High School Where It All Begins

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    Title - High School Where It All Begins

    Age Rating - 15+ Violance, Drug Use, Bad Launguage.

    Main Characters - Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, Alicia Simmons, LynZ Ballato.

    Genre - Romance, Violance, Family, Drug use, blood.

    Summery - All the mcr members meet at school and and find out they all play band instruments. They all thinks its a good idea to start up a band. It all starts in school up to the point if they make it to the top and become known world wide. But the have to tackle some incedents on the way.
    NOTHING in the fan fic HAS or wil NEVER happpen its all in my imagination.


    Index :
    Chapter 1 - Page 1
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    Chapter 28 - page 14 - Part 1 and 2
    Chapter 29 - page 15 - Part 1 and 2
    Chapter 30 - page 16
    Chapter 31 - page 17
    Chapter 32 - page 17
    Chapter 33 - page 18 - part 1 and 2
    Chapter 34 - page 19
    Chapter 35 - page 19
    Chapter 36 - page 20
    Chapter 37 - page 22
    Chapter 38 - page 23 - part 1 and 2
    Chapter 39 - page 23 - part 1 and 2
    Chapter 40 - page 24
    Cahpter 41 - page 24
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    Chapter 44 - page 26
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    Chapter 46 - page 27 - part 1 and 2
    Chapter 47 - page 27 - part 1 and 2
    Chapter 48 - page 28
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    Chapter 53 - page 30
    Chapter 53 The Final - page 30

    Chapter One

    Mikeys POV

    “Mikey Fucking Way get your ass out of bed now!” My annoying brother said to me as he jumped full pelt on to my bed.

    “What the Douche Gerard?!” I said, groaning in pain annoyed.

    “You elbowed me right in the rib cage you ******!” I snapped, pissed off.

    “Love you Mike's!" He said, as he kissed me on the cheek.

    “Gross!” I bellowed, wiping my cheek.

    “Come on we are starting school today let’s not be late,” He muttered, getting up and pushing me playfully off the bed and on to the hard, cold wooden floor and left for his room, Basement of course.

    Ahh yes new school today. Great. I was never the one to make friends. I was a geek and an easy target for the bullies. Gerard didn’t have many friends either everyone would take the piss because he was gay. I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans from my wardrobe and a blue t-shirt from the floor.

    Once I was dressed, I made my bed and went unwillingly down stairs. Where I was greeted by Gee play fighting with dad.

    “Don’t kick my ass little man!!!” dad said jokingly, both laughing.

    I just left them at it and made some coffee and sat down to look at the school website on the laptop. I was shortly joined by Gee. I looked up at him from the laptop. He had big hazel eyes and black shoulder length hair. He was three years older than me, so that would make him seventeen. I was only fourteen. He was staring wide eyed. I knew what he was staring at. My coffee as he pointed at it nearly dribbling. He had an obsession with coffee.

    “No coffee for Gee,” I said with a grin across my face as I looked at him.

    “I want that coffee I will have that coffee!” he whispered evilly, wide eyed looking at me awkwardly.

    “Stop doing that. Here! You know I hate that!” I snapped.

    “I know, that is why I did it.” he said amused.

    I just looked at him, we just knew each other so well, and we were very close. We both looked at mom as she walked into the kitchen.

    “Right boys I have to get to work, have a good day at your new school and PLEASE be good this time,” she instructed us, as she kissed us both on the cheek as she left for work. Gerard had downed the rest of my full cup of coffee and got up, shutting the computer lid witch made me jump.

    “Common little bro, better get ready,” he said and raised his eye brows twice.

    “Humph,” was all I had to say to that. Once my teeth were brushed I went to get my bag and a jacket and waited for Gee by the front door.

    “Let’s kick some school ass!!” Gerard shouted as he ran down the stairs and picked his car keys from the hook by the door. I moaned in horror, as we went to Gees car and headed for Belleville High.
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    Yay you finally posted. This is really good Beth keep it coming :thumbsup:
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    Aww thanks vick i shall try i aint as good as you though but thanks =) xxx
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    “Let’s kick some school ass!!” Gerard shouted as he ran down the stairs and picked his car keys from the hook by the door. I moaned in horror as we went to Gees car and headed for Belleville High.

    Ha that made me smile :)
    I liked that. Update soon?
    This may be a stupid question but is BelleVille High and actual high school?
    'Cause im pretty sure it was used in another fic I read once..
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    Hey dont worry that isnt a stupid question at all! Belleville is where Gerard and Mikey were brought up so the local highschool is Belleville so yeah it is a real place! xx
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    Please make sure you're using proper punctuation in your dialogue. Either close out the spoken sentence with either a comma or period. And you should probably edit your summary so it isn't one long run-on sentence. (; Please fix the punctuation issue in the next 24hrs.

    Thanks! :)
  7. Yay! I like this :)
    And Em's, you read the Bellville high thingy in my fic
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    Thanks Viktoria :)

    Ohhhh yeahhhh *Facepalm* Thanks Mikki :lol:
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    okay thank you and sorry...

    Here Is the Next Chapter Hope you Enjoy :)

    Chapter 2

    Franks POV

    Shit!!! I was running late for school, and I could not risk getting yet another detention. I ran as fast as I possibly could, down the block about 5 minutes away from school. To late everyone was inside, and probably in lesson. I walked down the deserted corridor to room 12, my biology class. I hurried in through the door, were I saw Mrs Cunning sat at her desk.

    “Mr Iero, Thirty minutes late yet again. Get to the principal’s office now” She shouted, very angry at me. I swear I could see a vein popping out of her head.

