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    Chapter 23

    “Gerard?” Frank was shaking violently. He had just finished talking to the police and had escaped out into the cold night. He leant against the wall to stop himself falling over. There were still tears running down his cheeks.

    “Frankie? What’s wrong?”

    “Are you drunk?” Frank snuffled.



    “No!” Gerard sounded insulted. “Frank! Stop checking up on me! I’m fine okay?! You just have to –”

    “Lily’s dead.” Frank stated, a numbness creeping through his cells.


    “My brother’s murdered Lily.”

    “Oh, Frankie, I’m so sorry, oh god,”

    “I need you Gerard.” Frank sobbed. “I needed to check you weren’t high because I really need you and oh god, she was just hanging there and they’d slit her wrists and she was bleeding, there was so much blood.” Frank broke down in a fresh wave of tears and slid down the wall until he was sat in the ten inches of snow.

    “Oh Frankie, it’s okay, come home, be safe and careful. I love you.”

    “I love you too,” Frank whimpered.


    Frank stumbled through the front door, falling to his knees. There was a numb, raw feeling radiating through his body, He expected Gerard to be there, lifting him up, holding him tight and promising him that the pain would go away eventually but he never came.

    Frank couldn’t stand; he crawled over to the mattress and buried his face in the pillow. He started screaming harsh, raw, pained screams in total anguish again.

    “Frankie, shhh; you’re too loud!” Gerard whined, coming to sit next to his boyfriend.

    “They murdered her! She didn’t do anything! All she did was to know me!” He screamed.

    “Urgh, just get over it.” As soon as the words escaped Gerard’s lips Frank tensed; his boyfriend would never say that, the man he loved would never be that heartless. But the man that his boyfriend became when he had taken drugs would. He sat up and gripped Gerard’s face between his hands, studying his hazel eyes.

    “You’re high,” his face dropped, his eyes grew wide and vulnerable.


    “You were fine on the phone.” Frank scooted away from Gerard. When Gerard tried to follow, he pushed him away.

    “Yeah,” Gerard giggled.

    “You took drugs in the time from me calling you to when I got here.” It wasn’t a question; Frank knew. He fought to keep his voice level.

    “I was confused and scared and I didn’t want to have to help you with the withdrawals that started after you called.”

    “You think I want your help now?!” Frank exploded; all the pain and anger coming out at once. “I knew quitting drugs wouldn’t be easy for you but now?! I wouldn’t have cared if you were withdrawing! My best friend just died! All I can see is her hanging there, her blood dripping down her arms and it’s killing me! It’s my fault she’s dead! I needed you and you took drugs! I had a feeling you loved them more than you loved me and I guess I was right. You can go to hell Gerard; this is the final straw.”

    “Are you breaking up with me?”

    “Yeah, I guess I am. You keep the apartment; my aunt pays for it. I’m going to stay with Sam. I’ll see you around Gerard.”



    “Frankie? What’s wrong?” Sam’s voice sounded tired and concerned down the phone.

    “Gerard and I broke up, can I stay with you? Please.” Frank asked desperately, wiping the tears away.

    “Of course, the shed’s a crime scene; you can stay with me in the house.”

    “Thanks Sam, I’ll be there soon.”

    Frank stumbled through the snow, falling repeatedly, not caring that his clothes got soaked and he started shivering.

    He slipped again, his hand dragging along a brick wall and he cried out as the skin on his palm was torn up, leaving bloody gashes. He curled up in the snow in the foetal position, crying. The cold instantly wrapped it’s cold fingers around him, making his shivering even more violent.

    Frank hated himself; he had as good as killed Lily himself. He couldn’t allow himself to get close to people, while he was running from his past and his family, anyone he loved would get hurt.

    He had no idea how long he’d been out in the snow when strong arms hoisted him up and began carrying him.


    “Yeah Frankie, it’s me. Let’s get you home and warmed up, yeah?”

    “This is a nightmare right? Lily’s dead, me and Gerard are over. Lewis is about to butcher you, I’m so sorry.”

    “Yes Frankie, for now, this is a nightmare.” Sam told him as he carried him through the front door and up the stair to his old room.

    “So if I go to sleep now it will all go away?”

