Gerard Way married.

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    Seems like just yesterday to me... time fuckin' flies.
    Anyway, Congrats to them! Happy 2 yrs G and LynZ :)
  2. I remember reading about Gerard and Lyn-Z getting married ages ago in ICT class, I didn't like them very much then but it's strange cause it seems like I was destined to like them :S
  3. ThePatient_13

    ThePatient_13 New Member

    OMG this cant be happening he always seemed the kind of guy that would never settle down. SHES NOT EVEN THAT PRETTY. it's tooo quick and now the baby. i have to admit that Bandit Lee is cute and everything but still i cant beileve this is happening WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH .0_0. sob
  4. Rebecka

    Rebecka New Member

    ^where have you been? under a rock or what?
    seriously, it isn't our thing to judge. she makes him happy, obviously and that is wonderful. and yeah his kid is cute, and so is her mother! and that quick it isn't, they have been together for awhile :)
  5. The Broken

    The Broken New Member

    being together over two years and then having a baby is hardly quick! It's not like he got her pregnent and then got married! Besides, LynZ kicks ass. She's way cooler than some bimbo he could have ended up with
  6. Rebecka

    Rebecka New Member

    ^ I agree with you, Lynz is cool and I think it's good that he settled down in a way :)

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