High School Where It All Begins

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  1. They're cute <3 Oh my god.. I am like Frank all protective of my boyfriend all the time. I don't always enjoy him hanging out with chicks alone when I don't know them well/at all. It's pretty great. I enjoyed the update ^_^ I LOVE YOU TOO.
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    The Beauty I'm Faking - Spazzing really lol? So you like LynZ if they stay friends? Haha lol XD Want an update?

    macattack<3'sFrerard- Same with my boyfriend, ahh Frankie has to let go not in this chapter the one after, :'( Glad you enjoyed it :) LOVE YA MORE!

    Chapter forty six

    Gerard’s POV

    “Are you sure you have packed everything?” Mom asks from the kitchen for the millionth, not having a clue at what Mikey and I were up to. I was wrapped up like a mummy in toilet paper, and the living room was decorated with it as well...

    Well it all started when I decorated Mikey’s room, then it got out of hand and Mikey chased me around the house with a spare roll. Then we chucked it back and forth to each other in the living room and got the most bizarre idea to redecorate the living room.

    “Yeah Mom! Stop fussing over me, I promise I have everything, my room key and shit.” I said, snorting kind of laughing at what we did in the room. Tonight, was my last night in Bellville for while, tomorrow I would be going to New York, I was nervous, sad, excited all at the same time.

    “I know honey, but your leaving tomorrow and I-What the hell has happened to the living room?!” Mom changed what she was going to say and tone, when she entered her new styled living room, shocked, eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Mikey and I burst into a fit of hysterics. We were fucking hyper, and I guess most of it came from having a feast of marshmallows, skittles, and smarty’s, twizzlers and other sour colourful things, plus coffee and coke zero.

    “Oh my god, we actually have no idea . . . maybe the magic pixies came along and like toilet papered the house . . . and wrapped us up in it to?” I said innocently, but not fooling anybody, Mikey giggled and rolled on the floor.

    “How much sweets have you both had?” She commands, and I bit my lip.

    “Sweets? What you talking about, we have had nothing, zero, no chemical . . . shit.” Mikey said quickly and hyper, but you knew that.

    “Oh dear, one of you hyper is a lot to handle, but put the two of you together, it’s just impossible.” She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “You’re going to have to clean this up!” She said and pointed, she threw me a plastic bag.

    “I’m going to tie this to my penis.” I said, Mikey gave me a puzzled look, Mom just looked way beyond shocked.

    “It’s not good to tie things to your penis honey.” She said slowly like I was a retard.

    “Fine, I will just tie it to my waist.” I huffed, frowned and pouted. “Can I tie it to my butt?” I said like a little kid.

    “How the hell do you plan on doing that, Gee?” Mikey asked, nearly crying. I raise my hand with attitude,

    “God I don’t know!” I place the bag over my head; mom rips it off before I could suffocate. “I has a bitch fight in front of the mirror every morning.” I said as a matter of

    “Again how do you do that?” Mikey asks,

    I pause for a moment, “I . . . I will tell you when I think of an answer.” I said, and tapping my chin with my index finger.

    “If cheese had its photo taken, what would it say?” Mikey randomly asks, I chuckle.

    “Smelly socks?” I recommend, Mikey nods slowly, pursing his lips.

    “If vampires drink blood, how come they don’t die of AIDS? Why do they have to be staked through the heart to be killed? Does their body have the same immune system as a mosquito?” I ask, “Hmmm, also I think day dreaming should be a religion.” I say with

    “Wow okay, if day dreaming was a religion, you’d be there god.” Mikey said as a fact.

    “Oh my god, are you sure your my children?” Mom said, listening to our weird conversation. Suddenly the door bell rang,

    “Clean the living room up, you crazy pair of lunatics!” Mom commanded, shaking her head.



    “MIKEY WAY LIKES TO FUCK UNICORNS!” I shouted laughing, I jumped back when he threw toilet paper at me, my foot got stuck in the door way and I fell backwards, right into Frankie, pulling him down with me.

    “Gerard Way was scared of the boogie man, and I had to sleep with you when we went on holiday!” Mikey shouted, and burst through the door way, then froze and waved at, Frankie, Ray, Bob and Alicia.

    “Right I am off to work, I have a comment for you to, clean the bloody living room up and anywhere else you have re-styled, and for you guys, good luck. And since you two are hyper, I DO NOT wants any broken windows, bones or broken anything, understand?” Mom commanded us,

    “SIR YES, SIR!” Mikey bellowed and I saluted, she kissed me and Mike’s on the cheeks,

    Ooooh, speaking of trampoline. I want to go jump in the pool,” I said standing up, toilet paper dropping off me as I walk. I walk through the kitchen and find something that mom has made, I pick it up and pop it in my mouth, I chew and immediately spit it out, in the sink.

    “Ewww FUCK! That’s nasty, what is this shit?!” I ask horrified at the cardboard tasting thing, I play with my tongue.

    “It’s got banana in it, so it’s healthy.” Mikey said, studying the thing hardly.

    “More of a reason I hate it then.” I said in a high pitched voice, I open the back door and walk out into the garden, I notice Frank walks out close by me. I swing around and hug him, this surprised him, and we ended up falling back onto the floor, our head colliding together.

    “Ouchie! Did that just happen?” I ask, and raised an eyebrow. And kiss his head softly, he giggled. I catch him looking at the trampoline. “I bet ya wondering how I managed to jump of that, wanna see?!” I say with excitement.

    “You’re fucking mad,” I pout and he crashes his lips onto my own, I wrap my arms around his neck, getting lost in the moment. We pull away when we feel a lot of water creep up onto our bodies, only then do I notice Mikey has the garden hose and is squirting us. We herd alot of lauging.

    “Way to make my erection go away Mike’s good one!” I say, shaking my now wet red hair. I get up and pull my gorgeous boyfriend with me, I get up onto the trampoline, and measure the net.

    “Gerard Arthur Way!” I cringe and Mikey snapping my name, “What do you think you are doing?”

    “Jumping off the trampoline, like I did when I broke the fucking window,” I say and nod, yep sounds right to me.

    “What is you beak something again?” Mikey said, wrapping an arm around Alicia’s shoulders,

    “THAT BLOODY WINDOW SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN THERE IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE!” I snap, “GOD DAMN IT,” I jump up and down on the trampoline, “WHY AM I ME? I MEAN SERIOUSLY . . . WHY AM I ME? I GET KINDA SHOUTED AT WHEN I AM THIS ME, I’M NO FUCKING PORCRLAIN DOLL, I AM GERARD ARTHUR WAY, AND THERE IS NOW FUCKING WAY THAT I AM NUTS! NO DAMN WAY!” I shout, and then make a big leap, up and over the trampoline net, right into the pool, probably making a huge fucking splash . . . sweet, hope they are all wet now. I surface the area and laugh, well if you call it laughing, more like screaming like those scream singers. Frank lies down on his stomach by the edge of the pool, so he is my height, he is laughing along with the other guys.

    “I think ya lost it babe.” He coughs and said amused.

