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    I prefer to say headdesk to facepalm, works most of the time but there was a pencil so it kinda hurt. Basically it sums up my feelings of the end of the chapter of 'YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?' :)
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    makes sense :) new chapter probably tomorrow but don't hold me to it cause this one's really tough to write. :mmm:
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    Awesome :D Good luck, and we'll be waiting *fades creepily into the background*
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    MrBoggins Jesus take the PRNDL!

    I hope you realize that song is now one of my most favorite songs EVERRR.

    Update soon? I need my Frank/Sam fix :( lol
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    Chapter 26

    i feel ashamed of myself for leaving an update this long and for it being so short but i hope you guys can possibly find it in your hearts to forgive me *pleading look* chapter 26...

    Oh my god! Where did you find him?!”

    “Sainsbury’s car park. I would never have got him here if he hadn’t passed out. He tried to fight me off and begged me not to touch him.” Dan told Sam as Sam tugged off Frank’s filthy clothes and pulled on fresh ones. “Sam, I think he’s been raped.” Dan told him quietly.

    “Oh god,” Sam sat down next to his boyfriend, putting his head in his hands. “Why? Why him? Why is it always him that has to go through all these horrors? I would give anything to put myself in his place, spare him of all of this.” Sam nearly jumped out of his skin when Frank stirred next to him. “Frankie?” he brushed Frank’s fringe out of his face uncertainly. Frank flinched and shied away from the contact.

    “Please, no, please. Please don’t hurt me again.” Frank begged desperately, squeezing his eyes shut. Sam’s stomach wrenched, he was going to find and kill whoever had done this to Frank.

    “Frankie, calm down, it’s me, it’s Sam. I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. Who was it Frankie? Who hurt you?”

    “Joel,” Frank whimpered, eyes still shut, curling up to make himself as small as possible.

    “The school chaplain Joel?!” Dan stormed angrily, Frank flinched again.

    “Dan, quiet, we’ll deal with that later. Frankie? Can you hear me?” Sam was careful not to touch his boyfriend again, scared of the reaction. Frank nodded in reply, tears sliding down his cheeks.

    “Frank, I need to know how badly you’re hurt baby.” Silence from Frank. “Frankie?”

    “I’m ok,” Frank whimpered.

    “Oh baby, you’re not okay, look at you. Oh god, you poor thing.”

    “Sam, there’s a light on in your shed” Dan told him, peering out of the window. Sam left Frank and came to stand by him, following where his finger was pointing.

    “What the fuck? There shouldn’t be.”

    “Frank?! Frankie, I need to talk to you!” Gerard stumbled through the door, breathing heavily. He spotted Frank on the bed and ran to him. “Frank…”

    “Don’t touch him!” Sam warned but it was too late. Gerard only lightly touched his arm but Frank jumped a mile, backing against the wall with wide and terrified eyes.

    “Frankie, what’s wrong?” Gerard reached out to him but did not touch him again.

    “Please don’t hurt me,” the boy begged, fresh tears sliding down his cheeks. Gerard turned to Sam angrily.

    “What did you do to him?” He raged.

    “I didn’t do anything!” Sam protested, backing away from the furious man. “It was our school chaplain! Dan found him like that.” Gerard didn’t look convinced.

    “I came here to warn him. I spotted his brothers making their way here. I think they’re coming for him.” Gerard explained, eyeing his ex-boyfriend worriedly. Sam looked at him shocked.

    “No.” Sam whispered.

    “Sam, the light, in your shed, is that…?” Dan left his sentence hanging, he had no idea what the significance of Frank’s brothers was but he had a feeling the light was something to do with it. They all peered out of the window.

    “We have to get Frank out of here.”

    “To where? His apartment isn’t safe.”

    “His aunt?” Dan suggested.

    “That might be our only hope, how are we supposed to get him out if none of us can touch him?” They turned back to where Frank had been a minute ago.

    “Frank?” Sam called, they looked around the room to find the teenager but he had gone.

    “Fuck!” Sam swore.

    “Looks like he wasn’t as out of it as we thought,” Dan mused.

    “He’s gone to find them. What the fuck does he think he’s doing?” Sam seethed, angry at himself more than anything. Gerard looked down sadly.

    “I think he’s trying to save us.”

    “We have to get down there.”
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    NO! frankie, don't be stupid :S he's just going to get himself hurt :(
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    Hmm I missed the last two updates before this one and didn't even realize. =/ Fail
    But I am beyond happy about Frank and Sam!! Boy am I ever!! I love them! LOVE THEM!! Sam is so fucking adorable!!!
    Gerard needs to go back to his drugs and leave them alone. And I hope Frank is going to be okay. He shouldn't have run off like that.
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    No! Frank needs to stay with his friends, strength in numbers and all that... He's just going to get even more hurt :'(
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    NOo damnit Frankie, now somebody's gonna die *hopes its Gee*
  10. nnoooooooooooooooo :( I swear everything bad happens to Frankie :'( awesome update though!
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    MrBoggins Jesus take the PRNDL!