    “No Frankie, you can’t sleep, I need to make sure you don’t have hypothermia. Sleeping could be very bad.” Sam lay Frank don on his bed and began to take off his sodden shoes, socks, coat, shirt and jeans. The boy was still shivering.
    “Fuck Frankie, even your underwear’s soaking. I’m not changing that for you, I don’t care how much I love you.” He threw Frank a clean pair and went to his door. “Cathy?!” He shouted down the hall. Her head appeared out of her bedroom door, followed by the sound of You Me At Six.

    “Hey Sam, how’re you holding up?” she asked, concerned that her brother had just lost one of his best friends.

    “I’m alright for now. Looking after Frank occupies my mind but I’m just worried about when it comes to sleeping. Can you make a hot chocolate? I need to warm Frank up.”

    “Yeah of course, I’ll bring it right up. Is he okay?”

    “I don’t know,” Sam admitted. “I think he was even closer to Lily than I was. He told her everything. I really need to raise his temperature; he’s been out in the snow.”

    “Of course Sam, I’ll be right back.” She told him, hurrying past him.

    “Thanks Cathy. Frankie? You changed?” Silence from his bedroom. “Frankie?” Still no word, Sam snapped around and was instantly at Frank’s side; terrified the teenager had slipped into unconsciousness. He was relieved to see that he was only silent because he was crying and nothing more; Sam had feared the worst.

    “Sam,” Frank whispered, Sam gripped his hand tightly.

    “I’m here Frankie, come on, we have to get you under the covers.” Frank lifted his hips to allow Sam to pull the duvet out from under him and then his legs. Sam covered him over and tucked him in before pulling off his own shirt.
    There was a knock at the door and Cathy entered on Sam’s word, handing Frank a steaming drink.

    “Drink it,” she ordered kindly. “It will raise your core body temperature and stop you getting sick,” she explained before smiling sadly at them both and leaving the room.

    Sam didn’t want to leave Frank on his own for any amount of time but had to go to the bathroom to change into pyjama bottoms. He returned as swiftly as he could to find Frank finishing his drink, the tears slowing. Sam turned out the light and climbed in beside the smaller boy, pulling him close.

    “I just want her back,” Frank whispered. Sam could feel himself welling up too. He kissed the top of Frank’s head, resting his lips there.

    “Me too, Frankie, me too.”

    “Thank you Sam, for this, for everything. I –”

    “I know Frankie, I know. Just sleep.” Frank nodded, snuggling in closer into Sam’s chest, savouring his warmth and the love he could feel in Sam's embrace.
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    No! Frank has to go through so much and now he's broken up with Gerard?!
    It will bring Sam and Frank closer together but it's still sad :no: I hope Frank isn't sick :eek:
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    Yes, Kids. And that is EXACTLY why Frank needs to be with Sam, and NOT Gerard.
    Thank you.
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    MrBoggins Jesus take the PRNDL!

    A tear or two may have escaped. Gerard can go to fucking hell. He should have been murdered, not Lily! I still can't believe she was killed. I'm just really hoping this is one super long nightmare and the next chapter Frankie is going to wake up. Gah.

    WHY GERARD WHY!?!??!?! Fuck. I was team Sam before, but fuck this. Gerard really fucked up. And I'm actually super pissed at him lol.

    Has anyone told Mikey yet?! Damn, that kid must be beside himself. Him and Frank really need each other right now. I think they would be the best for each other, comforting wise. Please don't tell me Mikey is the next to die? Unable to go on without his perfect half? I know they weren't together very long, but you could just feel the emotion between them.

    This story is so heartbreaking lately. :( But I love it, have to admit lol. Great update!
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    *does happy dance* Finally! I reckon Gee murdered her. Just a feeling. Anywhoo, Go Sam!! He was perfect in this, exactly what Frank needed
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    Yes indeed, Gerard really fucked up this time :nono:
    but he's not done yet.

    though crunch-time is creeping closer :p

    however, the next chapter probably won't be up until monday because i'm going to see murderdolls tonight ( :w00t: :mosh: :taz: :clap:) and it's my nephew's first birthday tomorrow.

    but the next one is my favourite yet, i've been planning it from the moment i came up with the title and it should be adorable, depending on my ability to translate the scene in my head onto paper

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    Murderdolls? THAT IS SO FRICKING EPIC!!!!! I am so jealous of you right now x/
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    MrBoggins Jesus take the PRNDL!