    “What have I lost?” I said acting dumb,

    “The fucking plot,” Ray said,

    “AS A MATTER OF FACT, I HAVE LOST NOTHING!!” I pause, “I just increased my insanity,” I jump up and hug Frankie, my drenched clothes soaking him.

    “You making me wet, Gee!” Frank said,

    “Oooh, Frankie do I turn ya on that easy?” I say, the others laugh, “Come for a swim, it’s not cold at all!” I lied, hanging on for dear life to Frankie,

    “I have no spare clothes,” He claimed, I pull away.

    “Oh don’t worry, you won’t be needing clothes for what I have planned later,” I say seductively, wiggle my eyebrows and licked my lips; he smiles and shakes his head, the other chuckle. Then there was a high pitched yelp and a splash besides me,

    “Oh you have come to join me in my midnight swim, Al?” I ask and walk over to her, she studies my hair,

    “I actually did an okay job.” She nods impressed, “And Mikey fucking Way I am going to kill you!”

    “SAVE IT FOR THE BEDROOM!” I sang she pushes my shoulders under the water, my head going with it; I stand up straight to get air. I get up out of the pool and push Frank down from his sitting position and lie on his chest. It was silent apart from the sound of Alicia getting out of the pool. I was just waiting for someone to say it.

    “I can’t believe that this is our last day together for a while.” Ray said,

    “Yeah it’s crazy; it seems only a week ago that, Gerard and Mikey turned up here. And Gerard, instantly stealing my heart, when he talked about how sexy the lockers were...” Frank said and teased at the same time. I laugh and smile, nearly in tears. I snuggle into Frankie’s neck a bit more.

    “Then you got beat up, scaring me half to death, I thought you were dead. I had to call Ray!” Bob said,

    “Yeah and then I called you two, you came to see him when Frankie woke up, and literally crashed into his hospital room.”

    “Aha, I remember that, Mikey spinning me round in a wheelchair and then literally throwing me into you room. And the sick bowl for my crash helmet.” I laugh at the memories we were sharing, and kiss the most perfect boys neck.

    “Then you went to go see Frankie the next day, you threw the fucking orange down my top and as you said, I was ‘dancing in the kitchen’” Mikey laughed, “And then you went to go see Frankie, and I stayed home, so you could be alone for your little art lesson, and because I felt like shit.”

    “Ha-ha yeah, and I tried to impress you, but kind of failed.” Frank laughed sheepishly, I smile.

    “No you were really good!”

    “That was also the day that I said, hey let’s start a high school band!” Frank explained,

    “Yeah, you managed to persuade my brother, then came Bob with the drums, Ray with the guitar . . . then I don’t know why you thought this, you wanted me to be the vocals.” I shake my head and smile big.

    “Well you have an amazing singing voice.” Frank complimented. I blush,

    “And that was the start of the ‘My Chemical Romance’ Friendship.” Mikey said, I smile.

    “High school were it all begins.” I couldn’t see anything but Franks neck, but I knew they were smiling.

    “Yeah, and high school for, you, Frank and I is over.” Ray said sadly, and we all sighed.

    “It was great; we won battle of the bands, and opened up for Mindless Self Indulgence!” Bob said, we agreed.
    *Continues In The Post Down*
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    “Good times huh?” Frank said,



    “Fuck yeah!” Were said at the same time, I felt a tear run down my nose and into my other eyes, as I was lying on my side. Luckily no one noticed,

    “Who wants one last movie and pizza?” We all agreed to that,

    “Uh, Mike’s you pushed me in the pool. I’m soaking...” Alicia said, ringing her hair out to prove her point,

    “We shall put your clothes in the dryer, mind wearing a shirt of mine for a bit?” He said, she nodded and we headed inside.

    “Oh, Mike’s living room!” I grunted, forgetting completely about the living room, I run there and slid slowly to a halt as I was wet. I started to pull all of the white shit down, it getting stuck to my wet skin. “Shit!” I said, shaking my arm to try and get it off. Only then do I notice Frank, watching amused from the living room doorway.

    “This had nothing to do with me and Mikey, the pixies fault!” I said and shoved the tissue into the bag I said I would tie to my butt, waist or penis.

    “GERARD WE FORGOT ABOUT MY ROOM TOO!” Mikey shouts laughing down the stairs,

    “WAY TO GO MIKEY, I MANAGED TO CONVINCE RAY, BOBBO-SOCKS AND FRANKIE THAT THE PIXIES DID IT. COVER BLOWN!” I bellow to him, with a smirk on my face. I shoved that last bit of toilet paper in the bag, then looked down to the wet floor, “Ah shit, I am dripping chlorine water everywhere!” I growled, and chucked the bag into the corner. Frank and the other two laughed,

    “You laugh now, but you won’t be in the morning when I go all ninja style on you asses!” I punched the air twice and kicked out. I look at their amazed expression, I nod once, “Yeah I am going to change, and do you want a different shirt Frankie?” I ask and walk past them,

    “Yeah would be nice since you soaked me.” I give him the thumbs up and carefully walk down the stairs into my bedroom. I open the door and head for my closet, grabbing my pyjamas,

    “You staying the night with me Frankie?” I asked and hoped to god that he would say yes,

    “You want me to?” He asks from right behind me,

    “Yes!” I say immediately,

    “Okay,” He said and wrapped his arms around my waist.

    I pull out some pyjamas for him and pass them to him, turning around and kissing him softly. We change, feeling comfortable in eachothers presence to do so and head back upstairs and into the living room. Bob and ray in on couch, Alicia and Mikey tangled together, Alicia in Mikey’s shirt and her underwear Frankie and I claim the seat next to Mike’s and Al, I pull Frankie down onto my lap. And because we did this one last time for a while, it felt special.

    By the time we had eaten the pizza and watch two movies, I was nearly asleep, but I woke up when the sing at the end of the movie blasted through the room, I yawn and hug Frankie tighter. Bob and Ray stretch and get up to leave, Mikey and Alicia are entwined together sound sleep.

    Awww, Kodak moment!” I whispered and pointed to the sleeping couple, the look and I manage to swipe my phone form the coffee table, I took a picture not realising the flash was one. Mikey’s head jerked up and, but after dropped back down. I exhale in relief; Frank gets up and pulls me up with him.

    “What time is your flight tomorrow?” I ask Ray yawning,

    “Tomorrow at eight in the evening, I got to make sure everything is packed.” He said tiredly,

    “I am leaving for New York tomorrow round two, you coming over to say goodbye?” I ask, I rub my eyes.

    “Yeah sure thing, right we shall see you tomorrow, to say a goodbye, have a fun night.” Ray said smirking,

    “Ah yeah, you had better go, so me and Frankie can do a little bit of loooooooove
    making.” I say make a kissing noises and licking my lips, we all laugh quietly, not to wake Mikey or Alicia up.

    “Yeah, we don’t wanna be here when you do that, don’t get pregnant.” Bob said, and we hugged each other.

    “Don’t worry; I will take the morning after pill if it makes you feel better!” I say and pull away, we chuckle, and then we see Ray and Bob out. I quickly run upstairs to get Mikey’s duvet for him and Alicia.

