I shut my laptop.

    “I’m thirsty.” Alicia randomly says, breaking the silence,

    “You drank so much last night, and you are thirsty?”

    “We both drank a lot last night, it was clear this morning, sparkles. And yes I am thirsty, your point being, boy friend?” I giggled at her; I jumped off the bed and threw her over my shoulder.

    “Let’s go and get you a drink then!” I said and spun around, making her dizzy.

    “I think the alcohol last night is going to come back up if you do that again!” She exaggerated; I placed her on her feet at the top of the stairs.

    Gerard’s POV

    “Warning Gerard Way is in another foul mood, stay clear if you don’t want to be imbedded in the wall!” Kyle joked; I glared at him but ended up smiling.

    “Sorry!” I pouted, Alex laughed, I looked over to the other couch that he was lying on throwing a tennis ball up and down in the air.

    “Something funny?”

    “No just you.”

    “Shush.” I hushed him; he threw the tennis ball at me. “Ow, geez what was that for dipshit?” I exclaimed.

    “Don’t shush me Way!”

    “I can do what I please!”

    “Is that so?”

    “Yes and how is your little game going?” I ask, smiling. Knowing that the time we went out, I didn’t sleep with him.

    “Not playing a game.”

    “You are with me...” I said slowly, I get up and take my laptop to my bedroom; I place it on the desk and check my phone. I had a text message from Mikey.

    I think you seriously need to stop hiding your emotions, I think you still have some feelings for Frankie. But seriously, you both had everybody shocked with your argument. So stop hiding them, because I know you, Gerard. You are my brother.

    I frowned, I know I still had some feelings for Frankie, I didn’t he told me to go fuck my roommates. I needed to get him off my mind; I don’t even want to speak to him again. I throw my phone down on my bed and storm out into the living room area. Alex still lying on the couch sat up when I came out.

    “Where are Damian and Kyle?”

    “Went out,” I sat down beside him, I looked at him. He was good looking I will admit that, black hair not to short.

    “Right, okay then.” He shifted on the couch, I noticed, “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing,” I raise an eyebrow, I poked him in the sides,

    “Don’t you go getting in a pissy mood!” I said and tickled him, he was ticklish so I did it some more, he ended up being stronger than me, pushed me back down onto the couch, holding my arms above my head, I looked him right in the eyes.

    “I’m not and stop that!” He exclaimed breathless, I smile and manage to weaken his hold on my hands and kneeing him in the crouch. Then I pushed him back into the couch and now it was me on top of him.

    “Or what?” I whispered in his ear, I couldn’t see his face. Clearly more dominant, he didn’t know what to do, when he didn’t say anything, “I thought so,” I sat up and sat on his knees, I turned my head and sighed.

    “Here comes that pissy mood again,”

    “Like I said, I am always pissing in peoples cornflakes.” He sighs,

    “You know you irritate me sometimes.”

    “I irritate you?” I said stunned,

    “Yeah you irritate me.”

    “YOU fucking irritate me.”

    “Good!” He said and got close, I looked at his lips, and fine this is a way to prove I have no feelings for Frank, move on.

    “Good!” I shot back, and crash my lips onto his; I wrap my arms around his neck, he tries to push me back, but I was having none of that and slide up to his crotch, pinning him down. Fine Alex, you wanted me, you are the bitch.
    I listen to music when I write my updates... Destroya by My Chem just happened to be the song that was on when I wrote that last bit, I kept think Gerard DESTROY Alex.....

    Okay again I am sorry for the shitty Frank POV :/

    And this has like two, three maybe four more chapters before it is finnished, just so to warn you.
    So tell comment and tell me what you think? xx
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    OH MY GLOB !!!!
    you leave me spazzing once again:3
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    I like that. Gerard dominating Alex *raises eyebrows*
    Poor Frankie. Their argument seems like something I would do just to annoy someone :p
    The song i'm listening to fits in quite well with this. I'd do anything for love (but i won't do that) by meat loaf.
    It seems Gerard's trying to prove he doesn't like Frankie anymore by kissing Alex but I think he'll do it and it'll show his love more. Like he's kinda doing anything just to hide it. If that makes sense?
    Ohhhhh we got a new puppy on Friday!!! He's so cute! I come downstairs or scooby barks n' he's straight over to me for cuddles n' comforting :3 he's sooo cute!! He licked the cat's nose earlier xD
  13. Ha! Told you Alex was gunna get fucked. He was just asking for it ;) USE PROTECTION. We don't need any little baby assholes running around. Frank and Gerard just need to shut the fuck up and have some amazing sex to make everything better. I mean, it would work.

