Headfirst for Halos (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by ClassicxDisaster, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. mcr xshannx

    mcr xshannx New Member

    but i'm like crying here!!!!!
    I almost felt like i was gonna throw up or scream!!!!!
  2. mcrxcore14

    mcrxcore14 New Member

    I'm crying.
    I loved the story but OMG.
  3. Schuyler

    Schuyler Active Member

    Katelynn, I'm sitting here.. in shock.
    I just cried.
    Really. My cheeks are wet.

    You are the best writer in the world. Seriously.

    And I loved Kaylyn's picture. :D
    But it's sad.
  4. ClassicxDisaster

    ClassicxDisaster New Member

    i made you guys cry??
  5. xstarlessxeyesx

    xstarlessxeyesx On This Dark Day...

    ahh Katelynn its its its over =(

    but ahh thankies for giving me something to drawl and i am glade i helped you =)

    i feel acomplished now that i helped and that i was able to drwal the picture =) <3

    jezz im tired... Katelynn would know why

    hahaha and i am listening to music and as soon as i typed "Katelynn would know why" Underoath came on and it was saying WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP... weird 0_0
  6. mcrxcore14

    mcrxcore14 New Member

    By the way I loved Kaylyn's drawing.
    And don't worry about making us cry.
    You're an absolutely amazing writer.
    We still love you. <3
  7. Ditte

    Ditte New Member

    wow.. :eek:
    that was such a great ending..
    I'm just sitting here with my jaw dropped and crying.. :'(
    so sad..

    oh, and i love the picture :p
  8. ClassicxDisaster

    ClassicxDisaster New Member

    ...i feel so bad...
    for making everyone cry...

  9. Ditte

    Ditte New Member

    No, Don't..!
    Now I feel bad for making you feel bad :S
  10. xstarlessxeyesx

    xstarlessxeyesx On This Dark Day...

    heck i cried on teh phone when she read it to me!!!!!

    she heard me crying...

    tisk tisk Katelynn

    oh well i still loved the ending! :)

    well not the fact that they died.. ugh nvm
  11. Shaz.

    Shaz. Gleek.

    even tho im on vacation i found a computer and oh my god!!!
    that was sooooooo good
    so jealous of ur writing right now!!
  12. Sarah!

    Sarah! Guest

    NO GERARD! HE CANT DIE! *saves Gerard* ;)

    That was...the end? :'(
    oh well. it was a great story :)

    and i loved Kaylyn's drawing ^^
  13. mcr xshannx

    mcr xshannx New Member

    You should do a sequal.
    Ya know about how everyone feels after their death.
    Like what happens to Elena, Mikey, Frank and everyone else.
    How do they react.
  14. Sarah!

    Sarah! Guest

    but it wouldnt be the same :'(
  15. mcr xshannx

    mcr xshannx New Member

    I know. :'(
    Or they could come back as.....BOO
    ghosts. lol.
    but seriously, i couldn't even read it without feeling choked up.
    I had this weird feeling that I just had to scream or something.
  16. Sarah!

    Sarah! Guest

    or maybe they could wake up and be all "just kidding! we didnt die! we are immortal O_O"
  17. mcrxcore14

    mcrxcore14 New Member

    ...haha nice,
    that would be odd though.
  18. Sarah!

    Sarah! Guest

    yes, it would be...
    oh well. :cool:
  19. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    OH MY GOD!

    im a little late. ive been on vacation.... but ! OMG! i CRIED !!! :'( i loved the story. i still remember when you read it to me and my sarah. well that one chapter anyways. omgomgomg.... wow.
  20. casey

    casey New Member

    ..i cried.

    that was REALLY sad.

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