    “I was wondering what you were doing.” Frank sad yawning and leaned back against the door frame.

    “They looked to cute and peaceful to wake up.” I said as i placed the duvet over them, then turned and hugged Frankie,

    “You such a kind older brother, one that likes to embarrass him as well.” I giggle,

    “Yeah well its me, time for bed?” I said and walked down to my bedroom and lay down on my bed. I open my arms for him to crash into, he does so and we lie there completely out of this world.

    “I’m gonna fucking miss you!” I said and felt some stray tears run down my cheeks, he wipes them away.

    “I’m going to miss you too! But we have phones, Skype and we can make this work.” He said reassuring me, some more tears ran down my cheeks. He caressed my face, his fingers grazed my cheek, my lips and my chin down to my neck, it calmed me. Shit he was good at doing that, he was close I could smell his cologne on his skin, ansd I could feel the heat pf his body next to mine. He kissed me softly with his sweet lips, and kissed me until I stopped crying, and now his lips made me hot and dizzy and he started to explore my mouth with hot thrusting strokes of his tongue, I run my hands up his stomach until I reach his chest, I try and pull my pyjama shirt over his head, only breaking the passionate lustful kiss to get it over his head, it felt great, my heart beat and my breathing got faster as his did, as if to say goodbye, but not say goodbye, just for some weeks. So I enjoy and remember my last night in Bellville. This was no teasing, this was full on making love.
    Gerard last night, I have some chapters when they have all separated, then unfortuanly its going to come to an end...
    But I have a sequal, which I am currently editing the forst chapter..
    SO comment and tell me what you think? XXO
  4. I'm not gonna lie..
    when gerard cried i almost cried :(
    but overall i loved this update:3
    i'm sad that this story is almost at an end...
    it was one of my favorite fanfics <3
    and i seriously can't wait for the sequal:D
  5. This was cute(yes, i say that a lot). Now, I want to cuddle... Too bad I cant for a while. I enjoy this quite a bit. Mikey and Gee are cute when they're hyper.

    Boyfriends are fun <3 NO! You can't do that to Frankie >_< Twist? A twist in the plot? please? ( I know thats not going to happen, but still)
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    NOOO ITS SO SAD AND CLOSE TO THE ENDDD but its been a really great story so far :) I've loved it xx
  7. I'm going to cry. I love this story so much i feel like we have been watching an actual high school experience for these boys. It was very realistic and i love it. It kind of feels like were losing them...im very sad about this story ending i loved it so much. I would love to see a sequel and i really cant wait <3
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    Awww i loved it :)
    When Gerard and Mikey were having the random conversations my mum kept looking at me, I couldn't stop laughing! xD
    Can't believe it's coming to an end but at least there will be a sequel for us to love too!
    I feel I have to say it again, I loved it!!
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    TheBeautyI'mFaking - Aww I didn't mean to nearly make you cry! I am glad you liked it :) Seriosuly one of your favourites? :wub: I am glad you liked it, thank you so much for saything that! <3

    macattack<3'sFrerard - I love cute, nah you say just enough! Gotta love Gee and Mikey when they are both hy[er, neevr did it so I had to put in there. A twist? Hmm we shall see? Have you been driving any more?

    DeathShineXD - I am glad to you liked it, there is going to be a sequel is you are interested?

    i want Party Poision - Awww, again I did mean to if I did, did it really seem realistic> Thank you so much for saying that :$:I am glad you liked this story, and yes there is definatly going to be a sequal, promise! :)

    MyChemSioban - Thank you so much, I am glad you liked the update! I am glad you laughed! I had fun writing it! I am glad you said you would try the sequal out :)

    Chapter Forty Seven

    Gerard’s POV







    I was counting, counting down the time I had left at my home, with my friends, with my boyfriend, basically my family. I didn’t sleep much, considering I went to bed round half one, after an amazing time with Frank, and woke up at four forty seven. I had cried, and kept of crying to myself, part of me wanted to stay and not go, and other part of me was thinking about my future ahead of me. I kept staring from Frank, to my clock, from Frank, to my clock all morning. Frank couldn’t sleep, but I managed to sing him to sleep, I sang him ‘Helena’ I don’t know why I picked that song, but I

    I wiped my sore eyes and sniffled, I am such a puff. I looked over to my clock, five after eight, my stomach dropped; the time was going way to fast, like it was speeding up on purpose. In six hours I would be leaving.
    I never thought that I would actually be going to university, I never thought I would have an amazing boyfriend, I never thought that I would have great friends; I never thought that I would be clean off drugs. But I was going, I do have a great boyfriend, I do have great friends, and I was clean off drugs. And I always had an amazing brother.

    Feeling like I couldn’t stay anymore in bed, I got up and slid on some fresh pair of boxers, that weren’t packed. I pulled out some pictures that I drew as a farewell, one for Mikey, Alicia, Ray, Bob and Frank. I heard a cough behind me and shuffling in bed, I smiled.

    “Morning, sleepy head,” I said softly and turned around.

    “Morning, red head,” He yawned and smiled, I pouted.

    “You love it really!”

    “I don’t love it, I love you.”

    “I love you too.” I said and smiled,

    “Hey fuckers! Is it okay to come in?” Mikey said from outside the door. I smiled,


    “Sure? You’re not naked are you?”

    “Well one of us is, can you guess who.” I laughed to myself as Frank hurried to pull on his boxers,

    “Frank?” He asked, as he opened the door,

    “NO GERARD!” Frank said and pulled down my boxers, embarrassed I pulled them up, falling over in the process.

    “You little fucker!” I accused, turning bright red. Frank clapped and giggled non-stop, along with Mikey. I got up and stormed upstairs the others followed still laughing. I walk through the kitchen and Alicia sits at the table, in her clothes now.

    “Good morning, Alicia! Sleep well? You so nice, you don’t pull down some ones boxers!” I said and walked to the coffee machine.

    “No I would only do that to your brother.” She said stretching.

    “Morning my little angels,” Mom said walking though the doorway. She hugs me, not wanting to let me go,

    “I think we need a something to get her off me!” I said she pulled away.

    “I’m sorry, now I know you normally don’t have breakfast, but I am
    commanding you to have breakfast this morning, all of you please?” She commanded me and turned to the others. She went to the cupboard and produced a load of cereal.

    I poured some but added no milk, the others did the same and we sat around the table, I started to eat my cereal with no spoon or milk, watching the others, Frank did the same, as he as was allergic to milk. This was new to me, I never had breakfast, I started to throw my cornflakes at Mikey, and I smiled.

    “Stop throwing cornflakes at me!” He said running his hand through his hair to get them out, I did and started to throw them at Frank; he looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

    “Wasn’t me, somebody is throwing stuff.” I said and looked away, after that I threw some at Mikey again. He looked annoyed, I snickered, Alicia smiled, trying not to laugh, Frank was shaking his head pursing his lips.

    “Fucker...” Mikey muttered under his breath, threw some more at him, he jerked up, grabbed a handful of Franks cereal and threw it at me, way more than one piece.

    “Well that was uncalled for!” I said, smiling standing up to brush the cornflakes up.