    MUDERDOLLS?!?! Shit, have fun! :D
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    Have fun at your concert
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    Chapter 24

    so murderdolls was pretty incredible and i got the chapter finished sooner than i thought i would. enjoy =)

    Frank woke slowly, warm and comfortable. Bright winter light filtered through small gaps in the curtains. Still slightly disorientated, his mind clogged with sleep, he studied the room he had woken up in.

    It was painted light blue. Posters decorated the walls; Guns ‘n’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Greenday, Dillinger Escape Plan. Figurines covered the top of the chest of drawers; cars, Batman, Spiderman, Catwoman. The room felt homely, warm not just in temperature but also in aura. It reminded Frank of Mikey’s Jersey room, a place he would often go to escape his brothers, before he met Gerard.

    Mikey: Lily.

    He couldn’t breathe; the loss rose up and choked him, his throat constricting, the air around him pressing down on him.

    “Frank? Frankie, just breathe, okay? I know she’s gone and I know how much it hurts but she’s want you to pull yourself together.” Sam had woken and hugged Frank tightly.

    “She’d give me a right bollocking if she knew I was lying here crying over her,” Frank chuckled sadly. Sam agreed, stroking Frank’s hair comfortingly.

    “She does know Frankie, she’s watching over us, over you.”

    “Mikey, oh god where’s Mikey? He’s going to be heartbroken.”

    “With Dan,” Sam explained, “he stayed over there last night. Dan will make sure he’s okay. They’re coming over later with Tom and Ali. Ali’s pretty devastated too, since they found her. Tom seems to be holding it all together for now.

    “I can’t believe it Sam, she can’t be gone. Oh god it’s all my fault.” Frank hid his face in Sam’s warm chest.

    “Hey, of course it’s not your fault. I’m pretty sure we all think that. I know I do; I should have gone with her.” Sam sniffed, burying his face in Frank’s hair.
    “No, it really is my fault. Do you believe it was suicide? Really?” Frank asked, looking Sam in the eyes.

    “I – I don’t know what to think.” Sam admitted. “But how does that make it your fault?” He asked, running a finger down Frank’s cheek. Frank took a deep breath; this would be one of the hardest things he had ever done. At least when Gerard came into his life, he had already half known about Frank’s past.
    “If I tell you, will you promise not to hate me?”

    “Of course! I could never hate you Frankie,” Sam told him, worried about what Frank was about to reveal to him.

    “My father and my mother never lived together. I have two older brothers. When they turned fourteen they moved out to live with my father and I hardly ever saw them. I never knew what their life was like with him but they changed.

    So when I turned fourteen, I was forced to go and live with my elusive father. And he began to train me.”

    “Train you for what?”

    “To kill the scum of the earth; gays.” Sam was stunned.

    “Um…Frankie? You’re gay.”

    “I did some bad things with my brothers before I realized that. People, gay couples, died because we would go into their homes, beat the shit out of them and then I would torch their homes. My goddamn obsession with fire.”

    “What changed?”

    “I met Gerard Way. Mikey’s older brother. I encountered him in Mikey’s house about two weeks before I first talked to him; I couldn’t stop thinking about him in those two weeks and I couldn’t understand why. He taught me who I was. He taught me love.

    I knew from then on what we were doing was wrong; I was being brainwashed before. Gerard taught me that.

    I tried to escape a few times. My brother Lewis got suspicious, he guessed what I was and started doing those bad things to me. One time he gave me second degree burns. It was only what I deserved.

    My mother guessed what Lewis was doing, though she had no idea why. With Gerard and Mikey she helped me fake my own death and I moved out here."

    “Fuck Frankie.”

    “You hate me, right?”


    “I would; I hate myself. I’ve killed people Sam.”

    “Frank, I could never hate you; I’m…I’m in love with you. That’s all in the past, you’re clearly a very different person now who regrets what they’ve done, and that’s all that matters. How does that make Lily’s…Lily’s death your fault?”