    Driving was fine, but I spent half the time trying to find where the other chick who was supposed to go lives. I wore my boyfriend's pants and green day shirt today. He gave them to me and said I wcould have them because he "doesn't wear girl clothes anymore". It was cute. I'm spazzing because Boulevard of Broken Dreams is playign and my shirt had that written on it. O_O
  14. Freiheit483

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    TheBeautyI'mFaking - Spazzing in a good way, or spazzing in a bad way?

    MyChemSioban - Whoa, you like peeping into my head 0_o, fair play, think you psychic, Yeah that makes sense, New puppy :) I have a dog, pain in the ass, Is scooby his name? I watched scooby doo the other day, it was on tely, I loved it <3 He licked your cats nose? Hahah my dog attacks my cats tail....

    macattack<3'sFrerard- Alex got fucked, he deserved it lol, kinda. Ahaha! That made me laugh, no we d o not want baby assholes running around, I have them in the sequel, or something I am thinking... Hmm maybe just gave something away... Yeah I don't like Gerard kissing anybody but two people, this will be shown in the sequel. Glad driving was okay :) Aww your boyfriends pants and shirt? Awwww that literally made me Awwwww.

    So guys ready for an update?

    Chapter Fifty Three

    Mikey’s POV

    “Gerard your hiding something, I can hear it in your voice.” I said to Gerard over the phone, sitting down on my couch with Alicia leaning on me, I was also eating an apple, hadn’t eaten anything all day.

    “Ugh Mikey, don’t say that.” He groans, and I raise an eyebrow.

    “Spill,” I demand, he groans, but never answered.

    “So have you spoken to Frank lately?”

    “No, why would I?” He said quickly sounding shocked, and then he sighed a shaky sigh.

    “Okay, you have done something really bad, or something that you have done bad again and you regret something.”

    “I don’t want to admit it to you.” He said, I raised my eyes slightly offended.

    “Come on, Gee. You can admit anything to me, remember? We have done that since, ages.” I urged him on,

    “Nice mark on your neck by the way, Gerard.” I heard a muffle voice in the back ground. Mark on neck? Means only one thing,

    “Fuck off, since you are the one that did it to me.” I heard Gerard snap, I felt my mouth open to say something, now I was kinda shocked and pissed that Gerard would do that.

    “Gerard did you...” I trailed off not being able to finish the sentence,

    “Have sex with someone else? Yes.” He said simply, this made my mouth open aghast.

    “Is that your way to get over Frank? Because I guarantee that you will feel a lot worse.” I said as a matter of fact.

    “Well I did and I feel fine.” He mumbled.

    “Bullshit,” I sang,

    “Not bullshit, Mike’s.”

    “Then why were you so hesitant to tell me?”

    “Because...” Silence,

    “No answer? I proved my point.”

    “Because you are his friend,” He threw at me, I rolled my eyes.

    “And you are my brother, have been my brother longer than I have been friends with Frank. And I am not afraid to tell you that you have been a total plank for doing that.” I said cheery, he groaned.

    “Humph.” He grunted out,

    “And you have been an idiot for doing that,”

    “Thank you so much for noticing, Michael.” He snaps, sounding like he was snapping more
    at himself.

    “Ooh full name, how threatening.” I mocked and chuckled at the end, I took a bit of my neglected apple.

    “Blah blah, bet your going to go and tell Frank now aren’t you?”

    “I could do, I don’t think Frank would go and have sex with someone though. Want to know why I think you did it? I think you did in an attempt to get over him, try and move on. So tell me Gerard, has it worked?” I asked and waited for a reply,

    Silence, I smiled feeling pleased that I had guessed right.