    I want to brutally murder Joel. And Frank's family. And I want to slap the shit out of Gerard for being the worlds worst boyfriend.

    Poor Frank. It makes me so sad how nothing right can happen. Is there going to be a happy ending for him? : (((

    I miss this story. v_v lol
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    i miss it too, i'm working on the next chapter but the ending keeps changing in my head...it will be soon i promise. i'm working tonight but i'll try and finish it tomorrow for you.
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    “Frankie-boy!” Brandon cried as Frank stumbled through the shed door, clutching his stomach as if he was about to vomit. Lewis smirked.

    “Why?” Frank whispered, making Lewis laugh loudly.

    “You’re a ****** is why.”

    “I’m your brother.”

    “You’re a fag. You’re no brother of ours. You’re just another gay to kill.” Lewis spat the words to him as he circled his younger brother to lock the door behind him. Seconds later, there was loud banging on the door and Sam’s voice called to him. Brandon laughed excitedly.

    “They’re next!” He chuckled.

    “Don’t you dare hurt them.” Frank warned.

    “And what are you going to do about that Frankie-boy?” Brandon teased nastily. “Did you enjoy the ride home?"

    “You knew. You knew he was going to do that.” Frank realized with horror.

    “He was definitely considering all those bad things he did to you. Our payments just pushed him into action.”

    “You paid him to do that?” Frank felt like vomiting again. Memories of crawling hands, hot breath, and excruciating pain flooded him. He fought them, focusing on Sam’s voice, still calling to him from outside.

    “Yes,” Brandon grinned at him.

    “But you hate gays,”

    “You have to fight fire with fire sometimes Frankie.” Lewis told him, still circling the boy. “By the way, thanks for finishing the job with Mum since the retard over there failed the first time.”

    “You were the one who hit her with the car. You killed her!” Frank realised after a minute.

    “No Frankie, I think you’ll find you did.” Lewis said maliciously.

    “And Ali? What did you do to him?”

    “Oh you are a smart one. Not much, he was too insecure; he believed it without much persuasion,”

    “Why not just kill me? Why play with me like this?”

    “Because it’s fun!” Lewis smirked, stalking forward until he was in his brother’s face.

    “You’re evil,” Frank whispered.

    “Thank you,”

    “You killed Lily, she was innocent, and you murdered her for no reason!”

    “You loved her, is that not reason enough? We could have killed your little blond boyfriend but we’re going to do that anyway so we figured, why not hurt him even more?”

    “Please don’t hurt him; he’s done nothing wrong, please.” Frank begged, he couldn’t hold himself up any longer and he fell to his knees. Lewis looked down on the pitiful boy, a look of disgusted wonder on his face.

    “You really love him, don’t you?” Frank nodded, tears sliding down his cheeks. “It’s repulsive.” Frank cried out as Lewis’ foot connected sharply with his ribs and there was a loud crack. Sam heard Frank’s cry from outside and his fervent efforts to get inside increased. Gerard and Dan stood just behind him, equally worried about their respective friend and ex.

    “Please, if you must then just kill me and then leave them alone.”

    “No. How are we supposed to rid the world of a disease if we spare people?”

    “Just please!”

    “You’re a wh**e Frankie. First you’re fucking Gerard and then you starting fucking little Sam when you’re supposed to still be with Gerard. And then you start fucking Joel when you’re with Sam. Filthy sl*t.” He spat out. Another kick, another crack, another cry of pain.

    “I wasn’t ‘fucking’ Joel. He raped me and you know it.” Frank seethed, ignoring the pain. Brandon laughed.

    “Yeah we know it. He didn’t even need much motivation. He screwed you for £50” Frank felt like he was going to be sick again.

    Lewis walked forward and gripped his hair, dragging him up. Frank cried out again, the pain was excruciating, he probably had at least four broken ribs.

    “So you want to die, huh?” Lewis whispered. Frank choked slightly.

    “How can I carry on after everything you’ve done to me? After everything I’ve done? After all the things that have happened to me?”

    “Aw, is the little fag crying?” Brandon teased, laughing.

    “That’s good then because I am going to kill you. But God knows I’m going to make it hurt. Your little boyfriend will be able to hear you scream in pain and he won’t be able to do a single thing to stop it. And then I’m going to kill Gerard and then I’m going to kill Sam. And then we might go for a beer.”