    “It was my brothers. First Lewis’ words in Ali’s mouth, saying them just like I did and now the apparent suicide of a girl who was like a sister to me. It was Lewis and Brandon, I know it. They’re punishing me and an innocent girl died because of it. Oh god Sam, it’s all my fault.”

    “How does that make it your fault? Do you kill her? No. All you did was to be true to yourself. It’s not your fault your family and your brother’s are twisted” Sam wiped away the few tears clinging to Frank’s cheeks with his thumb. “Why did he do it? Your father?”

    His mother left his father for another woman. It tore his father apart. He turned into a drunk, abusive man who eventually committed suicide. My father blamed his mother and her girlfriend, which was when he first thought they were a disease that needed to be wiped from the face of the earth. And who better to help his mission than his easily manipulated, trusting children?” Frank sniffed angrily. There was a knock on the door and Dan’s head appeared, Sam smiled sadly at him as the other’s entered. Frank excepted Sam to pull away from their embrace but he didn’t. Frank snuggled in closer until Mikey came through the door. Frank instantly fell out of bed and launched himself at his best friend, wrapping his arms around his neck.

    “I’m so sorry Mikey.” He whispered.

    “I knew you would be beating yourself up about this, it’s not your fault Frank.”

    “I’m still sorry.”

    “I know. Get back into bed doofus; no one wants to see you in just your underwear.” Mikey chuckled.

    “Except Sam,” Dan teased. Sam shrugged acceptingly as Frank snuggled back into him and he wrapped his arms around Frank’s waist.

    “How are you holding up Mikey?” Sam asked as the others sat down around the room; Ali and Tom cuddled up to one another, Dan and Mikey next to each other.

    “Honestly? Not great.” Mikey admitted. “There’s this massive black void in my chest and I feel like I’m collapsing into it from the inside. The edges are burning and I constantly fell like crying. Is it possible to have fallen in love with someone after such a short amount of time?”

    “Yes.” Sam and Frank answered at the same time. Sam smiled slightly and squeezed Frank’s waist affectionately.

    “I think I was in love with her,” Mikey confessed quietly.

    “I’m so sorry Mikey,” Frank whispered again, tears once again rolling down his cheeks.


    “So how are you both feeling? I understand that losing a loved one in such horrific circumstances is never easy.” Frank eyed Joel cautiously as the headmaster talked from behind his desk. He shuffled closer into Sam for comfort who wrapped an arm around his waist.

    “We’re managing, considering. We have each other for support. We’ll get through it.” Sam told the headmaster quietly, eyeing Frank worriedly.

    “That’s good that you’re relying on each other for support. Am I right in saying that you where the second pair to find Lily after she killed herself?”

    “Don’t talk about her like that.” Frank spoke up for the first time.

    “Like what Mr Iero?”

    “So casually, like she’s just gone on holiday. And why are you automatically presuming she killed herself?”

    “Frank, it’s pretty evident, if she was killed then someone would have just killed her, not gone to the effort to make it look like suicide. You have to remember her history Mr Iero; she has one of depression and previous suicide attempts.” The two teenagers couldn’t believe how heartless he was being. Frank snapped, practically launching himself at the headmaster, Sam had to hold him back by his waist.

    “Maybe you should stop looking at her history and start looking at the present.” Frank seethed. Sam pulled him back down to seated and whispered quietly to him, calming him down.

    “Frank, I think it’s quite clear that you are not dealing with Lily’s death at all. Perhaps some one-on-one sessions with Joel would be a good idea so you can talk about it. Would that be alright Joel?”

    “I’m more than happy to take time out to help Frank with the healing process.” Frank didn’t miss the nasty smirk playing slightly on Joel’s lips and he shuddered violently.


    The band were now set up in Sam’s garage. Mikey and Frank sat on a small sofa in front of them, watching them.

    “This is a song we finished writing today. I hope it’s okay. It’s called Heartburn”

    YouTube - Architects - Heartburn

    Sam began to sing quietly.