    “Were you sober at the time?” I asked and placed my apple to Alicia’s mouth she flinched back, I couldn’t help but chuckle, and she bit a huge chunk out of it. “Big mouth,” I mumbled to her, she giggled.

    “Yeah I was sober, and did you just say I had a big mouth?” He admitted and then asked sounding confused.

    “You weren’t sober? And no Alicia has a big mouth; she took a huge chunk out of my apple.” I said, she smirked,

    “You would know.” She muttered, and led down so her head was on my lap.

    “No I weren’t sober,” Gerard spoke, which made me, look away from Alicia.

    “Are you going to do it again?” I ask,

    “Maybe . . . probably,” He admits,

    “Gerard the wh**e?” I said and chuckled at his nickname,

    “Hey!” I pursed my lips,

    “You dug yourself into a pit there honey!” I told truthfully.

    “What you going to expect me and Frank to get back together anytime soon?” He asks, I am hoping they would,

    “Truth? I think you two should actually talk, kiss and make up. But since you two can’t stand each other then no I don’t. Just make sure you find someone nice.” I said firmly, he sighs.

    “Okay, okay mom.”

    “Why thank you, sweetheart!” I said in a British accent.

    “Ha-ha, I got to go, I will ring you tomorrow. I love you Mikey.” HE said,

    “Yeah speak to you tomorrow, love ya big bro.”

    “Love you little bro.” He said again and hung up the phone.

    “So what’s happened now?” Alicia asks,

    “Gerard has had sex with somebody else, not admitting that he is not over Frankie, and he is only doing it to try and forget him.” I summed it up,

    “Oh dear, it’s a disaster then?” She said studying my face,

    “Kind of, hope Gerard feels guilty . . . I know that’s mean, but...”

    “Nah, it’s understandable...”

    “I’m not sure I am going to get involved with this . . . I mean I am friends with one and the other is my brother, I have done nothing, and it’s not like Frank and Gerard is coming after me...” I frown, confusing myself with my answer.

    “They’re not after you, I’m after you...”

    “What?” I giggle,

    “I don’t know, am I talking sane?” She asks, pulling a face.

    “Not really, babe.” I said and hugged her,


    “You were after me?” I tapped her nose,

    “Yeah . . . I am after you for . . . boyfriend cuddles!” She piped up as she got her answer I laughed,

    “How did I find someone as great as you?” I ask and hold her tight,

    “Not sure actually how did I manage to find somebody like you?” She replied with a
    question, I bent down to peck her on the lips,

    “So school? We are already two months in, nearly Halloween break.” I said randomly,

    “Franks birthday soon,”

    “What are the odds that Gerard is not coming home for this break?” I ask,

    “Pretty high, sorry to admit.”

    Gerard’s POV

    “I don’t want to go home this break.” I moan down the phone to LynZ,

    “Then don’t.” She replied,

    “What else is there to do?” I ask sighing,

    “If you are willing to come up to LA you could come and visit me? I am having an art show; you could display some of your art next to mine?” She said, and I frowned in thought.

    “Catch the plane by myself?” I ask, playing with the lace on my converse,

    “Well, I could come down a week before and visit Alicia and Jamia? Then we could catch the plane to LA together? Then I could go back with you to see Alicia and Jamia again?” She suggests,

    “You sound like you are going to do something you don’t want to do?” I mumbled,

    “No, I think it would be fun to spend some time with you.” She admits,

    “You sure?”

    “Yeah, like I said, art shows, I have a concert in that time, I promised you could come to another one, and I could show you around LA, you said you had never been before?”

    “You want me to come up to LA?” I asked confused,

    “Yes Gerard, I would like you to come up to LA, you said you didn’t want to go home, and you didn’t want to stay at college.” I smiled, she was correct,

    “That sounds like a good idea.” I said,

    “Great, would your parents and brother mind?” She didn’t mention Frank’s name, knowing what I felt, I really felt I could open up to LynZ since the incident with Frank.

    “They shouldn’t, Mikey has Alicia, and I could still chat to him.”

    “Why don’t you ask then get into contact with me, then we can arrange flights and shit like that?”

