Gone Baby, Gone. [Sequel to House of Wolves]

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    you serious? haha lots of people have said that.. i laughed too. XD

    btw, call me Stef. :p
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    woo stef! im bella! woo i love this so please update? *puppy eyes*
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    I'd call for a spot but I don't even know what that means when ppl do that. I asked in my own fic a while back, but no one ever answered me! LOL!
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    hehe im so hyper. i has CHEESE!!
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    I get number 6 fan spot. Not very impressive but its not double digit.
    I love it already Angila!
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    o dear cheese! lol UPDATE I LOVE THIS!
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    im a fan.
    just i dont have a spot.
    so i will be loser fan.
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    oh and i call#7!!! but still they shouldnt be put in that positiion again!!

    im happy about the sequel but at the same time i am mad that he had a stupid freakin brother!!!!! *bashes head against closest object*
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    Amazing so far!
    Can't wait for more xD
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    Then again...NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO THEM AGAIN!!!
    Eddie's brother is a meanie face... (yes I said meanie face.)
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    OH MY GOD.


    Gone, again?
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    4 pages of comments on one chapter :|

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    i love you even more now!!!

    this made my day
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    It's because shes AWESOME.

    so are you, julia.
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    Thank yer muchly Amy, we are all equally awesome. :)
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    You made me cry, when he said ' i hope they didnt go back to texas '

    WAY TO GO!

    hehe just kidding <3 i love you.

    and your fics. ;]
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    Oh my God I love you all so much!!! I know it's starting out, like, the same, but I promise this one is going to be much, much different.
    So many comments! I squealed when I saw them all!
    I love you guys! Yes, we are ALL awesome!!! :)

    EDIT: INK GIRL!! I love it! XD I have an update ready, but I don't want to double post, so...comment, anyone? Just one!
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    I'll coment for you.
    I love this. So post the next chapter!
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    Chapter 2

    Arica's POV

    My neck hurt like hell; my head was slumped forward. I tried to lift my head, but it felt so heavy. I clenched my hands, but when I realized they were tied behind my back, I let out a futile scream. From behind me I felt someone jerk, then lean their head back into mine. “Arica.”

    Relief flooded through me. It was Frank; he was alive. “Frank! What the fuck?!” I cried.

    “I know, I know,” He whispered. “But this is not going to happen to us again. I’ll kill them the second I get the chance to.”

    “No, actually you won’t,” a voice called out from the darkness.

    I turned to where the sound had come from. “You can’t do this to us!” I screamed angrily.

    “Oh Arica, you are a silly girl. I have done it to you, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.”

    I bowed my head and began to cry. “Please…you don’t understand…”

    “She’s pregnant, man! Please, at least let her go.”

    A light was flipped on, and I squinted until my eyes adjusted on the man coming toward me. He was tall, with a slight build and dark, wavy hair. I had never seen him before, but something about him looked so familiar…”I know, you think you know me,” He said with a nod.

    We were tied up, back-to-back in what seemed like kitchen chairs. He pulled up his own chair to the table and sat down. “Isa! Could you come here, sweetie?”

    Seconds later the tiny, frail-looking blonde woman entered the kitchen. She planted a kiss on the man’s forehead before taking a seat next to him. “Hi,” She said, smiling shyly. I glared at her in return.

    He threaded his fingers together on the table and leaned forward. “Okay Frank, yes we know she’s pregnant. And no, we cannot let her go. I’m going to explain to you both why you’re here. My name is Darrell. I’m not like my father, or my brother. I do not want to hurt you, make you my wife, torture the hell out of you, or put all the shit up on the internet. My intentions for having you here are very, very different. See, Arica, when you killed your kidnappers, you killed my mother, my father, and my brother.”

    I sucked in a breath quickly. This was bad, so bad. He didn’t want to prolong it, he just wanted to kill us. Closing my eyes, I waited for it to happen. “I never agreed with the shit they did, and that’s why I wasn’t ever around during your last ordeal. I was supposed to find a wife the same way Eddie was supposed to. But when I met Isa here,” He took her hand in his and smiled softly. “My parents went ballistic. I wasn’t supposed to find someone on my own, they thought I needed to force someone to be with me. But I didn’t have to force anyone to be with me. Isa loved me the same way that I loved her. Probably like the two of you love each other.”

    He smiled at us and tilted his head. “I know what real love is, the kind that you stumble upon accidentally. The two of you weren’t supposed to be together, but look. You’re engaged with two babies on the way.”

    “This is beautiful, really, but what the hell do you want with us?” Frank growled.

    Darrell nodded. “I’m getting there. Please be patient. Okay, so when Dad started teaching us all the kidnapping crap, I never bought into it, like my brother did. Eddie ate that shit up. So I met Isa, and I left, never intending to look back again. But when your case hit the news, I couldn’t pry myself away. I knew exactly where the two of you were, without actually knowing. Never once did I speak to my parents after I left. They disowned me.” Isa looked down, and I swore I saw tears forming in her eyes.

    “And I was upset when I found out you’d murdered them, because no matter what, they were still my family. But if you think I brought you here to punish you for it you’d be wrong. I don’t blame you for what you did, Arica. No one should have to live their lives in captivity. You had to get back to the man you loved.” He looked at Frank, and smiled. “In a weird way, you have my father to thank for bringing the two of you together, right? If he hadn’t kidnapped you, you would never have met.”

    “I don’t thank your father for shit,” Frank spat. “I thank him for being dead.”

    Darrell shrugged. “Fair enough. I know he did a lot of crazy things to you, and I can’t expect you to feel anything toward him. My parents weren’t happy about my meeting Isa, but there was one thing that was more important to them than anything in the world. They wanted grandchildren; heirs. And…” He squeezed Isa’s hand, and this time the tears were evident on her face as she stared at the floor. “Isa is unable to bear any children.” The two of them looked up and stared at my pregnant belly.

    He cleared his throat. “We’ve tried to adopt, but have been on a waiting list for more than two years. So, you took my family from me. There will be no one to carry on the legacy. We can’t have any children of our own, so we are taking yours.”
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    No!!!! They can't take Arica and Frank's kids!
    I hate Darell. Let them go!
    Great update.

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