    Silence had fallen outside and Frank guessed, prayed, that Sam and Gerard had gotten away. But minutes later there was more loud banging on the door.

    “This is the police! Open the door immediately!” Lewis and Brandon shared a look before Lewis turned back to Frank, still struggling slightly in his tight grip, smiling maliciously.

    “Opps, looks like I’m just going to have to kill you relatively painlessly. We don’t have any problem getting away; Brandon got hold of this pretty little automatic that should take out the cops and your pretty little boyfriend in one go, leaving us free to go home when we see fit. Are you ready to die Frankie?”

    “You made a mistake.”

    “Mistake, what mistake?”

    “Killing fags 101, don’t let them get to a weapon.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “I came through the kitchen.” Frank reached behind him as he said this, gripping the kitchen knife he had stashed in the waistband of his clothes and brought it forward hard into Lewis’ stomach. His older brother cried out and looked at him in shock and anger. Then his mouth twisted back into an evil smile and he brought his own knife forward into Frank’s stomach.

    “No you made the mistake Frankie; you thought you could better us. You’re still going to die.”

    “So are you and that’s all that matters.”

    In that instant the police got through the door. Brandon looked at his two brothers in panic and Lewis dropped Frank to the floor, clutching his stomach. Frank became less and less aware of the blood spreading through his clothes and across his skin, the cold hard floor beneath him, he could see the spot where his best friend had been murdered but it was becoming hazy. He was not aware of the people or voices around him or Sam, desperately clutching at his hand, begging him to stay alive.
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    When you said two people were going to die, I didn't expect one of them to be the main character >_> So please please please please please don't let Frankie die! Let it be this brother that is the second one!! : (((((

    I really fucking hope Sam heard about Joel and gets that fucker arrested >_> If he doesn't go kill him first!!!

    “No. How are we supposed to rid the world of a disease if we spare people?”

    Doesn't Joel count? I totally vote him into one of the people his brother kills. Just saying >_> lol

    “No you made the mistake Frankie; you thought you could better us. You’re still going to die.”
    “So are you and that’s all that matters.”

    That part gave me the legit chills. I could seriously picture Frankie clutched over, holding his bleeding stomach, just glaring up at them.

    Sam, desperately clutching at his hand, begging him to stay alive.
    Pleasepleaseplease don't break Sam's heart by killing Frank!! : (((((((((((

    It was well worth the wait, any of your stories are worth the wait. ;D
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    Chapter 28

    Thank you :$: this is the sweetest thing and warmed the cockles of my heart (and yes, I am crazy). i may also have offed more people than i said i would, though i don't think you'll complain. but just to keep you on your toes, the deaths mentioned in this short but really rather sweet chapter might not be the last.
    have fun ;)

    “What are you doing here?”

    “Same thing as you probably, making sure they really are dead.” Sam told Gerard as the two coffins were slid into the furnaces.

    “Yeah, that’s why I’m here. They would have ended up dead anyway; extradited and death row for all the crimes they’ve committed. Frankie and Brandon just did the job faster.”

    “I can’t believe he had the courage to kill Lewis, I don’t think I would have the guts. And Brandon just chickened out on life when he saw his brother was gone. I’m never going to get the image of his brains splashed against the wall out of my head. Did you hear about Joel?”


    “The guy who…who raped Frankie.”

    “No, what about him?”

    “He died last night. The emotional stress triggered his LQT syndrome that no one knew about. His girlfriend found him this morning and he was pronounced dead in the hospital where Frankie is.”

    “So all his enemies are dead.”


    “No? Who else?”

    “Us.” Sam said quietly, looking at him for the first time.

    “Ah, right.”

    “We can’t do this to him, make him choose between us.”

    “He won’t have to. I love him so much, more than I ever thought possible. But I’m not stupid. He loves us both and it’s quite clear that you’re better for him than me. He’s right, I need to get off drink and drugs before I even consider getting back together with him.”

    “Don’t take yourself out of the race yet.”

    “No, I’m going to. When I’m clean and sober then we can fight over who gets to keep him I guess but for now, he needs stability which I can’t give to him.”

    “So, what you’re saying is, and without wanting to make him sound like an object or a small child that a divorced couple are fighting over, he’s mine for now but when everything is normal again, then we’re going to make him choose between us. How nice of us.” Gerard chucked slightly, his eyes blazed as the two furnaces were lit, and the bodies consumed.

    “Yeah, I guess that’s right.” Sam smiled.

    “Cool, so…are we alright then? Friends?”

    “Yeah, we can be friends. I think that would be good for Frank.” Gerard said, following Sam out of the crematorium.

