Headfirst for Halos (PG-13)

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    Gerard needs to stop.

    bad boy.

    good update :]
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    Haha, you all have the craziest imagination ever!!:lol:
    It's like, when ever you're down, you just come in here and read fanfic comments, and then you laugh :D
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    what has gotten into Gerard?!
    tisk tisk
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    sorry for the lack of updates.
    but..i have another update.
    but i'm not gonna post it today.
    i'll post it tomorrow.
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    gr8 update! cant wait till 2moz!!! :)
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    he's going INSANE!!!


    good update though.
    keep going.
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    Wtf Gerard.

    Good update, Katelynn :D
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    time for another update as it is tomorow!!!
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    O_O That's right! It is tomorrow!
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    'Tis TOMORROW!!!!
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    me thinks an update is needed

    UPDATE !!!

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    ...but pink does go good with green.
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    Chapter 60

    It'd been ten minutes since they'd left the gas station, ten agonizing minutes. There was now not one, but five police cars following them.
    Gerard seemed to grow angrier by the second, not letting his foot up off of the gas.

    He glanced up, staring into the rearview mirror at the police cars following.
    "Gerard, look out!" Kristina screamed as an oncoming car seemed to appear out of no where.

    Gerard slammed on the brakes and swerved to the left, the tires squealed on the road as they continued to veer to the left.
    Gerard's eyes got a worried look in them, "Kristina, we're going to crash," he said, very calmly.
    They braced themselves for the impact as the car continued at full speed to the left, then flipped and settled fifty feet from the road.

    "Kris, are you okay?" Gerard whispered when all the dust settled.
    "Yeah, I'm fine, are you okay?" she asked.
    Gerard raised a hand to his forehead, he was bleeding, "Yeah, I'm fine," he said.
    "What are we going to do?" Kristina asked.
    "I'm...I'm not sure, give me a second," he said, gathering his thoughts.
    "We don't have a second Gerard! The police are almost here!" she screamed.
    "Right..." he mumbled. He reached over and held Kristina's face in his hands, his eyes memorizing every detail.
    "We're going to run for it, I don't know where to, or how long, but just keep running, dont stop if I fall and dont look back, you got that? Promise me that Kris, promise me," he said with tears in his eyes.
    "I can't promise you that Gerard," she whispered, tears rolling down her cheeks, but she never looked away from his eyes.
    He leaned closer and kissed her hard, with a sense of longing. "I love you," he said when he pulled away.
    "I love you too," she said.

    "Get out of the car slowly and put your hands where we can see them!" the police said with a megaphone.
    A minute of silence passed.

    "Shut up!" Gerard whispered loudly.
    Kristina looked at him, "It's the voice isn't it? The voice is back," she whispered.
    Gerard nodded and covered his ears and put his head in his lap.
    "What's happening Gerard?" Kristina asked.
    Gerard looked up at her, tears streaming down his face, "He's calling to me again, he said that I won't escape him this time, and this time...I'm bringing someone along with me,"

    "We are armed, we will come get you, come out now with your hands up!" the police said once more.

    Gerard placed his hand on the handle of the door, "Ready?" he asked.
    Kristina nodded and got ready to open her door.
    "Now!" he screamed, throwing open his door and running as hard as he could.
    He glanced over and saw Kristina right beside him, then came the most sickening sound he'd ever heard.
    The sound of multiple guns firing.
    Everything seemed to be in slow motion from the time the shots were fired, to the time Gerard felt a stinging sensation in his back, then excruciating pain as the bullet came out on the other side.
    He kept running, pushing himself harder, the pain was unexplainable.

    "Stop where you are!" the police called again.
    Then another round of shots were fired, this time louder.

    Gerard heard Kristina scream in pain, "No!" he screamed.
    Everything started spinning and Gerard stopped. He looked down at his blood covered shirt and slowly sank to his knees.
    Kristina was right beside him, bleeding from her side, the bullet has just grazed her.

    Gerard was laying on his stomach, as was Kristina. Blood surrounded them, "Gerard please don't die, please don't leave me" she said, tears filling her eyes again.
    She watched the pain in his eyes as he tried to speak. The pain of dying.
    "I Love You," he managed to say as the light faded from his eyes, and he was gone.

    Kristina laid herself on top of Gerard's body and cried as the police called out to them again.
    She felt a part of herself die as she laid there crying. Then she remembered the gun in her pocket, the one Gerard had never taken from her. She pulled it out of her pocket and held it to her head. "I love you too Gerard," she whispered as she pulled the trigger.

    The End.


    Picture by Kaylyn Jennings. (xstarlessxeyesx)
    Thanks to her for encouraging me when i was doubting myself.
    And for helping me through this story from the beginning.
    And helping me find my way to the end.
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    OH MY!!!!
    A PICTURE TOO!!!!!

    AHHH WTF????
    I'M gonna cry now....
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    it's over.

    so..you liked it then??

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