    “Okay, I will do exactly that.” I said,

    “Okay, right I am off, just got into my gigging outfit; we are playing not far from home.”

    “Sounds fun, be careful if you stage dive!”

    “I shall, loves ya!”

    “Love ya too!” I said and hung up.

    “Who was that?” Alex asked suddenly from right behind me, I jumped.

    “Fuck Alex! Don’t do that!” I snapped, he chuckled.

    “I really do like that mark on your neck.” He admitted for the thousandth time today,

    “Thanks, having fun sitting down?” I ask and smirk to myself.

    “Just fine,” He mumbles,

    “Well, you seemed to be the more dominant with everybody else; it’s always good to try new things.” I mocked,

    “You had a lot of scars on your body...” He admitted carefully, I looked at him.

    “Yes I do.” I said, “And if I told you, that would be putting your puzzle of me together to quickly.”

    “What can I do to find out more about you then?” He asks and fold his arms, I think.

    “Not sure,”

    “Playing hard to get?”

    “You and I both know you only do ‘friends with benefits’” I said, he sat back in defeat,

    “Seems you know a lot about me, I hardly know anything about you.”

    “You want to know stuff about me?” He nods, I grimace.

    “Did your boyfriend know?” He asks, hitting my weak spot, I wince.

    “Ex boyfriend, and yeah, he knew everything.” I sighed, Alex was smiling for some weird reason.

    “I am going down to get some coffee, you want to come?”

    “No.” He nods, gets up and leave, I was by myself.

    In my attempt to try and forget Frank, it just made it worse and made me feel horrible, having sex with someone else felt wrong, I didn’t even sleep in the same bed as Alex, I always did with Frankie. I have a mark on my neck and I never used to care knowing that it came from Frankie, but now I felt embarrassed that it came from somebody else, it was strange.

    After I did that with Alex, I could not get Frank out of my head, I kept denying that I liked Frankie to everybody, until I ended up calling LynZ and spilling everything, I seriously needed to toughen up. I thought about telling Mikey but he was Franks friend, and I know he is pissed with me, probably hoping that I was suffering, and truth be told I was, and I didn’t want to go home, because it broke my heart that I knew Frank was there, and I know if I saw him I would instantly break down, but I was still pissed at him shouting at me, but I knew I was being a dick.

    I pulled my phone out and sent a message to my mother about not going home and going to LA with LynZ, I pressed the send button and hoped that she would say yes, now I sound like a teenage girl wanted to go to a party. Mom was probably in her work break because I got a message some minutes later saying that she was missing me and if that’s what I wanted then I could go, I smiled and thanked her millions, then sent another message to LynZ,

    To LynZ,

    Hey biscuit! Guess what? I can go! Now I am excited, we shall have to talk about flights and shit, I can’t wait to see ya, have a good time at your show, and go crazy!
    Love ya! Xxxxx

    Then I pressed send, and I had a smile on my face, but then on the inside I was still not completely happy.

    I think this story is pretty much coming to an end, and the next chapter will be the last, I think, I am getting stuck on what to write, sorry.
    I have always wanted to ask something but never thought of it until now, If you know it what was your favourite chapter?
    So comment and tell me what you think? xxx
  15. what was my favorite chapter!?!?!? all of them :D
    to be honest, i love this whole story and every chapter, BUT if i had to pick my most favorite out of all of them then it would be the chapter when they open up for MSI at their concert:3 i loved that one iuegekjwfbkurjkwefiur i remember when frank kissed gerard so much that he removed some of his make-up uejvbkehrgwehfwkj i'm not really sure what chapter it is for sure (i'm too lazy to go search for it in the chapter index) but i loved that one:3

    aaawww, this story? coming to an end?!?! 3: i'm gonna miss it but i can not wait for the sequal:D i know it'll be just as awesome as this one:3

    oh, and to answer your question, I was spazzing in a good way :3

    loved this update, and i can't wait for the next :3
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    Oh Gerard you've dug yourself in a deep hole m'friend.....
    I don't trust this Alex guy seems a little off and a tad bit creepy...
  17. MyChemSioban