    “Okay, better than staring at your face for an hour,” I said quickly running out of the laughing classroom before she could say anything else to me.

    Okay I know I should not have done that, but she pisses me off. By the time I got down to the office she had already phoned the principal to tell her about my lovely comment.

    “I shall have words with you in a while, Mr Iero,” said loudly.
    I sat down on a chair which was outside the mega bitch’s office. Suddenly the door opened, I looked up and stared curiously. There were apparently two new boys coming to our school today.

    The older looking one was skinny and had black shoulder length hair, must admit he was stunning. And the younger one had geek written all over him, glasses and dirty blond hair with shades of blond on the tips. They went to the women at the desk and claimed they would be starting school today. The women confirmed there identity, and gestured them to sit down, the principal would be out in a bit.

    Well what an awkward silence we had here then. The older boy turned to look at me, and I saw that he had beautiful hazel eyes. He smiled at me so i took the liberty to smile back at this god of a person. Suddenly the principal’s office door opened and walked towards me with sheets of paper. Fuck, time for fireworks

    “Mr Iero, you have been late to school three times this week. And when you walked into your biology class, you made a very rude comment to Mrs Cunning,” she said with a firm voice.

    “Well I am late because I have better things to do than rather come to this shit hole, and second that comment. . . well we all know it’s true now don’t we,” I said enthusiastically and smiled at her. Yeah, she didn’t smile back, she was fuming.

    “Right that’s it I have had enough of your rudeness and I am calling home -

    “she bellowed, but I ignored her and looked passed her to see that the two boys looking at me. The geek looked gobsmacked like he never seen such a thing. And the stunning one looked pretty entertained.

    “You shall receive detention for the rest of the week,” she finished her speech. What the fuck was she on about?

    “Huh?” I muttered. She looked at me I think she was turning blue.

    “Mr Iero, didn’t you listen to a word I just said?!” she snapped.

    “Yes of course your holiness,” I murmured. She ignored that comment

    “What did I just say?” She growled.

    “You said ‘what did I just say’ actually,” I said sarcastically. I had to stop myself from laughing. The bell went for people to go to second lesson.

    “Get to you second lesson I shall see you here at break time,” she snapped, and pointed to the door. I left with a huge smirk on my face.

    Gerard’s POV

    I sat there with my arms folded, amused, with a smile on my face, watching this boy get shit from the principal was actually entertaining. Sounds like my type of guy, if he likes gay people. He got up and left, I saw he had a huge cheeky smirk across his face. It was really cute actually, with his black hair and lip piercing. I got pulled out of my trance by the principals annoying voice. I looked up to listen to what she had to say.

    “Right, I have you schedules. Gerard Arthur Way. Michael James Way.” Say said as she handed us some paper with some lesson names on them.

    “These are your homework diaries, and there is a map of the school at the back. You will have to get these signed monthly so you parents can see any comments from teachers,” she said slowly, making sure we understood.

    “Do you have and questions before I dismiss you to you first classes?” she asked. Me and Mikey looked at each other then back to the principal. We both shook our heads.

    “Good, off you go to your first classes and we hope you enjoy your time at Bellville High.” She calmly said.

    “Thanks.” I sarcastically said. Mikey elbowed me in the ribs and frowned at me as we walked out of the office and headed toward our first class. Of course we got lost and me and Mikey ended up bickering like a married couple.

    “Where the fuck are we Mikey?” I snapped

    “Do I look like a fucking sat nav?!” He snapped back. Okay that did it I started laughing. Mikey looked at me as if I had issues.

    “Okay, you have lost the fucking plot!” He giggled back. I stopped laughing and looked at the map and turned it right side up.

    “This is one fucked up map dude . . . what’s you first lesson?” I asked.

    “One sec let me check. I have math what about you?”

    “Ugh Kill me now!” I moaned in horror.

    “Ha what have you got?” he asked curiously

    “Chemistry I fucking hate chemistry. My Teacher was evil,”

    “Ha-ha you did spill sulphuric acid over Mr Kennedy.”

    “That was a fucking accident!” I shouted. Which made Mikey, laugh even harder.

    “Come on let’s try and find our classes.” I said, turning around but suddenly
    stopping because that guy from the office was standing behind me. That was unexpected, scared the shit out of me.

    “Um hello.” Mikey said unsure.

    “Hi there.” said the anonymous person. He looked at me for an answer. I still couldn’t speak because he made me jump that badly.

    “Oh um, hey.” I finally managed to say, I felt so stupid.

    “By the looks of things . . . you guys are a little lost, am I correct?” he said, and one corner of his mouth was pulled up into a half smile.

    “No we are not lost, we are just –“I looked around to see where we were.

    “We were admiring how big those lockers were, very colourful with all the dark blue and white.” I felt like a fucking idiot for saying that. Mikey just stared at me as if I was mad. Okay for saying that I was. The anonymous person raised an eye brow.

    “Wow, yep the lockers are very interesting.” He said trying not to laugh.

    “Ignore him he isn’t right in the head. We are lost, would you mind helping us?” Mikey asked politely. This person looked at me, then back to Mikey.

    “Of course, what lesson do you have?” he asked .

    “I have math, and dumb shit over here has chemistry.”

    “Right I have chemistry now too, so if I take you to your lesson then I shall take umm. . .” he looked at me, I’m guessing for my name?

    “Gerard.” I said smoothly.

    “Okay Gerard I shall take you to chemistry as soon as we take. . .” he looked
    at Mikey for a name.

    “My name is Michael.”