    “You’re such a wh**e, Gee.” He rolled his eyes, and smiled. I blinked twice, picked up a handful of my flakes launched them at him, then threw my plastic bowl at him, I stood up and ran to the door way.

    “Remind me how old you are?” He said, picking up my bowl.

    “Has your memory gone that bad, brother?” I said and studied the door frame.

    “You have such a smart ass comment for everything, last time I remembered you were eighteen, you act like a five year old.” He said, staring at me. I poked my tongue of at him,

    “You can be so immature sometimes.” Frank chuckled, I pouted.

    “You would know.” I muttered, and mom walked through the doorway.

    “I can see breakfast went well.” She said looking at the contents on the floor.

    “Gerard threw cornflakes and a bowl at me!” Mikey snitched, I frown and pouted even more,

    “Tattle tale!” I hissed, and gave him the finger; mom saw and raised an eyebrow, I smiled. “They were mean to me this morning!” I accused and pointed at Frank and Mikey.

    “So you threw cornflakes at them?” She sighed, “Who’s cleaning this up.” She looked at me, just to add to my childish behaviour,

    “But Mom I don’t want to,” I said and stamped one foot on the floor, sulking like a child.

    “You threw them,” She said, I jumped this time,

    “But Mikey threw some too, he should help too!” I say childishly, pouting.

    “Fine then, Mikey, help him, since he is deciding to act five.” She turned around, I peered around mom so Mikey could see me, cheered and stuck the middle finger at him and mouthed ‘fuck you’

    “Gerard you are such a dick sometimes.” He shook his head, smiled and got up to get a broom.

    “Miiiiiikeeeey? What’s a dick?” I asked innocently, bending down to scoop up the flakes.

    “A penis,”

    “What’s a penis?” I smiled,

    “The thing in between your legs,” He said,

    “Nice way to put it, what if I actually was a five year old?” I said, stopping my cleaning to flick him on the nose.

    “I don’t know, not shush and clean. Before I put you in diapers, stick a pacifier in your mouth and post them on the internet.”

    “Touché, I am just wondering how you are going to get me in them?” I said as he scooped them up and stuck them in the trash. He rubbed his hands together,

    “I don’t know, I will find a way.” He said and then jumped on me, I grunted.

    “Mommy Mikey is beating me up!”I shouted, failing at a childish tone as I was giggling.

    “No mom I am teaching the child a lesson!” He shouted back,

    “Ha-ha, ooh la la yeah Mike’s teach me a lesson. I need to be punished,” I said in a sexy tone,

    “Is that so?” He said and then nipple crippled me, I screamed in pain.

    “OWW! That fucking hurt you bastard.” I said hugging my upper torso.

    “Kids don’t swear Gerard.”

    “This one does!” I said, standing up, I looked at the time. Fifteen minutes to eleven, I sighed.

    “You need to go and get your stuff in your car.” Mikey said, and I nodded.

    “I think the neighbours would freak if I went out in my boxers, I am going to shower before.” I said, I grabbed my clothes from the laundry room.

    Mikey’s POV

    “How do you do that?” I asked stunned, watching Alicia, spin, jump and go crazy while not missing one note on my bass.

    “Just do it.” She shrugged, I smiled.

    Gerard and Frank were down stairs, saying ‘goodbye’ to each other and Frank was helping him to get his stuff into his car. It is going to be strange without my brother in the house; I always had him with me. Apart from four months in rehab, but that was four months, this is four years with little breaks.

    “You okay, Mikey Way?” Al asked I smiled at her rhyme.

    “Yeah I’m okay,” I said, I sat up straight, took the bass from around Alicia’s body, and pulled her down onto my lap. “I love you.” I whispered in her ear and cuddled her close.

    “I love you too.” I smiled,

    “I love you, Frankie!” Gerard suddenly said from the door way, we look up at the ‘Frerard’

    “I love you too Gerard!” He said, they hugged each other and fell into Ray and Bob.

    “What’s up dudes, don’t mind Gerard, he has been acting very childish all morning, slash afternoon.” I said, and he narrowed his eyes.

    “Fuck you Michael, you laughed when this little fucker, pulled down my boxers, and then ya nipple crippled me and that fucking hurt!” He finished his rave.

    “You threw cornflakes and a bowl at me!” I said, but he won. “What time are you leaving, Gee?” I asked, sighing looking at the time, it was five minutes after one. I looked over to him he wasn’t looking, he was looking at a photo of him and I. I threw a pillow at him,

    What the fuck?!” He snapped when it skimmed his nose.

    “I asked when you are leaving.” I said, rolling my eyes at his reaction.

    “At two.” He said and led down on the floor
    *Continues in the post down*​
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    “So tell us, what are your colleges like?” Alicia asks, starting a conversation.

    “Well my college is big, got lots rooms, it’s like got different types of classes to, I have a roommate.” Ray said,

    “Mine has a variety, I have three roommates, and the campus is pretty big from what I can see.” Gerard said, he said playing with his fingers, “I have something for all of you.” He said, he got up and exited the room. He came back up with some frames, he gave them out to certain people, and we had two each. We all looked at the amazing photos; we all had one of all of us, apart from Alicia who had one of her and me, and her and LynZ. The other one I had was of me and Alicia on a night out. I smiled and felt my eyes fill up with tears.

    “Thank you so much, Gee!” I said and attacked him with a hug, he hugged me back. The others said thank you.

    We sat down in our living room for the last time until we meet up again, we talked about how many guitars Ray had packed for his flight, how long his flight was, how he was going to tame his afro in a cold country. We also talked about Gerard’s college, Frank warning him not to get any ideas about other roommates, of course we laughed. And most importantly, all the memories we shared from day one again.

    And of course, we lost track of time, when mom came in to tell Gerard that it was time to leave, she was crying. I held back my tears; I never liked to show my emotions. Gerard and Ray went around and said goodbye to everyone, Ray had to go home to get his stuff ready, and Gerard had a long drive to New York. I waited until it was my turn to say goodbye to say anything.

    “Can I have another hug, little bro?” He said, I nodded and we crashed into each other’s arms, then I couldn’t hold back the tears, falling down my cheeks. I squeezed him tightly, not wanting to let him go, but I knew I had to. I sniffled, “Are you crying? You’re crying over me?” He chuckled and sounded like he was crying as well.

    “Uh huh!” I choked out and chuckled, “I always cry when it comes to you! I ball like a baby!” I said into his shoulder.

    “So you the one that’s going to wear diapers, suck a pacifier and have picture's on the web?” He said, I tapped him on the head.

    “That’s my line, for you!” I exclaimed, smiling.

    “I think we need to pry these two away from each other!” Frank said, we all chuckled. We squeezed each other before reluctantly letting go, we stared at each other’s for a couple of seconds before we turned to walk to Frankie again,

    “Look after my brother, Alicia . . . Make sure he doesn’t go back to his unicorn fetish!” He said, I shook my head and laughed. “I think I would prefer him to have an Alicia fetish!” I said truthfully, and she laughed, I wrapped my arm around her, and pulled her close.