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    Aww I was right! xD poor Gee, Frank probably feels shitty too.
    Alex jus seems kinda stalkerish n' sex mad xD
    No one of my dogs is called scooby, puppy is called benji. He tried to dominate the cat n scooby >.< scooby's bigger than him yet he can pin him xD
  18. Gerard's a little wh**e bag. I love boyfriend cuddles! When mine was here, he wasn't in the mood to do anything but cuddle. It was cute <3 Lyn-Z and Gee are gunna fuck!!!! Just because Gee is a wh**e now ;)

    Yeah, we can get adorable like that... I like wearing his clothes. His "scenie weenie" phase is over. (his words, not mine) He actually just left here... He keeps taking pokemon from me when he says I can have it for the night. Its not fun..
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    TheBeautyI'mFaking - Oh my god, your comments always make me go crazy and I blush like hell! I am glad you are looking forward to the sequel :) I cfan't wait to start posting it :) Thanks so much for reading, I love ya!!!

    Chemical 30 - I don't like Alex either!

    MyChemSioban - Alex is a dick! Oooh I like those names, haha more dominant!

    macattack<3'sFrerard - Gerard is a little wh**e bag! Haha! Hmm LynZ and Gee are not going to fuck, but we shall see further on. I also love boyfriend cuddles, just sit on the couch and cuddle up :') <3 Aww you like wearing his clothes? and he lets you? That is sooo cute! Ooh not fun? haha

    Holy Crap! I am so sorry for taking so damn long to update the final chapter! My laptop was being a class A Asshole, and loads of shit has been happening, again sorry..

    Okay so guys, ready for the final chapter? So I just want to say, I love each and every reader for reading, it means a a lot to me, I hope Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob, Alicia and LynZ's journey has been a good one for you guys, it was fun to write, and I hope it has entertained you guys.
    I hope that each of you will read the sequel, it should be up soon...
    Untill then LOVE YA !!!


    Chapter Fifty Four

    Mikey’s POV

    “Dude, I will totally be there for ya birthday!” I promised Frank,

    “Sweet, thanks. You can bring Alicia and Bob as well.” He said smiling.

    “Of course, I shall drag them out.”

    “So what are you doing tonight?” He asked, I hesitated what to tell him.

    “I am actually going to the airport.”

    “The airport?” He asked, with a puzzled look.

    “Yeah, see, Gerard isn’t coming home. He is going with LynZ to LA, and LynZ said
    come and see him before they left.” I studied his face, I couldn’t read it, but it wasn’t expressionless.

    “Oh okay.” He said simply,

    “God, you two can’t stand each other now? Can you?” I burst out,

    “No not really.” He laughed at my expression,

    “Oh dear...” I let that convocation be placed in a box and shipped far away so it won’t be brought up again. We walked a bit more through town heading back to mine, but Frank bumped into a person who I recognised, I laughed at Frank falling into me to.

    “Shit I’m so sorry!” HE apologises,

    “No it’s my fault, not looking where I was going!” I breathe a laugh and shake there heads, its both there faults for not looking.

    “Hey Jamia,” I greeted,

    “Heya Mikey,” She smiled back and turned to Frank, “Hi Frank.” She remembered from the hospital.

    “Oh hi! I didn’t recognise you!” He blurred out,

    “It’s been a while; I met you once or twice.” She shrugged,

    “Ha! I remember now, bassist and guitarist argument!” He remembered, and I smiled.

    “Ha-ha, yep that’s right.”

    “What have you been up to?” I ask joining in speaking,

    “I just said a good bye to LynZ; I am off go play guitar with my friend actually.” She answers and smiles,

    “Sweet, kift guitar player,” She narrows her eyes and I laugh,

    “Why are you a kift guitar player?” Frank asks,

    “I’m a left handed guitar player, my guitar is a lefty.” She admits,

    “Sweet! Never met a left hander guitar player before,” Frank confessed, I looked at my phone for the time, and I had to leave to see Gerard.

    “Well, I have to leave to go see my bro. So I am going to leave you two talks about how cool left handed guitar players are...” I chuckle, as Frank apologises. “No it’s fine, I got to go and see Gee, Frank can hang with you can’t he Jamia?” I ask and take a step back.