    Burn everything you have
    And leave it all behind
    Lose all your inhibitions
    I'll take the mess you made
    And make it beautiful
    If time only stood still forever

    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    I'll be the one to make you smile
    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    I'll be the one to make you smile again
    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    I'll be the one to make you smile
    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    I'll be the one to make you smile again

    This moment that we're in
    Is slow and disappointing
    Time will never stand still forever
    If you take this chance we got
    And we'll make it beautiful
    If you'd take my word
    I'd be your saviour

    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    I'll be the one to make you smile
    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    I'll be the one to make you smile again
    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    I'll be the one to make you smile
    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    I'll be the one to make you smile again

    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    Hold out your hand and lean upon me
    I'll be the one to make you smile again

    Burn everything you have
    And leave it all behind
    Lose all your inhibitions
    I'll took the mess you made
    And I made it beautiful
    Oh if time only stood still forever, forever

    Sam eyes didn’t leave Frank’s the entire song, they were locked together. It made Frank breathless. The song was beautiful and powerful. As soon as the finally note rang out Frank got up slowly, Sam watched him walk across the room. He stopped in front of him and glanced down for the first time. When he finally looked up there were tears in his eyes. He reached up and pulled Sam’s face down into a lingering kiss.

    “Frank, I –”

    “Sam? Shut up and kiss me.” Sam chuckled and obeyed. Their friends around them couldn’t help but smile.



    “I love you.”
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    damn i dont know what to say! that was amazing, i'm happy and devistated all at the same time. wow. im glad frank and sam are together
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    Damn, I'm cryingl Ugh, Joel, We need a crew for him... THEY KISSED!!!!!! THEY KISSED THEY KISSED THEY KISSED <3 *sigh* That's a perfect valentines day gift so thank youu!!
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    daym D: so sweet but so sad :'(
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    Chapter 25

    “So Jess is going to have the baby then?” Dan asked, sitting on a bean bag in Sam’s room. The two couples were on the bed, cuddled up to their respective partners. Mikey had gone to check up on his brother.

    “Yep. Apparently Kieran tried to talk her into getting rid of it but she refused.”

    “Good on her I say. Might teach him a lesson,” Ali muttered, trying to stop Tom snuffling his neck. “What about your Mum, Sam? What happened with the whole she was sleeping with another younger man who beat the shit out of you thing?”

    “She was gone for two days and then she came back. Apparently the guy disappeared without a trace and my dad welcomed the bitch back with open arms.”

    “Not you mother’s biggest fan anymore then?” Tom chuckled.

    “Not really.” Sam said dryly. “What really gets me is that she stood there and watched me get beaten up without a word or a single protest and then expects everything to be normal again.” Frank frowned and pulled Sam’s face down into a comforting kiss.

    “You two are pretty damn cute together,” Tom smiled. “How long has this been brewing?”

    “Since my birthday I guess, that was our first kiss, right?” Frank asked, looking at Sam. Sam avoided his gaze, playing with his sock.


    “No? When did we kiss?”

    “At Jess’ party. You were so wasted you didn’t even remember.”

    “Oh Sam! I’m so sorry!”

    “It’s fine. I just thought it best not to mention it.”

    “Aw honey, that must have been so hard for you! I’m sorry,” Frank intertwined their fingers.

    “I managed and I have you now,”

    “You certainly do,” They smiled at each other before Frank turned to Ali, flipping off Dan as he did; he had been miming puking. “How did you two get together?” Frank asked Tom, realising he didn’t know.

    “Lily,” Ali smiled sadly.

    “She knew we both liked each other before either of us really came out. She brought us together," Tom explained, playing with Ali’s fringe.

    “I really hope Mikey comes back soon cause all this lovey-dovey stuff is making me feel ill.” Dan complained.

    “Sorry dude, it’s not our fault you’re sad and alone.” Tom laughed.

    “Guys I’m back! What’s up?” Mikey called as his skinny frame made it through the door.

    “Thank God you’re here!” Dan exclaimed, comically throwing himself at Mikey’s feet and clinging to his leg. Mikey looked down at the teenager, bemused. The others laughed.

    “Despite the drama queen here, nothing much. How’s Gerard?” Frank asked.

    “Sober surprisingly. A little high but only weed thankfully. He still thinks you’re coming back after a few days of cooling down.”

    “I should go and talk to him. I know I have a history of going back to him and I need to tell him sooner rather than later that that’s not the case this time.” Sam smiled and buried his face in Frank’s neck, who squirmed slightly, making Sam chuckle.

    “I love you,” he whispered. His warm breath on Frank’s neck made the smaller boy giggle.

