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    Title: Heartburn
    Rating: 15
    Main Characters: Frank, Gerard, Mikey, all member of Architects uk: Sam Carter, Ali Dean, Tom and Dan Searle, Tim Hillier-Brook and OFC: Lily
    Summary: Frank moves to London and to a new school where he meets high-school band Architects and their friend Lily. But flash-backs of his past in New Jersey haunt him and his past begins to catch up with him. Who will get hurt as he tries to escape it?
    Genre: Teen Romance? (with making it sound too cheesy)

    Note: Italics are flash-backs

    Chapter 1: Page 1
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    Chapter 1

    “That is Frank; he just moved over from America, he’s very quiet, look after him Sam. I think you and your friends are the best people for the job.”

    Sam looked over the skinny kid standing in the corner of the corridor, staring at his shoes. He would stick out like a sore thumb with his dark hair hanging over his right eye; the sides of his hair were shaved and dyed bright red. He had his lip and his nose pierced and tunnels in his ears. He also thought he saw a tattoo on his neck below his right ear though he could have been mistaken.

    “Of course Sir. We’ll make sure he’s ok.”

    “Thank you Sam.” Sam nodded and pushed his blond fringe out of his eyes. He took a deep breath and went to stand by the boy, tugging on the sleeves of his maroon jumper. That was when he realized how short he was, something else going against him.

    “Hey, you’re Frank, right? I’m Sam.” He introduced himself, holding his hand out for the boy to shake; he wasn’t sure what else to do. Frank just looked at it; he appeared lost in thought.


    “Hey! It’s Frank right?”


    “Hmm? Oh yeah, I am Frank. Hi.” Sam nearly jumped when Frank shook himself out of his reverie. They shook hands awkwardly, Sam noticed that he had been right about the tattoo on his neck; it was of a scorpion.

    “We’d better head into registration. There’s a spare seat next to me. For a Catholic school the kids can be pretty nasty so just keep your head down and don’t listen to anything they say. Okay?” Frank nodded and Sam patted his arm.


    “Fucking fag!”


    As soon as Frank walked through the door behind Sam, he felt all eyes on him. He could almost feel the waves of curiosity, and distaste, rolling off the twenty five young people sitting in the room. He thought he heard one boy mutter an insult but he missed it. Another girl looked at him with curious and lustful eyes. Sam led him to two spare seats and they each took one.

    “Who the hell is that?” One loud kid shouted angrily, Frank flinched a little and Sam leant in to whisper in his ear.

    “Don’t worry about him, that’s Keiran, he’s always like that. That went better than I thought it would.” Frank smiled at him gratefully as Mr Woolatt, his new form tutor, quietened down the group and briefly explained who Frank was. He then sent a girl to a teacher somewhere; she passed by Sam and shared an exasperated look with him before smiling shyly at Frank and swinging her bag onto her shoulder and leaving the form room.

    It was weird to hear his name in the register. Sam was third and there were only four people between them.

    After about ten minutes of notices and other stuff, a bell rang, signalling the end of registration. With everyone suddenly moving around him, Frank felt the need to make himself as small as he could; pressing his arms into his chest and bowing his head. He felt Sam’s hand on his shoulder. He looked up into the blond’s eyes and felt safer.

    “Come on, we have PSHE.” Frank nodded and stood up. By the door stood two other guys waiting for them. Sam introduced them as Ali and Dan. They greeted him warmly, as though he was an old friend. He felt a little less alone.


    The warm arms enveloped him, he felt a little less alone. A little less like his world was falling apart around him, even though it was.


    The September air was cool as Sam and the others led him outside. They asked him when his birthday was: 31st October, what music he liked: punk, rock and metal, what state he came from in America: New Jersey.


    “One day, I’m gonna get the hell out of this state, leave everything behind, start again afresh.”

    “Leave everything? Even me?” He looked at him with sad eyes. He seemed to realize his mistake.

    “No! Not you, never you!” But the words had been spoken, there was no taking them back. He shuffled back a bit, increasing the distance between them.


    They waited outside a white door as more and more students joined them. Other students in black and white were walking to a study room at the other end of the walkway. Some of them were giving him intrigued looks, others interested, others sneers.

    “I hope Binfield isn’t in” Ali complained.

    “Who’s Binfield?” Frank asked quietly.