    “I will and he had better not go back to unicorns!” She nudged me, I smiled down at her, and she wiped my tears away. Gerard said a final good bye to Frankie then had mom to deal with.

    “Gerard was about to get into his car when he said, “Mikey, I will Skype you when I get there and on your birthday, this is the first time I am not going to be here for it, so I will Skype you, Mom has your present.” He said, I nodded and smiled, as some more tears over flowed. He glanced at all of us, smiled and slid into his car.

    “Good luck!” We all shouted, and he smiled.

    “Thank you, live you all. Speak to and text you every day!” He said and looked behind him to go out the dive way, we waved him off and he beeped the horn as he drove down the estate. It went silent,

    “Right, I hate to leave you all, but I best be heading back to get my things ready.” Ray said and hugged us all,

    “Gonna miss ya man!” I said and ruffled his awesome afro.

    “I will miss ya too, Mikey!” He said, after he said good bye to Frankie, Bob and Alicia he left, along with Bob.

    I was still crying when Alicia and I entered the house, we were in it alone, mom had gone to work. She took my hand and squeezed it, I looked down at her and smiled.

    “We have the house to ourselves, what ya wanna do?” I asked, she thought for a moment.

    “Pillow fight!” She said eagerly, I laughed and ran up stairs to my bedroom and quickly reserved a pillow, and the fight began, but we both ended up on my bed out of breath anyway. She laughed,

    “What’s funny?” I asked amused,

    “I don’t know, I think we should take some funny pictures and post them on twitter!” She said and got her phone out. I nod eagerly and she snaps the first photo and it blinded me, she looked at it and laughed, turns out I look drunk. After some funny ones, we decided to take some nice ones, I leaned my chin on her shoulder and she took a nice picture of us,

    “I look fucking awful in all of these photos,” She said, I nipped her neck, she jerked away, she was ticklish.

    “Nah, you look beautiful!” I said napping her neck again, she shivered.

    “Thank you, you always boost my confidence.” She said and pushed me down onto the bed, I smile and play with her hair,

    “So new year and new start in two days!” I said; think about starting a new year in school.


    “A year without, Gerard, Frankie and Ray.”

    Gerard and Ray have gone!! Dun Dun dun!
    What will happen in my last few chapters? Can anybody guess? Give it ago!
    So comment and blow me away, I am all thrilled to have such amazing readers, I love you all !! XXO
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    I nearly cried when Gerard left :(
    I would have cried but while I was reading it looked like my cat had a mini spazz in her sleep which made me laugh xD
    I loved it! So much emotion n' crying (from Mikey) xD
    Just to say it again, I loved it!
  12. Awww... Gee is gone and Ray is leaving :( This isn't much fun... They're all cute though. I like throwing things at people.. Like burnt cheeze-its. Haha long story.... Corn flakes are amazing! I like putting a half a cup of sugar on them before I put milk in the bowl ^_^

    I went driving with my dad once. Apparently, he would rather drive with me now then with my 18 year old sister now. It's funny. Oh and... I love you <3
  13. this story feels so real...like i feel like gerard, mikey, alicia, frank, ray, etc. I feel like they were all my friends in some weird way...
    it's just so weird. i remember starting to read this story in the begining of my this school year and now my school year is ending...
    fjrhjvbhvegfwjkkhebv,fwwdkmabvhbgfkjwdndfvn !!!
    I just can't beleive this story is almost over. i'm gonna miss reading this. i know there will be a sequal, but i'm gonna miss this story. i really am..
    my eyes started to water when i realized gerard was gone, and then ray left vjhfocj3fbnvn !! poor mikey...i feel so bad for him...
    i'm gonna say it again... I'M GONNA MISS THIS STORY
    can't wait for the sequal :'3
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    MyChemSioban - Haha Oh I wish I could have seen that! My cat ran into my see through door earlier, stupid thing. And I am glad you liked the update :) Ready for another one?

    macattack<3'sFrerard - I like throwing skittles and pretzels at people its fun ain't it, lol.And damn you like you cereal sweet, you got a sweet tooth? Thats good right? That he wants to drive with you and not ya sis? I think my dad would have a heart attack about me driving, ha ha. Over all was it fun? I lova ya too! <3

    TheBeautyI'mFaking - Awww, I absolutly love your comments! Thank you so much :) Are you goinbg to miss it? Awww, I love your fic ! 'This is a good mistake . . . right?' I really recomend all my reader to read yours its amazing, but I think they all do anyway :') I am glad you are looking forward to the sequal, im glad you like this story.

    So guys, just going to say, I love all of you for reading, seriosuly, you shoudl hug yourselves :')

    Chapter Forty Eight

    Gerard’s POV

    So two weeks have been and gone since I have arrived at New York, at my new destination. I missed my brother, my boyfriend, my friends, my family, my home, my room, my bed. Everything was so different, New York was big, and my new apartment in my college campus was strange. When I first arrived I had a very hyper welcoming. I felt so homesick the first week, all I wanted to do was stay in my new bed and cry and wish to come home, I felt lost without my brother, he had always been there for me when I needed it, along with Frank and the others. I just wanted to go home. I wasn’t really used to not having him. But I did talk to Frankie, Mikey and all through, text, phone and Skype.

    I also had new roommates Alex, Damian and Kyle. Strangely they all make YouTube videos of the college experience; they were all a year or two older than me, on the second night they made it pretty clear that I was going to be featuring in them a lot, as they thought I was a puzzle that they wanted to finish putting together. I still remember my greeting,

    “Look Kyle, we have a newbie!” Damian shouted to a ginger headed guy when he walked through the dorm door. I looked down slightly, Damian had given me a tour everywhere, and seems to be very excited they he had a new roommate. He brightened up, threw down some work on the floor came up to me and smelt me, I felt my jaw drop instantly, I was kind of freaking out.

    “Well he doesn’t smell bad like the last roommate, he smells pretty good actually, coconut!” He said, smiled and hugged me. I looked at Damian who was smiling.

    “The last roommate we had, let’s just say, not very hygienic at all!” He explained, and I nodded once.

    “Basically, HII!” Kyle shouted, “You smell nice and have red hair, welcome!” He said and smiled.

    “HI, thank you for saying . . . that.” I said looking puzzled.

    “What may your name be?” Kyle asked leaning his chin on his hands on the counter.

    “Gerard.” I answered, Damian was giggling quietly, lying on the couch waving his arms about looking at me.

    “Gerard what?”


    “I LIKE THAT SECOND NAME! But I already knew that, you are the vocals of that band, My Chemical Romance. Yeah I like Mindless Self Indulgence, I was at the concert. You were good.” He smiled, I looked surprise.

    “Thank you?” I said as a question.

    “DUDE, CHILL! YOU HAVEN’T EVEN MET ALEX YET!” He shouted and slammed a wooden spoon down on the counter.

    “KYLE! STOP SCARING GERARD!” Damian shouted back, I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly.

    “I always scare the newbie’s, how am I doing noob?” He asks,

    “Okay, but I am used to craziness and insanity.” I say, nod and smile.