    “Yeah of course, do you like coffee?” She asks,

    “Yeah, I like coffee.”

    “Want to go for some?” I roll my eyes,

    “Yeah sure!” Frank answers,

    “Bye guys!” I laugh, they say good bye, smile and laugh and I head for my house.
    When I got home, LynZ and Alicia were already waiting in the drive way talking and laughing. As soon as they saw me running in the direction there were, they smiled and greeted me,

    “Hey babe,” Alicia said, I embraced her,

    “Hey baby.” I said out of breath, I really wasn’t a fit guy.

    “Hey Mikey,” LynZ said smiling warmly,

    “Hey LynZ, what time is your flight?” I ask catching my breath.

    “It’s at eight tonight.”

    “Oh shit, sorry for being late! I lost track of time, I left Frank with Jamia.” I apologised,

    “Ha ha, it’s fine.” She reassures, it’s hard not to like LynZ when you have got on her good side, and I smile.

    “Ready to go and surprise your brother?” LynZ asks, as I was going to be the one
    driving, oh yeah I passed my driving test,

    “Yep, I am sorry if my driving is really slow.” I say as I open my car with my keys, I place LynZ’s case in the back and the hop in.

    “Driving slow is good enough for me.” LynZ said,

    “Oh right, do you still remember what it’s like?” I asked, she knew what I was referring too,

    “Yeah I do, now let’s go and surprise you bro, we didn’t tell him you guys were coming.”


    Gerard’s POV

    I stood and waited for LynZ in the entrance of the airport, it was dark and all you
    could here were planes flying outside, I was excited to visit a country I have never visited before, I just wished I could see my brother in this break, it’s my fault for not going home, but I don’t want to, and I know I was being stubborn about it.

    I went through my hand luggage to check for passport and anything that should not be in there, and that my liquids and pills were in a see through plastic bag, they were all there and then I had my black suit case stood right by me.

    “Gerard!” I look up in the direction the voice was calling me, I saw LynZ smiling and
    waving, walking through the entrance, I smiled and waved back, then I noticed the two people behind her. My waving froze and I felt my eyes fill up with tears, LynZ turns around and smiles.

    “Hey, big Way, didn’t think I was just going to let you go off gallivanting across the country without seeing you do you!” Mikey approached me looking amused at my face. My mouth was open, I was speechless, and then my eyes over filled.

    “I-I don’t know!” I said, he laughed at me crying. We embrace each other in w brother hug.

    “I have missed you so much, Little Way.” I admit into the crook of his neck,

    “Jesus Christ I have missed you!” Mikey confessed,

    “And trust me, I know. I am the one who he cried to when you left.” Alicia explained smiling, we pull apart and Mikey blushed, his eyes were shinny,

    “You cried?” I asked, Mikey wiped his eyes with his hoodie and looked away,

    “Yeah, I missed ya. You know, the whole coffee obsession you had, the shouting, the random comments . . . and you can’t forget the Waycest.”He winked, I laughed.

    “Well I cried the whole first week I arrived at New York! All wanted was to come home, I mean the first day, I got sniffed and told I smelt like coconut!” I said shaking my head,

    “You have coconut body wash, you going to!” He laughs, I pout.

    “Great now everybody is going to know, only you and . . . Frank knew about that.” I said pausing at his name, I pulled a face.

    “Ah well, now Alicia and LynZ know.” He said as now big deal, smirking.

    “Yes they do, can’t help it, I like the smell of coconut.” I shrugged, he chuckled along with LynZ and Alicia, I looked at my phone.

    “Hey, Biscuit ready to go?” I ask,

    “Ready when you are noodle.” She said my nick name, we went to go and place our bags at the bag departure,

    “Did you just call each other, ‘Biscuit’ and ‘noodle’?” Mikey asked perplex, we laughed.