    “Our PSHE teacher and that stands for personal, social, health education. Stuff like sex, drugs…” Sam explained but Dan interrupted him,

    “And rock and roll!” he shouted, earning weird looks from the other students. Sam laughed and Frank smiled slightly as a tall man appeared out of the classroom door. He was wearing a hideous pink shirt and was slightly hunched over.

    “Right class, in!” He drawled. They all shuffled in, the teacher eyed Frank as he walked past, he pushed his fringe behind his ear self-consciously and bit his lip ring.

    “Sir, this is Frank, he’s new.”

    “Ah yes. Frank. I was told about you. Where can I sit you?” Frank glanced around the room, afraid of the students that he knew were judgemental without even knowing him.

    “Sir, Lily’s with Miss Passmore, he can have her seat for now. Mr Woolatt thought it best he stick with me and the others.” Mr Binfield nodded in agreement, distracted by Keiran standing on a table, Sam led Frank to another circular table and they sat down in the bright blue plastic chairs.

    “This classroom looks like it could be kindergarten, what’s up with these chairs and tables?” Ali and Dan looked at each other and burst out laughing. “What?” Frank asked, confused.

    “That’s exactly what we say. We could be in for a long lesson. He never stops talking about his wife and kid.” Sam said gesturing to the teacher with a roll of his eyes.

    “Right then kiddies! Open books, write the title, today we’re going to be focusing on homophobia.” Frank didn’t see the look Ali and Sam shared. He was lost in his thoughts again.


    “Homophobia is…is…homophobia is gay!” he shouted into the night, angry at the world. He had watched the kid get beaten up and he hadn’t done anything, he couldn’t have done anything. He didn’t hear his bedroom door quietly close.

    “I saw what happened, are you okay?” the newcomer asked quietly.
    “What’s the point of being alive if I can’t be myself? This is who I am but I’m not accepted by people, then what’s the point to me? I may as well be dead.”

    “Don’t say that! I need you! This is only one part of your life, what about the future, our future?” He pulled him into a gently hug and kissed him lovingly.

    “Everything’s screwed up,”

    “But everything’s going to okay…”

    “Is that a promise? Will it be like your last promise?” he interrupted him. He sighed and kissed him again.

    “No. I’m sorry. I love you.”

    “Yeah, I love you too.”


    Frank made it through the lesson without breaking down; he was proud of himself. The lesson ended and Sam led him out of the classroom. Dan and Ali went a different way as Ali had been asked to drop something into a teacher.

    “Are you okay?” Sam asked him as he led him back in the direction of their form room but turning up some stairs to the next floor before they got there.

    “Yeah, why?” Frank asked.

    “You looked really uncomfortable in that lesson, even more so than Ali and he’s gay.” Frank shook his head but smiled gratefully at Sam.

    “No I’m fine, it’s just not easy in a new school when everyone in the first lesson is loud and arguing and stuff.”

    “We have religious education next, we’re doing abortion today, it probably won’t be much better.”


    “You’re the bane of my fucking life! I should have had you aborted you waste of fucking air!”


    “What do you think Frank?”

    “I think that…I think that no child should be aborted because they always have a chance, no matter how bad their quality of life may appear at birth, to be successful and find something worth living for.”

    “That’s very insightful Frank; I think you’ll do well in this subject.”


    “I swear to god, I am more likely to relapse if that woman keeps making me talk about my problems and open up!” The girl stormed into the room and sat on the desk, pulled her long, dark red hair out of its ponytail and shaking it out so the waves fell free and fumbled around in her bag until she yanked out a large chocolate bar and bit into it. Frank and Sam, who were both sat on the floor, leaning against the radiator, looked up at her, stunned.

    “Are you okay?” Sam asked cautiously.

    “Yeah, yeah, I just told her the same old shit, y’know: I’m all alone, sometimes I feel like no one loves me and all my friends are lying to me”

    “You know we’re not lying to you, right?”

    “Yeah I know.” She suddenly seemed to notice Frank was there. “Oh! Sorry! I saw you this morning but we didn’t get a chance to talk, what with me being bullied into expressing my feelings by our delightful head of year.” Sam snorted. Frank smiled shyly.

    “I’m Frank.”

    “Lily.” She smiled back. “Hey Sam, where are the others?”

    “Err…Ali and Dan went to the canteen but…” he paused as they walked through the door, “…are here now. Tom’s probably on his way from history and Tim probably went down the High Street.”