    “Okay as soon as we take Mikey to Maths, follow me.”
    We both followed him to Mikeys lesson as he turned around he said

    “My name is Frank By the way.”

    We both followed him towards Mikeys class room, which in fact were only 6 doors down the corridor. I wished Mikey a good luck before he went into the class room, he looked scared. We set off to our own class room next which was on the other side of the building and up two floors. As we walked up the stairs Frank said,

    “So you like Lockers huh?”

    “Yeah they are fucking awesome.” I mumbled, he snickered and shook his head.

    “Right here we are.” he said as he opened the chemistry room door, we were greeted by all the class room gawking at us. I felt really uncomfortable. After

    I had seen the teacher, he gave me a chemistry book which must have had over a thousand pages in it I sat down next to frank because I walked into class with him. I got through half the lesson when Frank started to talk to me.

    “So you and Mikey Brothers?” he asked


    “Thought so, you have the same nose.”

    “What an odd thing to say.”

    “I am a very odd person.”

    “No shit Sherlock.” I said sarcastically. He looked at me and smiled.

    “Mr Iero can you tell me the answer?” Said the chemistry teacher.

    “Hydrochloric acid.” he said and looked at the teacher. The teacher seemed gobsmacked and carried on teaching.

    “Smooth,” I said. Suddenly the bell went, it was break I could see Mikey now.

    “I know right!” he said. I got up and walked out of the class room to find my brother. I noticed that Frank was following. I managed to find Mikey and he said how shit his math class is.

    The rest of the day went fast we sat by Frank at lunch, and to be honest it was awkward. When it was finally time to go home me and Mikey couldn’t have been happier. So the first day was shit, but what can I say it was only mine and Mikeys first day.
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    Love it Beth. This was pretty funny. Cant wait for the next update xx
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    I loved that :)
    It was funny. Update soon?
    I cant wait ;)
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    Chapter Three

    Mikeys POV

    “What a boring school.” Gee muttered, in the car ride home.

    “Tell me about. Did you get any homework?”

    “Yeah, mum and dad to sign my homework diary. What about you?”

    “Yes maths. You make any friends?” I asked curiously

    “Nope not really, I guess Frank is an acquaintance.”

    “Yeah, Lockers really Gee?”

    “Ha-ha I didn’t know what to say. And that fact we got lost made us look like idiots” he turned to look at me from the road.

    “The fact that you said that made us look like idiots. Sounds like you like Frank.”

    “I hardly know the boy. You seemed gob smacked when he was cheeking the teacher, and that he didn’t go to his detention.” he giggled out, and smiled at me.

    “Hmm, Gee You just went past our drive way.”

    “Oh whoops.” he turned that car around and headed back for the house. What a twit. We got out and collected our new school stuff from the back seats and headed towards the house. As Gerard went to open the door he dropped his keys, he bent over to pick them up and I kicked him on the ass. He fell over onto the floor,

    “Ouch, fuck you Michael James Way.”

    “Ha-ha come on.” I said and picked up his keys. But before I could take a step he grabbed my leg, which made me fall head first into the front door making a loud impact. This made Gerard laugh hysterically. I hit him playfully around the head.

    Two Minutes later dad turned up into the drive way, got out of his car and looked at us on the floor. I was sitting on the front door step. Gee was just lying on the floor.

    “Awe did Mikey floor you again Gerard?” he said sounding amused.

    “You got to be kidding? Like Mikes could floor me. I threw him into the door.”

    “Hey I got you down first.” I snapped, and playfully jumped onto Gee. He didn’t tempt to stop me and I just laid there across his stomach.

    “Okay I shall leave you to out here and fight then yeah?” dad said as he stepped over Gee and walked to the front door and opened it, which we didn’t manage to do.

    “Nah I would prefer to go to my room and play my bass, but thanks for the offer.” I said getting up, pulling Rardi up with me and went inside.

    “Coffee time!” Gee shouted, as he hung up his keys on the hook and walked into the kitchen excited that he could have coffee. I shortly followed, grabbing a glass of coke zero from the fridge.

    “I am going to go and play my base, want to come Gee?” I asked.

    “Sure but what am I going to do?”

    “I need your inspiration, plus you could sing?”

    “I can’t sing, I will end up breaking the windows Mike.”

    “Okay we will break the windows together then.” I said enthusiastically

    “Alright.” he said grabbing his coffee. We went upstairs to my bedroom.

    “So what should I sing?” he asked.

    “I don’t know you could make it up if you want.” I smiled at him. He grabbed my hair brush and started to sing something random.

    What is the point? In going to school, when it’s a waste of my fucking time, following fucked up rules,” he sang, I laughed and picked up my base and played something random.

    The Lessons suck, the food is fucking terrible and that have no fucking coffee is a joke! Waking up early makes me feel like shit. Umm . . . the rules are bullshit and the teachers are fucked up all the way . . . and everywhere you go there is someone in your fucking way. So why go to school, when we could all be doing something cool” he sang in a pissed off voice, I couldn’t help it I started to laugh hysterically and ended up on the floor.

    “What you said ‘make it up’”

    “No . . . it isn’t that, our next door neighbours window cleaner is looking us, plus having no coffee is a terrible thing for you?” I struggled to say as I was laughing hard it hurt my stomach.

    “Fuck you.” he said joining in laughing with me probably feeling embarrassed.

    We left it at that and went down stairs to talk to mum and dad about Bellville high. We were all sat around the dinner table eating spaghetti, well me, mom and dad where. Gerard was trying to figure out what the spoon was for. He looked over at me in confusion.

    “You use the spoon to twirl the spaghetti around your fork you spaz.” I muttered. He frowned at me.