    “Yeah well, we were on the phone and I happened to knock my drink over, he called me a biscuit, so I called him a noodle.” LynZ explained, I laughed at the memory. I went ahead and walked with Alicia,

    “So how have you been? You have been using protection right?” I said with a not so serious face,

    “Yes we have, don’t worry about that!” Alicia laughs,

    “Oh phew! That’s a relief!” I wiped my forehead, he shook her head and smiled, we walked a bit more until we came to the destination, we turn around and wait for LynZ and Mikey, Mikey was talking to LynZ all serious, LynZ replied back something I could not make out.

    “Thank you LynZ, now go you are going to miss ya flight!” Mikey instructed, I was left confused, and it made me curious what they were talking about.

    “Okay, we shall go, drive back safely!” LynZ commanded, Mikey promised, Alicia went
    to go say goodbye to her best friend,

    “I am so happy you came to see me before I left!” I hugged him again,

    “Me too, and you never saw me crying!” Mikey exclaimed,

    “Ha-ha alright them little bro whatever you say!” I stood back and nodded, he narrowed his eyes slightly and then laughed. LynZ came up beside me and smiled,

    “Ready?” She asks,

    “Ready.” I said, we wave and walk in the direction away from Mikey and Alicia.
    Once dropping our bags off and went through security, thank god not being body checked, they always freaked me out, we headed to the shop and got some water and snacks for the long journey and a three hour time difference. We sat down and waited for the boarding to open, and chatted about how we have been since the last time we talked . . . which was earlier in the day.

    When the gates opened, we walked down that freaky looking tunnel and before you knew it, you were on the plane, being pointed in the direction to our seats, which was two by the window, I took the window seat; I sat down and looked out the window, not much to see it was dark.

    “You okay with flying?” LynZ asks, bringing her knees to her chest,

    “Yeah, I’m good. Just not been without family,” I admitted sheepishly,

    “Well that’s okay, you have me?” She raised her hands, I smiled.

    “Yep I do, I am glad I have got you.” I said and blushed, as I flight attendant came round with a sleeping kit, we both took ours and I just stared at it.

    “I am glad you feel that way . . . it’s a sleeping kit.” She explained as I opened it,

    “I know, I know!” I laughed, she giggles. I fuck about with the kit and play the mask over my eyes and stick the toothbrush in my mouth, she laughs.

    “Oh Gerard, don’t you look sexy!”

    “Sexy sexy!” I wiggle my eyebrows when I pull the mask up.

    “Oh yes!”

    “What’s this?” I ask, and squeeze the tube, a white paste squirts out, I freak and drop it.

    “Its tooth paste, now stop making me laughs!” She chuckles, I pout and shake my head, the light for the seat belts flared up and then the loud speaker is heard to say we are leaving.

    “So are you ready to hit LA?”

    “Ready as I will ever be!”


    “You know what; this is going to be fun.”

    “Yes it is me noodle friend.”

    “HA-HA biscuit!” I burst out and laugh, she joins in, then the plane moves.
    So not how I planned my Halloween break away from my first year of college, I think we were all expecting me to go home and spend time with Frankie and Mikey, but hey ho its never going to happen, and I am not going to let Frank bring me down. I need to get over him, and I know I am being stubborn for avoiding him, but I do not want to talk to him.

    I missed everybody greatly, especially my brother, I it made me over the moon that he missed me, but he had Alicia and I am glad he has found someone as special as her. But I think at Christmas, I would be going home, to spend time in my home town.

    So here I am, new friends, new life. Not on my way home, but on my way to LA California with LynZ and you could as a best friend for life, and I was hoping we could.

    But hey, we shall have to see what the future bring us.

    To Be Continued.....


    All these years, all these years and now I get a text. I had forgotten him, but now how am I supposed to get this off my mind? I haven’t heard from him in so long. Should I reply? Or should I leave it? I decided not to, but it did get me wondering . . . why now?


    So guys how was it? I hope the ending was okay, I had serious trouble writing it...
    And make sure you check out the Fan fic picture I made, hope you like that!
    And When the time comes, Look out for Will Our Memories Carry On? That is the sequel name, :) Love you guys xxx
  20. Chemical 30

    Chemical 30 Just 'That' Girl

    What it's over :'(
    But at least I get a sequel to look forward too haha
    Great story can't wait for the next one

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