    “Yeah, I asked him to get me a coke.” Dan told Lily and Sam as the door opened and closed again. Frank glanced at the newcomer and did a double take. Sam noticed and laughed.

    “That’s Tom, he’s Dan’s twin…” Frank watched as Tom greeted his brother with a nod and went to Ali, placing his hands on Ali’s hips and leant in, as if going for a kiss, “…and Ali’s boyfriend.” Ali turned his head away so Tom’s lips hit Ali’s cheek. Tom sighed and turned Ali’s head to face him.

    “Are you still mad at me?” Tom asked sadly.

    “Yeah, a little bit.”

    “Ali! I said I was sorry, I really am! Please forgive me.” Tom begged. Ali smiled slightly and pulled Tom into a kiss. Frank couldn’t help but smile at how cute they were.


    “You lied to me again! Why do you keep doing this to me?”

    “I didn’t mean to, I was just there to pick something up and someone offered it to me.”

    “And you couldn’t refuse? You promised me you fucking arsehole! You fucking promised!”

    “Frankie, I think you’re over reacting.”

    “Fuck you! This isn’t the first time you’ve broken a promise to me! I don’t want to see you again.” He stormed out of the house, too angry for tears.

    “Frankie, wait!” He called out of the window; Frank flipped him off behind his back; he was done with his bullshit.


    “So Frank,” Apparently, someone had introduced him to Tom when he had been lost in his memories. “What was life in America like?”

    “Generally or for me?”

    “Either.” Tom smiled, his hand intertwined with Ali’s.

    “Shit.” Frank stated quietly.

    “Really? Why? If you don’t mind me asking,” Lily added on at the end of her question as an after thought. Frank looked into her brown, caring eyes and sighed.

    “There was someone…someone that I loved…loved a lot. But everything got kind of fucked up. Some really bad shit happened and my mother shipped me out to my aunt out here.”

    “So you live with your aunt?” Ali asked.

    “No, she didn’t want a worthless shit like me invading her perfect little family. I live on my own. Sorry, to kind of killed the mood.” Frank looked down shyly. Then he felt Sam’s hand patting his leg.

    “Dude, that’s rough, I’m sorry. Don’t worry about it though, that’s what friends are for, right?” Frank was about to say something but the bell rang for the end of break and he changed his mind.

    Frank’s stomach gave a nasty twist as he watched Ali and Tom kiss goodbye lovingly and they all trudged out of their form to the next lesson.
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    I have a feeling I am going to really like this one. I'm a little excited for the next update now.

    And the flashbacks are PERFECT. Really ties all the story together. I really want to know whats going on with that.
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    Niiiiiiiice :D
    I'm really liking it so far.
    The flashbacks are effing awesome!
    I love how he just randomly thinks of it when he hears a word!
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    Chapter 2

    Frank lay on the mattress in the dark, lighting matches and letting them burn down to nothing. He was only a little bit of a pyromaniac, he just thought the flame was beautiful and whilst a lighter would do, there was nothing like the smell of a burnout match.

    He fought hard to stop his mind wondering back to his time in New Jersey. It was like this every night; fight it was everything he had until he was exhausted enough to fall asleep. He usually failed but what came through the barriers he put up were small, insignificant things, things that didn’t matter, snippets from his early childhood or random moments from school, nothing that left him with those crippling emotions. But he could feel something big ready to slip through and incapacitate him. That was something he wasn’t ready to face, not now, probably not ever.

    It felt strange for Frank to be part of a group of friends, mostly because he had only had his best friend back in Jersey, but also because they had accepted him so readily, without question. He fully intended for them never to find out his history or his faults because they would never want to speak to him again, because, unusually for Frank, he and his new friends had clicked instantly. They had even started bringing him out of his nervous, hard shell into the person he used to be.

    He had even been surprised at their delight that he lived close by to them all. They hadn’t had a chance to meet up after school yet but he was going round to Sam’s tomorrow with the other to watch their band practice and Ali had assured Frank that after this busy week, they would probably be at Sam’s every night. Frank didn’t mind; it was better than being in the flat on his own.
    He hadn’t noticed how far his current match had burned down and it burnt the tips of his fingers. He hissed and blew it out, dropping what was left of the match on the floor by his mattress and sucking on the injured finger. But the minor distraction allowed the big memory to slip through and invade his mind.


    “I heard what happened.” I closed my locker with a sigh and turned to my best friend, we began walking to our first class together.