    “Sweet, I. Am. Going. To. Go. And. Knock. On. Every. Bodies. Door.” Kyle said, “I will try and find Alex in the process, probably in the library like a fucking . . . thing!” Kyle said, patted me on the shoulder and left.

    “You’re going to fit in well with us, I think.” Damian said and smiled.

    “Gerard!” Mikey’s voice shouted over the web cam, pulling me out of my head and back into reality, I was in my room, on webcam to Mikey, Frankie, Bob, Ray and Alicia. Ray was doing some work, I don’t know the rest, I was talking to Ray before the others came online.

    “What?” I asked, bringing my knee up to my chest, studying my pyjamas bottoms, it was round half ten in the evening.

    “Nice thinking face.” Mikey replied, he pulled the face I must have been pulling. I poke my tongue out again.

    “HEY NOOB HOW ARE YOU DOING? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Kyle came bursting through my door, and stood behind me.

    “I’m okay, have you had to much sugar again?” I ask,

    “No, WHICH ONE IS YOUR BROTHER?” He asks very loudly, I cringed.

    “You know which one is my brother you idiot.” I said picking up the photo graph of me and him.

    “I forgot, don’t blame the ginger dude.” He said, I turned my head to look at him. He notices and pulls his mouth into a slow smile.

    “You going to say hi?” I ask, and gesture to the laptop. He leans in right close to the camera.

    “HIIIII, GERARDS FRIENDS!” he shouts, I pull him back and giggle.

    “Not so loud!” I exclaim and shove him back, he walks around my room, I could see him in my camera, and I smirked. He throws a pillow at me, it hits my head, he chuckles.

    “Leave!” I said, laughing pointing to the door. He falls to the floor,

    “I can’t gravity is increasing on me!”

    “No it’s not!”

    “Is to Gerard, I am just attracted to your smell.” He said simply, and looked at my walls with my art on them. “You do clown school!”

    “No I do art class.” I said, turning around in my office chair.

    “Same thing!” he argues,

    “Is not!”

    “Is too!”



    “NO!” I shout, throwing the nearest thing by me at him, which was my I-pod.

    “Thank you! Now you shall have to get it back somehow.” He went to put it down his pants,

    “NO! Don’t do that!” I jump out of my chair and on to him. I have no idea what my crew on the laptop are thinking of second impressions. I manage to swipe my I-pod back, and
    then sit back up on my chair. Kyle is immediately behind me and messes up my hair.

    “Nice new look Gerard!” Kyle complimented, I point to the door and blow a strand of hair out of my face.

    “Leave nook nook!” I said his nick name, he goes to leave and I turn back around to face the camera, he pops back into the room again,

    “I love you newbie!” He shouted and blew me a kiss; I shook my head and giggle.

    “Leave got damn it!” I command, he shuts my door.

    “Nice new friend Gerard!” Ray laughs,

    “See what I have to put up with?” I say loudly enough to earn a laugh from Kyle in the living room slash kitchen.

    “Now we do yes.” Mikey said, yawning. Frank was very quiet, I wanted to talk to him alone, but I could tell the others to go away, that would be mean in my eyes, so I was hoping that he would be the last offline. Bob, Mikey and Alicia were talking Chemistry, Ray was talking to his roommate, Frank and I weren’t doing anything, it created an awkward atmosphere, between us. The first to leave was Ray, followed by Bob, then Alicia, then Mikey leaving me and Frank alone.

    “So how’s your college?” I ask,

    “It’s alright actually, what about yours? You have some hyperactive roommates that you have in common with.” He said, smiling slightly, I sighed sadly.

    “Big, annoying and I get lost a lot,” I answered, “What’s happening lately then?”

    “Someone has been killed on a woods, shocker. Mikey, Bob and Alicia have been talking about how much they miss us being in school. I am going to try out playing guitar and singing for a band called Pency Prep.”

    “That sounds exciting, I’m sure you are going to get into it.” I say and stretch my limbs,

    “You think so?” He said, looking at me, from what it seems anyway.

    “Yeah, you’re great at guitar and screaming . . . aren’t they a scream band?” I asked, yawning, kind of down on the subject about him leaving the whole MCR thing, but it’s over I guess.


    “And believe me, you can scream...” He laughed,

    “Oh Gerard...”

    “I did not mean it like that!” I claimed, and he pursues his lips.

    “It’s true, screaming that way . . . you make me scream...”

    Oh Frankie!” I squeaked,

    “No actually, more like Oh Gerard would be more pacific.” He groaned smirking like a mad man,

    “Well mine would be, oh Frankie, you make me so horny, I’m coming!” I moaned, in a sexual way.

    “Yeah sounds about right, “He nods approving, I smile. I lean back in my chair, and run my hand through my red hair. My room door swings open, Kyle and Damian pop in.

    “Gerard, we are going to go on a night mission, going down to get some candy, you coming?” Damian asks, it was the weekend and we had the weekend off,

    “Yeah sure, do you think that sexy person will be in the elevator again?” I ask,

    “I hope so, I want to fuck her good and proper.” Kyle said, and I roll my eyes, Damian giggles.

    “Hey Frankie, I’m gonna go. Good luck about the band tomorrow, speak to you whenever?” I said, closing down all my other tabs,

    “Yeah, I won’t be able to tomorrow; I will text you or something.” He said,

    “Okay, I won’t be on the day after that, I am busy.” I exclaimed,

    “Oh okay, speak to you whenever then.”

    “Okay, bye.” I said waved and clicked offline, I get up sticking some converses on.

    “Let’s go, running around the campus at half eleven is not allowed, but do we care?” Kyle said as I tied my lace.

    “Didn’t bother us last year, Alex is in his room.” Damian said as we excited the room and out into the endless hall way, seriously there is no end.

    “Yeah, Alex doesn’t seem to like me.” I muttered, they both look at each other, then at me.

    “He does, trust us he does.” They said, that confused me a bit.

    Mikey’s POV

    I had either spoken, or text Gerard sine I saw him on cam two weeks ago. I had seen Frank a couple of times, but never asked him if he had heard from him. He probably did, I figured anyway.

    “Are you having cream and marshmallows in your hot chocolate?” I ask as Alicia randomly wanted hot chocolate on our walk about in town.

    “Hmmm maybe,” She answered playing with her bracelet.


    “Depends on what cream you are referring to?” She said and looked up,

    “Huh?” I asked not getting it, she rolled her eyes.

    “Is it your cream Mikey?” She asked, patting my hand before returning it to her bracelet, then I got it.

    “Oh right, no, just normal cream.” I smiled, she looked at me and cocked her head to the side.

    “Nah I don’t want cream and marshmallows then.” She smiled, I giggle and spot Frankie walk by.


    “Oh hey Mike’s,” He said and pulled up a seat.

    “Have you spoken to Gerard lately?” I ask,

    “No, not really.” He said,

    “When was the last time you spoke to him?” I asked another question.

    “About a week and a half ago, the most I have seen or spoken to him was on cam. The rest were blunt text messages.” He explained and leaned back in his seat, so I was wrong, they hadn’t spoken for a while, and this couldn’t be good.