    “We’re making it sound like he’s definitely going to wake up.”

    “Don’t be like that, of course he’s going to wake up. The kid’s a fighter and he always has been, in one way or another.”

    “I guess.”

    “What’s happening about your shed? I presume it’s not staying up what with all the bad memories.”

    “My father’s having it knocked down and is building something new for me. They’re designing it now. Gerard, I care about Mikey and you, I guess, if you want somewhere more permanent, more substantial to stay, I can build a space for you both.”

    “You would do that for us, for me?”

    “Yeah, of course, we’re friends now, remember.”

    “Yeah, of course. I just…I can’t believe I hated you and called you an English fuck a few weeks ago”

    “I guess Frankie does that to people, brings them together, even when he’s in a coma.” Sam choked slightly and tears leaked out of the corner of his eyes. Gerard hesitated before pulling him into a hug.

    “He’ll be fine Sam, I promise.”

    “Don’t make promises you can’t keep”

    “Is Mikey with him now?”


    “Come on, I’ll call a cab and we’ll go and see him, yeah?” Sam pulled out of the hug and wiped his eyes.

    “Yeah. Thanks Gerard.”
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    yay Joel is gone! *happy little dance* and i'm glad Sam and Gerard are getting along :] The ending was perfect. That whole story was amazing.
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    So for such a HELLSFUCKINGYES!!!!! type chapter, you left me in tears, once again LOL. All the negative comments from Sam are killing me. : (((( Frankie better not die, Imma hurt someone if he does!!

    “He won’t have to. I love him so much, more than I ever thought possible. But I’m not stupid. He loves us both and it’s quite clear that you’re better for him than me. He’s right, I need to get off drink and drugs before I even consider getting back together with him.”
    When I first started reading that part, I was about to flip out on Gerard for being so cocky and stuck up LMAO. But then I read the rest of it and felt better. YOU'RE RIGHT GERARD. YOU ARE NOT GOOD FOR FRANK RIGHT NOW. SO BACK OFF. SLDFKJSDKLF Get better, get clean for not only him, but yourself as well! Then see where everything stands!!

    “Don’t take yourself out of the race yet.”
    That line made me want to hug Sam so bad haha. I love his character in this story. And it doesn't help that Architects are now one of my favorite bands ;DDDDD All thanks to you by the way < 33333

    And yeah, thanks for the keeping me on my toes bit! sdlkjfsldjkf >___>
    Now I won't be able to sleep tonight. I'll be tossing and turning in bed going;
    "who is she going to kill?! who's next?! whats going to happen?!?!?!?!"
    I'll probably annoy the fuck out of my boyfriend by mussing it over out loud ;DDDD

    Even this short chapter had so much in it. Which is why I LOVE you. xDDD
    <33 Can't wait for next update! But take your time if you need :)
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    Chapter 29

    “I miss you Frankie, it’s not the same without you around.” Sam slipped his hand into Frank’s motionless one and squeezed it gently. “How have you done this to us, to me? You were so quiet and fragile when I first met you and you just blew me away. I fell so fucking hard for you. I’ve known you for such a short amount of time and I already love you so much.

    I’m so scared that you’re not going to wake up. The doctors say that it can only be naturally, all I can do is wait for you. It’s been a month Frankie. Your brother were cremated two weeks ago, I watched their corpses burn. The justice felt good. Now all I need is you back in my arms. Please come back to me Frankie, I really need you.

    Thinking I’d lost you, I never want to feel that again. The pain was unbearable, it…it was exactly as Mikey described losing Lily, losing his soul mate, only ten times worse actually living it. And then there were complications with the blood donations and all I could do was sit and watch you, thinking I was going to lose you all over again. I was helpless and so fucking scared.

    At least Joel is dead, right? The guilt of what he did to you literally killed him. I can’t believe…I can’t believe he raped you Frankie. I should have been there, I should have been able to save you. If only I’d gone with you or something. I’m so ashamed of myself. Oh god, I hope you’ll let me touch you when…if…you wake up. I don’t think I could bear to love you this much and not even be able to hold your hand.

    Everyone’s praying for you at school, or at least they’re being told to. I don’t know how much you believe in God, it kind of hasn’t come up yet but just in case you do…well, eve I’m not that religious and I’ve being praying every unbearable fucking second that I’m awake and you’re not. I just want you back Frankie, I would give anything.”

    “Visiting hours are over Mr Carter, I’m sorry.” Sam smiled at the young nurse, standing up and kissing Frank’s forehead before leaving the room.

    Seconds later, Frank stirred slightly.

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    AWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS FUCKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE"S AWAKE WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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    He's awake! :clap: and Sam is so sweet! Yay :^_^:

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