    “Yeah well, I brought it on myself right?”

    “Don’t be like that Frank; it could have been much worse.” I turned to him.

    “It was him!” I hissed. “He’s the only person who could have told them! That piece of fucking scum told them and left me to face the consequences! You know as well as I do that if our english teacher hadn’t walked past then I would probably be in hospital right now. I didn’t even fucking do it!”

    “But they don’t know that Frank and they’re out for blood.”

    “I know! I fucking know!” This was all getting too much, it was bad enough being blamed for a crime I didn’t commit but now there were people out there ready to smash my face in without hesitation.

    Warm arms enveloped me, I felt a little less alone. A little less like my world was falling apart around me, even though it was. Then I remembered a few nights before. Those feelings of security were gone in a flash. I tried to struggle out of the hug but he wouldn’t let me go.

    “Fuck off! I said I never wanted to see you again and I meant it!”


    “This is all your fucking fault! Did you think it would all be okay if you told? Maybe they would forgive me? Or maybe you were so fucking high that you didn’t even realize what you were saying!” I finally managed to yank myself out of his grasp, storming away, and slamming the door of the classroom behind me.

    I took my seat at the back of the class and buried my head in my arms on the desk. A minute later the chair next to me pulled out and my best friend sat down next to me, stroking my hair comfortingly.

    “He didn’t do it Frankie. The drugs or the telling, I think you know that as much as I do.” I didn’t want to acknowledge that he was right, I just wanted all the shit to go away.


    Frank took a deep breath as the memory left him as fast as it arrived. If there was ever a time for a cigarette, this was it. Frank wasn’t a heavy smoker, but he did like it every now and again.

    He decided that smoking in bed wouldn’t be enough to clear his head and pulled on his jeans, slipping his headphones in his ears and playing misfits loudly.

    Leaving his apartment block he walked down the hill, crossing through the centre of town up to the other side of the small valley to the large park. He found a swing and sat down in it, pulling out his packet of fags and lighting you up, taking a long, soothing drag as he checked the time on his phone. It hadn’t even noticed it was 4am. He swore in his head, he had to be up in three hours for school.

    He practically jumped out of his skin when a figure sat down in the swing next to him. But on closer inspection he saw that it was Lily.

    “What are you doing out this late?” Frank asked, worried about her.

    “I could ask you the same thing.” Frank smiled; he thought it was pretty obvious.

    “You first.” He prompted.

    “I come out at night at take photos and then I paint them.” She said with a slight smile, then she suddenly turned and snapped a picture of Frank, sitting on the swing looking thoughtful. He pulled a face at her and she laughed.
    “It’s a good photo, very meaningful,” she teased, “so come on then, what about you?”

    “I needed to clear my head. Haunted by stuff, needed clean air and a smoke.” He pulled another face at the irony of it. They sat in silence for a while. Frank finished his cigarette but decided he wasn’t calm enough yet, he hadn’t smoked for about two weeks, two in a row wouldn’t hurt that much. After a while Lily spoke up again.

    “What was her name? The someone you loved?” Frank laughed and gave her a knowing look. It took her a minute but when she got it she gasped.

    “Yep, she’s got it.” He laughed, taking another drag.

    “His name?!” Frank nodded, “I wouldn’t have thought it! But then again you wouldn’t think Tom was.” Frank laughed; it was true, Tom was the straightest gay guy he had ever met.

    “His name…”


    “One day, I’m gonna get the hell out of this state, leave everything behind, start again afresh.”

    “Leave everything? Even me?” I looked at Gerard with sad eyes. He seemed to realize his mistake.

    “No! Not you, never you!” But the words had been spoken, there was no taking them back. I shuffled back a bit, increasing the distance between us.


    “Homophobia is…is…homophobia is gay!” I shouted into the night, angry at the world. I had watched the kid get beaten up and I hadn’t done anything, I couldn’t have done anything. I didn’t hear my bedroom door quietly close.

    “I saw what happened, are you okay?” Gerard asked quietly.

    “What’s the point of being alive if I can’t be myself? This is who I am but I’m not accepted by people, then what’s the point to me? I may as well be dead.”

    “Don’t say that! I need you! This is only one part of your life, what about the future, our future?” He pulled me into a gentle hug and kissed me lovingly.

    “Everything’s screwed up,”

    “But everything’s going to okay –”

    “Is that a promise? Will it be like your last promise?” I interrupted him. Gerard sighed and kissed me again.