    “I love you too, I’ll be back soon.”

    “I’ll look forward to it,” Sam teased.


    “You what?” Gerard was stunned.

    “I’ve started dating Sam.” Frank stated again, looking at the wall and not the man sat next to him.

    “Since when?”

    “Last night.”

    “So you don’t love me anymore?” Gerard looked hurt.

    “Did I say that? I could never fall out of love with you that quickly. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love Sam and you really hurt me Gee.” He looked away, ashamed.

    “I’m sorry Frankie.”

    “Sorry just doesn’t cover this Gee; my best friend had just been murdered. I love you but that did me in. Sam was there for me when you weren’t and that clinched it. But I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you and I’ll always be your friend. I won’t forget what you did for me. I want to help you get off drugs for Mikey’s sake.”

    “Thanks Frank. I guess.” There was a small awkward silence between them.

    “I err...I should probably go.”

    “Hey Frankie?”

    “Yeah Gee?”

    “Can I try to win you back? I really love you. I don’t want to lose you to the English fuck.”

    “Don’t talk about him like that Gee; he’s my boyfriend. I’d really rather you didn’t actually. Or at least, if you’re going to try to, get of drugs first. Please.”

    “I love you Frankie,”

    “I love you too Gerard. But that's it, I'm sorry. I’ll see you soon.”


    Frank walked along the street back to Sam’s house. He couldn’t work out if he was happy, sad, troubled or completely broken. He had a feeling that everything was hanging by threads over a deep eternal pit. He really didn’t want to fall in there.

    He checked his phone for messages, not that there would be any but he needed something to do so he didn’t feel so useless on the walk. He slid his phone back into his pocket.

    A single car drove past him in the opposite direction. He ignored it, watching the stars above him. Gerard had instigated a love of stars within him.

    Suddenly there was a loud crack and a sharp pain in Frank’s head. Everything went a blinding white and then pitch black as Frank slipped into unconsciousness.


    Frank groaned and opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was that he was freezing cold and it was dark. He stood up and took in his surroundings. He was in a field in the middle of nowhere. His phone told it was midnight. He had been walking back to Sam’s at 8pm. He was probably beside himself with worry, especially so soon after Frank had revealed his past to him. Frank knew his brothers were behind this, even if he didn’t quite understand the point.

    He pulled out his phone, he would have to call Sam and find a way of working out where he was. He went to his phonebook and swore aggressively.
    Every single one of his contacts had been deleted. He had no way of contacting any of his friends. He was going to freeze to death out here; the snow still thick on the ground. He shoved his hands angrily into his coat pockets. His finger hit a scrap of paper in his pocket. His fingers closed around it and he shuddered violently. He couldn’t, but it might be the only solution. He couldn’t stand out here all night and freeze but if he were to call that number…

    He had no choice. He would never back to Sam if he stayed out here. He wasn’t weak. He could do this. He pulled out his phone and dialled the scrawled number.

    “Hello?” The groggy voice answered.

    “Hi,” he muttered. He already knew this had been the wrong decision.

    “Frank? Is that you? What is it?”

    “I need your help.”
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    ohh, what happened? Who did he call? Gerard hopefully :)
    -glares- I don't like Joel. AT ALL

    Gerard you need to win Frankie back, you love him, and he loves you. He's IN LOVE with you NOT SAM! He just has to realize that for himself, and you have to help him realize that
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    *headdesk* oW! That hurt...
  17. Rosie2310

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    headdesk? pray, pourquoi? :tongue:
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    MrBoggins Jesus take the PRNDL!

    OOOOOOOOOOH HELL NO! Did he call Joel?! That asshole is gonna rape him!!!! I hate that man so much. HATE!

    Gerard needs to get better before he tries to win back Frank. I'm against them being together again, because of all the shit Gerard has done to Frank since they've been back together, but if anything is going to happen again, he better be clean.

    “Can I try to win you back? I really love you. I don’t want to lose you to the English fuck.”
    You want to try that again, Gerard? >__>
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    Hehe I know who he calls but I'm not happy about about it. i hope Frank's okay...

    ps you need to do that mfl and fill out your forms and pm me about those songs?
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    WTF?!?!?!?!?! :O

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