    “So how was your first day at Bellville high?” Mom asked.

    “It was great I can’t wait to go again.” Gerard said sarcastically.

    “It was only your first day I am sure it won’t be as bad tomorrow.” she reassured us.

    “Yeah I cannot wait to get up at seven every morning.” mumbled Gerard

    “Yeah that part sucks.” I said quietly.

    “Did you make any friends?” dad said interested.

    “Not really.” Gerard and I said at the same time.

    “’Not really’ and that means?” said dad.

    “We met someone called Frank. He scared Gerard, Literally. He helped us around the school.” Mikey mumbled.

    “That’s good, what did you talk to him about then?” dad asked. Me and Mikey looked at each other and laughed.

    “What?” dad asked curiously.

    “We had a nice chat about how great our new school lockers were, they are a nice dark blue and pale white. Aren’t they Gee?” Mikey jokingly said to me, and smiled.

    “Uh yeah the lockers a fucking awesome.”

    “Language!” Mum snapped.

    “Sorry.” Gerard Mouthed to her. We left our school convocation there, as we finished dinner.

    Gerard and I both did our homework, showered and got our school stuff ready for the next day. When we did all of that it was 9:53pm, we both decided to go to bed at half ten because of our early morning. We decided to play guitar hero, he moaned when I beat him and we ended up arguing.

    “Re-match now!” Gerard Growled

    “Really Gee?”


    “Language!” Mum snapped at him again.

    “Okay I shall try it on expert, see if you win then.” I still ended up beating him by one per cent. He had a little tantrum while I just laughed.

    “If you did the singing you would get one hundred.”

    “No. Just. No.” he said not amused. I looked at the living room clock to notice it was quarter to eleven. We finally agreed we were going to bed. We both said goodnight to our parents and went upstairs to brush our teeth.

    “Please don’t jump full pelt onto my bed tomorrow and elbow me in the ribs because I will hit you.” I warned him.

    “Trust me I will not be in the mood for playing at seven in the morning Mikes.”

    “Good, I have a bruise from that.” I pulled up my pyjama shirt revealing a purple bruise on the side of me ribs.

    “Plus I will probably have a bruise from head butting the front door.” I rubbed the sore spot on my head.

    “Ha-ha I’m sorry Mikes”

    “You should be” I said. We said good night to each other, and parted ways. Gee going down stairs to his room and myself down the hall. I lay in bed and thought to myself “I wonder what tomorrow will be like.” And finally fell asleep.

    Coment and tell me what you guys think......
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    I like this Beth its really funny. More soon yeah? xx
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    Update soon i promise vick, you need to update you are my insparation !!! x

    Chapter Four

    Gerard’s POV

    “No please I didn’t do anything just leave me alone!” I shouted, at the top of my lungs. I looked up from the floor to be kicked in the face, tears coming down my face. The people just laughed, I needed to find my brother. What had the done with him?

    “What the fuck have you done with my brother!” I grunted as I was kicked in the stomach.

    “Oh don’t worry little girl he is fine.” He motioned his head to a guy in the background. Suddenly my brother got thrown down onto the floor, he looked dead. They kicked me in the stomach again before running. I scrambled over to my brother.

    “Mikey?” I didn’t get an answer.

    “Mikey wake up please, just get up. . . Mikes?”

    I suddenly woke up gasping for air. Suddenly my alarm clock went off scaring the shit out of me, causing me to fall out of bed and on to the wooden floor, fuck me it was cold. I got up on my knees and tried to turn the alarm clock off, I couldn’t do it. I started twisting it in my hands to find how the hell I turn it off. Fuck me was the tone was loud and annoying. I hit it against my bed side table hoping it would shut up. No luck, suddenly I got fed up of trying and threw it full pelt against the wall. It smashed it half all over the floor, woops now I need a new alarm clock.

    “Hey Gerard, why were you-“Mikey said entering my room, but got cut off seeing me on the floor. He looked at what I was just looking at, seeing the alarm clock on the floor.

    “Wow I think we need an ambulance for your alarm clock, seriously what made you throw it across the room?” I grinned.

    “It wouldn’t shut up.” He laughed.

    “I see” He walked over to me and gave me a hand up. We walked into up the stairs into the kitchen.

    “Coffee?” he asked.

    “Yes please.” There was a moments silence before I remembered something.

    “Hey, what were you going to ask me when you came into my room?”

    “Oh I was wondering if you had a bad dream you were screaming in your sleep . . . again.”

    “Yeah bad dream again, remember when I got beat up?” I asked.

    “Yeah I remember, you were completely knocked out cold you scared the shit out of me. Why was it about that?”

    “Yes.” I looked down at my hands and pulled my pyjama sleeve up my arm to reveal faint little scars. I swallowed before looking back up to Mikey. He walked over with two cups of coffee, one for me. He just looked at me. I pulled my sleeve back down, then took a sip of my coffee.

    “It still haunts me, Mikes.”

    “I know Gee.” He said as he hugged me.

    “What if it happens again, what if I have to have help again?” I asked scared.

    “You won’t Gee, your strong just remember that. Okay?” I nodded.

    “Good come on, we have to get ready for school. I think you should sing your little song to the teachers. Good Poetry.”

    “Oh shut it Michael” I laughed. We walked up the stairs to brush our teeth, and we both added some faint black eye liner onto our eyes. Then I went down to my room to get ready.

    I grabbed some black skinny jeans and a red shirt. I wondered if I should make my bed, but what’s the point you are going to get into it again tonight and fuck it up. I grabbed my black hoodie and my school bag and ran upstairs and waited by the door for Mikey. I waited for 5 minutes, where is he? He is usually first to be ready.