    “No. I’m sorry. I love you.”

    “Yeah, I love you too.”


    “You lied to me again! Why do you keep doing this to me?”

    “I didn’t mean to, I was just there to pick something up and someone offered it to me.”

    “And you couldn’t refuse? You promised me you fucking arsehole! You fucking promised!”

    “Frankie, I think you’re over reacting.”

    “Fuck you! This isn’t the first time you’ve broken a promise to me! I don’t want to see you again.” I stormed out of the house, too angry for tears..
    “Frankie, wait!” Gerard called out of the window; I flipped him off behind my back; I was done with his bullshit.


    “His name was Gerard Way.”
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    Love it!!!!!!!!!
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    That was amazing, the way it all came together to include Gerard. Well done
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    Woo!!! Yay!! From the first chapter i was sucked in, i can tell this is going to be amazing :D
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    this is amazing so far and the flashbacks and school bits are perfect, i could picture keiran being a twat to frank :') i love it
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    Chapter 3

    “Dude, no offence, but your parents must be fucking loaded.” Frank looked stunned at the house, which was more of a mansion, tucked away behind on old school converted into a community centre. Sam just grinned and let them through a gate by the side of the house. He caught up with Frank as they walked down the back garden path.

    “Yeah, we inherited a shitload from my grandfather, my Mum’s a high and mighty MP and my Dad’s a banker. But for being the scum of the earth they’re actually really nice, good, hardworking people.”

    “Scum of the earth?” Frank questioned, confused, Sam laughed.

    “Sorry, I forget you haven’t been around for ages. Everyone in this country hates bankers cause of the millions of pounds they get as bonuses and everyone hates MPs cause of the expenses scandal where they were using tax payers money to claim back second houses and other stupid things on expenses. This one guy claimed for cleaning his moat and another for a Kit Kat which is just bullshit. It’s supposed to be for stuff like travelling to Parliament from the other side of the country. Luckily my Mum wasn’t involved in it but still.”

    Sam led them into a massive, two storey, light wooden shed, which was more of an over-sized cabin. The bottom floor had sofas, a big TV mounted on the wall, a sink, microwave and fridge. At the end of the room, there were large stacks of amps and a drum kit. The second floor stretched out to halfway through the shed, supported by pillars in the middle of the room. Sam led Frank up the wooden steps while the others began setting their instruments up for their band practice. There was a mattress on the floor, a laptop, bookcase and a music system. Pictures were stuck all over the walls of Sam’s friends and bands he liked. Frank nodded in appreciation at the Dillinger Escape Plan poster.

    “Do you live here?”

    “Yeah, a lot of the time; I have another small room up in the main house but I have a lot of siblings, so it's an escape. When my Dad built a new shed for himself then my Mum let me keep this one for band practice and now I just kind of live in it. My dad’s has been knocked down since. I go down to the house for dinner on Sundays and when I want something more substantial but we all hang out here a lot. You’re welcome anytime.” They smiled at each other, then Dan’s voice cut through the nice moment.

    “Sam! Get your skinny ass down here and start screaming before I make you!” Sam laughed.

    “Is that an innuendo Daniel Searle?!” he shouted back, Frank laughed as he followed Sam back down the steps and sat next to Lily on the sofa. As Sam went to pick up his mic from the floor where whoever had plugged it in had left it, Dan ran out from behind his drum kit, placed his hand on Sam’s hips and thrust forward, miming an orgasm. They all laughed as Sam swatted Dan off and he ran back behind his drum kit.

    Lily snuggled into Frank and rested her head on his shoulder and he put an arm around her as he watched the band get ready to play.

    Dan was on the drums, Tom and Tim, a sixth former, a year older than him, that he had been introduced to on his second day, were on guitar and Ali on bass.

    They started playing a song they called Dead March. The guitars played sludging notes full of intense power but every now and again one of them would play something more intricate, hidden under the force of the other guitar but giving it more depth. The bass produced a crushing force behind it all and the drums were so intense that Dan was drenched in sweat in a minute. The different pieces of the puzzle pulled together to make an extremely beautiful and strong song. That was before the vocals even started.

    When Sam started screaming it was full of different emotions, the words were understandable but raw. It gave Frank shivers.

    Suddenly the music quietened and he was singing with a beautiful and enchanting voice that tore through Frank’s barriers and left him near tears, two memories stormed violently through, one after the other.


