Gone Baby, Gone. [Sequel to House of Wolves]

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    *Grabs gas masks, knives, blow tourches, guns*
    Who's with me?
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    ^ I'm with you.

    And I've got Winnie the Pooh with me.

    And Bubbles.

    Deadly combination, those two.

    Nothing's gonna beat 'em.
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    Aw, thanks! *gives....garter snake* Sorry, that's about all we got here.
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    *grabs closest object...a spoon?*
    screw it. i'll scoop Eddie's Brother's (who i can't remember the name of right now) eyes out.
    but i'm with you.
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    ^xD! I love you guys and how you plot murder schemes on my characters! Die, bastards, die! I agree, they need to.
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    They have to die a very, very slow, very, very horrible, excruciatingly painful death.

    With me watching.

    Yeah, that's the life...
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    We should kill them with something blunt, so it hurts more when we hack them to bits. *evil grin*
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    ^ Good idea.

    Y'know, I'm surprised no one's rated this thread yet.

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    There you go, Angieeeeeeee.
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    *shrugs and rates thread*
    everyone's doing it...
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    We're rating it 'cause it's oh so amazing :) *nods*
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    god i hate eddies whole family:(
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    great update, more soon!
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    I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank-you so much! *hugs*
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    thats it im so eating you
    *grabs knife and fork*

    lovley update hun
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    /is lateeee.

    Ah it's amazing wifey. Imma kill Darrell.


    Love yooou

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    Oi I hate that family.

    Grrrr. Inkgirl, this can't happen =[

    Oh, and btw, I want you in my pants Angila ;]

    Why can't they just take britney spears' children? At least then they could live semi-normal lives...

    ** sorry britney, I love you.. That was mean =[
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    ^xD! That's all I can say. It made me smile. A lot.
    I love you guys so much! *gets stuffed into Eliza's pants* Inkgirl will rescue them! Wait...there's no room for Inkgirl in this fic. Sorry! :(
    I'll work on the next update now, and hopefully have it up soon.
  19. Angila

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    Chapter 3

    Gerard's POV

    Aiden and I sat by ourselves on the bus, aside from the five bodyguards that hovered around as of late. We’d just finished the gig, the last until we went on a two-week break. After Frank and Arica’s disappearance, management had wanted us to go ahead and do this last one before we decided what our next recourse would be.

    We’d thus far been successful on keeping this a media blackout, but it would only last so long. The only ones aware were the FBI, the ones present at the time of the disappearances, and Arica and Frank’s families.

    Matt had filled in for Frank, and he’d done a fine job, as usual. But it wasn’t the same. If I couldn’t look over at any given moment and see the craziness of Frank on guitar I didn’t want to be there.

    The moment that last song was over I’d walked over to the side-stage, scooped up Aiden, and headed back here. I hadn’t spoken to anyone else, not even Jazmine. It was sad, even to me, that the only one I ever talked to these days was six-years-old. I didn’t give a shit; we needed each other.

    Aiden sat on my lap, curled up on the couch. We both stared off into space; lost in our own thoughts. He finally broke the silence. “Gerard?”

    “Yeah, buddy?”

    “I miss them.”

    “I know, Aiden. I miss them, too.”

    “My Mom always says that she loves me so much that it hurts. I never understood that. If you love someone, it should feel good, right?” I nodded, not sure where he was going with this. “I understand now,” He whispered. “Every time I think of them, it hurts right here.” He thumped his little chest, and my heart nearly broke.

    “I know Aiden, I know. Your Mom and Frank love you more than anything in this world. They’ll do anything at all to get back here to you.” I spoke soothingly, but I knew I was reassuring myself just as much as I was him.

    “Can I tell you a secret?” He asked, turning to me suddenly.

    “Of course. You know you can tell me anything.”

    He hopped off my lap and made his way to Frank’s bunk. “You promise you won’t tell my Mom?”

    I nodded as tears began to sting my eyes. I couldn’t tell her if I wanted to. He bent down and pulled a small black guitar case out from under the bunk. “My birthday is February 11th, and even though it’s not here yet Frank gave this to me.” He unzipped the case and pulled out a beautiful alpine white child-size electric guitar, complete with a little five-watt amp. I could see stickers on the front of the guitar, but I couldn’t tell what they said.

    “He bought it for me early, but he said when he got it he was way too excited to wait for my birthday to give it to me. So he made me promise not to tell my mom, and act surprised when I opened it.” I ran my hand across my eyes quickly, to hide the tears that were on their way. “He gave me these stickers, and told me to think of a name for it. He said we could name it after I got it for my birthday.”

    He bent his head and ran his fingertips over the guitar. “I hope Frank won’t be mad…but I put the stickers on already.” He looked up at me, and what was left of my heart shattered when I saw the look in his big blue eyes. He really was worried that Frank would be mad.

    “Frank won’t be mad, Aiden,” I whispered. “He’ll be so proud that you named the guitar, like he does.”

    He looked back at the guitar, fingering one of the stickers. “He said he was going to teach me some more songs on this.”

    “He will, Aiden. Just as soon as he gets back, he will.”

    He clutched the guitar to him, like most children would a teddy bear. It was facing me now, and I could see the lettering. F-R-A-D-D-Y. The letters were uneven and tilted, but it was definitely what it said. “Aiden, what does ‘Fraddy’ mean?”

    He hugged the guitar even tighter as he answered softly. “I thought of it myself, just this morning. It’s half and half. The ‘FR’ is for Frankie, because he’s my best friend, and he doesn’t treat me like a little kid and talks to me about stuff. The ‘ADDY’ is because he cares about me so much, and treats me like he’s my Daddy. Plus, he’s going to be the Daddy of my little brother and sister.”

    In an instant, I was on my knees in front of him, holding him as we cried. “I sometimes call him that, you know,” Aiden told me, his little voice muffled in my shoulder. “It’s by accident, but he says he doesn’t mind. I call him that because he treats me so nice.”

    “He loves you so much, and if you want to call him Daddy I’m sure he’d love that too.” I could barely keep my own voice under control. I didn’t want Aiden to see how upset I was.

    “I think he liked it. He looked like he was going to cry, but he didn’t.” I only pulled him in closer. “You’re my best-friend too, Gerard. Is it okay to have two best friends?”

    “Yes, yes it is. You’re my best-friend, too.” I could not have been more honest with that little boy.

    “Will he protect them?”

    “What?” I asked, wiping my face with my sleeve as I pulled away slightly.

    “My Mommy and the babies. Will Frank protect them? You know, from bad guys.”

    “Of course he will. Frank loves your Mommy so much. He’ll never let anyone hurt her, or the babies.”

    Aiden nodded. “Yeah, he’s real tough. He’ll beat them up.”

    “Yes, he will.” I prayed that whatever the situation was, Frank would have the opportunity. He leaned against me, and I could feel his little body begin to go limp. “Are you tired, Aiden?”

    “Yeah.” He stifled a yawn, and I lifted him and began to carry him back to the couch. “Can I sleep in Frank’s bed?” He asked, his head resting on my shoulder.

    “Sure, sweetie, sure.” I turned around, laid him down on the bed and covered him with the blanket. He still clutched the guitar; I wasn’t about to try to take it away from him. He began to doze quickly, opening his eyes a few times to make sure the guitar was still there. I sat down next to him and stroked his brow, singing softly.

    “Someone save us.
    Heaven help us now.”
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    awww.. my heart goes out to the poor kid.. he reminds me of my nephew just older..
    *almost in tears*
    more soon please..?

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