he said son when u grow up ....

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Corpse.In.This.Bed, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Corpse.In.This.Bed

    Corpse.In.This.Bed New Member

    well , iv heard 'welcome to the black parade' about three times , and i just found myself singing it .... nerly all of it .
    lol. how awesome is that .
  2. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    i can't stop humming...

    i was in my World History class this morning, humming it and my teacher was just looking at me weird...

    i had to explain to him that i couldn't get the song out of my head...
  3. Corpse.In.This.Bed

    Corpse.In.This.Bed New Member


    haha , its awesome .i love it
  4. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    now i just have to get the whole album...

    why must october seem ages away?
  5. Corpse.In.This.Bed

    Corpse.In.This.Bed New Member


    and its two days after my birthday so im excited about both things .. it seems like forever away .

    eeeeeekkk 8)

    my birthday is the 22nd .
    and my mums is the 24th

    :eek: it comes out on MY MOTHERS birthday

    YAY.. im soo excited
  6. im_not_okay

    im_not_okay New Member

    think u know it enough to write the lyrics? i only got to watch the vma's pre-show twice :( and my vcr doesn't work so i couldn't tape it...but i really like the new song :D
  7. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    i don't know lyrics...that's why i hum...

    a few more times, i may have it down solid...
  8. im_not_okay

    im_not_okay New Member

    well if ne1 manages to get the lyrics...can u e-mail them to me or sumthing? i really want them cuz there were a few parts in it that i could relate to but i dont remember them now :?
  9. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    i'll go on a quest to get these lyrics for you...
  10. someone has already posted them up somewhere on here.....
  11. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    well i already sent her a pm...


    i didn't know that...
  12. reevsaj

    reevsaj New Member

    i found the begining of the song a bit odd at first but then i began to like it. i would like to have it on my ipod though :(
  13. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    so would i...

    i guess we'll have to wait...
  14. ^^ muahahaha I have it =)
  15. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

  16. yep...I got it from a "My chemical romance" (it was a fake one) profile on Myspace...but you can't download it from there anymore....
  17. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member


    i saw how Frank reacted to the whole "leak" with Ghost of You

    ...i'm going to wait...painfully, but i will wait...
  18. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    omg it was sooo weird..i was like singing wttbp all day and i was like damn it i forgot my stupid ipod! and so when i got home, i was listening to me ipod on random..then i remembered i wanted to listen to wttbp and so i was like..uuu now i have to search it cuz i have 410 songs, and i was like..i just shuffle the songs and see what happens, cuz i was like..wat if wttbp comes on...AND OMG!! sure enough THEE first song was welcome to the black parade!!! it was like magic i swear!! its like..a connection..between me and mcr..HAH i know wow lame, but i mean that was sooo shocking i so didn't expect that, i was kinda scared cuz it was like maaajor coincedince..
  19. Vega

    Vega Cosmonaut

    I sing it all the time as well, it's addicting.
  20. myheartisinnewjersey

    myheartisinnewjersey Anti-Elitist Elitist

    This song is just so absolutely EPIC!It's beautiful...and yess I have been singing/humming it all day annoying the hell outta everyone around me...those "popular kids" looked at me "that way"...but by tomorrow I'll be damned if every fake in school isn't humming it because it finally came out on KROQ....damn pop culture....it makes it so hard to be an individual!!!!

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