    With Mikey gone to pick something urgent up from his mother, I thought I was alone in the house. I had forgotten about his mystifying older brother.

    As I wandered around upstairs, I heard the shower running. I thought Mikey might have left it on by accident; it was the kind of thing he’d do, but when tried the handle it was locked. I pressed my ear to the door and a stunningly exquisite singing voice floated through. It wasn’t a song I recognised but as the voice paused for a moment realized it must be Mikey’s older brother, making up a song, singing sub-consciously to himself in the shower. That was the first time Gerard Way captivated me and made me breathless.


    “Frank! Please! I love you Frankie!” Gerard told me for the first time. But it was too late.


    Frank crashed back into reality, tears now sliding down his face. Lily looked up and gently wiped them away with her thumb before the others could see it. He smiled gratefully at her and she patted his cheek comfortingly. They went back to watching Sam bouncing around, screaming his heart out.


    The woman’s scream ripped through him, heightening his fear and panic.


    “Bad memories again?” Lily sat down on the swing next to him. It was 4am again; witching hour. They had decided not to stay at Sam’s that night but were going to tomorrow after he stocked up on supplies. Frank stubbed out the cigarette he had been smoking.

    “No…well, yes…I guess I was just hoping you’d be here again.” They sat in silence for a minute.

    “What was he like?” Lily seemed to know that Frank needed to talk about it; Frank sighed and lit up again.

    “He was completely perfect and completely flawed. He was beautiful, intelligent, and artistic. But he had so many vices.”

    “Was he worth loving?”

    “Most of the time, yeah,”

    “Did he love you?”

    “He said he did.”

    “Were you worth loving?” If Frank was taken aback by this question, he didn’t show it. He took a minute to think about his answer.

    “Most of the time, yeah.”
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    I'm really intrigued about these recent flashbacks. Are you going to dip into them and let us back into Frank's fucked up little world? lol

    And am I sensing something between Frank and Sam? I really want to listen to their music. Sounds like it would be phenomenal. Did you base it off of anyone?
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    yep, a British band called Architects (uk), i had to spend my entire lunch listening to that song to get the description perfect. they're my favourite band along with mcr =) definitely worth a listen.

    and the flashbacks are definitely going to give us windows into Frank's fucked up little world

    =) new chapter hopefully later tonight
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    You know that's really strange. The other day I was clicking random videos on Youtube and listened to one of their songs. :D That kind of excites me. I'll have to go dig deeper into them now lol
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    Jesus that update was amazing.
    Those flashbacks are killing me.
    But like in a good way XD
    I'm just loving it.
    I can't find the right words to describe it XD
    Sorry! Commenting isn't something I'm good at.
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    Chapter 4

    “Just so you know Frank, I have no qualms about killing you and eating you if this pizza doesn’t arrive soon.” Tom told him, lying down with his head in Ali’s lap. Ali laughed and stroked his hair, leaning down for a kiss.

    “That’s fine, but I should warn you. I’m short and skinny; there really isn’t much meat on me, so you’ll probably want to eat Sam first.”

    “Like hell you will!” Sam shouted from his seat on the floor where Lily was slaughtering him on Halo: Reach.

    “I’m sure you have plenty of meat where it’s needed Frank.” Dan teased.

    “Are you sure you’re not a closet case?” Frank teased back.

    “Nah, he has a massive crush on Sam’s sister!” Ali cried, earning a blush from Dan, a snort from Tom and a grumble from Sam. Frank laughed, there was no way in a million years he ever thought he would be this happy.

    There was a loud knock and as Frank was sat in the armchair closest to the door, he was obliged to answer it. Tom demanded that he got him a beer on the way back as well. He flipped him off but got one anyway, slipping it and another one for himself into his hoodie pockets while he answered the door.

    Outside stood a tall blond girl in tracksuit bottoms and a large slipknot t-shirt. She didn’t look much younger than Frank, maybe a year. In her hands, she held two large pizza boxes.

    “Guys, pizza’s here! Dan you don’t have to worry about sucking me off anymore!” Frank shouted back into the room, there were lots of laughs.

    “Now who’s the closet case?! You want me motherfucker!” He shouted back, Frank laughed and turned back to the girl who had gone from looking at him with a bored expression to one of interest. Frank was tired of those looks; he didn’t get what was so appealing about him to people over here. Maybe it was the forbidden element, he was different, in some ways he looked quite dangerous, as if he might start snorting coke or robbing a shop at any second.