    “Mikey, hurry up!”

    “Coming, I was trying to find my homework diary” he managed to say before he slipped on what? The sixth step down and fell onto his ass. I pursed my lips to stop from laughing just in case he was injured.

    “Ouch fuck that hurt.” He grunted, and got up rubbing his back. I laughed.

    “I’m sorry Mikes but that was funny ha-ha!” falling back onto the key hooks, making the keys fall on the floor.

    “Ow son-of-a-bitch, now that hurt.”

    “Ha-ha!” Mikey laughed sarcastically. I picked up all the keys and grabbed mine before heading out of the door. When we got to school, me and Mikey went to the office so we could be pared with a locker. Typical it had to be the ones that we were sitting by yesterday, the ones I said looked awesome.

    I looked at the code to my locker, it was pretty easy. I put all I needed into my locker, when suddenly someone shut my locker with a great force.

    “Gah!” I looked to see Frank Smiling at me.

    “Wow it’s the locker you said is awesome.” He said amused.

    “Be quiet.” I smirked. I turned around and headed to art, my most favourite lesson ever. We started walking, and I noticed he had an art folder.

    “What lesson have you got now?” he asked.

    “I have art, what about you?” He grimaced.


    “What is so bad about art then?”

    “The fact that I can’t draw I can’t colour and I can’t paint.” I smiled at him. He nodded and smiled back.

    “But if you, well we want to get to art we need to go in the other direction.” He cocked his head back.

    “Oh, well I’m new so I don’t know where we need to go.”

    “Didn’t you get a map?”

    “Urh yes, but I can’t like understand it.”

    “Not to worry.” He grabbed my homework diary that had my timetable in it.

    “Well you have a few of you lessons with me, so I can show you around. If you like?”

    “Yeah okay” He smiled. Okay when we got started in art, he couldn’t draw to save his life.

    “Ha if you can’t draw an apple, what can you draw?”

    “A smiley face.” he drew a smiley face in his art folder.

    “Yes, but that’s really simple. Anybody could draw that.” I drew a smiley face back.

    “Okay then Gerard, let’s see your art folder from you previous school.” He extended his arm for my older folder that I brought in to show the teacher.

    I gave it to him and he frowned, when he saw a picture of Mikey that I drew. He flipped through it some more to reveal a picture of me and Mikey, Mikey on his base. And my favourite a picture of both of us pulling faces, makes me laugh every time. I smiled at it.

    “You and your brother are very close aren’t you?” he mumbled looking through it some more.

    “Yeah, he was always there for me when. . .” I stopped thinking if I should tell him or not.

    “It’s okay you don’t have to tell me” he said, still looking at my folder.

    “Okay, thank you your very understanding.” He looked up and smiled and I smiled back. But he still went back to looking through my book. He took us off the subject.

    “Wish I could draw like that, it’s amazing. You are amazing.” I looked at him.

    “At drawing,” he said quickly.

    “Thank you . . . I could teach you if you want?”


    “Yeah sure”

    “Yeah I would like that, thanks. Have you got good patients?” he asked.

    “Yeah I guess so, why?” he smiled.

    “Because if you are going to teach me. You are gunna need it big time.” I laughed. I looked at him and I noticed he had hazel eyes, more green than my hazel eyes. He had his lip pierced with a ring for a stud. Brownish hair, he was actually good looking. I heard the sound of the school bell. We packed our things away and left.

    As we walked down the hall I saw that someone was cornering another kid, as I got closer I saw that it was Mikey. My brother. I looked at Frank, who was looking at the kid in the corner and noticed that it was my brother as well. I ran over to them and pulled the kid with his bag and punched him in the nose. I heard a crack and when he screamed I knew that I had broken it.

    “Get the fuck out of here!” I pushed the boy away from me which cause him to fall over and get blood everywhere. The other two backed off, apart from the one who must of hit my brother because Mikey had a bleeding nose. I was fuming at this point. I dropped my things, and grabbed that boy from behind by the neck.

    “What the fuck do you think you are doing picking on my brother huh?!” I growled. I threw him into the lockers before he could answer, and hit him in the stomach.

    “I don’t want to fucking see you do it to him again! Under fucking stand!?”

    “Yes!” I threw him down onto the floor. Out of nowhere I saw a fist coming at my face. I managed to dodge it and see who it was. He tried again and struck out. I grabbed his fist that time and kneed him in the stomach. He didn’t hesitate to grab me with his other hand. I felt a strong arm around me to pull me away from this foolish boy, as a saw another guy pull the twat away from me.

    “Damn Let me give that bastard what he deserves!!” I shouted. I struggled against the guys hold but fuck was he strong.

    “Calm down.” He said calmly in his ear. I struggled against his hold for about 5 minutes, when I managed to accidently kick him he lost his hold and I lunged forward again. Then I felt two strong hands holding me back. I struggled again. But this time there was no use, I stopped. Gasping and really fucked off, god if looks could kill who ever looked at me now would be dead and twenty feet under the ground dead.

    I looked up to see a really tall guy, with an awesome affro. Then I saw Frank holding me at the side. I after we had an audience and 3 teachers including the principal approached us.

    “Way, Stanley to my office now! Mr Toro Take these two to the nurse’s office please then come to my office.” She said as she walked me and the boy who was fighting with to her office. Well this was a good first impression.