    “How come?” Alicia asked,

    “I don’t know, when I logged of cam, he was going round with his roommates, he said with a bit of jealousy dripping from his tone.

    “You jealous?” I ask, smiling.

    “No!” He said to quickly, I smirked.

    “He has some crazy roommates, huh?” Al said,

    “Yeah, he has a lot of common with them.” He huffed and leaned his chin in his hand.

    “SO you are jealous of them?” I said, nudging him, he sighed.

    “Okay, maybe a little bit.” He confessed.

    “You shouldn’t have anything to worry about; Gerard is a whole different species to them.” I said, and he smiled slightly. Neither me nor Alicia knew what to say, so I asked.

    “How’s Pency Prep?” I asked,

    “Oh yeah fine, I’m the screamer and the guitar player . . . we have actually recording with eyeball records.” He said, and I nod in approval.

    “Wow, thats great,” I smiled eagerly, he smiled and looked at the time,

    “I am actually supposed to be meeting the boys now; we shall meet up again, text me?” He said, and got up as the waitress came with our hot chocolates. I nod and he leaves,

    “I thought they would be speaking to each other every day.” Alicia admitted,

    “Yeah me to, I don’t know what to think.” I said and looked at Alicia stirring her drink, I grin.

    “No cream?” I ask, she looks up and smirks.

    “Nah, much rather prefer yours.”

    “Oh dear, you make me giggle.” I laughed,

    “Its fine, I can always have some later.” She said and winked and went back to her drink.

    “How you going to do that?” I ask with curiosity, she looked up again.

    “I can find some ways,” she held her chin in her left hand.

    “Okay, I look forward to it.” I smile, and we drunk our hot liquids, whilst talking about school and the house party we were going to attend in a week’s time, but one thing playing in my mind was, was it best to leave Frank and Gerard alone? Or should I talk to Gerard?

    Oh dear, can anybody guess whats going to happen? If you can guess share it lol...
    SO comment and tell me what you guys think? Good and bad.
  15. O___O
    i must know what happens.
    please update this as soon as you can. pretty please!!!
    and yes i am gonna miss it!!! </3
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    Now I wish I could have seen that! xD cat's do the silliest things don't they? :L
    I loved this update but I felt so upset for Frankie. He's practically losing his Gee :(
    Aww so sad! I have the feeling somethings going to happen between Gerard and Alex what with the,
    “He does, trust us he does.” They said, that confused me a bit.
    I don't know why I have that feeling, I just know I do have that feeling xD
  17. ALEX IS GAY. I like boyfriend cream ;) HAHAHAH the funny part is that I'm not joking ^_^ I don't like when I feel like I'm losing my boyfriend... I know how it is. So, Alex is gay, Alex likes Gee, Gee finds out, Gee cheats with Alex, Gee and Frankie break up. Correct? I bet I am. I'm always right in life. <3

    Driving was fun enough. I'm going again with my dad next week some more and with my drivers ed teacher next saturday.
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    TheBeautyI'mFaking - Aww thank you, would you like an update? ;)

    MyChemSioban - I know, cats are stupid, mine keeps wanting to sit in the sink... I mean its the sink for crying out loud! Ha ha, it also beats up my dog... Hard kitty. And all I can say is... Get out of my head, he he ;) I am glad you liked the update, ready for another?

    macattack<3'sFrerard - High five for boyfriend cream *high five* Haha, and yes you get out of my head too!! There is going to be a twist though... Hmm what to do for the ending of this fic? Lol Oooh, glad driving is fun! Have fun with it :)

    Right, here is the next chapter... Love truely never dies, or does it?

    And when the writing is in italic in Mikeys POV its coming from the laptop, just so I don't confuse any of you xx

    Chapter Forty Nine

    I hadn’t been online on webcam for three weeks, I had spoken to Mikey and Ray through text, but not Frankie that much, maybe he is busy. The person who I had mostly talked throughout this time was LynZ. I was online cam at the moment, but I wasn’t making much effort to talk, I was talking to Damian and Kyle, flipping through a magazine, whilst my laptop was on the coffee table.

    “I feel like getting drunk tonight, who’s in?” Kyle asked, Damian raised his hand and squeled,


    “Gerard?” I look up from my magazine, thinking about the last time I had alcohol.

    “Nah, I will watch you two,”

    “Make it three.” Alex said, emerging from his room to the sitting area.

    “That’s no fun.” Damian said throwing a glass up and down into the air, I eyed it warily.

    “Gerard Way, it’s time to play!” Kyle sang, smiling like a clown, I stared at him, raised my eye brows and sighed,

    “Fuckin’ pansy,” I mumbled, then I felt something hit my head, I looked up and Kyle jumped onto me. I yelped girlishly,

    “What was that? Sounded like a puppy whining!” Kyle laughed, whilst pinning me down onto the couch.

    “Fuck off, and get off you . . . just get off.” I failed at my insult, I managed to roll off the couch along with Kyle, and we both tumbled to the floor with a loud impact. Damian and Alex looking slightly amused, I got up and looked at my cam,

    “Hey guys, sorry guys, what’s up?” I asked, and then I noticed Kyle had smacked me in the crotch and I doubled over in pain. He gets up and laughs, dancing.

    “You’d better run, bitch!” I said, I got up with speed and chased him out of the room and down the corridor.

    Mikey’s POV

    “Hey guys, sorry guys, what’s up?” Then we heard a grunt, and Gerard doubled over, looking in pain? And then a lot of laughing,

    “You’d better run, bitch!” Gerard shouted, shot up and ran to the left of the screen, and then a door slammed, sounded like he had left, there were two laughing guys in his dorm.

    His laptop is still on; oh he is talking to his friends and brother. Gerard is kinda chasing our roommate . . . somewhere around campus, he should be back soon.” A guy with black hair said into the screen, then got up and there was no one present in the screen. I muted my cam, led down, my head on Alicia’s lap on my bed, I was always in the house on my own, so I spent a lot of time with Alicia and Bob.

    “I don’t think Frankie to going to be too happy.” I mumbled, playing with the hem of her
    T-shirt. He runs a hand through my hair.


    “They seemed pretty close, and Gerard hasn’t spoken to Frank in two and a half weeks...” I said, and looked up at her, she looked down at me.

    “Well, has Frank tried to make contact with him?” She asks, and I shrug.

    “I have no idea...” I said with honesty,

    “I have no idea what to do with this scenario; he has been speaking to LynZ I know that.” She said, and shifted so her head was on my lap, and mine on hers. I frown slightly, and then shrug it off.

    “I don’t know . . . I love you Alicia Simmons, don’t ever move away from me?” I ask, and kiss just above her knee,

    “No, I will never leave ya. I love you too, Mikey Way!” She said, I smile hugely, and then stick my cam back on normal.

    “Fucking hell, Way. God you are fast!” Guess this means that they are back?

    “Don’t try and rape me next time then.” I noticed my brother’s voice, he appears in the camera.

    “Not rape if ya like it.”

    “Oh trust me, I fucking hate it.”

    “DOUGHNUTS!” Somebody shouts very loud, Gerard looks to the side.