    “You must be Sam’s new friend.” She giggled, pushing her hair behind her ear. “I’m Sam’s sister, Cathy. Your pizza’s here.” So this was the girl that Dan liked, she was pretty, maybe a bit annoying but that was probably just because she was trying to flirt with him.

    “Thanks.” Frank took it from her, smiling awkwardly.

    “Well, it was nice to meet you.” She giggled again and waved as she walked off. He waved back and then breathed a sigh of relief as he closed the door.

    “Hey Sam, how old is your sister?”

    “Which one? Cathy’s a year younger than us so she’s fifteen –” Frank interrupted him before he could carry on.

    “Yeah, that one.”

    “Why? You’re not crushing on her too are you?” Sam looked at him suspiciously as the others began eating the pizza and Frank handed Tom his beer, cracking his own one open and taking a gulp.

    “No. No offence, but she’s not my type.” Both Dan and Sam breathed a sigh of relief.

    “So how much action have you had then Frank?” Ali asked, mouth full of pizza.


    “Gerard, I’ve never done anything like this before!”

    “Do you not trust me?”

    “Of course I trust you; it’s just that a few weeks ago I would have been ready to lynch you for this. And now I’m sitting half naked on your bed and I’m just not sure I’m ready!”

    “Frankie, in all honesty, I think this is an important step in you accepting who you are.”

    “Just wait for me, please.”


    “A fair amount,” Frank winked.

    “Ali, could you have put that in more vulgar terms than you did?” Lily asked, delicately picking up another slice of pizza. Ali shook his head, laughing.

    “What about you guys? How long have you been together?” Frank asked, eager to learn more about his new friends. Ali and Tom looked at each other. Ali shrugged; his mouth full of pizza again, Tom laughed.

    “We’ve all been friends since year 7 apart from Lily and you obviously, Ali and I have been together since halfway through year 10 so just under a year now.” Frank’s stomach gave anther uncomfortable twist; they had gotten together the same time as him and Gerard. Just thinking the name sent a spike of pain through him.


    “Frankie! Wake up! Come on baby!”

    “What?! What is it?” I woke up suddenly, panicking.

    “Happy anniversary! It’s been six months!” I groaned, he was painfully awake at this hideous time in the morning.

    “Happy anniversary to you too,” I said, dragging myself out of bed into his waiting arms, which he wrapped around me and kissed me passionately. That woke me up a bit. He led me by the hand downstairs to my kitchen. I paused by the door, picking up the mail, my mood increasing by the second; I had found someone who loved me enough to stay by my side for six whole months. He handed me a coffee as I flicked through the envelopes. Most of them were for my mother but one addressed to me caught my eye. It was a plain envelope with just my name scrawled on the front. It looked like Gerard’s writing.

    “Was this you?” I asked him, showing it to him. He shook his head.

    “No, but I can see why you thought it was, it looks exactly like my writing. Open it, what it is?” I still wasn’t convinced that this wasn’t one of Gerard’s elaborate plots, he knew what a hopeless romantic I was and liked to act on it.

    I slid my finger under the lip and pulled it up, yanking the paper out of the envelope. It was burnt and charred, the corners crumbling away under my fingers. But the words were still legible.

    ‘Burn in hell.’ Gerard looked at me stunned. All I could do was stare at the words in Gerard’s elegant script.


    “Relapse into what?” It was Frank’s turn to ask the questions tonight. Instead of being out in the park, they were on mattresses on the floor of Sam’s shed. All the others were fast asleep, Sam snoring; Ali and Tom wrapped up in each other’s arms. He had remembered what she had said the first time he had met her and he was curious.

    “Self-harm and depression. Throughout years 7, 8 9 and some of 10, I was a loner, depressed and cutting. I became friends with Sam when I sat next to him in history in year 10, he literally saved my life. I haven’t even a considered a razor since he came into my life. He has the kindest heart and soul you will ever meet. Now if I’m ever lonely or upset, I just turn to these guys and their music.”

    “It’s pretty powerful stuff. There’s a lot of emotion in it.”

    “They’re amazing. Let them help you to Frank, trust me. We already care an awful lot about you and we’ve only known you a week. I have a lot of scars on the outside, but I think you have a lot of open wounds on the inside.” Frank pulled her into a hug and then lay down, fighting off memories and wishing desperately for sleep.
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