    I looked at Mikey before we parted ways towards that nurse’s office and the office. The bitch made us sit there for thirty minutes before she could see us. I started pacing and kicking the chairs over and the door. The person I knew as Mr Toro walked in and saw the chairs all on the floor apart from the one IT was sitting in. Toro picked up all the sixteen chairs that I kicked on the floor. Awkward silence yet again.

    “What’s your name?” I asked the boy who was looking at me worried.


    “Is my brother okay?”

    “Yes he doesn’t have a broken nose, just bruised.”

    “You should be glad your little friend didn’t break my little brothers nose!” I snarled.

    “I shall break yours if you want.”

    “HA I would love to see you try you tramp.” That did it he got up and came at me. I managed to push him into the chairs and kicked him in the ribs. He backed away from me. Ray yet again grabbed me and tried to calm me down.

    He let go of me and I kicked all the chairs again and this time threw one at the door. I heard Frank outside the door.

    “Fucking hell, who that fuck was that then?”

    “Probably Gerard” I heard Mikeys voice. There was a knock at the door.

    “Is it safe to come in? No more things coming at the door now?” Frank said.

    “No I don’t think so.” Ray looked at me and smiled, he was really friendly and I had to smile back. The door opened and Frank and Mikey walked into the room. They both looked at the kid on the floor, and the chairs and there one by the door which blocked the door.

    Frank picked it up and sat on it, Mikey came over to me. Having Mikey made me feel calmer. I walked over to the guy down on the floor.

    “I think you should apologise to my brother.” He just looked at me with the evils. So I picked him up by the collar and shoved him into the wall.

    “Fucking apologise!” I growled.

    “Alright! Alright! I’m sorry!” he said sounding scared.

    “Good Boy.” I said before shoving him down on the floor again. I walked to the bitches door, picked up a chair and threw it into it.

    “Appreciated if you would hurry the fuck up woman!” I shouted. Punching the door and then sitting down on the floor in the corner, wrapping my arms around my knees. The door to the office opened and the principal walked to but tripped over the chair I threw into the door.

    “Hmm I think I need to sign you up to anger management Mr Way.” She calmly said.

    “Alright all of you pull up a chair and we shall talk about this.” They were all sitting down apart from me in a corner.

    “Gerard come on bro” Mikey got up and helped me sit on a chair.

    “So someone explain what happened.” None of us answered.

    “Well I need to know.” Ray explained everything, I just sat there quiet. Went into her office to check our files and came back.

    “Right because Gerard and Michael Way are new, we will not suspend any of you. But However Gerard you will receive a week of isolationism. Frank Iero
    you can attend with him”

    “What!?” he seemed stunned.

    “You didn’t go to the detentions I told you to go to.” She raised her eyebrows.

    “Wait what about the other boys that went through my bag and shit, that’s hardly fair!” Mikey exploded.

    “God this school is a shit hole.” He muttered and threw his bag at that boy. I knew what he was doing, he wanted to join me in whatever isolationism is.

    “Alright Michael you can join him! And you your suspended for a week” she shouted and pointed at the boy I had intimidated.

    “I shall be calling your parents. Now go to last lesson!” We all walked out of the office.

    “Well I can’t be asked to go to lesson now” Frank said.

    “Me neither, Mikes we are going home. Would you like a lift Frankie?” I asked.

    “Yes please if you don’t mind. You called me Frankie?”

    “Yes I like it, I’m gunna call you it any ways.” I gave him a sly smile.

    “No its fine, I like it.” He said amused.

    “Want a lift home Ray?” I asked.

    “Umm, I suppose.”

    “We have been in that room for about three hours.” Mikey said.

    “Yep, home time.” I said. We were in the car park now and Frank skipped passed my car.

    “Hey, you have gone past my car.” We laughed and he skipped back and we set off to Rays and Frank’s house.

    “See you in isolationism” Frank said as he went. They didn’t live that far away Ray lived up our street and Frank in the Street next to us. We dropped them off and made our way home. Well what a second day this has been,
    first impression.
  15. Viktoria Kaulitz <3

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    Beth im pretty sure your trying to scare me to death the first part of that i was like "omg MIKEY!!!" And then Gerard woke up and i was like "phew". Keep the updates coming though cos im really liking this <3
  16. Fetus Destroyer

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    ~New Reader~
    Aw, I really love this. It is so cute, and funny. I love Frankie's attitude. :3
    They wake up at 7 am? LUCKY, I wake up at 5 am. I'm on the bus before 7 am. Anyway *sniff* I can't wait for the next update.
  17. pitchforkred12

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    i love this :D it's awesome so far .
  18. Freiheit483

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    oh my god i feel so sorry for you !! I wake up at 7. I used to wake up at 5 cause i have horses, so i know how the feeling is. And thanks for all the great feed back. Update later promise xx
  19. Freiheit483

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    And Vicki... WHY WOULD I KILL MIKEY ? love you x
  20. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    Chapter Five

    Franks POV

    “Shit.” I groaned, as I reversed my car into my houses gate way. I got out looking at the damage, there appeared to be two huge scratches. I studied it for a moment then scratched a third onto the car, then looked at it again. I had scratched an F for Frank onto the car, happy with my work I went back and drove to school. I had isolationism with Gerard and Mikey today. I parked in a space, and then a car that I recognised pulled in next to me. It was Gerard’s. I got out and waited for them.

    “Like my art?” I said to Gerard and revealed the scratched F on the back of my car.

    “Umm it’s very nice, why did you do it?” They both giggled.

    “I reversed my car into my gate way and it had two scratches on it, I carved the third to make an F.” They laughed even harder.

    “Yeah take the piss then.” I smiled. We walked into school and to their lockers. I leaned against the locker next to them and started to bit my nails.