    “What are you on?”

    “The floor ha-ha!” That sounded like something Gerard would say, Gerard rolls his eyes. I noticed no one from home was talking, not Frank, not Bob, not Ray, not me and Alicia, we were all listening to Gerard and his new friends, very close ones.

    “Come on, let’s play twister!” Somebody screams from Gerard’s dorm room.

    “Oh god, I am not going to play anything! Guy’s I’m going to go speak to soon!” I waved bye and so did he, so did the others? And just when Gerard was going offline, the ginger dude jumped on him, and then the camera went black. And now I had no idea what to think, I thought best to leave them at it for themselves. I looked down to Alicia,

    “Want to catch movie, then go for dinner?” I asked,

    “Yeah sure!” We sit up and say good bye, then get ready.

    Gerard’s POV

    Me and my roommates sat in the living room, the three drinking alcohol and I stuck with soda. It was round eleven, the others were drunk, apart from Alex, who was slightly tipsy. Kyle and Damian were dancing on chairs to music filming yet another YouTube video. Alex and I were laughing at them jumping nearly falling off. They did set out the game twister, but that went from their minds as soon as they got it out. And they did like mindless self indulgence, I knew because most of the songs they played were them.

    “Sure you don’t want a drink, Gerard?” Alex asked, offering me a drink of vodka and coke,

    “Nah I’m alright.” I answered, Kyle had turned the ‘Kyle cam’ towards me, and I looked away.

    “Come on, it would be a laugh!” Damian jumped down from the chair and sat next to me,

    “Are you banned from drinking?”

    “No, it’s just...” I decided not to tell them, “Okay, I will have one.” I said and took the vodka and coke from Alex, I took a sip and it was strong, very strong, I think there was more vodka than coke in it. I finished it, and they poured me another, I was hesitant, but I took it. They we played twister, I fell down a numerous of times, then we played truth or dare.

    “Truth,” I said, they thought.

    “Have you met, LynZ Ballato?” Kyle asked, and I nodded.

    “Yeah of course, and me and friends opened up for them.” I spoke, and the room seemed to be different now, I blinked a couple of times, I was used to it, but not lately.

    “I’m bored; don’t wanna play this game anymore.” Damian stuttered,

    “You got a girlfriend, Gerard.” Kyle asks lying down in the couch, fucking out of it.

    “Not exactly...” I said, unsure.

    “Not exactly?” I shrug,

    “I have a boyfriend...”

    “Oh right, your gay?” Kyle slurs,

    “Well, I never have been with a girl . . . so I don’t know if I am Bi or not.” I said with honesty, I don’t know why I was being honest, probably from the alcohol.

    “Sweet, ‘m straight,” Kyle said, and they didn’t seem to mind.

    “Yeah about as straight as a roundabout...” We all laughed drunkenly, it actually turns out, I had drunken more than what I intended. Damian and Kyle shouted something about going to play knock and run on the floor below, which left me and Alex in the living room area bit, on the couch.

    “So where about are ya from?” He asked, and brought his drink to his lips. I looked at him, wondering why he had a sudden interest in me.

    “Belleville, New Jersey...” I answered and crossed my legs.

    “Okay,” I pouted, I hadn’t spoken to Frankie in sometime.

    “What’s the matter?” He asks, I get up and go to the kitchen area, I try and balance an ice cream scoop on my nose.

    “Why do you care, thought ya didn’t like me?” I said, and the ice cream scoop fell from my nose and onto the work top with a bang.

    “I never said that...”

    “But you were thinking it!” I said quickly, he smiles slightly and rolls his eyes, he started to irritate me.

    “I’m like that with all the newbie’s.” He admitted, “Especially cute ones, like you.” He added quickly at the end. I jerk my head towards him, and smile.

    “You think I’m cute?” I say and pout,

    “Yes, and I think your boyfriend is very lucky,” I look at him; he was looking right at me.

    “I haven’t spoken to him in nearly three weeks, blunt texts, not loving ones like they used to be.” I sighed, walked over and dumped myself onto the couch next to Alex,
    resting my feet on the coffee table.

    “Maybe he is seeing someone else?” He said, I look at him instantly.

    “No he wouldn’t do that...” I said shaking my head,

    “Okay but how would ya know? Your here in New York and he is in New Jersey.” I looked at him, I opened my mouth to speak, but closed it . . . he had a point.

    “Hmm,” I said stubbornly, something high pitched went off; I jumped and leaned next to him.

    “What is that?!” I said, looking at his amused face.

    “Only my phone, chill,” He giggled, he pulled it out, and I looked at it with him a message from Kyle saying something about having a lot of fun pissing people off. He replies and then turns to me, I am still leaning my head on his shoulder to look. “Nosey.” He chuckles, I pout.

    “Sorry, nothing private. It’s just Kyle and Damian, playing pranks like they did on my first day, and then posted the video on YouTube!” I rush out in one big breath, he looks amused again.

    “Just Kyle huh?” I nod and look at him, he stares back. It’s silent,

    “Yeah . . . um j-just Kyle,” I stutter and look away, he nods. More silence,

    “You have nice eyes and kissable lips.” Alex admits, turning his head so that it is very close to mine, I inch forward, I couldn’t help myself.

    “Thank, you. You have nice . . . hair.” I compliment back,

    “Not a cool as yours, yours is red.” He said, and before we both knew it, our lips met and we were kissing, he brought his hand up to my cheek and he opened his mouth when I asked for access, his hand tangled in my hair, but there was no electric current like I had when I kissed Frankie . . . HOLY SHIT FRANKIE! I pulled away, feeling guilty, I just kissed another person, and I just basically cheated on Frankie. I moved away from Alex, he did the same. I brought my hands and grabbed my hair slightly,

    “Fuck!” I hissed. “I have a boyfriend and I kissed you, shit!” I snapped, Jesus Christ Gerard, you fucking cold hearted twat!

    “Sorry.” Alex apologised, but sounded like he didn’t mean it. I lean forward into my hands and think over what just happened, I may be tipsy, but I could usually handle it.

    “’m going to bed,” I said got up, walked to my room and shut my door; I cursed and kicked my desk. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” I kicked it even harder, then turned off my lights and crawled under the covers and cried; why the fuck did I just do that?
    Hmm not sure what to say in this scenario... I hated writing this chapter, the only thing I liked was, Alicia and Mikey part... But then I couldn't make it a fab ending, could ? ;)
    So comment and tell me what ya think? XXO
  19. I told you... He cheated! Fucking Gerard... That idiot >_< He can't do that to Frankie. They need to talk because otherwise they will both die alone. I give up on them.

    I told my boyfriend about boyfriend cream last night. It was pretty fun ^_^
  20. MyChemSioban

    MyChemSioban Member

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! No, Gerard, NO!!! Omg why?!?!?! D:
    Usually I love being right but right now it sucks!!!
    Will he be honest with Frankie though?
    Ha! That would be funny if it did just sit in the sink n' wait for you to walk in xD
    My hamster likes to roll around in my stepsisters room n' that's usually where the cat n' she runs away from him! xD it's so funny!

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