Gone Baby, Gone. [Sequel to House of Wolves]

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    That seriously made me cry..
    I felt almost like I was there with them, and I wanted to hug Aiden until he felt all better..

    Loved it, Angie..
  2. Claire.

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    and sad :(
    but so sweet.
    *gives aiden ice cream and chocolate bars and marshmallows*
    here you go, sweetheart. For being cuteness.
    loved the update <33
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    angila! your a genius!!!!!!!!
    that was amazing i am very happy right now!!
    i feel like crying!!
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    Im about to cry..!! and im, in school!!
    Grr you!!
    but..but.. that was really really awesome..!
    Aiden is soo sweet!!
    -tells self to dont cry-
    ok.. now.. ooh.. shiit..
    one tear slepped!
    I love the update!
    Update when you can!
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    That was so amazing.
    I'm seriously tearing up right now.
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    Thank-you for all the comments, girls! More today, possibly, but more than likely tomorrow.
    Love you all!
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    haha i was at school to... i was in business class and my eyes filled with tears but i made myself not cry...it was very difficult...
  8. Angila

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    Chapter 37

    Frank's POV

    Nick’s funeral was two days later. After much discussion, Arica and I decided it was best for Aiden if he went. It was a small funeral, the most ironic thing being that most of the people that showed up had professed hatred for him at one time or another. I knew everyone came to show their support for Aiden. The little guy was strong, shedding only a few tears.

    At the cemetery, Aiden retrieved one long stem red rose from the top of the coffin. “Can I keep this?” He asked, showing me the flower.

    “Of course, Aiden. Keep it forever. Your mom can show you how to dry it so it will stay in tact.” He slipped his hand in mine while clutching the flower in his other hand as we made our way back to the car. Arica sat inside, obviously crying. As soon as we opened the door, however, she tried to cover her tears and put a smile on her face.

    “Oh baby, that’s so pretty,” She cooed, gesturing at the flower.

    “Frank said I can keep it forever.”

    “That’s right, forever.” I locked eyes with her, trying to show her my empathy with just a look. No matter how any of us had felt about him, he had still been her husband, her first love, and the father of her child. I wished I could take all the sadness away from her.

    There was a knock on the glass, and I quickly opened the door. Mikey and Julia stood there, each holding a baby-laden car seat. “Do you guys want us to keep the twins for the afternoon, or…” Julia asked.

    “No,” I shook my head immediately. “Thank-you both for everything you’ve done. But we’ll take them from here.” I got out of the car and Mikey and I struggled to get the car seats strapped in. Caedynce grinned a toothless smile and grabbed my finger at the exact moment I would have let out a string of explicatives because of the awkward things. “You know how to calm me down, don’t you, baby girl?” I kissed her little nose before switching and doing the same with Frankie.

    I settled back into the drivers seat, glancing at Arica just before I took off. “It’s time, don’t you think?”

    “Time for what?”

    “Time to make you my wife.”

    Her tears stopped instantly as she gazed at me in surprise. “What?”

    “Did you change your mind? Don’t want to anymore?”

    Aiden had overheard the conversation, because he started yelling from the backseat. “Yeah, Mommy! Please marry Frank! Please?!” Before she could respond, it had turned into a chant. “Mar-ry Frank! Mar-ry Frank!” I joined in, Aiden and I getting louder and louder as we chanted. “Mar-ry Frank! Mar-ry Frank!”

    Arica was nearly rolling in her seat with laughter. “Ok, but can we wait until the casts come off?”

    “I could push you down the aisle in the wheelchair!” Aiden offered.

    “God, no! I want to be able to walk down the aisle myself!”

    As I gazed at my soon-to-be wife chatting with our oldest son about the possibilities of a ‘wheel chair wedding’, I knew this was it. This was what life was all about. We were all here, all together. Nothing was going to change that ever again. I would drag these four other people to the ends of the earth with me if need be.

    Aiden broke me from my thoughts with a tap on the shoulder. “Are you crying?”

    “No, of course not!” I shook my head and swiped at my face. “I just got something in my eye…”

    “It’s okay to cry, Daddy,” he said, resting his chin on my shoulder. “I’ll still think you’re tough.” I reached back and tousled his hair as he continued. “Besides, you don’t have to worry. We’re a family, and families are unbreakable.

    “Unbreakable,” Arica whispered, squeezing my hand.

    “Daddy?” Aiden asked, his chin still on my shoulder.


    “Frankie and Caedynce just told me they wanted some chocolate ice-cream.”
    The End.

    I want to thank all of my readers who have stuck by me through out all these months as I written this story. You guys are absolutely amazing; the best. I may have an idea for a third installement, but I want to get some more of the plot sorted out before I do anything about it.
    However, I don't want to make any promises, because if I don't like it or don't have enough material I probably won't do it. But I promise to let you all know. If I do get it up, I'll post a link here.
  9. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    That was adorable
    and lmao aiden wants to push his mummy through the wedding in a weilchair. XD

    It's over :(
    lovely, angila. Amazing :)
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    awwwwww that was so cute!
    Great ending my love.

    Love you too babe!
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    i can't believe its over.... THIS FIC ROCKS!

    totally amazing from begining to end, the plot was amazing..the characters, the relationships - all brilliant and it was written to perfection ..i don't know what else to say... but.. wow.

    And about a thrid installment, i'd love to read one if you do write one, but i say do what you think is best, if you think its best ending it here, then do.

    and i'm sorry for ranting on but i can't believe its over... and it ended so amazingly that now im all hyper!! :):)
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    Thank-you all so much! <33
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    Aww, what a fucking brilliant ending.
    I loved it Angie. This story was and still is fucking amazing.
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    omg its over!
    that was an amazing fan-fic angila!!!!!
    i loved every chapter to bits!!!!! and u too<33
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    I'm gonna miss stalking this thread...
    It was an amazing story, Angila. The ending was adorable.
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    Aw, I have to say that was one of the most amazing fics I have ever read. I love all of your stories, really. I'm going to continue reading Linger, and if you write any other stories, I'll be reading those religiously :]
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    i can't believe it's over! i loved it. that last line about chocolate ice cream was adorable. i'll be looking forward to a third if you decide to write one
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    aiden is os cute!! i am sad that this is over but i will probably re-read it over and over again!!!!
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    That was the cutest ending! :)
    Made me cry though that it was over, I've seemed to have gotten attached to this story.
  20. Madeleine

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    That was amazing!

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