    “What is isolationism?” Mikey asked I stopped biting my nails to answer.

    “It’s where you sit in a room all day, isolated from everybody else. You go there if you are disrupting the class as well.”

    “So you just sit there all day, doing what? And we aren’t allowed out?” Gerard asked frowning.

    “Well you can either do homework, or work teachers have given you. Not that I do anything. And you are allowed out to get some food, but you have to go straight back with it.” I said.

    “You seem very familiar with it.” Mikey grinned.

    “No.” I said sarcastically, and smiling. The bell went and we went to the isolationism room. We also had another person with us today.

    “Greetings people of the isolationism room.” I exclaimed running and jumped on a desk, which was hard because I was a short ass.

    “You’re mad.” Mikey said and knocked my leg which made me stumble off the desk, I rolled on the floor and pretended to die.

    “Oh no I killed him.” I heard Mikey said, I opened my eyes to see him come towards me drag me by my arms and place me on my back.

    “Breathe Frank, Breathe!” Mikey exaggerated, and then he slapped me in the face.

    “Ow, hey!” I moaned.

    “He’s alive! We don’t need a funeral.” He said smiling down me, I laughed quietly. He got up and held out a hand to help me.

    “Thank you.” The teacher came in to watch us and we had to be quiet. It was quiet for half of the day and it was coming to the end of forth lesson, I got fed up with the quietness.

    So I started kicking the table around as if it were a football. It didn’t seem to annoy the teacher, so I got up onto the table and started to swing on it. This got her attention.

    “Mr Iero, stop doing that.”

    “No thank yoooou-“suddenly the table fell back and I went with it colliding onto the floor with a bang, and I heard a lot of laughing, apart from the teacher. She just looked un-amused. But she didn’t say anything, the bell went and she went to leave.

    “You are allowed to leave to get some food, but you have to come back.” She said, not asking if I was okay. Bitch. I sat up to look at the smiling people in front of me.

    “You alright buddy?” This guy that I didn’t know asked. I touched my lower back.

    “Ahh, yeah I’m fine thanks. What’s your name?” I asked.

    “Robert.” I smiled.

    “Yeah I’m fine thanks very much,” I sat down onto the chair next to Mikey, and hugged him hard.

    “Okay I’m sorry glad you are okay, let go.” We both leant back onto his chair, causing our chairs to go back. This time we were both on the floor laughing.

    “Okay I need to stop falling on my ass today.” I mumbled. Gerard who had been drawing in his sketch book all morning, smiled for the first time today.
    He seemed a bit upset this morning. I got my I-pod out of my bag and started to listen to music, we were all on our phones accept for Gerard he was still drawing. I got up to walk around the room, and then decided to dance to my music. It looked like I was having a fit; Mikey started to video record me dancing like a complete ******. I started to jump all over tables and ripped up my blank sheet and screwed it up. After about two minutes I had to stop. I coughed, and sat down

    “Whoa, need to stop. I really shouldn’t smoke.” I said gasping for air, and then I threw the crumpled paper at Mikey. And then I stuck the middle finger up at him and the camera he laughed. We were all quiet for the rest of lunch and half of last lesson, well I was I was listening to my I-pod. Then I got fed up at attempting to draw my I-pod in three D. I stood up and walked towards Gerard, and looked over his shoulder to see a drawing of me and Mikey on the floor, when we fell back on the chairs.

    “Wow.” I made him jump; he turned his head and smiled at me. I grabbed his art away from him and ran to the other end of the room and sat in the corner.

    “What the hell are you doing?” He giggled out, and got up and walked towards me. I was flipping through his book. I saw four new pictures he had drawn today, two pictures of me. One was I was looking down at my work, and the other of me pulling a face because I was listening to my I-pod. Then there was one on Mikey and another of me and Mikey on the floor.

    “I’m in your book! I’m well chuffed.” He smiled and extended his arm towards me for his book. I held it to him but when he went to grab it I pulled it away. We both smiled, and he ended up sitting on me to get it back. We all heard a noise outside the door, then it opened to see a teacher gesture two students in the room. One was Ray from yesterday and the other I didn’t know the teacher slammed the door behind him. Me and Gerard got up and I ran towards them.

    “Hiya Hiya Hiya!” I said and waved in their faces, then ran back and shoved Gerard down onto the chair next to me.

    “Umm Hello.” They guy that wasn’t Ray said.

    “I know you, Ray right?” Gerard said.

    “Yes.” He smiled.

    “Why are you guys here, and you name is?” I asked.

    “My name is Bob and I called my teacher a crack wh**e.” Bob Said.

    “I wasn’t listening.” Ray frowned. Robert’s name got called on the loud speaker and he had to go. This left Me, Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob in the room. I started to tap the table.

    “Hey Shorty stop that.” Bob snapped.

    “Whoa calm down ginger man.” I snapped back.

    “You are tapping the table which is irritating and don’t call me that.” he snapped again.

    “Whoa I can do what I want twinkle toes.” I snarled.

    “Guys calm down, it’s getting you no were.” Ray told them.

    “He started it.” Frank accused Bob.

    “You were the one tapping the fucking table.” Bob said annoyed.

    “Let’s just be quiet.” Mikey quietly said.

    “Shut up you geek.” He said.

    “Hey don’t call my brother that you twat!” Gerard growled.

    “I Like Pineapple!!” I shouted. They all looked at me as if I had lost the plot. The principal walked into the room.

    “I can hear you from in my office! Get used to each other you will be seeing a lot each other for the rest of the week!” She snapped and slammed the door.

    “Fuck this if you think I am staying in this shitty room for the rest of the week!” I shouted back.

    “Shut up,” Bob said. I went to answer back, but Ray beat me to it.

    “Look we are gunna be seeing a lot of each other this week, so let’s get along!” Great, the next three days, somebody kill me! The bell went and we
    had to wait for the teacher to dismiss us. She walked into the room and looked at the table that I fell over with. She told me to pick it up before we left.

    “Hey Frank.” Mikey called my name.

    “That’s my name.” I said.

    “Fancy coming round tonight?”

    “Yeah sure, would be awesome if you guys don’t mind?”

    “No we don’t mind.” Mikey and Gerard both smiled.

    “Okay, where do you live?”

    “Um we could follow you to your house then we could take you to ours?”

    “Okay.” I got into my car and pulled out and drove to my house. It took me about five minutes to get there. Then I put my stuff inside and met Mikey and Gerard outside. I got into their car, and then we went to their house.

    “Nice house.”

    “Thanks.” I followed them up the house and went inside after Mikey unlocked the door.

    “I need to get changed, go down to Gee’s room.” I followed Gee down to his room, it was black and purple. He had posters all over the wall of things that he drew and music posters. He was like me and never made his bed. Then I noticed a broken alarm clock.

    “Did you have a fight with your alarm clock or something?” I asked.

    “Huh, oh umm it wouldn’t shut up.” I laughed and he smiled. He sat down on his bed and took of his shoes, they were converses. I looked down at my feet that had converses on as well, he had good taste in shoes.

    “So we could watch a movie or play guitar hero or something?”

    “I love guitar hero, can we play that?”

    “Sure but don’t expect to win, Mikey kicks every body’s ass, well when someone comes around. Not many people do. Come on.” He said and we went up to the living room to set up the game. We sat on the couch waiting for Mikey to come down stairs, I looked at Gee. He looked sad today, never said much. I just wanted to hug him. Mikey finally came down the stairs.

    “Oh yes Guitar hero.” He set up the game he chose hard, I chose medium. When we started I missed a lot of notes and Mikey never missed, okay I need to show off.

    “Okay rematch and I shall show you what moves I can pull.” I mocked him.

    “Okay fine!” he said.

    “I don’t think you will beat him.” Gerard said.

    “Oh trust me I won’t beat him I will annihilate him.” We both went for expert this time, ha I didn’t miss any notes well I did but not many.

    “Wow you could of given me the heads put!” he mumbled, trying not to loose and concentration. I heard Gerard laugh, I got butterflies. Mikey tried to distract me by getting in the way of the television.

    “Hey move!” I said moving out of his way, the song finished.

    “How the hell did you beat me?”

    “Victory to the short one.” We had one more go and I still beat him.

    “Oh I give up.” Mikey said, and sat down next to his brother. I had nowhere to sit so I chose to sit on Gerard’s lap, I waited him to tell me to get off but he didn’t he just smiled at me. Mikey just looked and smiled for some reason.

    “Okay Mikey lets play a different game.” I said.

    “What game?” he got down off the sofa and looked at the games.

    “I don’t Mind, you choose.”

    “This one? We could take turns.” He said, I looked to see assassin’s creed brotherhood.

    “Yeah sure good game.” I said. He stuck it in the console and sat back on the sofa. I looked behind me to see Gee already looking at me, he smiled and I smiled back.

    When Mikey got fed up with the game he gave it to Gerard, who had to put the arms around me to play, which I froze when he did it but relaxed after a minute of hyperventilating.

    “Mom is home.” Mikey said, and went to the door. I got up and Gerard turned off the Xbox.

    “Hey mom, we have a friend round.” I heard Mikey faintly because he was outside.

    “That’s great sweetie.” She said and came through the front door, so I went to hide behind Gerard.

    “What are you doing you scared of my mom ha-ha?” He asked, I poked my tongue out at him, very mature Frank.

    “Mom this is Frank, Frank my mom.” Mikey introduced us.

    “Hi Mrs Way, I’m Frank.” I said nervously.

    “Relax honey, and please call me Donna.” She smiled, I smiled back and shook her hand.

    “Come on.” We went upstairs to Mikeys room. He had a blue room, and it was
    well organised. I noticed he had a bass by his bed.

    “Sweet you play bass?” He looked at his instrument.

    “Yeah, cool let’s hear you play something.” We stayed in Mikeys room for the rest of my evening at the Ways. Turned out Mikey was really good at playing base. He tried to get Gerard to sing, but he was having none of it. Mikey tackled Gerard, but he managed to get Mikes over his shoulder. It was a really fun night, but I had to go because my mom rung me wondering where I

    “Hey want to come round and I will teach you art tomorrow.” Gerard asked.

    “Yeah sure.” I said enthusiastically. It was dark outside and I decided to walk back to my house. Running into some old friends of mine. I tried to avoid them but they crossed the street.

    “Well well well, look who it is.”

    “Hi john.” I said

    “So where you heading?” his words were spurred he had been drinking.

    “Home, now if you excuse me shall be going.” I said walking away, but he grabbed me shoving me to the ground. And jumped on me, it hurt.

    “Not so fast shorty.” I struggled against his hold, but he was heavier than me.

    “Let me go!” I shouted.

    “Fancy coming and getting stoned with us?” he asked.

    “No! now fuck off.” I tried to push him off me, didn’t help.

    “Shame, so guys what do we do to people that refuse us?” They laughed and he started kicking and punching me and the others joined in. I felt the blackness creeping in on my vision, they finished and I saw a figure stand in front of me. I think it was talking but I couldn’t hear as I passed out.

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